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CEW Event

A long drive to Beverly Hills Hilton from downtown LA… but it was well worth it.

stylish girls from MAC
FiDM girls

FiDM girls

Thia Breen – President of North America Estee Lauder

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Sparkly and New

I am so grateful for the internet. I can look back and see how i use to be and how in so many ways I am still the same. Here in Toronto for a quick vacay, visiting my family and regrouping. I love my life. My love life is sparkly and new. Not the way a store bought, mass produced one is. and not a sample sale, oh i got a good deal kind of way. But really a really sparkly and new one. Sparkly because it makes me smile from heart. It makes me smile the way i thought i forgot how to. It’s the small things that count. The thing that makes you know for sure that this comes from a place of love. It’s crazy when you spend a whole day smiling. It is sparkly because it reflects facets of me. Like a diamond with cuts all around, when you shine your love on me, i cannot help but reflect in a dazzling and sparkly way. For real.  It is also new. Not because its a new relationship not is it a new age range or a new nationality or a new phase. More so, it is a new dynamic and it is a new me.  It is a new school love. A non selfish, non posessive, non future oriented kind of love. Just now, just us and it’s enough. I want to thank myself for being open enough to be blessed with this special person in my life. I know the stars aligned for us to be this way. You have really truly overflowed my heart with enough warm fuzzies to get me off my butt and back on the love train. *pays my fare*

Love is one of those things that just makes you better. It’s the red lipstick in your life, it’s the lemon in your iced tea, it’s the extra twinkle in your eyes.  Thank you. Thank you patience, Thank You universe.

At 25, I am exactly where I want to be. You know when someone says, if i die today, i will have no regrets? I feel just like that this moment in time.

I dreamt of myself on center stage, spotlit and questioned: Do you want to be a part of something great?

My answer is YES i want to be a part of something great, i am a part of something great. It is a movement, it’s civilization, it’s history in the making, it’s culturation. It’s so many things that matter and it is powerful. It’s inspirational and I feel amazing. There is no explanations.

I am so blessed to be loved by Jacob. Looking back at the past 4 years and how I have grown it really is amazing how things all happen for a reason. They really really do. I am back to LA in 10 days for school and a 2nd chance to prove myself academically, inspire those around me and receive the blessings from all that’s around me.


WTF is City Sonic!???

Toronto is FLOODED with talented people across the spectrum of diversity… mention is hard to attain for Canadian potentials… introducing City Sonic. “Films about places where music happens”, a stellar blog focusing on new talent around our fair city as a day-to-day on the industry’s progression, via the artist!!!
Loving the concept and the support for our local talent!!! Here’s a bit of what they’re talking about today…
New video from Toronto artist, Lioness… “You’re My Heart”; Something different but take it IN Toronto, it reminds me of M.I.A’s old ‘ish I love the bluzy tones in her chants, rare is always fair!!!

They also do a series of video stories documenting extraordinary local musicians in the places where they were evolved…

City Sonic is taking over the Drake this Wednesday June 17th hosting the NorthbyNorthEast Official Gala After Party beginning at 9pm! Inclusive are 5 film-screenings and a guaranteed PARTY!

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Studio Gallery and Pink Mafia present Art’d at Marben Restaurant Wednesday, June 10th, 2009, 9pm-1am.

Each month, Marben will host a new exhibit of work by emerging Canadian artists.

This month’s featured artists are:

Tyler Vipond
Daniela Roessler
Nicole Aline Legault
Jesi the Elder

Music by DJ Shit La Merde

Event Details:

Opening on Wednesday, June 10th
Marben Restaurant, 488 Wellington st. (between Spadina and Portland)
Facebook Invite

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Summer is here!

What a week

MONDAY started with the Marc Ecko Stylus DJ Awards and I was on the Red Carpet repping the Marc Ecko Timepieces and talked to all of the talent! Here I am with the DJ of the Year DJ Wristpect – Congrats!

Yvonne Kai, Dj Wristpect

Camera Ready Femmes were presenters on stage and they did a wonderful job. Here we are in the green room getting ready!

Deniz Reno (Singer), Yvonne Kai, Meghan Heffern (Actress), Shay Ironmonger

Stylus was held at the Queen Elizabeth Theater on the Exhibition Grounds this year – Look forward to the show next year. It is always a treat to be around so much talent. Congrats to HeyDoYou’s favorite – Dj Lissa Monet is the Female DJ of the year! Our DJ for Shopaholic, Fashion Showdown+ Finer Things!

Dj Lissa Monet

TUESDAY Crazy ‘party with Azuka’ at Atelier! What a crazy night! ILuvLola & Taj rocked the mic – it was really live, an insane party – star studded and so packed that I am now convinced that Tuesdays is the new Friday.

Lola (Formula byBella), Reese Cromwell, Yvonne Kai

THURSDAY I want to thank everyone who came out to California Dreamin’! It was exactly how I wanted it to be – colorful, fun and intimate. Extra shoutout to Ty for hooking up the music, Lola for the fab catering, Shay for running the show, Nathaniel for the photoshoot and everyone else who made the judgement call and knew that I am more imporant than the Lakers game!!! Ha ha. The photos are coming so stay tuned! But here is one for a sneak peak.


Event 1: Tanzapalooza, a fundraiser is for Med Outreach – a group of Medical school students travelling to Tanzania to work with the health care needs of rural communities. The event is this upcoming Friday June 5th at Czehoski.

Supporting the cause

Artist from Funktion Gallery

Rocking summer coral + casual chic
Event 2: THE BEAT CARES FOR KIDS provided exposure to Canadian musical talent and raised money for the Sick Kids Foundation. This event was at CHIC CHINOISE RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE, 214 KING STREET WEST

then… to Circa for a kisses + big happy birthday to a little drunky munky T-REXXX

Clearing my camera to welcome the fun filled weekend
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A Super Deal

Take over my Telus phone plan!!

Super Deal Telus Phone Plan!! 650 Day mins + free from 5pm + free 2500 SMS.. WOW

150 Local Minutes $15-3 years – FREE
50 Local Minutes $5 -3 years – FREE
Favourite text (5 numbers) FREE
2500 SMS $10 3 years – FREE
3 Voicemails $5 – FREE

Monthly Service Plans $45.00
Rate Plan: Favourite Numbers 45
5 numbers in canada unlimited call/txt
+450 day time minutes and free evening/weekends from 5pm.

Contract Effective August 18, 2008
Contract Expiry August 18, 2011

Offer Expires: August 9, 2009
$200 Discount on a Phone or Data Device
$300 Discount on a Data Device (**Subject to minimum data & voice plan requirements.)

You can port your exisiting number*

If you are interested… email or call 416.805.4840.

Starts June 11 or July 11!

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