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Pet Costume Ideas with Shed Defender

I wish I knew about this product when Cami had her knee surgeries 2 years ago. I also wish I knew about Shed Defender body suits when I had a rental car with Jacob and his fur was everywhere.  These funny body suits for dogs are useful and better than a cone. Even though it looks like they are about to do an aerobics class, it is really one of the best items for pet owners that’s available on the market right now. It is very easy to put on, machine washable and incredibly fun.

One of Niko’s favorite shows on Youtube is Pinkfong and Hogi and I searched high and low for Pinkfong costumes for dress up and Halloween but with no luck. When I came across Shed Defender. I knew it was the obvious answer! So with some felt piece and props, I present to you, Pinkfong Cami and Hogi Niko!

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Do you have any plans for pet Halloween costumes this year?

Put your precious pup’s hair in its place with the Shed Defender Shedding Dog Bodysuit. This patent-pending onesie is made from a recycled, environmentally-friendly, polyester spandex material that’s durable enough to withstand canine wear-and-tear, while still being lightweight and breathable. Shed Defender is intended to be worn in the house, car and anywhere you don’t want dog hair, dirt, dander or allergens. In addition to trapping the shedding hair inside the suit for fast and easy clean up, it also helps protect sensitive skin from exposure and reduce anxiety by applying gentle full-body pressure to help him feel safe and calm. It can even be used to replace a bulky, uncomfortable e-collar by covering injuries, wounds and other sensitive areas to prevent your pooch from licking or chewing.

Key Benefits

  • Contains the shedding by trapping loose dog hair within the suit; keeps dog hair, dirt, dander and allergens out of your car and house.
  • Made of premium, eco-friendly polyester spandex RecoTex fabric that’s lightweight, durable and breathable to keep your pup safe, comfortable and cool.
  • Also helps reduce anxiety, protect against cold weather, shield sensitive skin from exposure, and even replace an e-collar by covering wounds and surgical sites.
  • Easy to put on and take off; can even be worn on walks and potty breaks–just partially open the zipper along his belly so he can do his business.
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly; available in four colors and a wide variety of sizes to fit almost every size pooch.

Dog Mom: A Love Story

New from author and illustrator Isabel Serna comes Dog Mom: A Love Story (September 1, 2020; $12.95), a celebration of the unique bond between dog parent and pup with charming text and vibrant artwork. From sweet mottos: “The snuggle is real,” to silly puppy puns: “Pardon my Frenchie.” There are fun facts—did you know that just like human fingerprints, no two dogs’ noseprints are the same? And obvious signs that may indicate dog mom status, like planning out your pup’s Halloween outfit months in advance. Plus, it includes a colorful sheet of dog-themed stickers!


Dog Mom is the perfect gift for the proud, self-proclaimed dog moms of the world! And here to help keep busy schedules filled with both human and dog events and obligations on track are Isabel’s beautifully illustrated calendars for 2021: Dog Mom Personal 17-Month 2021 Wall Calendar and Dog Mom Mini Wall Calendar 2021.



Isabel Serna is the author of Crazy Plant Lady and the founder of Black Lamb Studio, a Miami-based design studio with a focus on colorful patterns, illustration, and product design. She is formally trained as an industrial designer and her work can be found on textiles, home goods, wallpaper, stationery, and various printed media. She has collaborated with brands such as Kate Spade, Hallmark, Huggies, Travelpro, Mixbook, West Elm, and Figo Fabrics. She lives with her husband, Juan, and her beloved French bulldog, Charlie, in Miami, Florida.


Instagram: @blacklambstudio

Facebook: @blacklambstudio

Pinterest: Black Lamb Studio // Isa Serna


New Broad Spectrum Elixir CBD Oil Offers Relief to Pets and Owners Alike

CANBY, Ore., Aug. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Today LIX, the Oregon-based startup focused on improving pets’ lives with organically sourced cannabidiol, or CBD, formally announced a new line of broad spectrum, odorless and flavorless CBD tinctures for all pets. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid found in hemp.

“The Elixir” tincture is a sustainability harvested CBD oil complete with a signature cannabinoid profile. This is the first product under the LIX brand for founders Erin Hills and Kirstan Sanders. With a combined 25 years of experience in the pet wellness, food, pharmaceutical, cannabis, and technology worlds, Hills and Sanders combined their complementary skills – and their years nurturing animals in and out of rescue – to launch LIX in May 2020.

Animals can take the product straight from the dropper, resulting in immediate absorption to the system. Alternatively, pet owners can add the tincture to food. All LIX products are made with broad spectrum CBD oil and contain no THC. “The Elixir” is available in 250, 500, and 1,000 mg sizes with dosing and guidance on every package.

LIX pet wellness products are designed for animals, and are human grade, organic, flavorless, odorless and always free of pesticides and additives. CBD used in LIX products is organically sourced and sustainably harvested in Colorado, Washington, California, and Oregon.

Shipping is available domestically and internationally dependent on regulations. All foreign regulatory information is available at and LIX tinctures are ISO/GMP (International Standards Organization & Good Manufacturing Practices) certified.

According to Brightfield Group, the leading consumer insights and market intelligence firm for the CBD and cannabis industries, “48% of pet CBD buyers stop using prescriptions for their pets once they try CBD, indicating significant potential for this growing market. The industry grew 946% in 2019.”

“The Elixir has a signature cannabinoid profile that we created in order to improve the health and happiness of our own animals struggling with pain, anxiety, and mobility issues. We have always searched for the best quality holistic wellness solutions for our own pets or those in our rescue organization. My background in operations and sales combined with Kirstan’s background in sustainable, organic pet wellness products made us the perfect team. The more we learned about the efficacy of hemp-derived CBD for animals, it was a natural extension of our philosophy, business experience, and passion for animals to launch the company,” said Hills.

“Through running a pet rescue organization together and caring for our own animals, we have always been obsessed with overall pet happiness. Quality is critical to the mission of LIX and we’ll stay committed to pets, their people, and improving sustainability practices for our cherished Earth,” said Sanders.

“We brought this product into our pet store and it immediately became our best-selling CBD product. The milligrams are clearly labeled and the instructions make it very simple to dose your pet. Customers have been telling us it’s great because their pets truly can’t taste it so administering it is easy,” said Sadie K., store manager at The Healthy Pet, Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Each batch of product is tested at a third-party independent lab to ensure the highest quality and potency. All LIX products use the highest quality hemp CBD combined with natural and organic ingredients.

LIX products are available online at, and in several independent pet stores in the Portland area. Due to increasing demand, in addition to the tinctures and a freshly launched topical salve, LIX has more ingestibles and topicals in pre-production. To find a LIX distributor near you, please visit To inquire about becoming a LIX retailer, please contact

About LIX
LIX was created to calm ache, ease pain, and support mobility for all animals (and their people). Steeped in the pet, cannabis and technology worlds, founders Kirstan Sanders and Erin Hills combined their long friendship, their complementary skills in finance, operations and sales, and their years spent helping animals in and out of rescue to launch LIX in May 2020. LIX offers broad spectrum, flavorless and odorless tinctures with a signature cannabinoid profile. Each batch of product is tested at a third-party independent lab to ensure the highest quality and potency. All LIX products use the highest quality hemp CBD combined with natural and organic ingredients. Kirstan and Erin’s passion is to create the highest quality human grade wellness products for pets that are safe for people, too.

LIX is people tested, animal approved.


Managing Pet Separation Anxiety as America Gets Back to Work

As states begin to plan their post-pandemic re-openings, many of us will hopefully be returning to work, developing a “new normal”, and dealing with the anxiety that comes along with these changes—both in people and pets. RestoraPet, a pet health supplement that restores wellness in older pets experiencing age-related decline, boosts the health and well-being of younger pets and helps pets of all ages deal with anxiety issues, wants to remind pet parents that this will also be a stressful time for their four-legged family members.

The ASPCA reported that pet adoptions and fostering increased during the pandemic. To help these new pet parents as well as the most experienced pet parents, RestoraPet CEO and pet health expert Brian Larsen compiled tips for pet parents looking to ease the transition and reduce separation anxiety felt by their pets.

“Pets everywhere have thoroughly enjoyed the extra time spent with their favorite humans over the past few months,” said Larsen. “Just as pet parents everywhere have taken steps to ensure their pet’s well-being during quarantine, we must also prepare them for a transition back to normal life.

“Think of this transition as a ‘back to school’ time, when pets might start to act out as the house goes empty after months of a full house,” he added. “Chewing and destroying furniture, cries for attention, and endless crying or barking are just some of the issues that will arise, possibly even more so for the newly adopted pets who have become accustomed to constant human companionship. Preparing furry family members for this transition while we are still at home can help save us time, money and anxiety later on when we are trying to adapt to the ‘new normal.’”

Larsen’s tips for easing the post-pandemic transition:

  • Disassociate certain cues from your departure – Routine cues associated with your pet being left alone, such as picking up your keys or putting on shoes, can cause your pets to behave anxiously before you even have a chance to leave the house. For this reason, it is important to disassociate your leaving from these routine tasks. This can be done by exposing your pet to these cues in various orders several times a day—without leaving.
  • Create positive associations with your departure — Doing something nice or fun for your pet (such as giving them a small, healthy treat) every time you leave the house will help them to associate your leaving with something pleasant, and thereby minimize or offset other distress they might feel.
  • Practice gradual departures – To ease separation anxiety, start slowly by only leaving your pet alone for a short amount of time at first. The ASPCA recommends planning your absences to be shorter than the time it takes for your pet to become upset. As they become more confident in your intent to return home, you can try leaving them for longer amounts of time. Some dogs also benefit from the use of a “safe” word to reassure them that, although you’re leaving now, you will return.
  • Try a CBD supplement – CBD products include cannabinoids and terpenes that have a multitude of proven wellness benefits, such as reduced anxiety, without producing the “high” that is often associated with hemp products.
  • Invest in puzzle toys – Special toys such as Kong puzzles with hidden treats inside can be a fun way to distract your pet while you are gone and will keep them from releasing their anxiety through unwanted behaviors, such as chewing furniture, barking or having accidents in the house.

As the world’s only full-spectrum hemp supplement with synergistic ingredients, RestoraPet Hemp helps unleash a pet’s vitality, fighting discomfort and anxiety while offering proven health benefits from organic, plant-based ingredients, without any psychotropic side effects. RestoraPet Hemp was specially formulated to be given alongside the original RestoraPet formula for maximum efficacy, including improved/regulated appetite, greater pain reduction, lower anxiety, and a calm sense of wellness without sedation.

To learn more, visit


About RestoraPet
RestoraPet® is the most effective line of pet supplements ever created. Made with the perfect blend of love and science, RestoraPet® restores wellness in older pets experiencing age-related decline and boosts the health and well-being of younger pets. First introduced to the market in 2014, RestoraPet® products are now used by tens of thousands of pets (especially dogs, cats, and horses) in more than 100 countries worldwide. RestoraPet® contains a remarkable, carbon-based “super antioxidant” that scientists created called Vitalitrol®, and begins working from the very first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect almost every type of cell in a pet’s body. Learn more at


Supplements for Pets – Carbon-based antioxidant Vitalitrol

RestoraPet (, a highly effective line of pet supplements that includes the proprietary “super antioxidant” Vitalitrol, is currently offering both the RestoraPet Hemp PM & RestoraPet AM formula for $69.95 (normally $119 when sold separately) and is even including a free bottle of their Rejuvien Hand Sanitizer, which they started manufacturing recently to help keep up with demand. The offer is only available online at

RestoraPet, which works by restoring and rejuvenating aging cells to give pets a longer, healthier, life, has recently been featured in a number of national publications due to the great work CEO and founder Brian Larsen is doing for pets and in the community.


Down Dog Mat by Corc Yoga

Corc Yoga is already well-known by chaturanga champions and yoga novices alike for their line of 100% plastic & chemical free yoga mats and accessories made with cork harvested in Portugal, a renewable resource that simultaneously revitalizes the practice and supports an environmentally viable future.
And in honor of National Pet Day this Saturday, now our canine and feline companions can join in – introducing the Down Dog Mat by Corc Yoga!
Fun fact: cork is a naturally antimicrobial material, meaning that the mats stay germ free (for real) no matter how many spills or muddy paw prints. At a high-alert time like this when we’re compulsively washing our hands, it’s nice to know that at least one thing is keeping us and our pets healthy in more ways than one.
Down Dog Mats by Corc Yoga retail for $45.00 and are available for wholesale as well as retail on Corc’s site. For every mat purchased, Corc Yoga will donate $5.00 to Much Love Animal Rescue in Los Angeles.