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Why Choose Fabulive for Live Digital Streaming in Makeup Industry?

With the rapid advancement of technology all across the globe, things have become simpler
and easier for professional makeup artists. However, very few beauty experts know how to use
it in the best way possible. If you are also someone like that then you must understand that this
is the time to switch to a platform which offers you a new way to become popular and reach
the acme of success. One of the platforms which can really make difference to your career is

Fabulive in a Nutshell
This is the first live digital streaming platform for beauty technicians. It helps you in multiple
ways and if you are a really passionate makeup artist or a hairstylist then you will not take any
chance. You will try to learn how Fabulive can boost your career and why you should opt for it.
Scroll down and you will learn the reasons why Fabulive is the best Live Digital Streaming
platform in Makeup. However, before this, you must try to understand more about Live
Streaming Digital Makeup, Beauty, Lifestyle Platform.

What is Live Streaming Digital Beauty Platform?
Live Streaming Digital platform is the destination of all those who are interested in sharing live
videos with their audience. It is a two-way platform where both the parties, the person who
shares the content and the audience come together and try to start a give and take
relationship. As a professional artist, you deliver tips and tutorials to the viewers. In return, they
give you feedback and have the potential to convert from being a mere audience to a
permanent customer. When a beauty platform uses live streaming then it is known as Live
Streaming Digital Beauty Platform. Fabulive is a beauty application that can help you become a
famous makeup artist.

Reasons that Make It is the best Platform Makeup Lover
There are not one but many reasons that make the best beauty platform which
uses Live streaming. If you do not agree then you must have a look at the three major reasons
that make it special. Nevertheless, it is important to understand Fabulive is an innovative
application, which is using the potential of live streaming in an unprecedented way. Here are
the three reasons that will definitely convince you to select Fabulive. These are:
Gives you an opportunity to connect to your intended audience
The most difficult thing is not joining a platform, but to connect with your target audience.
There are many beauty platforms available online that flaunt its potential to attract target traffic.

However, they fail to do so. If you are a professional makeup artist, then you must have
experienced it too. You must be aware of this that ensuring you reach your potential customers
via the internet is not easy. Despite saying this it is important to highlight that if you have a
online platform like Fabulive, then this is not a problem. Here, you get to use the lie streaming
in the best way. You just need to join Fabulive and you will experience a new world where you
can easily connect with your intended viewers.

Helps you in the promotion of new cosmetic products
Once you are able to connect to your target audience it becomes easier to convert them into
potential customers. You can share cosmetics with them. You can initially keep your makeup
training videos free and later charge for it. You can make your viewers try new cosmetic
products or tell them which cosmetic product to opt for. Undoubtedly, this way you will be able
to earn far more than your expectation.

Makes you popular as a beauty expert
Popularity is one thing that all fresher strive for. If you are a newcomer in the beauty industry,
then it is of utmost importance to join Fabulive. This is a platform that let you display your
talent and show your potential customer what you have to offer them and how you are
different from other beauty celebrities. You will be able to post your videos that will make your
viewer learn new skills related to eye makeup, lip makeup, hair styling, etc. Once you become
famous there is no turning back. You will just keep on climbing new heights of success as a
makeup artist.

If you are a makeup artist or a beauty expert who wants to boost his or her career then you
must choose Fabulive. Here you get learn new things from other experts and get an opportunity
to create a fan-base. This is the first Live Streaming Digital Beauty Platform that offers you so
many ways to grow your career. You can become a popular beauty blogger or a makeup artist.
All this is possible only with the help of Fabulive. You must not waste time in thinking and try to
use this opportunity to the fullest. Join Fabulive and see how live digital streaming platform can
make you more appealing to your audience. Join it now and become popular in a small period.
You must not lose this chance. Grab this app and enjoy a successful career as a beauty expert.


Healthy Paws Herbals offers an all natural approach to pet care

Healthy Paws Herbals (HPH) is excited to announce its first line of medical strength herbs for pets! Created by licensed herbalist and Doctor of Acupunture & Oriental Medicine Kyle Burton, HPH is a safe, drug free, natural alternative to traditional medicine. 

Utilizing 2,000 year old time tested formulas for dogs, cats, and horses, Burton developed three liquid herbal extracts—Pain Relief, Calming and Allergy + Itch—that are slightly sweet and mix easily into pet food. 

As a herbalist in Los Angeles, Burton has been writing custom formulas for his two legged clients for over a decade. After receiving numerous requests from his patients—and successfully answering a call for help from his brother’s dog suffering from allergies and itching—Burton decided to combine his extensive experience in Chinese medicine with his love for animals. “Having an alternative to traditional medication is something people have been doing for years, why wouldn’t man’s best friend have that option as well?,” says Dr. Kyle Burton, Founder of Healthy Paws Herbals. “So when I began to receive requests from my clients for alternatives for their pets, it felt like a natural next step.”


Healthy Paws Herbals

  • Healthy Paws Herbals Pain Relief is a natural Anti-Inflammatory that can be used for pets who suffer from arthritis, knee pain, hip dysplasia, ACL tear or post surgery recovery.  
  • Healthy Paws Herbals Allergy + Itch Relief is a natural allergy and dermatitis relief for pets who suffer from itchy skin, rashes, nasal and eye mucus , eczema, conjunctivitis and environmental allergies. 
  • Healthy Paws Herbals Calming is for pets who suffer from anxiety, compulsive behavior, hyperactivity, seizures and hypertension.

Healthy Paws Herbals ($14.99/1oz, $39/4oz) is available for purchase on as well as select retailers including: Erewhon, Malibu Grooming, Lassens and LA Urban Fitness Nutrition Center

About Dr. Kyle Burton

Dr. Kyle Burton received his Masters at Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and his Doctorate at Yo San University specializing in Healthy Aging and Longevity.  He opened his private practice in 2006 in West Hollywood, California and now has a location in Downtown L.A. 


National Dress Your Pet Up Day

In honor of National Dress Your Pet Up Day which is celebrated on January 14 across the United States, best-selling author Jeff Lazarus of Dogtology and Catakism is hosting a casting call for all dog and cat lovers to have a chance for their furry friend to be featured on nationally syndicated TV, Pet Pals TV, which can be seen in more than 6 million homes in the U.S.

Three pet parents will get to have their furry friend featured on an episode of Pet Pals TV, a nationally-syndicated television program to highlight how our furry friends make our lives a little extra special. All submissions will be shared on the Social Media Pages of Pet Pals TV and  Dogtology and Catakism.


To enter please submit a photo of you with your dog or cat dressed up please tag Dogtology and or Catakism on Facebook and use the hashtag #dogtology if it’s a photo of a dog and #catakism is it’s a photo of a cat. 


Please note that the more outlandish and quirky the better!) Your pet could have the chance to be make a TV appearance and featured on Pet Pals TV and/or a Social Media Star having their photo shared on the following social media pages:



10 Winners on Social Media will also win a book of their choice Dogtology and or Catakism!


DOGTOLOGY and CATAKISM are available at Amazon and wherever books are sold:


Contest Runs From January 11- January 18

The stations on which Pet Pals airs is as follows:

Los Angeles, CA

Indianapolis, IN

Austin, TX

Grand Rapid, MI

Salt Lake City, UT

Washington DC

Lake Tahoe, CA

Santa Cruz, CA

Dothan, AL

Dayton, OH

Fort Wayne, IN

Terra Haute, IN

Louisville, KU


About the Author:
Jeff Lazarus is a leadership coach, speaker, trainer, adjunct professor, and creative who innovates and builds roads not yet traveled. He has an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BA in interpersonal and organizational communication from California State University, Long Beach. He combined his passion for animals with his teachings on communication and released Listen Like a Dog in 2016. Lazarus is a serious dog lover and advocate. After finally having his Cat Mitzvah, way past age thirteen, he wrote the whimsical book Catakism.


Best Eyeshadow Palettes Under $25

Eyeshadows have ruled the makeup world for some time now. Everyone needs that perfect neutral shade for daily wear or that risqué color for a night out. If you are looking to try out some great new shades without breaking the bank, here are some of my favorite eyeshadow palettes under $25.

Morphe’s 9A Always Golden Eyeshadow Palette

These nine golden shades in the Morphe 9A Always Golden Eyeshadow Palette are sure to take you places, faux real. Crazy-creamy, powerfully pigmented, beyond-blendable eyeshadows perfect for some fun in the sun or some fake-it-til-you-make-it action. Choose your own color adventure. But one thing’s for sure; you’ll never run out of ways to turns heads.

Price: $12.00

Essence’s All About Toffee Eyeshadow Palette

This Gorgeous Essence All About Toffee Eyeshadow Palette has eight complementing, buildable colors and multiple finishes; satin, matte and metallic effects. It blends easily and the colors will stay on all day! Perfect palette for everyday wear.

Price: $5.49

Covergirl’s Goldens TruNaked Eyeshadow Palette

CoverGirl’s Goldens TruNaked Eye Shadow Palette has a stunning range of neutral shades for your perfect nude eye look. Richly pigmented shadows in golden, and in a range of colors and textures – from neutrals to Smokeys and shimmers to mattes.

Price: $5.99

Makeup Revolution’s Iconic 1 Redemption Eyeshadow Palette

Makeup Revolution’s Iconic 1 Redemption Eye Shadow Palette is a perfect mix of pearl, shimmer and matte shades. As comfortable and familiar as your favorite t-shirt, the bronzy tones of this palette will make you want to strip down and bare all (in the best way possible).

Price: $7.00

NYX’s Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette

Create a spectrum of out-of-this-world eye looks with the Cosmic Metals Shadow Palette – a new eyeshadow set inspired by NYX Professional Makeup Professional Makeup’s beloved Cosmic Metals Lip Cream. Powered by six pigment-packed eyeshadows, this gorgeous set loads your lids with rich, metallic color and incredible color payoff.
Price: $9.99

E.L.F.’s Online Only Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Achieve beautifully natural eye looks with these perfectly curated 10 neutral eyeshadow shades in the e.l.f. Cosmetics Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette. This collection of hues is ideal for shading, highlighting, and defining the eyes. These silky smooth shadows can be used as a liner, on the lid, and in the crease of the eye for an expertly contoured and blended look. Cruelty free and vegan.

Price: $10.00

Sleek Makeup’s Under A Spell Eyeshadow Palette

Create a variety of stunning looks with these 12 shades of mineral based, highly pigmented eyeshadow in the Sleek MakeUP Under A Spell Eyeshadow Palette.
Price: $12.99
BH Cosmetics Be… by BubzBeauty 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette
Known to her YouTube fans as BubzBeauty, Lindy Tsang hand-picked the must-have shades in her BH Cosmetics Be… by BubzBeauty 12 Color Eyeshadow Palette. Each shade offers day-to-night versatility – and emphasizes fans’ beauty, both inside and out.
Price: $14.50

Models Own’s Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette

Go to a parallel universe with this Models Own Supernatural Eyeshadow Palette. From dark secrets to sultry whispers, it’s totally bewitching. With the brush, apply metallic nudes, shimmer browns and rich golds for a look that’s out of this world.

Price: $17.99



IT Cosmetics Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Take the stress out of your holiday shopping, avoid the lines and endless searching for the right gifts! Let IT Cosmetics help you quickly cross off all the beautiful women on your gifting list with amazing online BLACK FRIDAY and CYBER MONDAY beauty deals! is your one-stop shop this holiday season!


Black Friday Weekend

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Enjoy free shipping all week-long! And every order includes an exclusive IT Girl Tote complete with free samples of your favorite IT Cosmetics products!


Happy shopping!


Pumpkin Spice Latte Inspired Beauty

It is finally starting to feel like fall around New York City, and that can only mean one thing: Pumpkin spice everything! Yes—that includes your beauty routine! Try a PSL-inspired look using glimmering bronzers, warm-toned eyeshadow, orange-hued lipstick and more. Shop our favorites below!