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Take the BBQ decor up a notch! – A Great Gift for Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, look no further than a gift guide for the best gifts you can get for Dad! Get him what he really wants (and needs!) this Father’s Day!

Surprise your dad by upgrading his man cave with BlissLights! The BlissBulb projects a luminous starfield—thousands of pinpoints of colored light! Groundbreaking technology and the highest quality lasers combine to create a unique and energy-efficient light experience Dad will love.

Make the his backyard glow with ONE light that creates thousands of sparkles. No fireworks in your area? No problem! Light up the surroundings with BlissLights!

BlissLights and the BlissBulb can both be used indoor and outdoor! Either twist a BlissBulb into any light socket and watch it light up an area or simply plug in the traditional BlissLights for a starry glow, too!

Great for parties indoor and out, BlissLights and BlissBulbs are sure to wow your guests!

BlissLights and BlissBulb Highlights include:

  • Creates thousand of pinpoint sparkles with just one light
  • Energy efficient and easy to use
  • BlissLights are great for landscape creating a colorful glow when shining on plants
  • Provide a magical lighting experience whether indoors or outdoors

Whether you are celebrating the fun of summer or Mars looking it’s best on 7/27 and everything in between, BlissLights and BlissBulbs are an easy and innovative way to light up your home!

BlissLights SKYlite Laser Nebula Projector


Instantly change the atmosphere of any room with your own personal galaxy! The SKYlite projects an array of drifting green stars against a moving blue nebula. Titling design allows you to shine the effect on walls or ceiling. Transform workspaces, add a unique touch to your bedroom, light yoga sessions, and more with this unique light! Easily adjust light settings and effects with simple button controls. A great gift idea, sure to please adults and kids alike!


  • Multiple light effects
  • Built-in 6-hr timer
  • Certified Safe laser technology
  • 120V AC adapter

Light is an experience.

About BlissLights:

BlissLights specializes in creating unique indoor and outdoor laser lights that are ideal for different types of year-round applications. BlissLights patented designs are transforming the lighting world. By redesigning the latest holographic, laser, and lighting technology—previously only used by lighting professionals—BlissLights makes affordable, energy efficient and easy-to-use products available to all homeowners. Check out more cool light products at


11 Moving Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Moving into a new place is indeed an exciting experience. But this feeling can be short-lived as it is also challenging and stressful. Whether you manage all the moving or hire Kansas city movers, you’ll get pretty good tips here. Read these practical and useful tips on how to make the jobs easier when moving.

Make a master to-do list

First and foremost, you need to make a master list of what you need to do, what you need to pack, and when. The process of moving has a lot of parts whether you’re in a studio apartment or a five bedroom house. So make a to-do list and add things as they come into your head.

Toss useless crap

Moving is a great opportunity to get rid of your old stuff. It may be tough for some people, but it’s an absolute necessity during the moving process. You can carry out a garage sale or simply donate unnecessary things to those who need them. Eliminating unused and unnecessary items from your home means less stuff that you need to pack up, haul across town, unload, and organize.

Use the six-month rule to donate

Folded Assorted-color Shirts

Try to use the six-month rule when you’re going through usable items like clothing and shoes. Don’t become a victim to your own wardrobe; if you haven’t used or worn it in the past six months, you’re not going in the next six, either. Your clothes would instead go to someone who will actually use them. Schedule a donation date, so you’re forced to have everything ready to go before your moving date rather than stuffing those useless things again at the back of your closet until the end of time.

Sell furniture you won’t use in the new house

Don’t be afraid to upgrade when and where you need to, especially with your furniture. Don’t become too attached to your old furniture if it has no place in your new home, instead sell it if it’s still in good shape. Then use the money on getting a new piece of furniture.

Change your address ahead of time and schedule disconnect times

Another crucial thing to do when moving is changing your address for bills and services. Make sure you do it before the day you actually move so your bills, credit card statements, and packages can arrive on time and without hassle. Make sure you’ve scheduled specific end dates for these services – electricity, cable, water, trash. Failing to do so, may result in paying for the next renter or homeowner’s water bill. Also make sure you leave enough time to gather necessary items like cords, remotes, or cable boxes you may need to return.

Read this: 10 Rituals For Moving to a New House From Around the World

Triage items in your home

house interior design clean minimal home living space doors entrance stairs

Having an organized list or plan of how you’re going to pack everything up is vital, even though you know everything that has to go. Decide what’s most and least important to stay unpacked until the last minute. Be intentional about items you’ll need to pack early and the ones you leave until the last minute.

Make use of laundry baskets, bins, and luggage to move

Make use of what you have on hand or in your house before going to out to buy ones. Fill up laundry baskets, a couple of pieces of luggage, and a few bins lying around with things you need to pack and label them, of course. But if necessary, don’t waste money on boxes, instead hit up the liquor store for free boxes. Make sure you do everything for your things to take as little space as possible.

Pack by room

Organized and make your moving process easy by packing items by room; this will save you a lot of trouble during the unpacking process. Have clear, easy-to-read labels in your boxes that denote which part of the house they need to go during the unpacking at your new home. You can also try color-coding them – for example, everything belonging to the kitchen has blue labels on it. Avoid adding additional items from another part of the house even if a box has extra space.

Protect fragile items with packing paper, bubble wrap, blankets, and even garbage bag

Pack your things wisely and with care, especially if they’re fragile. Use bubble wrap for glassware to prevent them from breaking, don’t waste bubble wraps on plastic plates. Pack plates vertically to reduce the chances of breaking. To ensure your clothes are protected and properly hung during the move, simply toss a garbage bag with a hole at the bottom of it over a handful of hangers. As long as you put thought into the process, you’ll be set, and you’ll save yourself a lot of time.

Pack fridge and freezer items in coolers

Don’t waste food that’s still sitting in your refrigerator, and you may as well take it all with you. As long as you’re not traveling across the country on a multi-day road trip, packing everything in a cooler is a great way to prevent foods from spoiling. Consider also packing some dry ice if you’ll travel for an extended amount of time.

Prepare the new flat

home interior design stairs ciling light living space living room entrance door house clean modern

It is a good thing to visit or check your new home a couple of days before you move in. This will give you some time to pre-clean the bathroom, the kitchen, the living room, or the house as a whole. Tidy up the bedrooms since this is one of the areas of the residence you will use first. Put up a new shower curtain liner and stock some fresh bath towels and toilet paper, cause after the long and tiring day of moving you’ll want to take a long shower.

Hire a professional moving company

Moving companies are of great help especially in a state to state moving. Hourly movers Kansas city save you a lot of trouble because the company provides a professional mover and does the organizing of everything for you that may be very difficult to do on your own. Apartment movers Kansas City have the expertise when it comes to moving your things. Movers Kansas City offers excellent customer service; they are efficient, adequately equipped, they will pack everything properly, load all the boxes, ensure all your items during transit, unload and unpack everything. Hiring professional movers will take away your stress when it comes to moving.


Morsel – The Most Versatile Spork Ever Created

Product design duo Hadron Gear has just announced Morsel, a versatile utensil that is putting a fresh new spin on the spork.

Hadron’s design team went through countless iterations to develop a truly revolutionary design, one that shined where other sporks disappointed. While camping stoves have made fantastic evolutions over the last 20 years, camping utensils have seen far less innovation. Morsel aims to change that.

Morsel’s long, asymmetric shape is combined with a soft rubber edge that allows it to clean and scrape surfaces of all shapes and sizes – “It’s like a spoon crossed with a spatula.” The ergonomic design makes it easy to scrape every last bit of food, whether it’s on your plate, in your bowl, or wedged down in the corner of a pot or food bag. The strong, full-sized fork includes safe serrated edges for cutting through tough foods.

“We wanted to design a better spork that solved all the shortcomings of conventional sporks and camping utensils. No more stubby forks. No more dripping soup. No more snapped handles. No more dirty hands from deep pots and bags. No more excess food waste on dirty dishes, and no more food scraps for wildlife. Our goal was to solve these problems and combine the solution into a single, elegant utensil.

… Eating should never be the crux of an adventure, so we wanted to make eating just a little bit easier. We always strive for more when we’re outdoors, even if that’s just scraping a much-needed last bite from the bottom of the dinner pot.”

Features of the Morsel Spork:

  • Rubber conformable scraping edge
  • Asymmetric spoon shape fits all shapes and sizes
  • Full-size fork with safe cutting edge
  • Extended length and deep reach
  • Boiling water and dishwasher safe
  • BPA-Free and FDA food-grade materials
  • Ships Spring 2018
  • MSRP $12

Want one? Morsel will be launching on Kickstarter in March 2018 with big discounts for early buyers. Stay up-to-date and learn more by joining Morsel’s email list through their website, ​

About Hadron:

Hadron is a product design duo based out of Portland, Oregon focused on creating better products through thoughtful design. Hadron believes that good designs should solve problems and enhance experiences. The result is Morsel, a clever utensil that makes eating just a bit easier and more enjoyable, allowing meals to be enjoyed until the very last bite.


10 Top Home Improvement Trends To Know In 2019

Are you the type to follow the home improvement industry? If so, you’re probably looking for the important home improvement trends in 2019. We’ve got you covered. This year, home design is heading somewhere.

When it comes to home improvement, it’s hard to decide whether or not to go through with it or just let it be. If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous and if you are sick of the same old house, then it’s probably time to do a home redesign or improvement.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 home improvement trends to know for 2019. Let us know which one is your favorite!

High-tech kitchen and baths

Kitchen Area

Who doesn’t want a high-tech kitchen and bathroom? Everybody wants one. With the way technology has progressed, you can be sure to find devices like smart thermostats and video doorbells. And Alexa? That can transform your home! Today, there are Alexa-enabled kitchen faucets which can be controlled via voice command. Now, that sounds exciting! You can fill a specific volume of water with just the sound of your voice.

On the other hand, designers are looking at smart toilets and connected leak detectors. But let’s not forget the molds. You’ll have to deal with the mold removal process including the mold inspection, black mold removal, mold damage checking and mold removal from wood. It’s best to contact a professional and do it yourself for the mold remediation process. Go with high technology devices but make sure not to forget to clean everything spotless.

Back to the kitchen, there’s also smart cooking. You probably watched a whole lot of videos on Facebook about smart devices cooking breakfast ready for consumption. Well, good news! LG, GE, and Whirlpool have made their versions of the technology in guided cooking where the cooktop or range can automatically adjust the cooking time and temperature depending on the recipe. Now, that’s something to drool over. Who wouldn’t want a smart technology helping you cook the best dish for your family and friends?

Luxury laundry rooms

Luxury? Yes, please! The laundry room doesn’t have to look so miserable. It’s time to come out of the shadows of the basement. According to the 2019 edition of National Association of Home Builders, you need to have an upstairs laundry room if you want to sell your property fast. And in the few months to come, expect to see smart and sleek laundry appliances. Just check out Samsung’s alluring washer and dryer set. Wow!

Black is now back

Black will forever be timeless, but now, it’s trending for this year’s home improvement. You can find a lot of fixtures and products in black contemporary design. Did you know that black bathrooms are now today’s hottest trend? There are plenty of ebony finished faucets.

And the kitchen has now black stainless steel materials which come as an alternative to all the traditional stainless material. Brands like Ply Gem, Marvin and Andersen even love the color for their window claddings! Let’s all say, black is back!

Conserve water the smart way

Water Pouring On Glass

Is there even a smart way to conserve water? It seems there is. This year’s home improvement trend tries to remedy the water shortages and rising water costs with water-saving showerheads and toilets. One such example is the Nebia Spa Shower 2.0 which reduces usage by as much as 65 percent by atomizing water and keeping the pressure.

There are also water-monitoring technologies today as showcased by Phyn, Moen, and GE. Now, you can see real-time consumption data for your home’s various fixtures. This provides households the transparency to decrease water use by as much as 15%!

And that’s not all! The systems of such fixtures can quickly identify any small or big leaks throughout the house. And when a pipe bursts? The fixture can turn off the water at the main line thus eliminating any possible catastrophic water damage.

Bringing all the outdoors inside

Rejoice, nature lovers. This one is for you! Designers and builders of today are looking for new ways on how to integrate the natural surroundings to houses. The go-to material is glass which includes doors that can double as windows by letting natural light inside and providing impressive outdoor views.

Aside from that, there are a lot of glass wall systems which allows the automated control to let homeowners bring in the outdoors with just the flick of a single switch. There still aren’t any voice control systems, but it’s only about time there is.

Sustainable designs

Tray on Coffee Table

Eco-friendly houses are not new. For the past ten years, homeowners have been investing in energy-efficient updates and sustainable materials. This year, there’s more of these trends as homeowners make aesthetic and functional changes which honor any natural space. It’s even predicted that soon, solar energy system installations, stylish LED light fixtures, unique and energy saving smart home products will continue to come out and replace all of the outdated appliances of today.

All in all, home improvement trends are quite exciting to look forward to each year. If you are planning on redesigning your home or for your client, the above trends are great to make the house a bit more modern and sleek.

Between the rental housing markets, DIY and remodeling trends, this year looks promising for the home industry. If all the above trends continue, we might just see one of the best years yet. So which home trend is your favorite and which one would you love to have in your home? Let us know in the comments below.


Declutter Your Home & Mind This Spring With Mindspace

You know what they say, “a clear desk leads to a clear mind.” Well, it actually goes a lot farther than that. A clean, organized kitchen, office, bedroom etc., can help you be more productive. Enter Mindspace the ultimate organizational solution. 

From cutlery trays to utensil caddies, door shoe organizers to office desk organizers, Mindspace has all the quality products and solutions for every room in your home and for the office. With Mindspace everything has a home, that’s easy to find and easy reach. Voila! The clutter is gone!

Don’t just give lip service to getting organized, actually do it withMindspace. Mindspace products are wonderful for your own home and make thoughtful holiday gifts for anyone on your list who’s struggling to ditch the clutter.

Mindspace makes products for every area that needs decluttering: your beauty space, Kitchen, office, laundry, closet, home, and work.

Here’s How to Unclutter Your Office Space:

  • Office Desk Organizer – with 6 compartments and a pull-out drawer you can keep your notepads, pencils, staplers, notebooks and all your desk essentials in one handy place!
  • Compact Organizer Caddy – features 8 compartments and one pull-out drawer. Like all Mindspace products, this compact, but roomy organizer is constructed of sturdy, mesh metal that’s as tough as it is good looking.
  • Letter & File Desktop Organizer – Got a lot of papers cluttering your desk? No more! With 6 vertical and 2 horizontal sections, your papers and files are in place and at hand with this attractive organizer.

Mindspace is THE place to find everything you need to live an organized life. Get Mindspace and unclutter your mind while you discover the gift of space!

Find Mindspace on Amazon, Zulily, eBay and the Mindspace website.


This Plastic Baggy Holder Helps Keep The Leftovers And Groceries

It’s incredibly frustrating, upon moving a few items around in the fridge, to find a plastic bag full of something you planned on eating—but then completely forgot about. Food we save in plastic bags often goes bad before we get a chance to eat it, because the bags are so easily shifted and shoved around in the fridge or pantry.

And we probably have all bought a bag of something (shredded cheese for example) only to realize when we get home from the store that we already have the item. It was just too buried in a drawer or far back on a shelf for us to have known. 

Zip N Store is a storage company that makes a plastic baggy organizer which can be installed in refrigerators, pantries, closets, and more, according to the website. Zip N Store’s organizers allow you to easily see and access your plastic bags, which may save you the frustration (and cost) of either wasting food that you don’t remember storing, or buying a replacement for food you already have.

According to the product description on Amazon, the mid-size organizer holds 12 assorted quart-size plastic bags, and up to 20 pounds. Installation is easy, too. You simply attach the organizer to the bottom of the refrigerator shelf, which takes just a few minutes and doesn’t require any tools.

The Zip n Store organizers are also a great tool for meal and snack prep. You can prepare healthy snacks, and have them lined up for the week in one easy sliding organizer. The Zip n Store door unit holds up to 10 bags, and the full-size has 20 slots.

One Amazon reviewer calls the mid-size organizer “an organizer’s dream.” The five-star review says, “We are using them in our refrigerator and we have one mounted under our counter for holding all of our chip bags and snacks. It works as advertised it created more space and is saving us money by reducing food spoilage.”

Whether you want to make space in your fridge or pantry, or even organize various supplies, the Zip n Store organizers seem to be multi-functional and worth a try!

ABout Zip n Store:

Zip n Store is the brain-child of inventor Len Kensey and the result of a lifetime of an inventing and creative spirit.

Created in June of 2016, Zip n Store was then launched on Kickstarter, and raised over $150,000 within 33 days (only 1% of funded projects reach the 100K mark!).  Within 2 months of launching, Zip n Store was viewed over 25 million times on social media sites.

Now being sold on Amazon Prime throughout the U.S. and soon the world, Zip n Store’s dream is becoming a reality. This is Zip n Store… Storage… Simple n Easy!