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BeautySoClean + Giveaway!

Today, my friends, I’m going to share with you one of my favorite products I have. This isn’t something you need to do your makeup everyday but it’s something that will help you in the process. At The Makeup Show LA, I got a chance to pick up some BeautySoClean products and I LOVE them! The products are made to sanitize and disinfect your makeup and the tools you use to apply them. I picked up the cosmetic sanitizer mist, the brush cleaner, and some of the sanitizer wipes.

The cosmetic sanitizer mist is an all around great disinfecting product and it refreshes your products so you can use them longer. The mist can be used on any pressed powders like eyeshadows, blushes, foundations, concealors, etc. Basically you spray the mist on to your product and within seconds the mist will dry and leave you with a ready-to-use, sanitized product.

Now the conditioning brush cleanser has to be my FAVORITE! It comes in a great light mist bottle. You spray it directly on to your brush, brush it on a tissue or paper towel, and within seconds you’re ready to use it again. It’s great when you want to reuse your brush and remove all color that’s already on it. No waiting for your brushes to dry anymore!

Finally, look at these cute little wipes. Perfect for on-the-go! The sanitizer wipes are great for cleaning your eyeliners, mascara wands, eyelash curlers, etc. I like to use this on my sharpeners. Not only are my sharpeners always really dirty from different colors being sharpened but i’m sure there is so much grossness and bacteria going on… that’s how you get PINK EYE! No one wants pink eye. I really like to clean my lipgloss wands too. Pet peeve of mine is when the wand changes colors from applying if over other colors so I use the wipes to clean it off! I also use the wipes when i’m not at home. I don’t like to carry around the bottles so i’ll carry a few of the wipes in my makeup bag and you can dust your brushes on the wipes and it does the job well!

The BeautySoClean products are the best way to prevent spreading germs whether it be bacteria from using your makeup on others or even your own germs. I guaruntee you that after using their products, you’ll see less blemishes because your makeup and tools are cleaner and your makeup will last longer because you don’t have oils ruining your powders. TRY IT!


I will be doing a giveaway of a mini Cosmetic Sanitizer Mist and Cosmetic Sanitizer Wipes with a little kit explaining the products and a DVD!

To be entered to win the BeautySoClean mini kit, DM me on Twitter saying “BeautySoClean”. Winner will be chosen randomly in a week!


xo, June 🙂


The Pretty Reckless

So I am currently OBSESSED with The Pretty Reckless. An edgy rock band out of New York. You may or may not have heard their single released last May “Make Me Wanna Die” from their debut album “Light Me Up.” Lead singer of the band is Taylor Momsen. YES, Jenny Humphrey from Gossip Girl. Momsen worked with a few producers before settling with current rock producer (opposed to all the other pop producers she was fixed up with.) The Interscope Records artist went through a few band members until she found the ones she is with now.

The album release in the US and around the world was accepted with mixed reviews but I happen to love it. I had no idea when I heard a few songs previously that it was Taylor Momsen doing the vocals and guitar as well. I love the edgy, heavy sound they have. Check them out if you haven’t already!

xo, June 🙂


The MakeUp Show LA 2011

Last weekend I got to attend the Makeup Show in LA. It was a jam-packed weekend with lots of great vendors and some amazing presenters. Friday night was a bloggers exclusive event where we got to hear about all the latest products from some of the best or up and coming brands. Being a Beauty student, you can only imagine how much fun it was! Here are some of my favorites from the show!

This is from BeautySoClean, a makeup sanitizing product! So great!



I really loved the lipglosses from Senna Cosmetics! They had some really great lipliners too.


BLOGGER EXCLUSIVE!! And my favorite part was getting to see  the debut of Make Up For Ever’s new Uplight. It’s a really pretty new highlight cream. It’s gorgeous! I can’t wait til its out for the public!

I’ll be posting lots about the different products I got at Makeup Show LA  but I just had to show you guys the few that I loved. Last one!


Lise Watier’s new foundation! Comes in the squeeze bottle with concealer and mirror in the lid. Love it!


Well i’ll be posting lots more of my great finds at the Makeup Show LA this year. Can’t wait until next years! 🙂


xo, June 🙂



WHO: Onikai is an LA based fashion that is debuting their 2011 collection. Starting out with t-shirts, Onikai has expanded their variety adding hoodies, dresses, and jumpers. For those unfamiliar with Onikai, the brand can be summed up by the theme of war vs. peace or the east coast vs. the left coast.

WHAT: Onikai will be presenting their 2011 collection also featuring B. Original footwear which all the models will be wearing. Accessories that will be featured are Story Afton’s Accessories, Raena Rice Accessories, and more.

WHERE: The event will be held  in the Dragon Lounge above Katsuya at Americana
702 Americana Way, Glendale, CA 91210

WHEN: Red Carpet entrance at 10pm
Show starts at 11pm

It should be a great show. Music playing. Great clothes. Good vibes. This during Fashion Week so of course, dress the part.

RSVP for the event at

See you there 🙂


xo, June 🙂


Honey, You’re Amazing

For the last few weeks, I’ve been stressing so much dealing I haven’t really had time to take care of myself. In the last two weeks I’ve lost my voice twice and I’ll admit my skin hasn’t been looking very good. I’ve been drinking lots and lots of tea especially with this cold weather… tea and honey! That’s when I got the idea I had to do a post about honey. Honey can be used in much more than your cup of tea or your food, it actually has healing powers.

Honey is really well known for fighting infections and bacteria and for its anti-inflammatory qualities. Way back in the day, honey was even used to put over battle wounds disinfect and prevent infections. When digested, the vitamins and minerals in honey can help disappate the bad cholesterol in your body and clean out the germs floating in your system because honey is absorbed into the bloodstream. Honey is also great for keeping your hair shiny, helping with dry skin, clearing up acne, and even as lip balm.

I’ve always done honey hair and face masks growing up so here are a few quick simple tricks you can use with that good old honey bear you have laying around your pantry.

Honey Face Mask: After a long hot shower (and your pores are steamed open,)  slather a generous, even coat of  honey on your face (avoiding the eye area) and leave it on for 10 minutes. The honey thickness of the honey pulls off all the excess dirt and oils lodged in your pores. The antioxidants in the honey will help clear up blemishes on your skin and the wax in the honey will leave your skin smooth and glowing.

Honey and Olive Oil Hair Mask: With all the products we use in our hair to smooth it out, poof it up, curl it, wave it, etc., our hair is damaged goods. I’ve tried using store bought hair masks and conditioners but honey is the only thing that can give your hair natural sheen because it locks in moisture to your hair.  All you need is half a cup of honey and between 2 tbsp. to 1/4 of a cup of olive oil depending on how thick and how dry your hair is. Mix it together and put it on your hair from root to tip. Leave it in for 30 minutes or even overnight then rinse and shampoo. Be careful not to put too much olive oil in the mix or your hair might turn out greasy even after you shampoo it out (from experience, believe me.) If you have it, I’d even suggest using  jojoba oil, almond, avocado, rosemary essential oil, wheat germ oil, or shea oil. All of these oils are natural humectants which will help give your hair that shine and moisture it needs.

Honey and Cinnamon Spot Treatment: Try this one out if you have acne or problems with blemishes. Mix a tablespoon of honey and two teaspoons of cinnamon together into a paste. You can use this mixture as a mask or as a spot treatment. I recommend as a spot treatment a few times a week so you don’t experience any burning or irritation as this cinnamon can be harsh especially for sensitive skin. This is a great, cheap at home remedy for blemishes and best of all, it’ll keep in a resealable container for about 2 months.

Honey Lip Balm: Just smear some honey on while you’re at home watching tv or running errands. The honey will disinfect your lips and help with cracked dry lips. Honey will help seal in moisture and it also tastes good so you don’t have to worry about licking it off. Not to mention the honey sheen could double as a gloss (depending if you’re a fan of the sticky gloss or not.)

Honey Mouthwash: This is really weird, I know. I heard about this trick a while ago. Mix honey with warm water and gargle. The honey will kill germs in your mouth and leaves your mouth with a sweet taste. I actually think this would be a good trick to use right before you go on a date or you see your significant other because its not as strong of a smell and not as obvious as minty mouthwash. Actually, I wonder if this would be a good trick to add to the weight loss thing… got the taste of honey in your mouth so there goes your sweet tooth 🙂

Try ’em out 🙂


xo, June 🙂


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

A few weeks ago I received lots of great products from my Beautyfix by Dermstore kit. One of the products I chose was the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. It comes in a little bottle that shakes out like baby powder. I was so confused on how to use it at first. You wet your hands and put some powder in your hands to make a pasty thick mixture. You’re supposed to rub the paste all over your face (careful around the eye area) to scrub the dirt off your face. The product is made out of a rice-based enzyme and contains skin smoothing and skin brightening ingredients. I love that there is no artificial color or fragrance. It’s gentle enough to be used everyday because of how fine the powder is.

I liked that this product had salicylic acid in it which helps with blemishes and green tea to calm the skin. It really does leave your skin smoother. If you’re looking to really scrub off blackheads and debris that is deeper that the surface I would not recommend this product. I would recommend something with larger or more firm scrubing beads. I’m a huge fan of the powder form. It’s a lot lighter to carry with your if you’re traveling because you don’t have the water weight of the product.

Personally, I like to use this in the morning when I wash my face so I can get a bright smooth surface to apply my make up. Also, I hate using a heavy exfoliantant in the morning because it’ll turn my skin red sometimes. At night after I shower, I’ll use a rougher exfoliant to remove the blackheads and the dirt and oil that’s stuck in your pores. It’s a perfect time to exfoliant in the shower or after because your pores are open from the steam. The Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant is really gentle on your skin and gives your skin a little pick-me-up in the morning when you need it looking good.

Try it out! I’d definitely recommend this to people with sensitive skin.


xo, June 🙂

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