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Swedencare Introduces Mini Dental Dog Bones with the Proven Oral Care Benefits of the ProDen PlaqueOff® System

Toy and small dog breeds can now more easily enjoy the proven dental health benefits of the ProDen PlaqueOff® system. Formulated specifically for smaller dogs, the new Mini Dental Dog Bones from SwedencareUSA are the only dog chews available on the market to offer this system. They made their official public debut at the 2019 SuperZoo trade show. Slated for August 20–22, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, SuperZoo is the most-attended pet industry trade show in North America. According to Mercola’s Healthy Pets site ,“It’s imperative that you match the size of the bone or chew with the personality, size and health of your dog.” In the article, Dr. Karen Shaw Becker stresses, “Two important questions dog parents should ask before offering their pet a bone or chew are: 1) Is it nontoxic, and 2) Is it a good fit for my dog?

The new Mini Dental Dog Bones from SwedencareUSA provide a resounding yes to both questions for toy and small breed canine owners. Designed specifically with smaller breeds in mind, the mini bones are shorter and skinnier than the Original version with all the same proven ProDen PlaqueOff® dental benefits of their predecessor.

This extension of the Swedencare Dental Bones line helps clean teeth, reduce tartar and freshen breath. The American Kennel Club says that “one of the most commonly recognized health issues of small breeds is dental disease.” The combination of relatively large teeth and small mouths in such breeds “results in very crowded conditions that lead to dental disease.”

The only dental chew on the market today with the proven PlaqueOff® System, Swedencare Mini Dental Dog Bones offer extended dental benefits to the breeds that need them most. They scrub away plaque and tartar then help keep teeth clean and freshen doggie breath.

The new mini bones are available in two dog-tempting flavors: Vegetable Fusion and Vegetable Fusion & Blueberry. Both flavors are made from natural sea kelp with vegan probiotics. They are also grain free and gluten free as well as naturally rich in Omega fatty acids. VCA (formerly known as Veterinary Centers of America) says such fatty acids can reduce shedding, promote growth of the undercoat, reduce tendencies to inflammation and help resolve inflammation.

About SwedencareUSA, Inc.

Founded in 2005, SwedencareUSA is the U.S. and Canadian distributor of ProDen PlaqueOff®, an oral healthcare product developed in Sweden. Following trials, PlaqueOff® has become the premier dental product for participants’ pets. The company’s business expansion has led to the inclusion of PlaqueOff Dental Care Bones, which incorporate PlaqueOff’s incomparable plaque- and tartar-fighting ability into tasty treats. SwedencareUSA prides itself on the quality of its products and its friendly and fast service to customers. For more information on the company and its product, please visit





A Fun Summer At Your Own Pool – That Works Good with Intex Water Float

It might not be the best timing to go for an adventure in the nature for a while. But Summer is still coming soon. What should we do in this Summer? Is the Summer of 2020 really nothing to do? No, we can turn our own space to a fun place!

A person like me, who needs water in the Summer, can totally turn your pool to a fun Summer water activity spot, having a Summer fun time with your family and kids. A nice water float will definitely add more fun.

Intex River Run I Sport Lounge, Inflatable Water Float, 53″ Diameter

These Intex River Run Inflatable Tubes are designed to fit an adult, and they’re perfect for tubing down the river, in the lake or in the pool. The Intex River Run is designed for high-performance fun without the hassle of black rubber tubes that can give you tube rash or that uncomfortable burning sensation in hot weather.

The Intex River Run Inflatable Tube also features a quick-release valve that deflates the tube in less than 60 seconds. Its separate air chamber for its back rest lets you set the firmness just the way you like it. Tubing veterans, as well as new tubers will love the Intex River Run Inflatable Tube. 18 gauge (0.46mm) vinyl Mesh bottom to keep you cool Built-in backrest for easy cruising

  • Built with durable 18 gauge (0.46mm) vinyl
  • Mesh bottom keeps you cool and comfortable
  • Built-in backrest for easy cruising!
  • Two air chambers for stability and comfort
  • Two heavy duty handles make carrying a breeze
  • 2 cup holders

Explorer 200 Boat Set

Have a boat race with friends or leisurely cruise around the pool on lazy summer days. This Explorer™ 200, 2-Person inflatable boat features a grab rope, oar locks and soft inflatable floor for easy cruising. Set comes complete with 48in Deluxe Aluminum Oars and a Mini Hand Pump.

  • 2 air chambers with double valves
  • Grab rope on bow
  • Inflatable floor for comfort and rigidity
  • Welded on oar locks
  • Includes repair patch
  • Persons capacity: 2
  • Inflated size: 6ft 1in X 3ft 1in X 1ft 4in
  • Maximum weight capacity: 210 pounds
  • Age grade: 6+

Animal Riders

Enjoy riding with your friendly animals. Designed with two grip handles for stability, this fun float is great for water fun.

  • Friendly Alligator and Polar Penguin shape
  • Equipped with 2 handles for stability
  • Includes Repair Patch
  • Alligator: 45in X 44in
  • Penguin: 45in X 37in
  • Designed for Age 6+

Check out INTEX’s website to get more summer water fun ideas!


Jiminy’s Dog Treats: Cricket Crave and Good Grub

Jiminy’s, the premier producer of sustainable and eco-friendly cricket protein dog treats is excited to announce their new products at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida from February 26-28. Jiminy’s will be unveiling their first insect protein dog foods in two new flavors; Cricket Crave and Good Grub. With these two new insect protein dog foods, Jiminy’s is seeking to combat the effects of climate change by challenging both the pet industry and pet owners to rethink traditional meat proteins.

One of Niko’s favorite things to do is feeding Cami. With all the extra food from the high chair he’s giving to her, she definitely gained weight! We have been searching for a way for them to continue bonding through food but with a lower calorie option. So who know crickets were the answer!

These new formulas are set to become the most sustainable and eco-friendly dog food options available on the market; with no greenhouse gases produced and less land and water use vs. traditional protein-based dog foods. Switching one dog from a chicken-based diet to a cricket protein diet saves 480,000 gallons of water per year!


Las Vegas locals rank New York Style as their number one most ordered pizza style

As restaurants across the USA call out Americans to order from their favourites during self-isolation known as ‘The Great American Takeout’ we would think Pizzas would definitely be in the top list of takeouts that people love to order.

With that in mind, recent data analysed by Pizza Oven Specialists Gozney reveals Las Vegas locals rank New York Style as their number one most ordered pizza style followed by Traditional Pan and Deep Dish.

They have collated data and created a visual USA map to reveal the top three most in-demand pizza pies across the 11 pizza-loving cities.


Pizza Oven Specialists Gozney have analysed recent data to reveal the most reviewed and in-demand pizza styles across 11 pizza-loving US cities that locals are eating the most.In Las Vegas, local pizza lovers appear to order and chow down on New York style pizza the most, followed by the firm favourite Traditional Pan Style pizza and finishing with Deep Dish pizza in third place

In general the research also shows Neapolitan pizza proved to be the most popular having been mentioned as one of the top three favourites in 9 cities with Traditional Pan in second place, New York Style in third place as the top three most popular styles of pizza across all cities.

However, Traditional Pan reigns as the most popular number one pizza style in 4 cities, making it the most popular overall. As expected, and meeting current trends, Neapolitan pizza was the highest searched phrase with New York pizza lagging in second place.

By cross referencing TripAdvisor and Yelp data for the top 10 restaurants in the following states, Gozney identified each states and cities favourite pizza pies and have created the infographic below detailing each top cities top three pizza styles.

As expected, and meeting current trends, Neapolitan pizza was the highest searched phrase with New York pizza lagging in second place. Neapolitan pizza is a classic Naples style pizza – that must be cooked in a traditional wood fired oven. By cross referencing Tripadvisor a Yelp data for the top 10 restaurants in the following states, Gozney identified each states and cities favourite pizza pies.

Pizza cities in the US


It would be a crime if New York style pizza didn’t come in first place here. Designed for eating on the go, this pizza is a fusion of Italy and New York. In second place is the classic Neapolitan and Sicilian varieties. Salivating? Try Gozney’s New York pizza.


A relatively ‘young’ style of pizza, Chicago style pizza takes the crown in Chicago. A deep dish pizza, the crust thins as New York pizza and Neapolitan pizza take second and third place respectively.


Coal fired and with a thin crust, the New Haven style pizza earns first place here, followed by Neapolitan and Traditional Pan pizza.


An eclectic mix of pizza favourites, buttery, Traditional Pan pizza takes the crown in Florida followed by authentic Neapolitan and then Deep Dish pizza.


Neapolitan pizza scoops the title as most popular in San Francisco, followed by Traditional Pan style pizza, with Sicilian pizza in third, just like mama used to make.


Traditional Pan style pizza wins first place, this pie is cooked in a dish instead of directly on the oven floor, unlike New York pizza, in second place and Neapolitan pizza, third place.


Hedonistic Las Vegas lovers appear to chow down on New York style pizza the most, followed by the firm favourite Traditional Pan Style pizza and finishing with Deep Dish pizza in third place.


Phoenix nationals like their pizza ovens hot, like their summers. Requiring a scorching 950 ºF of heat, Neapolitan pizza is most popular, followed by Traditional Pan style pizza and then Deep Dish pizza.


Traditional Pan style pizza, an American classic, is ahead of Naples Neapolitan taking second and thicker crusted Sicilian pizza in third.


Wide, flat and often served by the slice New York pizza is top in Atlanta, followed by Neapolitan and Sicilian pizza.


Detroit locals put their hands up for thick, rectangular pan pizza, such as the Detroit Style pizza. Keeping up the trend for thick crust, Sicilian and deep dish pizza comes in second and third.

According to reviews, Neapolitan pizza proved to be the most popular in the top 3 styles of pizza across all states, whilst Traditional Pan pizza proved popular through number 1 rankings.

In order to create the perfect Neapolitan pizza, you need an oven which reaches temperatures of over 900°F. You can now achieve this restaurant grade pizza at home with Gozney Roccbox, the portable pizza oven.

About Gozney:

Gozney manufacture a world-class range of innovative stone and fire ovens, designed to share eating food. The story starts in 2010, as founder Tom Gozney, driven by a passion for food and love for the ancient practice of stone and fire cooking, designed a range of high quality, precast stone ovens. Designed and made in the UK, the ovens inspired a movement in stone cooking at home. Its success laid the foundations to launch a comprehensive range of commercial wood and gas fired ovens that can now be found in a great number of the world’s leading commercial kitchens.

Gozney’s mission is centered on the creation of delicious food and innovative design with the objective of listening to customers’ challenges and innovate as a direct response. A clear example of this has been the creation of Roccbox, the world’s first portable, insulated stone floor oven, which enables cooking with fire and stone to be accessible to a wider audience.

The Roccbox is available for $899, visit the Gozney brand site and shop Roccbox at


Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods, the online grocer that’s creating a better food system and fighting food waste, with some exciting news. 


Imperfect is now serving Las Vegas, bringing affordable food to the area while expanding their efforts to fight food waste and create a better food system. 

For background, Imperfect Foods offers ugly produce, affordable pantry items, and quality meat and dairy, sourced directly from farmers, growers, and food purveyors. Imperfect delivers these goods directly to customers’ doors through a customizable subscription service that’s up to 30% cheaper than grocery stores.  Customers can fully customize their experience by choosing a box size, and selecting from 50-60 produce items (organic and conventional) and over 200 other grocery items including lentils, flour, quinoa, bread, dairy and protein (which includes meat alternatives). 

For some additional background on the company’s impact and the food waste issue:

  • 40% of all food goes uneaten, and the problem isn’t limited to just produce – while 20 billion pounds of produce go to waste on farms every year, an estimated 133 billion pounds of food go to waste at the grocery store and in our kitchens. Often times, perfectly good dairy, meat and shelf-stable goods are wasted due to arbitrary beauty and packaging standards, lack of transparency and regulation in expiration date labeling.

  • Imperfect Foods has recovered 86 million pounds of food since launching in 2015 and through its food rescue model has created a revenue stream and new food distribution channel for over 787 farmers and food purveyors across the country. 

We had a lot of fun with our box of produce and whatever we didn’t cook to eat, we juiced! The selection of fruit was delicious and perfect for 1 week of what we usually get. Sometimes it is daunting to buy groceries and thinking about what to buy and trying to waste as little as possible. Give Imperfect Food a try!



Why Spring Could be the Best Season to Visit Vegas

Visiting the fabulous Las Vegas is a trip that can be enjoyed at any time of year, but to get the very most out of any vacation, it pays to plan ahead and choose the best time of year. 


Splitting the year nicely into quarters, we’ve got Vegas experiences in spring, summer, fall, and winter. There are pros and cons to any time of year chosen; however, for many visitors flocking to the gaming hub of the world, it’s spring that proves the very best season to visit Vegas. 


With fewer tourists visiting the city during the earlier part of the year, there’s a great deal to be had on plenty of hotels, and a chance to really bag a bargain. There is great weather and even a fantastic selection of events including the NASCAR weekend and EDC Las Vegas. 


So let’s get into it and find out precisely why spring could be the best season to visit Vegas. 

The Weather

The first piece of the puzzle that goes into deciding on a date for any trip is the weather–and when considering Las Vegas, it’s no different. 


Defining spring as from early March to late May, visitors who select this time of the year will find themselves in Las Vegas in the most comfortable season. A table of Las Vegas’ average weather statistics during the spring months can be seen below: 


Month  Average High Average Low Sunny Days Humidity 
March  70 49 83% 33% 
April  78 56 87% 25%
May  89 66 88% 21%

Table: Las Vegas average weather statistics during the spring months


March kicks off the season with average lows of 49 and highs of 70, ending with average highs of 89 and lows of 66 in May. Humidity decreases as the months progress, with March facing an average humidity of 33% and spring ending with just 21% in May. 


Everyone has a different preference when it comes to their favorite weather criteria–some even prefer cooler climes, rain or snow–but it’s safe to say that spring is a very strong contender for a majority of visitors. Just don’t forget to pack a few light layers, since temperatures will cool significantly once the sun hits the hay. 

Great Events

Needless to say, there’s always plenty to see and do throughout Las Vegas and the March-May calendar is no different. 

NASCAR weekend (March)

Race fans fire up your engines; it’s the NASCAR weekend kicking events off this Spring. 


There’s very little better than the octane-fueled energy that visits Vegas for the NASCAR weekend, the whole city transforming around this superb event. With the main event taking place at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the NASCAR comprises 400 miles of racing that should really be on every fan’s bucket list. 

Water lanterns in the park (March)

The Las Vegas Water Lantern Festival is one of the most beautiful events of the year.


Located at Sunset Park, for the price of admission, visitors will be able to create their own lantern complete with illumination from an LED candle. When the time comes–8:30 p.m. to be exact–guests launch their lanterns in the water, producing a picturesque scene that’ll fill Facebook photo albums for years to come. 

St Patrick’s Day (March)

We all know that Vegas is the party capital of the world, and those who love a drink and a dance will adore spending St Patrick’s Day in the city. 


Head to O’Sheas at The LINQ or Ri Ra Irish Pub inside the Shoppes at Mandalay Place for an authentic Irish feel and the absolutely essential–and perfect–pint of Guinness. With live music, gaming tables, cornhole, and beer pong, there’s no better place to celebrate.

Great Vegas Festival of Beer (April)

One for those die-hard beer drinkers now, with the Great Vegas Festival of Beer falling in April in the fabulous city. 


The streets of downtown are transformed during this beer festival, making it the perfect occasion for any foodie or beer lover. With more than 500 craft beers featuring plenty of local and regional favorites sitting alongside food trucks and local restaurants, it’s a great day for the whole family. 

Vegas Uncork’d (April-May)

Now we come to the biggest culinary event of the year in Las Vegas. That’s right, it’s Vegas Uncork’d, landing late April/early May. 


Lasting four days and with a star-studded culinary lineup featuring the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Guy Savoy, and Giada de Laurentiis, visitors will fall in love with the food through a number of tastings, dinners, and brunches. 


The Grand Tasting at the Garden of the Gods pool at Caesars Palace is the highlight of the event, and it’s worth planning your trip to align with these unmissable dates if you’re a true foodie. 

EDC Las Vegas (May)

One of the biggest musical festivals in the world lands in Vegas mid-May, with the world-famous EDC Las Vegas


The Electric Daisy Carnival comes jam-packed, with DJs performing from dusk to dawn across eight different stages. The incredible KineticFIELD acts as the main stage and will see the likes of the biggest and best artists of the moment whilst the festival grounds offer fantastic carnival rides and parades in an out-of-this-world neon spectacle. 


The spring months are some of the most affordable in which to visit Las Vegas, with the high season not quite in full swing. And the more you save on accommodation, the fatter your wallet so you can spend on gaming, shows, beers and events.


Hotel prices in the city can become borderline ridiculous toward summer due to a plethora of coinciding events, scorching temperatures and the freedom for parents to take their children away for the school holidays, so it pays to look for a quieter time of year. 


Adrian Sireca, of OnlineCasinoGems, shares his 2 cents on the hotel prices, stating: “Toward the busier months, it’s the hotels that become the bigger expenses of the trip. By visiting just a couple of months earlier, visitors can save hundreds of dollars whilst having the same experience. You’d have to be crazy to wait till the prices are high.”


There are plenty of deals to be had; all you’ve got to do is search for them!


So there you have it, our argument as to why we love the earlier months of the year in Las Vegas. 


With a quieter city in the spring months leading to a better deal on accommodation, plenty of great events and the most comfortable weather of the year, we really do feel spring is the best season to visit Las Vegas.