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Top Hair Tips for the Upcoming Holidays

Holiday parties are just around the corner and while you might be keeping your eyes open for new holiday attire, it’s time to start taking care of your hair so that when it comes time to show everything off, your hair looks just as shiny as your new dress!

Below are some great tips and trends from NYC Hair Stylist, Lucy Garcia Planck, from Salon Bergdorf Goodman, on how to make sure your hair stands out this holiday season:

  • Moisturizing is Key: Keeping hair moisturized will help all of your holiday hairstyles look great. The dry winter air will quickly zap your hair of any moisture it has. Try not to shampoo often. If you have oily hair wash it every other day, and if you have dry hair, aim at washing it one to two times a week maximum.
  • Hair Masks are a Must: Another great way to keep hair hydrated is by using hair masks 1-2 times a week depending on your hair’s texture. I like to use 1 tsp of coconut oil directly on your hair, starting on the ends of the hair and working it up towards the scalp. Go to work out or run an errand and leave in for 30-60 min then shampoo with the treatment still in the head and then rinse. This locks in the natural oils in the hair and keeps it looking shiny.
  • Take Care of Yourself From the Inside: I always say ‘you are what you eat.’ Whatever you put into your body reflects your outsides. Be sure to drink plenty of water, and eat proper foods such as fish, nuts and eggs helps to keep hair shiny. Taking a biotin supplement will also help. Biotin is a natural supplement that many people don’t get enough of and that could be a contributing factor to dry, brittle hair. I always tell my clients to take biotin year round to maintain a strong, healthy glow to their hair and it also helps with split ends. I love using and always recommend vitafusion Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails is a great-tasting gummy multivitamin containing 12 key nutrients, including Biotin and Vitamins C and E to help nourish beautiful hair, skin, and nails from the inside out.
  • Keep Static Away:  Dry winter months always create lots of hair static, which can ruin a great hairstyle. I always sleep on a silk pillowcase, which can help to eliminate this issue. Unlike cotton, the silk pillowcase doesn’t have any wrinkles in it and won’t mess up our hair. To maintain your hair or hairstyle (a fresh salon blowout), sleeping on silk helps with the static as well during the winter when your hair is depleted of moisture. Argan oil moisturizes the ends of your hair without leaving your hair oily. Use only a very tiny amount (pea-sized). If your hair is fine, stay away from the oils, instead use static guard sprayed in your hairbrush and brush your hair. For those with thicker hair, the argan oil will help keep your hair moisturized and reduce static and flyways.

3 Tips for Opening a Bar in the USA

Like many beginning entrepreneurs, you may be primed and ready to open up a bar in the United States in your neck of the woods. This could be a lifelong dream that you’ve had or it could be a more recent idea. No matter what, just know that some aspects of opening a bar are going to be easy while other parts might be really difficult.

As an example, if you’re opening a bar in Texas you’ll need to understand liquor laws and other legal aspects of business. Monshaugen & Van Huff can help you get all of your legal ducks in a row.

Or maybe you have a tough time keeping track of employee hours and you’re tracking things manually in a book. Clockspot can help you digitize the process and let employees clock in and clock out online.

Besides the areas we’ve already mentioned, we’ll share some other tips to make it easier than ever to open a bar. Please use this information to your advantage sooner rather than later.

Tip #1: Discover Your Target Audience

Depending on where you happen to open your bar, you’ll need to discover your target audience to figure out how to decorate and market your business. Yes, this is a crucial step that many successful bar owners often overlook. They open their bar and never think about the neighborhood it’s in. They create something that they might find appealing but doesn’t necessarily appeal to the rest of the people living and working in the neighborhood.

As an example, if you plan to open up a new bar in the business district in your community, you’ll probably have many young professionals with money coming into your establishment on a fairly regular basis. So you obviously do not want to open a biker bar in this neighborhood because it just doesn’t fit.

So think about your location and pay close attention to the people in the community. You want to create a theme based on your ideal customer in the area and then completely run with it.

Tip #2: Be Consistent with Your Business Concept

Now that you’ve discovered your target market, it’s time to create the right environment to make them feel at home in your establishment. This way you’ll have everything you need to attract your ideal customer.

As an example, if you plan to open up a sports bar, one of the biggest things you’ll need is the best TV screens. If you have huge TV screens all over the bar with many games from the most popular sports on them, you’ll definitely attract your target audience.

On the other hand, if you plan on opening up a dive bar based on your target audience, you do not need to have the latest technology and you probably don’t want to have humongous TVs either. This is a totally different audience and you need to have the right decor and functionality to give them what they expect.

Tip #3: Pay Attention to the Competition

Simply put, your competitors have already been down the road that you currently travel so it’s best to pay attention of them. See what they do and see how they manage their bar because you could come up with some excellent tips and tricks this way.

By watching your competitors, you are giving yourself an advantage by learning the ropes from people who have already been there and done that. This will help you cut down on your learning curve and make it easier for you to survive and thrive in a difficult industry.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are definitely going to be some challenges to opening up a bar and making it successful. But if you use the tips and information we shared today, you’ll put yourself in a better position to survive and thrive in this industry.



4 Fun Wedding Ideas to Consider

Weddings are supposed to be fun, right? Yet so often so many weddings seem to be stuffy and conservative affairs.

This can be a real crying shame because you want your wedding to be absolutely amazing and you want all of your guests to have a wonderful time. If the event is too stuffy and conservative, people will have an okay time but you aren’t going to win any awards for having the wedding of the year.

If you’re having trouble finding the ideal wedding gown, take a moment to consider a collection of simple dresses. These can be easier to choose from and easier to fit into the entire theme. Take a look more about this here:

Once you’ve gotten many of your wedding ideas on paper, like personalized candy wrappers for parties as an example, you should also take a moment to come up with fun and exciting things to make the wedding a little bit more enjoyable, fresh, and absolutely entertaining.

With that said, we’ll now take a look at four fun wedding ideas to consider. Definitely keep them in mind if you’re looking to liven up your reception during this once-in-a-lifetime event.

  1. Wear Comfortable Running Shoes under Your Wedding Gown

It’s your wedding and you can do whatever you want. Nobody said you have to wear gaudy and extravagant shoes under your wedding gown. On the contrary, if you want to wear a pair of bright pink Chuck Taylor’s or funky running shoes under your gown you absolutely have the right to do so.

Remember, you’re going to be spending time out on the dance floor. So you’re going to want your feet to be comfortable. That’s why you should feel fine putting on sneakers or running shoes because you’re the bride and your comfort means everything on your big day.

  1. Superhero Groomsmen Anyone?

If the groom loves superheroes, you could always incorporate these amazing characters into the wedding. Have all of the groomsmen including the groom put on their tuxedos but wear superhero T-shirts under their button-down white shirts.

So when it comes time to take pictures, you can have all of the men open up their white shirts to reveal their superhero shirts under them. It will look like they are about to spring into action to save the reception from evildoers. This will make a funny picture for everyone to enjoy, and it will add a measure of levity to the wedding reception that’ll make the entire event a lot more fun.

  1. Hire a Celebrity Impersonator for Your Wedding Reception

Believe it or not, celebrity impersonators are always a big hit at weddings. Have you ever wanted Michael Jackson to dance at your wedding while doing the moonwalk? Well, you can get the next best thing by a hiring a Michael Jackson impersonator to strut his stuff on the dance floor for you and your guests.

Or if you’d rather have a celebrity guest impersonator that’s still part of the land of the living, you can hire an impersonator to represent your favorite celebrity no matter who he or she may happen to be.

Just know that your guests are going to absolutely love this person when it comes time to take pictures. Everybody is going to get up to have their picture taken with the “famous celebrity”, so consider this added expense as a way to bring fun to your wedding reception in a unique and exciting way.

  1. Turn Your Favorite Pooch into the Ring Bearer

If your dog is trained, you can tie the wedding rings around his or her neck and have your favorite pooch walk down the aisle to deliver the rings. Your guests will absolutely love seeing your pup become a part of the proceedings and you’ll create an amazing memory that’ll last a lifetime too.

Final Thoughts

Do you like any of the fun ideas we’ve shared today? If so, think about using them for your wedding. By preparing for your wedding in advance, these ideas will help liven up the festivities and bring huge smiles to the faces of your family, friends, and guests.



Get that Glow: Arbonne RE9 Advanced Brightening Collection

One of the many crazy things happening in 3rd trimester is your skin. Sometimes it can get more dry, more oily and more sensitive. I started using the collection at 32 weeks and now at 33 weeks, I have already noticed a remarkable difference. I had the best experience so far with Arbonne’s new collection. It has kept my face protected against the desert winds and cold dry air of Las Vegas.  The cleanser and the night cream has been a God send and I just love the Sakura scent 🙂 Arbonne has amazing products and this collection is no exception. Put this on your shopping list and get ready to experience the Arbonne RE9 Advanced Brightening Collection.

The RE9 Advanced Brightening collection by Arbonne was developed to address the specific needs of dull, sallow, uneven skin tone and dark spots. Infused with clean brightening ingredients, the vegan products improve the appearance of skin glow, radiance, luminosity, and skin tone, as well as minimizing the look of dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles with twice-daily consistent use.

Six high-performing products make up the collection, including a cleansing foam, lightweight serum and SPF 15 mineral sunscreen. Featuring a proprietary Sakura Bright Complex, created with ascorbyl glucoside, a form of stabilized vitamin C, cherry blossom extract and birch leaf extract. Botanical-based emulsifiers, surfactants and moisturizers also support the delicate skin barrier by increasing hydration.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced Brightening Collection

Available at

Key Brightening Ingredients

  • The proprietary SakuraBright Complex, with dermatologist-recognized brightening ingredients, helps improve the appearance of skin glow and luminosity, minimizing the look of dark spots with consistent use
  • Cherry blossom extract promotes the appearance of skin radiance with hydration
  • Ascorbyl glucoside, a stabilized form of Vitamin C, brightens to help temporarily diminish the appearance of dark spots, improves the appearance of skin tone and helps revitalize the look of skin’s radiance
  • Birch leaf extract hydrates to help promote luminescent, flawless-looking skin
  • Licorice root extract hydrates, leaving skin with a vibrant, healthy-looking, natural glow

RE9 Advanced Brightening Cleansing Foam ($44):

This pearlescent cleanser suds just enough to gently remove makeup, dirt and impurities, leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed.

RE9 Advanced Brightening Toner ($39):

This dual-phase toner and softening lotion provides gentle exfoliation to finish your cleansing routine while prepping your skin for the next step in your regimen. Botanicals provide essential hydration to ensure skin is looking fresh and glowing.

RE9 Advanced Brightening Serum ($65):

This concentrated serum is your portal to healthy-looking, radiant skin. Our proprietary SakuraBright Complex delivers essential nourishment to target the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone for a lit-from-within glow that begs to be noticed.

RE9 Advanced Brightening Protective Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 15 Sunscreen ($66):

Protect your luminous skin from UVA/UVB rays without concentrated mineral formula that contains botanicals vital to supporting your skin’s radiance.

RE9 Advanced Brightening Eye Cream ($62):

Pat this on gently around the eye area to lock in moisture and help reduce the look of fine lines, puffiness and dark circles. Our proprietary SakuraBright Complex helps the delicate skin around the eyes look brighter and more youthful.

RE9 Advanced Brightening Night Cream ($88):

An ultra-hydrating blend of botanicals, along with our proprietary SakuraBright Complex, deliver essential nourishment to maximize the skin’s natural repairative cycle and reduce the look of fine lines while you sleep.


jane iredale Happy Together Holiday Collection

A classy and sophisticated color-infused holiday launch from jane iredale! The clean beauty brand touts an arsenal of celebrity fans including Emma Watson, Zooey Deschanel, Carice van Houten, Gabrielle Union and more. The NEW Happy Together holiday collection features a party-ready mix of brilliant color, playful shimmer and dazzling shine alongside a philanthropic component as well!


Let’s Party Eye Shadow Kit – $59

Five super-saturated, universally wearable PurePressed® Eye Shadows with just a playful touch of shimmer.


  1. Spree – pale pink with subtle shimmer
  2. Wing-ding – plum with subtle shimmer
  3. Soiree – royal blue with subtle shimmer
  4. Shindig – shimmery jade green
  5. Hootenanny – shimmery chocolate brown


  • Highly pigmented, long-lasting and crease resistant.
  • Use wet or dry; apply colors alone, blended or layered.
  • Botanical extracts soothe, protect and nurture skin.Dance with Me Refillable Compact – $20

    Refillable rose gold compact embellished with elegant butterflies holds PurePressed® Base Mineral Foundation, Bronzer Refills, PureMatte® Finish Powder Refill or Beyond Matte® HD Matifying Powder.


    • Elegant, mirrored, rose gold compact has a butterfly embellishment.
    • Close with a satisfying snap, keeping makeup fresh & protected.
    • Sleek, lightweight design is made of recyclable plastic.
    • High-shine finish is fingerprint resistant.
    • Perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.

    Kiss and Tell Lip Stain/Gloss Kit – $49

    Long-lasting, saturated lip stains and a clear shimmer gloss for creating a variety of beautiful lip looks.



    1. Stain Craving – light salmon
    2. Stain Fascination – rosy pink
    3. Gloss Crystal – clear shimmer




    • Conditions & protects lips.
    • Non-feathering, stay-put color.
    • Wear alone for a matte look or add a glossy finish.


    • Conditioning, non-tacky formula gives a glossy shimmering finish.
    • No ingredients are petroleum-based.


    Limited Edition Butterfly Bag – $20

    A portion of the profits goes to SaveOurMonarchs, a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated to saving the embattled monarch butterflies.



    • Original artwork by Gretchen Kelly designed exclusively for jane iredale.
    • Featured butterflies, Monarchs and Swallowtails, are native to Jane’s garden.
    • Zip-close pure cotton canvas bag with wipe-clean vinyl li

Paul Andrew dresses up the iconic Salvatore Ferragamo fragrances for a Limited Edition Holiday Collection

Looking for a gift for your special someone? Check out the gorgeous limited edition holiday offering from Salvatore Ferragamo Parfums. The bottles are a stunning contrast of black and gold which the brand’s creative director, Paul Andrew’s, interpretation of luxurious elegance.

These limited editions are available for both the AMO Ferragamo and UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo scents.

Amo Ferragamo and Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo have never looked so good! Paul Andrew, creative director of the Salvatore Ferragamo female fashion line, has interpreted the Holiday Limited Edition bottles as evening dresses, combining patent black with striking gold studs.
“I envisaged an unusual and particularly luxurious version of Salvatore Ferragamo fragrances for the holiday season”, explained Paul Andrew, “and in line with what have always been the Maison’s values – innovation, elegance, and always made in Italy – I could not imagine a more felicitous duo than black and gold”. Amo Ferragamo, for a passionate and optimistic young woman. The opening of the fragrance marries Blackcurrant and Rosemary with unusual Italian Bitter accords. An unexpected prelude to an equally surprising “heart”.
The heart notes combine floral accents of Jasmine Sambac with the transparency of Mate Absolute and intense, tangy Rhubarb. Finally, base notes of sweet Tahitian Vanilla and creamy Sandalwood complete this fun and adventurous Eau de Parfum. Uomo Salvatore Ferragamo, elegant, confident and irresistibly refined. The fragrance opens with striking notes of Bergamot, Black Pepper and Cardamom to create an unexpected olfactory journey. In the heart, sweet and creamy Tiramisu blends with classic accords of Orange Blossom and Ambrox. Lastly, distinctive notes of Cashmere Wood and Sandalwood emerge, followed by a touch of Tonka bean for long-lasting impact.
Amo Ferragamo Holiday Limited Edition – Eau de Parfum 50ml $100.00
UOMO Salvatore Ferragamo Holiday Limitied Edition – Eau de Toilette 100ml $100.00