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@cinemasecrets Brush Cleaner

Usually I wash my brushes in soap and water, lay them out to dry and call it a day. I got a sample of Cinema Secrets Professional Brush cleaner and of course I tried it. My my, I was blown away how my brushed went back to their ORIGINAL shape, color. Woweee.

Brush Cleaner is required to do two things. First, it should clean brushes by removing all makeup (any type) from your brushes and condition the brushes to promote the longevity needed for a profesional quality brush. Second, the brush cleaner needs to santitize and remove all bacteria from the brush. Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner is the only Brush Cleaner that will completly remove 99.9% of the bacteria in your brush.

This is my go-to product now and it’s quick and easy to use. Thanks for the sample or I would have never known how nasty my brushes were 🙁

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Kleancolor Nail Polish Review

(Mocha by Kleancolor… SO OBSESSED WITH THIS COLOR!!)

Recently my housekeeper decided to throw away my entire bag of nail polishes. Polishes i’ve collected over the years. Polishes I love. Polishes i’ve spent lots of money and time collecting. Anyways, now I’m starting from scratch and filling my nail polish duffle bag once more. I was shopping at a local clothing store and I knew I needed a new color so I chose one from the nail polish rack at the cashier. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE! All the polishes were Kleancolor polishes. I chose a color called Mocha which was a light brown with a hint of baby pink. For a $2 bottle of nail polish, the consistency was pretty smooth and the brush was way better than most of the cheap polishes I’ve tried before. The thing I love most about this polish was that it dried so fast. I have the tendency to wait til night time (an hour or so before I go to bed) to do my nails. I can almost always guarantee my nails aren’t perfect when I wake up in the morning if I don’t sleep with my hands placed nicely over my covers. This polish dried super quick even with the three coats I put on. I put on two coats of clear on top and my nails looked absolutely perfect! For someone that used to be a nail polish brand snob, this is a great one. Since I’m building my nail polish collection from scratch I can afford to save a few bucks a bottle too 🙂


xo, June 🙂


Rain Cosmetics High Roller Mascara


Rain Cosmetics’ High Roller Mascara is a great lengthening mascara with buildable volume. The mascara comes in a cute light blue metallic bottle with a cube-like bottle. The shape makes it easier to hold the brush without it slipping out of your hand. It’s a super smooth formula with a great coarse bristled brush that separates and lengthens my lashes amazingly. My lashes were much longer with just one coat because of how weightless it is. I really love the way the mascara wand comes out so clean because of how small the hole in the bottle is. Perfect so you don’t need to keep wiping the wand off before you use it. Although I didn’t get the thick volume, this mascara is a great one to start with before applying a thickening mascara. That way, you’ll get the length and volume you desire. My lashes were perfect all day and didn’t clump or flake at all. If you’re into the natural, long lashed look I’d definitely recommend this mascara!

You can purchase this mascara online on their website or follow them on twitter @Rain_Cosmetics! Make sure you check out their other products. Rain Cosmetics, the Official Sponsor of Miss USA 2011, has lots of other long wearing products in their line! 🙂

xo, June 🙂

Writer’s Note: This product was sent to me for review by the brand/PR. All reviews on by myself, June Ning, are unpaid and unbiased.



Milk & honey co-founders, Ilissa and Dorian Howard, announced the launch of their new charity initiative with the debut of the “Ginnifer” shoe, designed by actress Ginnifer Goodwin. Ten percent of all proceeds will be donated to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Milk & honey will launch their celebrity designer program with Goodwin and will bring on other partners with proceeds going to different charities throughout the year.

“We couldn’t be more excited to be launching this program and can think of no better combination than Ginnifer and St. Jude’s,” says Ilissa. Dorian adds, “Ginnifer represents exactly the elegance and grace we, as a company, strive to emulate. Her style is unique, playful and effortless; her spirit is as big as her heart.”

The sisters have been looking for ways to give back through their company and wanted to harness the power that celebrities have in dictating fashion trends. “You don’t need to look any further than the pages of any of the magazines to understand how important celebrities have become to the fashion world. We want to harness this influence and use it for good,” the sisters said.

The mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is to advance cures, and means of prevention, for pediatric catastrophic diseases through research and treatment. No child is denied treatment based on race, religion or a family’s ability to pay.

Goodwin designed a closed toe pump in tangerine leather with a 5” heel and .5” inside platform.

The Ginnifer shoe is available for sale starting today!!

Milk & Honey Shoes is an LA-based design-your-own-shoes site that allows the customer to design their ideal shoe. The site offers millions of design choices with flat to 5-inch heel heights, limitless color options, numerous fabrications and adornments, bridal, and animal-friendly options. The shoes have already been purchased in over 20 countries, and by celebrities such as Selena Gomez, Emily Deschanel, and Ginnifer Goodwin all designing their own shoes.