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This Spring, Take Creativity and Customization to the Next Level With Creative Café Frappe Drink Maker

For this coming Spring at 2019, I am excited to introduce a NEW toy to the CREATIVE CAFE™ line, the Frappe Maker where kids can mix and create fun flavored frozen drinks!

With the Creative Café Frappe Drink Maker, kids will enjoy creating delicious, colorful, and coffee-free “crème” drinks at home. 

Simply choose a flavor, mix the powder with milk (or a milk substitute) in the frozen Frappe Maker, and serve in the included, authentic Frappe Cup! Choose from Apple, Mango, or Strawberry Cream flavors, layer to make a Frozen Rainbow Frappuccino (for kids 6+, $14.99 at major retailers nationwide).

Dazzle your friends and family with delicious, tropical treats you make all by yourself, with the Creative Café Frappe Maker!

Creative Cafe™ Frappe Drink Maker

SRP: $14.99 | Age: 6+

Availability: February 2019 | Retailer: Target


  • Frappe Maker Freezer Cup
  • Resuable Straw with Spoon
  • Reusable Frappe Cup with Lid
  • 1 Strawberry Cream Flavor Mix
  • 1 Apple Flavor Mix
  • 1 Mango Flavor Mix
  • Instruction Sheet


  • Make delicious, frozen treats, all by yourself!
  • Kids safe – no heat!
  • Includes authentic, reusable frappe cup, lid and spoon straw!
  • Comes with strawberry cream, apple and mango flavor packets
  • For ages 6+

With the Creative Café Barista Bar you can be a future barista! Create endless latte looks with just milk. Make yummy chocolate or strawberry drinks with real foamy froth on top.

Creative Cafe™ Barista Bar

SRP: $29.99 | Age: 6+

Availability: August 2018 | Retailer: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kmart


  • Frothing Unit
  • Frothing Pitcher
  • 3 Stencils
  • 2 Shaker Bottles
  • 2 Spoons
  • 4 Paper Cups
  • 1 Strawberry Flavor Mix
  • 1 Chocolate Flavor Mix
  • 4 Recipe & Tip Cards


  • Be your own barista with the Creative CaféBarista Bar
  • Kids safe – no heat!
  • Froth and flavor real milk and dress-it-up with a dazzling design!
  • Comes with strawberry and chocolate flavorpackets
  • Includes flavor recipe cards to get you started
  • For ages 6+

Creative Cafe™ Barista Bar Refill Pack

SRP: $6.99 | Age: 6+

Availability: September 2018 | Retailer: JoAnns


  • 3 Flavor Packets
  • Recipe Cards


  • Expand your barista bar’s menu with a Very Berry color-changing latte
  • New flavors in Toffee, French Vanilla and VeryBerry
  • Kids safe – no heat!
  • Fun for hours, with new flavors to try
  • For ages 6+

About RoseArt:

RoseArt® creates fun, innovative and easy-to-use products that create engaging creative experiences, nurture development in children and ensure success! The brand is primarily known for Art Materials, Color Blanks™ and Fuzzy™ Posters but they also offer innovative products in the craft and toy activity categories.


How to Use Rose gold roses as Your Wedding Flower Theme?

If you want to a fairytale wedding with your loved one or want a memorable day, then you must decorate your reception with fresh Rose gold roses. But here is one question how to run through with Rose gold roses theme for the location this season!

With the lovely origination, we see at the weddings, the themes of Rose gold roses are here memorable and last longer. While you can use the wedding theme with red and gold rose’s bouquets, and then move to highlights, settings, backdrops, altar decorations and the list can go on. In this article, we are describing some ideas to make memorable your wedding day.

The Wedding Decor:

To make wedding décor stylish and unique, add few hints of red, blue, peaches and pinks roses. Get the different color of royal blue roses in a box and using them as your setting area stylistic theme. You can use some red, white and peach roses with some golden coated roses.

Add some elusive greens leave to decorate the seat, tables, and wall. There is nothing good than a garden wedding as it gives you a fairytale place to make your wedding day special.  It will be a beautiful idea if you décor garden with fresh white, red and golden roses. However, you can add some white curtains with golden and pink roses to add the glam.

For the lighting, you can use Bulb marquees. In this way, you can completely transform the look of any place into dreamland. It is the outstanding choice for an evening event.


For dressing, you can use some new pastels with peach, gold, pink, and ivory in your dresses. For bridesmaids, it is great to have fantastic peach outfits and related brilliant hair accessories. However, Golden and red are the outstanding colors for the bridesmaid.

While it is a good choice if you use a peach corsage with smooth fabric weaved and gold string work. It is best for you if you add a few pearls that coordinate your wedding theme. It is absolutely critical to facilitate your wedding dress color with that of your husband. It will look beautiful if you add matching themed boutonnieres to the groom and the groomsmen. You can also add pink color to their clothing code too. Get bulk roses to make the ideal rosy wedding.

Furthermore, the bride can make stylish hair bun and cover them with fresh flowers such as white, pink, peach, red and yellow while it will good if you use fresh roses crown that exact match to your dress.

Wedding Invitation cards:

It is ideal for you if you make invitation cards with gold and red wrapped in thread accessories. You can even set a card color theme according to your wedding décor theme.


Who loves confetti? Of course, we all love! This is one of the best and smart ways to add the gold and peach confetti theme to your wedding décor. Play with confetti and add some glam to your wedding. So, order bulk Rose gold roses now and relax!


Surprising Health Benefits of Using CBD Oil

Cannabidiol is the most prominent natural medication consumed for some common illnesses & ailments. To better know about CBD oil, it contains from 104 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids which exist in the Maryjane or cannabis plant, Cannabis sativa.

Further discussion about this, Cannabis also contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)  that is the primary psychoactive cannabinoid which causes the feelings of getting “high” that is frequently connected with weed. While CBD and THC is isn’t psychoactive. This quality makes CBD the more an engaging choice for the people who are searching for help from pain and different manifestations without the mind-changing impacts of weed or certain pharmaceutical medications. CBD capsules for sale comes from the cannabis plant, after that weakening it with a carrier oil like coconut or hemp seed oil.

It’s picking up force in the wellbeing and health world, with some logical examinations affirming it might help treat a variety of infirmities like stress, pain, and anxiety.

Scientific Evidence Highlights A Few Health Benefits

Relieve Pain

From 2900 B.C., Cannabis has been used to treat pain and several other types of body issues. Published recently, researchers have found that specific parts of cannabis, including CBD, are suitable for its pain-relieving impacts. Studies have demonstrated that CBD may help minimize chronic pain by affecting endocannabinoid receptor activity, decreasing irritation and interacting with synapses.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

Depression & melancholy are the fundamental brain health issue that can affect wellbeing and prosperity. Depression and Anxiety are typically treated with pharmaceutical medications, which can cause various symptoms including languor, agitation, sleep deprivation, cerebral pain, headache, and sexual dysfunction.

Cancer-Related Symptoms

CBD may help decrease side effects identified with cancer growth and symptoms related to cancer disease treatment, similar to sickness, retching, vomiting, and pain.  CBD might also assist diminish chemotherapy-prompted queasiness and retching, vomiting which are among the most widely recognized chemotherapy-related symptoms for those with cancer disease. A scientific study proves that 16 people experiencing chemotherapy found that a one-to-one of CBD and THC regulated using mouth spray decreased chemotherapy-related queasiness and healing vomiting better treatment alone.

A few Other Potential Benefits

CBD Oil has been concentrated for its role in treating various health problems other than those described above. Although more searches are required, CBD is thought to give the few health advantages:

  • Antipsychotic impacts: Studies recommend that CBD oil may assist people with schizophrenia and other brain-related issues by minimizing psychotic indications.
  • Substance misuse treatment: CBD has been appeared to change circuits in mind identified with chronic drug use. In rodents, CBD has been seemed to diminish morphine reliance and heroin-chasing behavior.
  • Diabetes avoidance: In diabetic mice, treatment with CBD declined the occurrence of diabetes by 56% and permanently decreased inflammation.

Help To Reduce Acne

Acne is the most common skin related issue that influences over 9% of the populace. It is believed to be brought about by various elements, including hereditary qualities, microorganisms, hidden aggravation and the overproduction of sebum, a sleek discharge made by sebaceous organs in the skin. A research done by had similar findings, presuming that CBD might be a proficient and safe method to treat skin acne, thanks to some extent to its outstanding calming qualities.


Water Bottles You’ll Need This Spring

Getting prepped for that upcoming Spring getaway? While you’re packing all your essentials, don’t forget to grab your favorite Glasstic® Water Bottle and make staying hydrated during your trip as easy as can be!

Because Glasstic® bottles are made with a protective coating of plastic on the outside, they won’t shatter, making them the perfect travel companion ensuring you drink enough water wherever you are.

The whole family going on the trip? Everyone can bring their own bottle and it’s never been easier to tell them apart thanks to the brand’s customizable inserts.

More Reasons To Love Glasstic® on Vacay and at Home:

Reusable – use it over and over and over again and reduce landfill waste in the process!

Shatterproof – special coating prevents shattering. If the glass breaks, it stays inside the shatterproof shell with no mess!

Easy to Clean – Glasstic® is dishwasher safe.

Lifetime Warranty – free parts for life.

Easy to Personalize – with the insert packs you can create lots of different looks, including coloring your own design.

Wide Mouth – makes infusing with fruit or making tea so easy.

Large Spout – easy to drink

Take it Anywhere – most fitness studios allow Glasstic®. Take it to the pool or take it to the gym.Glasstic has the benefits of glass with the luxuries of plastic.

Safe for Kiddos – Durable and safe for kids as young as 6, just make sure to inspect from time to time.

About Glasstic®: 

Glasstic®’s patented Modular Water Bottle System got its start 5 years ago as a way to fill a need in the beverage bottle market. HealthyliciousLiving LLC realized people wanted a high-quality, portable beverage container that was free of BPA and toxins, that carried all the benefits of glass … like the taste … without the drawbacks … breaking. After a lot of trial and error, Glasstic® was born, offering a whole new safe, healthy, environmentally conscious way to enjoy beverages on the go.


Care Skincare: A Consumer-Direct Clean Beauty Brand Formulated with High Quality Ingredients

After a year of intensive research and development, Digital Brands LLC announced the official launch of CareSkincare. The brand was developed by a team of world-class experts who formulated five key highly effective multi-functional products that would address the skin’s most important needs in a straightforward, simple way using high-quality ingredients.

A clean beauty brand, all formulas were developed using only safe, proven ingredients that are fragrance-free. Additionally, no products in the line are ever animal-tested. Care Skincare sells directly to consumers—avoiding retail markups and costs. These savings are passed along to the consumer in the brand’s pricing.

“After having spent many years leading product launches globally for Estee Lauder Companies, Inc., I came to the conclusion that what works in skincare is actually very simple,” said Care Skincare Co-Founder, Ricardo Quintero.“We felt we really owed it to the marketplace to launch a brand that offered a straightforward approach with quality product at a better price.”

The Care Skincare launch includes essential products designed to deliver outstanding results, with minimal daily effort. The collection is straightforward, clean and honest. The brand strives to be easy to understand, having stripped away any unnecessary jargon from its marketing. Packaging is simple, legible, functional, and always recyclable.

“Having tried out skincare regimens throughout my pregnancies, seasonal changes, and travels, I was very much in touch with the challenges of committing to products that weren’t flexible enough to fit my needs at different stages in my life,” said Care Skincare Co-Founder Pilar Quintero. “Careoffers safe, highly effective products that work for all skin types. We knew it was possible to achieve that.”

All products in the Care Skincare line were developed by a team of world-class experts using high quality ingredients that strictly adhere to the brand’s clearly communicated standards for “Clean Beauty.” Everything offered from the brand is fragrance-free, alcohol-free, mineral oil-free, paraben-free, phthalates-free, and cruelty-free.

“The most important lesson I have learned in my 35 years of developing prestige skincare products is that it’s not just about a singular ingredient—it’s how each formula has been independently and expertly curated to work at its maximum potential,” said Debbie D’Aquino, Head of Product Innovation for Care Skincare. “The comfort and elegance of a skincareproduct is equally important to performance and safety.  That’s why each Careproduct has also been designed to be extremely pleasurable to use. This way, you enjoy using them each and every day.” 

The Care Skincare launch collection features five key products:

Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser + Toner—This gentle, rinse-free formula cleanses effectively without stripping the skin. Its microscopic micelles act as dirt and oil magnets. Soft Sweep Micellar Cleanser + Toner is available in 8 oz. at a retail price of $24.

Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream—This gel-cream moisturizer has a soothing texture. The hyaluronic acid in the cream absorbs deeply to provide multi-level hydration and support skin elasticity. The product was designed for use as a daily moisturizer and can be applied under or over make-up and as a quick rehydrating mask. Deep Moisture Fix Hydrating Water Cream is available in 1.7 oz. at a retail price of $35.

Tireless, Retinoid Night Serum—This transformative serum renews and repairs skin overnight. Granactive Retinoid™ provides unparalleled anti-aging benefits without irritation. The product was designed to reduce fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation for a visibly brighter, smoother complexion. Tireless, Retinoid Night Serum is offered in two sizes: 1 oz. at a retail price of $45, and 2 oz. at a retail price of $68.

Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream—Formulated to treat and repair the delicate area around the eyes and around the lips, this dense cream with a light-diffusing finish softens the look of fine lines and dark circles. It absorbs quickly and won’t drift into eyes or interfere with makeup. Eye + Lip Nourishing Cream is available in 0.5 oz. at a retail price of $30.

The Everything Multi-Level Moisturizer—This multi-functional formula nourishes, hydrates and repairs the skin and includes powerful antioxidants, turmeric and black tea ferment. Additionally, peptides provide the benefits of a serum in the comfort of a cream. The Everything Multi-Level Moisturizer is available in 1.7 oz. at a retail price of $40.

About Care Skincare
Care Skincare was launched by husband and wife founders Ricardo and Pilar Quintero. Its products are developed by a team of world-class experts who formulate highly effective skincare that addresses the skin’s most important needs in a straightforward, simple way. Care Skincare sells directly to consumers, avoiding retail markups and costs. The most expensive thing about Care Skincare products is each best-in-class formula, crafted with high quality ingredients.Care Skincare products are available exclusively at, where you can find more information about the brand.


Love Your Feet, Love Your Life

Despite much of the country battling winter madness currently, take time out to love your feet. Nobody wants to cuddle up with dry, cracked and calloused feet. With the help of Legendary Apothecary’s Smooth Feet, all natural and organic foot product, it is time to restore feet to baby soft like conditions in just a few days.

Feet can become dry for many reasons, from dehydration to diet to environmental to the types of shoes worn. But with a century-old recipe that utilizes just three simple ingredients, Smooth Feet turns back the clock on feet delivering soft, smooth, and hydrated healthy skin. Smooth Feet hydrates your feet by penetrating truly natural and organic ingredients into your feet and grabbing and locking in moisture into the skin. 

What is not to love?

“We’ve combined the desire to spread KINDness, with a deep belief in the power of plant-based ingredients to create skincare products that are pure, organic and cruelty-free,” explains Co-Creator Sara Saidy. “We are on a mission to make the world a KINDer place.”

Hand made in Los Angeles, this brand prides itself on its authentic ingredients and being cruelty-free and KIND. As a corporate practice, Legendary Apothecary donates 10% of its proceeds toward like-minded charities. Most recently, the company contributed 100% of proceeds toward organizations combatting the California wildfires.

A simple Old World recipe that will leave your feet soft, smooth and hydrated. 

Smooth Feet hydrates your feet by penetrating truly-natural organic ingredients into your skin and prevents evaporation of water from the surface. 

Product Specs: Size, 1.0 Fl oz.; MSRP: $35.00

To learn more, visit: