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“Ultimate Knife Grip”™ Allows You to Easily Hold A Knife Using The “Chef’s Pinch Grip”

Have you ever experienced a blister on your INDEX finger?
Do you have a Callous from years of cutting?
Have you experienced fatigue in your wrist and hand?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, or simply want to improve your knife skills, then “Ultimate Knife Grip”™ is for you! Our simple yet incredibly effective 100% food grade Polymer Grip makes chopping, slicing, and dicing a pleasure.

“Ultimate Knife Grip”™ allows you to easily hold a knife using the “Chef’s Pinch Grip”, for more control, greater range of motion and less fatigue with no finger irritation.

How to use your “Ultimate Knife Grip”™

  • Make sure both knife and Grip are clean and dry.
  • Fold “Ultimate Knife Grip” and place over spine of knife (magnets will quickly attach to knife)
  • The straight edge towards the handle and the curved edge towards the tip.
  • Position thumb and index finger on “ribbed” recessed area of each side of your “Ultimate Knife Grip”. This position will provide ultimate knife control without exerting a lot of pressure to hold your knife.
  • Note: Patented “Ribbed” Traction (Recess Area), with the curved “Flange” (Along the bottom of your Ultimate Knife Grip™), makes it easier to hold and control your knife, without finger slippage.
  • Use & Care of your “Ultimate Knife Grip”™


Make sure both knife blade and “Ultimate Knife Grip” are clean and dry. Clean your UKG with warm soapy water and/or Sanitizer.

  • Grip without the blisters – Prep food without the painful blisters is now possible. Power magnets will keep any knife safely gripped!
  • Ergonomic – Fits any knife and hands.
  • Washable and Removable – Simply snap off for washing and snap on for using it.

This Patent Pending “Ultimate Knife Grip” is an ergonomically designed, 100% food grade Polymer Grip that attaches to most Chef’s Knives and Cleavers. Using “Ultimate Knife Grip” prevents wrist and hand fatigue and finger irritation, while providing comfort, and better knife control.


Heat . Pour . Enjoy – Candles That Turn Into A Massage Oil/Moisturizer!

Light the candle and wait for the wax to melt down a bit while the room fills with the calming aroma (mine was lavender and it was so relaxing and a good stress reliever!) Blow out the flame and the melted wax is now a massage oil to use on your skin!

Lucky Thirteen Candles are candles which uniquely turn into massage oil/moisturizer. They include essential oils/fragrances and all natural ingredients. The benefits of essential oils include providing an atmosphere of calmness, relaxation, mental clarity, circulation, and relief of muscle aches. Whether you’re seeking to de-stress or sleep better, with these candles, you’ll be able to get the benefits you’re seeking for an affordable price!

How to Use Lucky Thirteen Massage Candles:
  • It’s simple! Light your candle and wait until the wax melts almost to the edge of the container (roughly 5-10 minutes). Allow the calming aromatherapy to fill the atmosphere in the room. Relax yourself and partner through dimming the lights, adding some music and heating the room.
  • When the mood is set, blow out the candle. Dip your finger tip into the candle to check temperature. Pour the wax into your palm and massage into the skin. Repeat as often as you want.
For those seeking extra help with sleep, here has the candle for you! This Peaceful Prayer candle contains Lavender essential oil to enhance your night’s rest. The Lavender oil may help relieve stress and tension, as well as provide a calming effect on your mind. Lavender provides the release of serotonin, which helps to stabilize your mood. Lavender also has been known to promote relaxation and relieve headache tension.
Peaceful Sleep Massage Candle


  • Shea Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Soy Wax
  • Sweet Almond Oil
Combined the scent of spicy cinnamon with the sweet and creamy aroma of vanilla, Lucky Thirteen Candles created the Cinnamon/Vanilla massage candle! Both fragrances provide a sense of warmth and sweetness; a combo to delight your senses.
Cinnamon /Vanilla Massage Candle


  • Shea Butter
  • Cocoa Butter
  • Soy Wax
  • Sweet Almond Oil
  • Fragrance Oils (Cinnamon/Vanilla)

Lucky Thirteen Candles are also perfect for gift giving! These candles can be used for multiple purposes, such as night time moisturizer and/or lotion. The candles offer not only healing benefits, but also home decor options. A proceed of each candle purchase is donated to nonprofit organizations, such as National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Philly Bail Fund, Habitat for Humanity, Sickle Cell Association and National Coalition for the Homeless.

Founder Amina

About Lucky Thirteen Candles:

Lucky Thirteen Candle Company was founded in 2020 with a mission to combine our love of candles and essential oils! The candles are created with all natural ingredients including: Sweet Almond Oil; Shea Butter; Cocoa Butter; Soy Wax and Essential Oils. We believe in being conscious of what you put in and on your body.

You can buy a candle practically anywhere, but Lucky Thirteen Candle Company provides unique candles that transform into massage oil/moisturizer. Lucky Thirteen Candles melt at a very low temperature…so you are not pouring hot wax over your body should you decide to use the candle as a massage oils/moisturizer. Lucky Thirteen Candles want customers to have a fun experience with their candles! You can use them as decor and/or use them to spice up the evening.


The Softest Loungewear You’ve Ever Worn

After spending most of 2020 indoors, Christmas is coming and so is the new year – so it’s a great time for you and your family to up their cozy game. Sunday Citizen’s new Siesta Modal line of Lazy Pullovers, In & Out Joggers, In & Out Hoodies, and Weekend Shorts is possibly the softest Loungewear on the market.

Radically soft clothing that’s made for lounging,
but chic enough to face the outside (if you must).

What’s the best way to describe Siesta line? Easy… Easy to put on, easy to wear all day and night, easy to care, and so easy to love.

Siesta Modal In&out Hoodie

A hooded sweater that’s so soft you’ll want to wear all day and so cool that you’ll be able to.

Siesta Modal Weekend Shorts

Cozy extra-soft shorts that fit just right and can be used from stay-at-home office to couch to coffee-run.

Siesta Modal Lazy Pullover

A loose fitting pullover that’s  a little stretchy, breathable, and gloriously soft.
In other words, the ideal day-off garb.

Siesta Modal in&out Jogger

Be comfortable and stay warm in these yummy pants.

  • made to feel good – Did you know that Modal was originally designed for underwear? Yup, that means this stuff is made for comfort.
  • perfect for days off – Named after naps for a reason, Siesta Modal fabric is pure loungewear perfection: soft, breathable, stretchy and forever soft.

Siesta Modal Loungewear is radically soft clothing that’s made for lounging, but chic enough to wear outside. At Sunday Citizen, they develop the world’s softest things (think comforters, pillows, blankets…), and the Siesta Modal Loungewear is right in line with their bedding. Sunday Citizen originally developed the Modal fabric to be used for underwear because of its comfort and softness, but decided to use it for Loungewear.

About Sunday Citizen:

It all started with a luxury hotel owner who was on a quest to find the softest blankets. Unhappy with the blankets the market had to offer, he partnered with a textile engineer to make his very own super soft blanket. The result was a blanket that was so soft, durable, and cozy that they decided to share it with the world. But blankets are just the beginning. Why not take this uniquely soft fabric, and outfit the world? And just like that, Sunday Citizen three collections were born. They are textile experts and comfort lovers, dedicated to sourcing and curating the very best fabrics for similar indulgent souls.

Sunday Citizen craft pieces for citizens of the Sunday lifestyle. If you are serious about making time for yourself. If you love power naps, cat naps, naps with cats, 2-hour naps, caffeinated naps, and siestas. If you feel your best when you’re comfortable.


sucCUTElent accents for every corner

Add a pop of green life into your living room, bedroom, reading corner, photoshoot spot, or anywhere else! Use your pillow as a headrest or cuddle buddy when watching TV or relaxing. Green Philosophy Co. Succulent pillows make the perfect gift for the succulent lover and gardener in your life. Each purchase helps plant three trees!

It’s not easy bein’ green – but it’s easy to see why green is so important. It’s the color of nature, life, abundance, freshness, and safety. And studies have shown that being surrounded by plants and nature can even help you relax and get inspired!

Succulent Plush Pillow – Sage Green

Inspired by the rosettes and chubby petals of succulent plants, this pillow adds a delightful touch of bloom in any space. Each pillow’s petals are hand assembled. Each pillow unique.

Succulent Plush Pillow – Blush Peach

This plump succulent flower plush pillow is inspired by the rare pink and peach varieties of succulents. Though these varieties turn green when they grow in a healthy environment, Green Philosophy Co. wanted to capture their unique color so you can enjoy it all year long!

Monstera Deliciosa Leaf Pillow – Jungle Green

This bold striking jungle green complements earthy tones, gold accents, pastel touches, and so much more to bring your room to life. This Monstera pillow is designed to capture the lovely heart-shaped foliage with their iconic leaf holes. They unfurl into wide curvy leaves; it just makes us want to hug them.

  • Rooted In Nature – Each and every Green Philosophy Co. design is inspired by a specific plant.
  • A Natural Gift – Looking for a gift for the plant lover in your life? Look no further – they’ll be delighted by our unique, fun designs.
  • Second-Nature Design – The designs let you showcase your love of nature while fitting right into your home, dorm room, office, or any other interior space.

At Green Philosophy Co., they are all about bringing the natural world indoors through plant-inspired décor. The products they designed will help make your interior space feel both comfortable and stylish. Better yet, your friends and family don’t have to be green with envy – Green Philosophy Co. make perfect gifts, too.

There’s Nothing Better Than The Gift of A Good Night’s Sleep

Not only do you want sheets that are soft, inviting and comfortable so you have a good night’s sleep, but you also want to help your bedroom look its very best. While you could purchase sheets blindly online or from a local store, you may never find that perfect shade — nor will you know exactly how those sheets will feel.

Luckily, PeachSkinSheets offers free swatches so you can see our vibrant colors and feel our soft, comforting sheets before you commit to the purchase.


Life’s Greatest Moments Saved with The Floral Preservation Co.

Flowers bring love, friendship and happiness. Can we save the memories, and keep the moments longer, or forever? The Floral Preservation Co. makes this impossible dream come true. The most beautiful flowers for your deepest memory can last forever.

Ladies, are your holiday centerpieces looking a little droopy? Don’t toss them! Preserve your petals with David Tutera-endorsed The Floral Preservation Co., a proprietary method of preserving flowers and the memories attached to them. The DIY Flower Drying Kit includes microwave directions, quick dry papers, reusable drying boards, holding clips, wrapping cord, a special finishing spray, and shaping tweezers. Also available is a line of floral keepsake albums with airtight sleeves to store the dried flowers, an additional 4 X 6 sleeve for a photo of the event/memory and a note card to journal about the special moment.

Flowers can evoke powerful memories and emotions. Carnations and senior prom. Red roses from your first love. White gardenias when you married your soulmate. Tulips on Mother’s Day. Lilies at the passing of a loved one. It was the loss of her great-grandmother that prompted Teresa Rinne to establish The Floral Preservation Co., a method, keepsake album, and new tradition for preserving floral memories.

During her childhood, the company founder and CEO had discovered dozens of dried flowers tucked away in the family Bible, while visiting her great-grandmother in Kentucky. As the older woman helped return the flowers to their home, she explained that each dried flower had a special memory attached to it. When she passed, she took those memories with her. Through trial and error, Teresa developed an at-home process for preserving fresh flowers—and their memories. The quick and easy process, which involves microwaving the flowers, then sealing them with a spray, preserves the flowers and retains far more of their vibrant colors than pressing them in a book.

The Floral Preservation Kit includes microwave directions, quick dry papers, reusable drying boards, holding clips, wrapping cord, a special finishing spray, and shaping tweezers. Also available is a floral keepsake album consisting of air tight sleeves to store the dried flowers, an additional 4 X 6 sleeve for a photo of the event/memory and a notecard to journal about the special moment.

Floral Preservation Kit
– DIY Flower Preserving Kit for Scrapbooking, Photo Albums & More

  • Complete Floral Preservation Kit –Developed in Partnership with David Tutera, The American Celebrity Wedding Planner, this kit Preserves flowers from special occasions and retains their vibrant colors.
  • At home process for preserving fresh cut flowers and their memories. Turns flowers into timeless works of art.
  • Kit includes microwave directions, quick dry papers, reusable drying boards, holding clips, wrapping cord, special finishing spray and shaping tweezers.
  • Perfect for saving everlasting memories. As opposed to discarding beautiful flowers for milestones like Proms, Weddings, Funerals etc. Save them in a state that can be passed down from generation to generation.
  • The quick and easy process, which involves microwaving the flowers between special drying boards, then sealing them with a special finishing spray, preserves flowers and memories forever.

Floral Preservation Combo Kit 

“One of my great-grandmother’s flowers was from my mom, who had spent a summer with her and picked her a fresh flower before the journey home. The memory was vivid to her and took her back to that moment and filled her with joy,” recalled Rinne. “I want to help people commemorate these milestone occasions. I’ve often wished I could have the flowers that my mom had given her grandmother.”

The quick and easy process, which involves microwaving the flowers, then sealing them with a spray, preserves the flowers and retains far more of their vibrant colors than pressing them in a book.

 Let’s take a look of the preserved galleries of what we can make.

In partnering with The Floral Preservation Co., David Tutera is returning to his roots. The popular celebrity event planner’s career was born in the shop of his grandfather, a successful florist, who noticed an artistic gift in his young grandson- an eye for design – and encouraged him to develop it.

Together, Tutera and The Floral Preservation Co. founder, Teresa Rinne, are offering flower recipients a way to commemorate milestone occasions, such as weddings, proms, first dates, holidays and even funerals, preserving not only the blooms from these special occasions, but also the memories attached to them.

The very own do-it-yourself Floral Preservation Kit is a fast, fun and simple way to create treasured floral keepsakes using just your microwave! Who knew it would be so simple? Unlike traditional flower drying processes, The Floral Preservation Co. gives you the ability to preserve the form, beauty and color of all of your floral memories!