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Stocking Stuffing Idea – First Ever Trail Mix with Beef Bites

Seeking for some holiday snacks? Let do a healthy way in this Christmas. For the people who love chocolate, nuts and meats! I have an perfect idea for them to eat all these treats in one package. It is Stryve Biltong, the #1 brand in beef biltong, the high protein, low sugar alternative to jerky!

Usually trail mix can’t have meat snacks in it because it tends to get soggy when mixed in, so this groundbreaking mix of nuts and seeds is a first-of-its kind, coming in Original, Jalapeño and Dark Chocolate flavors.

Last month, Stryve Biltong, the leader in beef biltong snacks, announced the launch of the first ever Trail Mix with Beef Biltong in the United States.  This groundbreaking snack is part of Stryve’s robust innovation pipeline that delivers on the consumer desire for more snack options that are healthy, convenient and taste great.

Stryve Trail Mix with Beef Biltong is a blend of tender, air dried beef biltong mixed with nuts and seeds and comes in Original, Jalapeño and Dark Chocolate flavors. Unlike most trail mixes, Stryve’s trail mix contains twenty grams of protein, only two grams of sugar (excluding the chocolate flavor), is all natural and contains nothing artificial.  In addition, Stryve Trail Mix with Beef Biltong is allergy and paleo diet friendly as it does not contain peanuts.  The new line will launch exclusively at Army Airforce Exchange Service (AAFES) locations before debuting at other military bases, retail locations, and online later this year.

2018 has been a huge year for Stryve Biltong which has rapidly expanded distribution, enhanced production capability with a newly completed, state of the art production facility and launched biltong innovation.  Former NFL player Gabe Carimi and Stryve Biltong CEO stated, “We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of Stryve Trail Mix with Beef Biltong.  People continue to tell us they struggle to find healthy, all natural and convenient snacks that curb their cravings and leave them satisfied.  Stryve Trail Mix with Beef Biltong is an answer to that struggle as it is high in protein, low in sugar, all natural and tastes amazing.”  He continued, “The launch of our trail mix is another way we are fulfilling our brand mission to help people achieve their fitness goals by delivering the greatest high protein, low sugar snack you can find, biltong.”

About Stryve Biltong

Stryve Biltong is the leading gourmet beef biltong company. Based in Plano, Texas, Stryve Biltong was founded by former NFL first round draft pick Gabe Carimi and sports nutrition titans Ted Casey (Founder of Dymatize) and Joe Oblas(Founder of Prosupps) to provide a convenient snack that is low in sugar and high in protein. Stryve was created with the passionate purpose of introducing delicious and nutritious snacks to help curb cravings and achieve fitness goals, while remaining all-natural with clean ingredients and no additives. Let’s be real: when you’ve done the work in the office, the gym, and with your family, you need a snack that works just as hard. Learn more by visiting the website at


My First Christmas List – Gift For Him

Hi friends, I would love to share a news with you. I just got married in China and had my honeymoon in Philippines. Now I relocated from NYC to San Diego California! Why? Because my husband’ company transferred him from NYC office to San Diego office. Also because California is always our dream place. Now the dream comes true.

This is the view from a bar in our neighbor. Don’t be jealous of me if I tell you I still just wear a T-shirt and short today. Okay, finally I settled at La Jolla, San Diego and got time to work on the blog! The thing I want to work on is Christmas gift ideas. Because Thanksgiving is coming, we should grab the opportunity to get all the gifts in Black Friday big sales. The first several ideas are gifts for him, which I know it’s more difficult than “for her”. So I bring the solutions for you.


$80.00 3.4 oz / 100 mL

$65.00 1.7 oz / 50 mL

Lifestyle brand Vince Camuto nationwide launched the brand’s newest men’s fragrance, Vince Camuto Virtu at September 2018. As its name suggests, Vince Camuto Virtu exemplifies appreciation of fine things—and the drive to reach for and achieve them.

The bold, aromatic fragrance mixes heat and coolness in a polished, sophisticated scent that enhances the effortless style of today’s urban man.

Vince Camuto Virtu opens with a sunny top note given fire by Crushed Peppercorn. Cool greenness emerges in the scent’s crisp, powerful body, a blend of Fresh Tree Moss and Haitian Vetiver. Tuscan Leather, Warm Cedar and creamy Indian Sandalwood round out the base for a clean finish.

The newest addition to Vince Camuto men’s scent portfolio was created in collaboration with IFF Perfumer, Laurent Le Guernec. “I wanted to create a new, signature fragrance for the Vince Camuto man who enjoys the finer things in life,” said Le Guernec. “This is a man who strives for excellence and appreciates when elegance meets luxury and bold excitement.”

Distinctive black patent leather wraps Vince Camuto mens’ signature rectangular bottle, embodying the brand’s enduring legacy, family heritage and commitment to innovation and excellence. Paying homage to the craftsmanship of the Vince Camuto fashion house, the patent leather is seamed with industrial stitching at the back of the flacon. The Vince Camuto signature crest medallion is centered at the bottle front, exuding strength, style and simplicity. A striking silver metallic box complements the bottle, making an arresting presentation.

This is definitely my first choice of the gift for him. Let him carries the smell which brings the beautiful memories of you. And this bold, aromatic fragrance that mixes heat and coolness in a polished, sophisticated scent is always a perfect choice.


Give Warmth and Give Back with Ecuadane

There’s a certain warmth about the holidays … not the fireplace, but the feeling in our hearts, especially when you give a gift that’s meaningful and helps others. Everything about Ecuadane brand fits that bill. Their beautiful handcrafted goods are one-of-a-kind special gifts in and of themselves, but they also make the world a better place by giving back. From their signature alpaca-blend blankets to their scarves and Ponch os.

The three young sisters who founded this conscious brand search for unique, quality treasures that celebrate native cultures and traditions. This holiday give the gift of Ecuadane and feel the warmth of doing something special for those you love while helping others!

Christmas Blankets – Soft, warm and beautiful, these cozy blankets feature a beautiful holiday scene. They make you long for cold weather!

Ponchos – Wrap up your shopping with these gorgeous ponchos in teal, oatmeal, steel, lime and amber.

Scarves – The Colibri infinity scarf is made of a luxe soft knit featuring an elegant contrasting print which gives any outfit a finishing touch. It’s named after Ecuador’s beautiful hummingbirds.

Choosing a sweet gift from Ecuadane for him, sharing the good heart at the Christmas.


 DAZI Desert Collection

Just in time for the holidays, DAZI, creators of unique skinny ties, introduces their Desert Collection. Inspired by the flora of the Utah desert, the collection features beautiful succulents, desert wildflowers, cacti and the occasional steer skull.

Each DAZI design is carefully handcrafted to help you be above average in fashion and refined elegance. Each tie is approx. 2.5″ wide at the tip and 58″ in length, perfect for any man of every height; they fit just right on even the tallest or shortest of gentlemen. Priding itself in providing the absolute best in high quality, imported products, DAZI is dedicated to making your man the best dressed in any room!

This holiday season, dress up your favorite guy in the dashing designs from DAZI!



Wake Up with The New York Coffee Festival 2018

Image result for new york coffee festival

There is enough stock of coffee in one place to get you to rise and shine. In the past weekend(from Oct 12-14), the New York coffee festival was held all day long. Metropolitan Pavilion, this 4-floor venue was crowded with more than 10000 coffee lovers and industry entrees, to gather together for celebrating this coffee scene.


The New York coffee festival this year was full of surprises. Not just the product itself, but the interactions made by coffee-makers and audience have also brought the coffee a new meaning.

When you came in the entrance, the booth you see just on your left is the latte art workshop. One barista was using the high-speed latte foamer to make one first latte—the Golden Bee Latte quickly. The milk used in it tastes like turmeric mixed flavor, which will be the perfect coffee choice for fall, with grains of bee glue and lavender aroma on the top.

bee production


Speaking of art, the coffee festival has also held an art project this year. Several pieces of work made with different materials were shown on the wall. Qu lulu, the previous editor of Heydoyou, has her work “ new york coffees in my sketchbook” been selected by this coffee art project.

lulu work

coffee art project

Well, the art of coffee is not just the art on the wall, and also originates from the sound and alcohol there (excuse me for a second).  On top of the art project, there was also a music scene on one separate stage, bringing attendees together to taste coffee with the huger background of live music experience ( of course more enormous than what the usual cafes have).


Beside the stage, there was also a coffee cocktail bar nearby. From there, you can either order or get one alcoholic coffee drink( Free for the Super VIP Attendee). All the drinks are sponsored by Mr. Black Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur with three choices in a column: Martini, Tonic, or Spiked Ice Coffee.

coffee bar

At this event, I am also happy to see the diversity of coffee products as well as the countries they come from. For instance, I have tried GEISHA, this type of expresso commuted from Italy. The strong sour taste has been pushed straightly to my nose if have it only. However, once it is mixed with milk, the feeling will become magically creamy.

Italian Coffee

The ministry of Kaapi, the coffee brought from South Indian has hailed the coffee tasters with its amazing brewed coffee( from ground coffee powder), and wonderfully decorated by all kinds of milk.


Stay tuned for tomorrow! I will keep writing about the tech and media part of this coffee festival.



Super Coffee + Super Creamer Making you Super Human – Super Creamer Available TODAY

Need energy at morning? Yes! Here is a Super Coffee you have to know, grab and carry it on the way to work. But why it names Super Coffee, I have the same question until I tried it! Believe me, you will love it, starting from your first sip.

KITU LIFE, created and founded by three brothers and we see why it is all of a sudden going viral. KITU LIFE is growing to dominate the beverage industry and just announced the launch of Super Creamer, which is going to have coffee drinkers replace their coffee mate with this new product!

  • All-Natural
  • Made with Organic Ingredients
  • Keto Diet Certified
  • No Pesticides
  • No Sugar Alcohols
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-Free
  • Lactose-Free
  • Lacto-Vegetarian
  • Low-Calorie
  • Low-Carb
  • Sugar-Free
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Soy-Free
  • Kosher-Certified
  • 9-Month Shelf Stable Shelf Life
  • Best enjoyed Cold or heated in your favorite mug
  • Made in NY

KITU Life,  the makers of the world’s first Super Coffee—a functional RTD coffee with 10g of protein, 5g of MCT Oil, 0g of Sugar, and only 80 Calories is a protein packed coffee that will keep you energized and full in any activity you are doing.

They just released Super Creamer – which allows anyone to enhance their favorite coffee, tea, or protein smoothie with a lactose-free, sugar free blend of protein, healthy fats and natural flavors.

The company and first product, Super Coffee, founded by Jordan DeCicco, in his dormroom in 2015. His school store only offered sugary bottled coffees and energy drinks. After refusing to drink the mainstream options he brewed a better-for-you energy blend that utilizes from healthy fats and protein for fuel, rather than carbs and sugar—a nutritional approach known as the ketogenic diet.

He brought on his other brothers to run the company for them. They were recently on Shark Tank and already raised some funding.

About Kitu Life

Kitu Life Inc. was founded in the fall of 2015 by Jordan (23), Jake (24), and Jim DeCicco (25). The DeCicco brothers were each collegiate athletes with a passion for nutrition and wellness. Their first product line, Super Coffee is now the best-selling brand in NE chains like Wegmans and Fairway. Today, the NYC based company has 17 full time employees and has secured several million in seed funding from private investors. Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank in February of 2018, Kitu is poised to raise it’s Series A round of funding in Q4 of 2018.


Vegan And Gluten-free Lasagne Recipes By Explore Cuisine

Explore Cuisine is a leader in innovative cooking using organic ingredients of the highest quality. All Explore Cuisine products are vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and jam packed with nutrients.

Firm and flavorful, the Green Lentil Lasagne pasta has a delightful taste and tender texture. Easily prepared, it provides exceptional savour and color to your everyday meal. Explore Cuisine created the first Organic Green Lentil Lasagne, made in Italy. The Green Lentil Lasagne Featuring 11g of protein per 2oz serving, this product is also vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and jam packed with nutrients. In only a matter of minutes, your family can indulge in a delicious, healthy and satisfying meal, power-packed with high protein and high fiber.

You can just make a very simple one like mine,

it’s super simple and very delicious.

You can also check the recipes below to make it a fancier one!

Spinach Mushroom Lasagne

Spinach Mushroom Lasagna is a simple and delicious comfort food dish. It is a snap to prep and you’ll be begging for a second serving!


  • 16 oz cottage cheese
  • 1/2 c fresh basil, sliced into ribbons
  • 1/2 c fresh parsley
  • 1 t garlic salt
  • 1 t Italian Seasoning
  • 1 egg
  • 1 T oil
  • 2 c fresh mushrooms, quartered
  • 2 c fresh spinach
  • 8 oz of uncooked lasagna from Explore Cuisine
  • 32 oz of spaghetti sauce
  • 2 cups (or more) of shredded mozzarella cheese
  • Garnish: additional basil cut into ribbons


  1. In a medium bowl combine cottage mix, basil, parsley, garlic salt, Italian Seasoning and egg. Mix together and set aside.
  2. In a skillet over medium heat, warm the oil. Saute the mushrooms until they soften and they are starting to shrink. Add in spinach to wilt.
  3. Combine mushroom and cottage cheese mixture.
  4. Using a 9X13 baking dish pour 1/3 of the sauce into the bottom.
  5. Add half the uncooked noodles, top that with 1/2 the mixture and 2/3 c of cheese. Repeat. You will end with a third layer of sauce.
  6. Cover casserole dish with foil. Bake at 400 degrees F for 45 minutes.
  7. Remove the foil after 35 minutes.
  8. Garnish with remaining/additional cheese and basil.
  9. Let sit and rest for 15 minutes before cutting into squares.
Lasagna Soup
Easy Lasagna Soup is a combination of two comfort dishes rolled into one. The comforting taste of lasagna paired with a soul warming soup.


  1. In a large pot over medium heat, warm the oil. Then saute the onions until hot.
  2. Next, add in the lasagna noodles, diced tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, vegetable broth, sugar and bring to a boil. Boil for 6-8 minutes until noodles are cooked completely. You will need to stir so noodles do not stick together.
  3. Next, add in chickpeas. Stir to mix.
  4. In a bowl create your cheese mixture. Mix ricotta, parmesan, parsley, Italian Seasoning and mozzarella cheese.
  5. Spoon soup mixture into bowls. Top with 1/4-1/2 cup of the cheese mixture. Top with fresh basil as a garnish! ENJOY!

Green Lentil Vegetable Lasagne for Two


  • 5 sheets green lentil lasagne cooked 6 minutes, drained
  • 1 Japanese eggplant sliced thin lengthwise
  • 1 Red Bell Pepper sliced into oblongs
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • 2 oz Mozzarella
  • 1/2 cup bechamel sauce


  1. Lightly coat the vegetables with olive oil. Season with salt and pepper. Roast on a baking sheet until tender. Turn down the oven to 325°F.
  2. Lasagne 2 oz. Mozzarella, shredded 1/2 c. béchamel sauce olive oil
  3. In a baking dish the approximate size of lasagne sheets – brush the dish with a small amount of olive oil. Place one sheet of lasagne on the bottom. Layer with vegetables, mozzarella, béchamel and lasagna sheets. Repeat. Top with last lasagna sheet with béchamel. Bake at 325°F until heated through. Enjoy!




  1. Pumpkin Ricotta Mixture – Fry sage in butter until crisp. Remove to paper towel. Then combine all ingredients in a medium bowl. Set aside.
  2. Béchamel Sauce aka White Sauce – Melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Add flour and whisk to cook the flour, about two minutes. Add the milk slowly and continue to stir. Bring to barely a boil then immediately turn down the heat. Cook, whisking until thickened for about 3 minutes. Remove from heat. Season with nutmeg, salt and pepper.
  3. 1 box – 8 sheets Explore Cuisine Green Lentil Lasagne (no boil) 1 ¼ lb. mozzarella, shredded
  4. Spread ½ c. of white sauce over the bottom of a greased 8” square (2 qt.) baking dish. Place 2 sheets of no-boil lasagne noodles over the sauce in a single layer.
  5. Top lasagna noodles with a third of the ricotta mixture. Layer with a quarter of the mozzarella. Then top with a third of the remaining of the white sauce. Top sauce with 2 more sheets of lasagne noodles to build the second and third layers the same way.
  6. For the top layer, place last two sheets of lasagna over the white sauce. Top with remaining mozzarella.
  7. Bake at 375°F for 35 minutes, covered with foil. Uncover and bake an additional 15 minutes until the lasagna is bubbling hot and the top is browning. Remove from oven and let sit at least 10 minutes before cutting. Garnish with fried whole sage leaves.

The Original Dove Beauty Bar

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be the only thing that transitions from winter to spring. Ease into your spring skincare routine with the #1 Dermatologist recommended bar – Dove Beauty Bar.

Ordinary soap can cause the “squeaky clean” feeling that many people often mistake for clean, which can actually be a sign of dry skin damage. Formulated with the brand’s signature ¼ moisturizing creamDove Beauty Bar won’t strip away skin’s moisture like soap can and replenishes nutrients lost in the cleansing process.

For your readers, we have created an eye-catching, downloadable infographic to help illustrate a healthy skincare routine and an interactive Digital Quiz that will put your reader’s skincare knowledge to the test! We’ve included the embed link for the Digital Quiz below for your reference.