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Using Arbonne Essentials to prevent GD

I am always juicing and making smoothies in the morning! I find it very relaxing to have a blended drink and sit by the pool and watch the sunrise. I recently have been looking for ways to get all the vitamins and protein first thing in the morning so that baby gets all that he needs. The Arbonne Vanilla Protein shake mix has been my go-to in the last few weeks because it does just that. The high quality vegan protein has really helped me feel full from breakfast til lunch. I really love it! Since so many of my friends ended up with Gestational Diabetes, I have really been watching my carb intake.


Check out some of the recipes below to see how to incorporate more protein into your daily meals.

Arbonne Essentials® Daily Fiber Boost ($39, Arbonne.comGet your fiber fix with 12 grams of fiber, nearly half the daily requirement, derived from grains, fruits and vegetables. Fiber helps support regularity and cardiovascular health. This flavorless, soluble fiber can be added to all foods and beverages.

Arbonne Essentials® Vanilla Protein Shake Mix ($77, Arbonne.comDo  the  daily  shake  with  delicious, nutritious, perfectly balanced  chocolate  or  vanilla  shake  mix.  Provides  20g of  vegan  protein  to  help  support  muscles, plus  more  than 20  essential  vitamins  and  minerals  per  serving. Clinically tested and certified to have a low glycemic index, which has little effect on blood sugar levels and does not cause a spike in blood sugar.

Recovery Support Shake

Almond Butter Shake

Hearty Boosted Protein Shake


Magic Butter Maker

Magic Butter is a state of the art machine to easily make cannabis infused butter! You can use it to infuse any kind of botanicals like lavender or thyme etc but it is most popular for cannabis because of the medicinal properties.

The Magical Butter machine is the world’s first table top botanical extraction machine, designed for creating fantastic recipes, infusing the essence of healthy herbs into butter, oil, grain alcohol, lotions, and more! The machine costs $179 and is available on with a one year warranty!

• New Official MagicalButter Cookbook highlights most popular recipes included

• At the touch of a button, enjoy great-tasting, healthy foods, or make natural skin-care products

• Make your recipes Bolder: Brownies, Cookies, Smoothies, Sauces, Soups, Vegetables, Candies, Seafood, Marinades, Meats, Beverages, Lotions and Salves, and much more

• Fully automatic with 1,2,4,8 hour and cleaning cycles

• Fully automatic Microprocessor-controlled program sequences, Two-Button simplicity for effortless ease of use, pitcher constructed of stainless steel, self cleaning

Made in the USA

We are giving away one of these machines! If you are interested to testing this out, send us a tweet @heydoyou!


Jumpstarter by Limitless Innovations

A very cool product that was on my radar this week. Ever since becoming a new car owner to a VW Tiguan, I had the battery die on my 2x, and my husband once. The first time was because I turned the power back on to close the window (but not the engine) and forgot to turn it off over night. The same thing happened to my husband at his office parking lot when he closed his sunroof. The 2nd time was because I left the cellphone charger in the socket overnight and it drained the battery. So in less than one year, I need a boost 3x!!

I wanted to let you know about Jumpsmart,  the most practical vehicle jump starter on the market. It can be used every day and in an emergency. Packed in a single, high-powered unit is a 4-Mode LED Flashlight, Power Bank, and Vehicle Jump Starter. For use at home and  on-the-road to ensure peace of mind everywhere drivers go. MSRP $119.99 from Limitless Innovations.

• Ergonomically Designed Durable Aluminum Housing
• 4-Mode, 1100 Lumen, LED Flashlight with 150 Meter Reach (High Beam, Weak Beam, Strobe, & SOS Modes)
• Smart Jumper Cables with 10 Built-In Safety Features, Safety Check Lights & Sounds
• 10000 mAh / 37000 mWh Lithium-Polymer Battery
• 5V / 2.4A USB Port utilizing SmartSpeed Technology

• JumpSmart
• Set of Smart Jumper Cables
• Heavy-Duty Case with Printed Instructions
• Car & Wall Charging Adapters
• Protective Sleeve

This vehicle jump starter is powerful enough to jump start 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder engines up to 4.0 Liters! Jump start a car, boat, motorcycle, lawn mower and more with the High-Grade 10000 mAh / 37000 mWh Lithium-Polymer Battery (12V / 200~400A vehicle battery). Re-charge the JumpSmart up to 1000 times!

If you want to win one of the Jumpstarter kits – Just send me at tweet @Heydoyou and let me know what car you have and what city you live in. Good luck!


The Okabashi Flip Flop Phenomenon

Being an official Las Vegas resident now, I have been amassing a collection of sandals and flipflops like never before. Socks and sneakers have been put away and high heels are nonexistent in my wardrobe these days. When it is over 109F already and barely May, you know that summer is going to be a hot one. I discovered the Okabashi flip-flops recently and had received a sample of Maui to test out.  There is a dedicated fan base for Okabashis online and from the comments, one fan suggests putting them in the dishwasher to clean them even.  I definitely will not do that, and I think just a quick rinse with the hose will be sufficient!

The Maui flip flop is a must-have for every woman’s shoe collection. This sandal is non-slip, flexible, washable and supportive, making it a great post workout, fitness recovery shoe as well as perfectly suited for everyday wear. 

The fun, floral insole will remind you of a tropical vacation and the comfort provides therapy for your feet with every step.

I have been pretty bummed that Polyvore is no longer exists so I would love to plan a cute outfit with these. Guess I have to do it IRL!  One of the coolest things about Okabashi is that you can lower your carbon footprint by purchasing these sandals made from innovative, vegan, bio-based soy materials.

What color Maui do you like?

Less than 1% of shoes worn in the United States today are made in the USA.

Okabashi shoes are manufactured in Buford, Georgia and each pair travels only 7% as far as the average imported shoe. This prevents 10,000 miles of carbon emissions from the ships, planes and trucks required to transport shoes to the US. Resulting in a 1/200th of the average imported shoe carbon footprint.

Our women leadership team goes above and beyond stringent US standards to create opportunity and community for our diverse 200 employees, including veterans.

At Okabashi, we believe in closed-loop recycling to reduce the use of virgin material and to keep old shoes from becoming environmental waste.

The average pair of Okabashi shoes contain 15-25% recycled material.

If you return your well-loved and worn Okabashi shoes to our factory, we will recycle them for use in new Okabashi products or other non-apparel goods.

Once we receive your shoes, we will email you a 15% off promo code to use on your next pair of Okabashis as a thank you from us and the planet.

The brands’ CEO, Sara Irvani, is a third-generation shoe maker who is passionate about changing the shoe industry


Gursey Coffee Roasters for the Mob Museum

LAS VEGAS, NV – The Mob Museum, the National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement, has tapped Celebrity Coffee Chef Jeremy Gursey to create its artisan coffee and tea program for its new café and speakeasy. Having served coffee behind the scenes on many gangster films and tv shows, including stints serving “The Sopranos”, “Donnie Brasco”, and “Get Shorty”, he found inspiration for many of his creations from his experiences with the actors portraying mobsters. His locally based company J. Gursey Coffee Roasters will be providing fresh roasted beans which will feature fair trade coffee and teas from around the world and signature drinks exclusive to the Museum including a Mob “Mocha” Latte, made with house made chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa dust, and cold brew Nitro Draft Coffee on tap made in-house.

Jeremy Gursey, CEO, commented: “As part of the local community, we are so happy to be working with The Mob Museum, as it is not only a great educational platform, but also an exciting attraction in the city of Las Vegas.”



  1. Gursey Coffee Roasters began in 1993 when founder Jeremy Gursey started serving his artisan coffee creations to celebrities on television and film sets. He soon traveled the world, as the personal coffee chef to Hollywood’s elite, including Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz, before building a flagship roasterie in Las Vegas, Nevada. After collaborating with top chefs and studying under world champion baristas and master roasters, he and his team applied their culinary knowledge to each distinctive blend of coffee creating unique programs for the restaurant, hotel and hospitality industries.

From crop to cup, J. Gursey utilizes responsibly sourced fair trade coffees from a limited supply of the highest quality beans available from regions around the world.  They meticulously choose and blend their coffees based on origin, taste, and cultivation techniques.  The degree of roast is specifically balanced with the origin of the bean to create the ultimate experience for coffee lovers and connoisseurs.

Their proprietary clean burning oxygen-rich air bed roasting process distinguishes the flavor profile of their coffee by utilizing the naturally arid southwest climate of Las Vegas, Nevada.  Each bean is gently enveloped in air as it roasts to optimal temperature. The resulting fusion is decadent, full-bodied, and deliciously satisfying.


The Las Vegas American Advertising “Addy” Awards

The annual American Advertising Awards celebrate creativity in local advertising. As the only advertising awards show in Las Vegas, winners go right to regionals and then on to nationals. All entries are independently judged, and winners are announced at the Addy awards show.

Here are the list of winners from R&R Partners! Very proud of everyone’s hard work 🙂

Especially to Vaitari Anderson and his team for his vision to bring the Las Vegas VR Art project, LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality, to life!

Gold Award Print Advertising, Magazine Advertising, Spread, Multiple Page or Insert – Single

LVCVA- Taxi Line

Gold Award Out-of-Home & Ambient Media, Events- Single Event

LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality

Gold Award, Online/Interactive Social Media Campaign

LVCVA- Kiss Cam Snapchat

Gold Award, Film, Video & Sound TV Regional/National, Single Spot

LVCVA- Dream Vacation

Gold Award, Film, Video & Sound TV Regional/National, Single Spot

LVCVA- 11 am Roses

Gold Award, Cross Platform, Integrated Advertising Campaign, Consumer Campaign National

NV Energy-Power of Good-NV Energy

Silver Award, Online/Interactive, Social Media Single Execution

LVCVA-Farewell Hef

Silver Award, Cross Platform Integrated Campaigns, Integrated Brand ID Campaign, Local or Regional/National

Life is Beautiful Campaign

Bronze Award- Magazine Advertising


Bucket List- Worth Magazine

Bronze Award- Branded Content & Entertainment

LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality

Bronze Award, Out-of-Home Installations

LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality

Bronze Award, Out-of-Home Poster

Life is Beautiful, Line Up Poster

Bronze Award, Apps- Virtual Reality

LVCVA – Vegas Alter Your Reality

Bronze Award- Internet Commercial

LVCVA, Vegas Hockey