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Slice Delivers Sparkling Water Splashed with Organic Fruit Juice

Revolution Brands LLC announced it had begun accepting wholesale pre-orders for Slice – a new sparkling water flavored only with USDA-certified organic fruit juices, organic flavors and carbonated water.

Intellectual property attorney Joseph C. Gioconda of the Gioconda Law Group PLLC represented New Slice Ventures in acquiring the federally registered trademark rights to the Slice brand.  Spiral Sun Ventures, a seed capital fund that invests in early-stage companies that create better-for-you consumer products, has invested in New Slice Ventures.

Slice is now available in four flavors in 12-ounce cans:  Raspberry Grapefruit, Blackberry, Mango Pineapple and Apple Cranberry.  Slice will be sold by the 4-pack, but is also available in single serve cans.

Slice has no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no artificial colors or caffeine.  Slice is only 25 calories per can which is up to 80% fewer calories than most regular cans of soda.

Mark Thomann, CEO of New Slice Ventures LLC, which now owns the Slice trademarks in the United States, said: “We are excited about the launch of Slice.  Slice is a great brand and one that can connect with a new generation of consumers who want something a little healthier than soda, but just as delicious.”

Glenn Backus, a former executive with H-E-B, Trader Joe’s and Supervalu is with Revolution Brands, which handled the creation and launch of the new Slice.  “We worked very hard to create an organic sparkling water that tastes amazing and has a sweetness much closer to soda than any other sparkling water on the market.

Customers have asked for a healthier alternative to their usual soda, but traditional sparkling water brands lack the flavor they crave.  So, we created the new Slice.  Only 25 calories per can with a refreshing sweetness that everyone will love.”

Let’s start a lovely day with a can of Slice!


Botanical based skincare line – Kamedis

Millions of consumers struggle with skin conditions like, acne and dandruff using conventional prescription or over-the-counter treatments that either don’t work, have side effects or both. Now – after two decades of research and development and eight years of success overseas – Kamedis (pronounced KaMEDis) has brought back its clinically proven, dermatologist-endorsed botanical skin care products to the U.S.



Combining the Kamedis Acne Face CleanserAcne Face Moisturizer and Acne Spot Treatment all in one convenient kit. Treatment for oily-prone skin, pimples, acne, and redness due to inflammation.

Acne Face Cleanser – A powerful foaming gel that gently cleanses acne-prone skin without drying, using an oil free formula.

Acne Face Moisturizer – Balance sebum production, clear up oily skin and acne while preventing their recurrence.

Acne Spot Treatment – powerful gel treatment that is clinically proven to deliver clearer skin and reduce pimples in just 12 hours.

Use for skin symptoms associated with oily-prone skin and acne, including

  • Pimples and blemishes
  • Excess sebum production
  • Redness due to inflammation

Free of steroids, benzoyl peroxide, SLS, paraben and dyes.



Clinically proven to reduce dandruff by 50% in just 2 weeks, this rich, lightly foaming shampoo soothes and purifies your scalp, providing quick and effective relief from dandruff. Formulated with carefully selected botanicals in accordance with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. For adults and children as young as 3 years old.

Use for skin symptoms associated with dandruff, including:

  • Flaky, scaly scalp
  • Itchy, irritated, red scalp

Free of steroids, tar, SLS, paraben and dyes.

The Dandruff Therapy Shampoo, like all our products, displays the vivid natural color of its  botanical combination.

For best results, combine with their CONTROL Scalp Lotion.



Clinically proven to reduce dandruff by 50% in just 2 weeks, this overnight, leave-on cream works with your skin to provide quick relief from scalp conditions like dandruff and flaky scalp. Formulated with carefully selected botanicals in accordance with the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. For adults, children, and babies as young as 6 months.

Use for the relief of itchy, irritated, and/or red scalp.

Free of steroids, tar, paraben and dyes.

The Scalp Lotion, like all our skincare products, displays the vivid natural color of its  botanical combination.

For best results, combine with their CONTROL Dandruff Therapy Shampoo.

About Kamedis:

Kamedis skin formulations are derived from natural botanicals used in traditional Chinese medicine, botanicals that have been renowned for their therapeutic properties for hundreds if not thousands of years. Their botanicals are conscientiously sourced and meticulously purified. Their manufacturing process employs the highest quality standards, including assessment of physical and chemical properties and microbiological testing.




Cats and horses can now receive the same rejuvenating supplements as man’s best friend, thanks to RestoraPet’s new vet-approved line of supplements for feline and equine family members. RestoraPet, one of the most effective lines of pet supplements ever created, has launched new classic and full-spectrum hemp solutions for both cats and horses, as the company continues to expand its product offerings for warm-blooded pets.

The new feline formulas of RestoraPet and RestoraPet Hemp are tuna flavored for a cat’s enjoyment, while the apple-carrot flavored equine versions will be sold in larger bottles with pumps, making them easy to dispense to horses.

RestoraPet’s feline and equine products join the existing canine line of RestoraPet and RestoraPet Hemp solutions, which were developed over a period of 70 dog years and are available in beef and bacon flavors, as well as unflavored.

All RestoraPet formulas include the proprietary, cell-rejuvenating “super antioxidant” Vitalitrol®, which helps restore the optimal function of a pet’s organs at the cellular level. No other product on the market includes Vitalitrol®, a carbon-based antioxidant that begins working from the first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect every cell type in a pet’s body, visibly improving his or her quality of life.

Since pets age faster than humans do, their cellular function will begin to break down by age two. RestoraPet supplements restore and rejuvenate aging cells for dramatically improved joint health, wellness, range of motion, and an overall boosting of the immune system from the inside out.

Proven results of the original RestoraPet include decreased inflammation, discomfort and infection, improved mobility, flexibility and mood, increased muscle strength, elevated energy levels, regulated appetite, vital organ protection (especially heart and kidney), improved skin and coat health, and an overall happier, healthier pet.

Proven benefits of RestoraPet Hemp are reduced stress and anxiety, strengthened immune function, improved sleep quality, improved digestion, and reduced inflammation and discomfort.

“Fur parents from around the world have been asking for a flavor their cats would love, as they are famously particular pets, and we answered with tuna-flavored feline solutions,” said RestoraPet CEO Brian Larsen, who began his life’s work to create a supplement that could help aging pets after guiding his own Siberian Husky through her painful final years, when nothing on the market was available yet to alleviate her suffering. “Additionally, we needed to adjust the traditional bottling design and dosage of RestoraPet for horses, due to their much larger size, and thought an apple-carrot flavor would turn the supplement into a treat for them.”

By the end of 2019, RestoraPet is expected to earn in excess of $1 million in sales with over 25,000 units having already been purchased in over 100 countries worldwide.  By the end of 2020, RestoraPet expects to have produced over a half million bottles.

“We are thrilled to be able to ensure pets everywhere live enjoyable and healthy lives, since they are members of our family whose happiness greatly impacts our own,” added Larsen, a 33-year-old entrepreneur who decided, in his teenage years, to leverage his love of science and pets to create a solution that would ensure no other pet needlessly suffered like his beloved Bandit did.

For more information, visit

About RestoraPet

Made with the perfect blend of love and science, RestoraPet® is one of the most effective lines of pet supplements ever created thanks to a remarkable, carbon-based “super antioxidant” created by RestoraPet scientists called Vitalitrol®, which begins working from the very first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect nearly every type of cell in a pet’s body. Tested and proven to restore wellness in older pets experiencing age-related decline and, proactively, to boost the health and well-being of younger pets, RestoraPet comes in beef and bacon flavors for dogs, tuna flavor for cats, and apple-carrot flavor for horses. RestoraPet also offers RestoraPet Hemp, featuring full-spectrum hemp, which helps improve pet vitality while fighting discomfort and anxiety. First introduced in 2014, RestoraPet® products are now used by tens of thousands of pets in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

CEO Brian Larsen founded RestoraPet after dedicating his life to helping animals and their humans achieve and maintain wellness. Larsen’s Siberian Husky, Bandit, suffered from arthritis and cancer before passing away, and nothing on the market at the time could alleviate his best friend’s pain. Larsen, who was just a teenager at the time, focused on pet wellness from that point forward. He worked in a pharmacy and earned three science degrees, including a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland. Then he worked at a pharmaceutical company, where he spent nights and weekends testing all kinds of formulas before developing a laboratory in his home where he successfully created RestoraPet. He is now completing his MBA at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, as he continues to grow RestoraPet into the best pet supplement on the market.  Learn more at


ChocZero: Low Carb Chocolate Nutritionists Rave About

ChocZero uses a zero-calorie, low carb natural plant called monk fruit to create delectable chocolate that’s low carb and sugar-free. Indulge in some more chocolate minus the sugar crash and extra calories. Whether you’re on the keto diet or simply hoping to reduce your sugar intake, ChocZero has savory options to fit a healthier lifestyle.

Even if we all don’t commit to a specific diet, we’re well-aware that sugar isn’t good for our bodies. Even with this notion, sometimes, we all need a little sweet. While we can give in to our chocolate cravings, there’s a smarter way to satisfy our need for sugar. ChocZero is becoming the go-to alternative to sugary chocolate and even health experts approve.

According to Kelly Leveque, holistic nutritionist and celebrity health coach, diets like Keto are inspiring food companies to get creative with their carbohydrate content and provide alternatives.

ChocZero is a great example — their dark chocolate Keto bark is a great option for my clients who live the Fab 4 Lifestyle and want to indulge without a large blood sugar spike or insulin dump,” she says.

Matt Weik, fitness and supplement expert and owner of Weik Fitness, LLC recommends ChocZero to his clients.

“I’m actually using the product in meal plans for my clients who tell me they have a sweet tooth and have cravings during the day. I allow them to utilize ChocZero between meals to satisfy their cravings.”

Don’t just take our word that these nutritionists are on to something. Here are some reasons to have ChocZero around when those cravings for chocolate take over:

  • Fair-trade premium cocoa beans from South America

  • Sugar free with no sugar alcohols and no artificial sweeteners. Sweetened with our unique monk fruit and fiber blend, our chocolate has zero glycemic impact making it perfect for diabetics

  • Low carb: only 1g net carbs per serving! Perfect for those on the keto lifestyle and other low carb diets like Trim Healthy Mama

  • Antioxidant rich, teeth friendly, and good for your waistline

  • All natural, non-GMO, gluten free, and kosher certified. Made proudly in the USA

70% Dark Chocolate Squares
– Sugar Free, Low Carb (

1 bag)

50% Dark Chocolate Squares
– Sugar Free, Low Carb (1 bag)

Milk Chocolate Squares
– No Sugar Added, Low Carb (1 Bag)

ChocZero sugar free 70%, ChocZero sugar free 50% dark chocolate squares and ChocZero sugar free milk chocolate squares start with humble origins in South America where the key ingredient cocoa beans are grown by ethical cocoa farmers. Then they’re brought to ChocZero’s sunny California factory where they’re made into a rich chocolate, infused with premium Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans and sweetened with the all natural monk fruit plant–a popular ketogenic sweetener.

ChocZero square line is a delightfully tasty, portion controlled option for those who find our Keto Bark to be too dense in calories. Each small square is the perfect bite-size sweet treat for your sugar free life.

About ChocZero:

ChocZero started in 2016 with two goals: to make a sugar free chocolate that was truly delicious and to create a company that cared about its customers. One year later it has become a passionate community of chocoholics and it has released a wide range of products based on their detailed feedback including everything from a dipping chocolate to a syrup line with no preservatives. When it comes to ingredients, ChocZero will never sacrifice the quality. It ethically sources its cocoa beans that are some of South America’s finest. It also uses real Madagascar vanilla beans and only the most premium of GMO free soluble corn fibers. For more information, visit


Celebrate National Hair Day With Cloud 10 CBD-Infused Hair Care

National Hair Day is on October 1st! Whether you have long, short, curly or straight hair, Cloud 10 CBD-Infused Hair Care is celebrating YOU by offering 20% off all purchases throughout the month of October (10/1- 10/31) with code 20HAIR.

This NEW 5-piece system is the first vegan hair care system to combine CBD from organic Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract and plant-based PhytoKeratin Plus. Cloud 10 has all of the products you need to give your hair the gift of hydration, strength and shine:

  • Cloud 10 CBD-Infused Shampoo (8.4 oz/$27.00) – Gives hair the revitalization it needs and provides volume, shine and softness by combining hydrolyzed proteins and plant extracts. As an added bonus, this formula is infused with Green Tea Extract to help smooth your hair and Mandarin Orange Peel Extract to help protect color-treated hair.
  • Cloud 10 CBD-Infused Conditioner (8.4 oz/$27.00) – Packed with nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter, Avocado Oil and Baobab to give your hair moisture and strength while detangling and fighting frizz.
  • Cloud 10 CBD-Infused Leave-in Scalp Toner (5 oz/$31) – It’s time for some scalp TLC! Soothe and hydrate this often overlooked area and help strengthen hair at the same time with this leave-in product. The formula includes Capsicum Annuum Fruit, which is derived from hot peppers, to stimulate circulation, promote scalp health and hair regrowth. In addition, it’s packed with ingredients to help reduce excess oil while delivering moisturization with a plant-based version of hyaluronic acid.
  • Cloud 10 CBD-Infused All-in-One Hair Lotion (5 oz/$30) – Protect hair from heat styling, detangle, nourish and help reduce frizz with one single product! This leave-in formula will leave your hair feeling smooth and more manageable while strengthening it with ingredients like Sweet Almond Protein and Sesame Seed Oil.
  • Cloud 10 CBD-Infused Glossing Mist (5 oz/$29)– Keep your hair shiny all day long! Infused with Panax Ginseng Root Extract to deliver strong anti-aging properties to the scalp and Sweet Almond Protein that is perfect for  chemically treated or dry hair. This glossing mist is ultra-hydrating, lightweight and will leave you with a soft and silky finish.

All products are safe for color-treated hair, vegan, sulfate free, paraben free and cruelty free.


Make This One Delicious Change In Your Diet For More Protein And Less Fat/Calories!

With late Fall just around the corner, healthy eating is definitely top of mind.  Whether you want to lose a few pounds or just clean up your diet, PBfit® will be a welcome addition to your daily eating plan.

For all you Weight Watchers followers out there, you will be thrilled to know that you can enjoy America’s favorite peanut butter product, PBfit for only one point per two tablespoons.

PBfit is a peanut butter powder made by pressing gently roasted peanuts to remove most of the fat and calories. It is tasty and contains 87% less fat and ⅓ the calories of traditional peanut butter!

Not only is PBfit delicious, but it is also incredibly easy to use. You can mix it into anything from oatmeal to Thai peanut sauce. Or you can just add water and make peanut butter! Whip up all your favorite Peanut Butter dishes, guilt-free! There’s also chocolate flavor and sugar-free!

Check out the healthy peanut butter hack that everyone is talking about:

  • 90% Less Fat than traditional peanut butter
  • 1/3 the calories of traditional peanut butter
  • 1 Weight Watcher point per 2 T serving
  • PBfit is made with 3 simple ingredients:  peanuts, coconut palm sugar & kosher salt
  • All natural and gluten-free
  • Available in regular or mouthwatering chocolate
  • Also comes in organic and PBfit Plus with added protein

Mix PBfit right into your smoothie or oatmeal for a healthy, delicious start to your morning routine. Bake with it, blend with it, travel with it…this versatile product will be your favorite new addition to your kitchen.

4 Ingredient PBfit Fudge


1 cup Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
1 1/2 cups PBfit
1 tsp vanilla
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar


1. Place oil in a medium-size bowl and microwave for approximately 1 minute. Stir in PBfit and vanilla until smooth and creamy. Add powdered sugar one cup at a time. Add water if needed. Stir until smooth.Directions

2. Spread into an oiled 8 by 8-inch pan lined with parchment paper. Chill for at least 2 hours. Cut into 1-inch cubes. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Enjoy!

Nuts for PB Cacao Bowl


1 frozen banana
2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk
3 Tbsp PBfit
1 Tbsp BBF Superfood Organic Cacao Powder
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
1/2 banana sliced
cacao nibs
1 Tbsp roasted peanuts
1 Tbsp PBfit mixed with water drizzle


Combine banana, almond milk, PBfit, cacao, and protein powder in a blender. Puree until smooth. Transfer to a bowl and add toppings. Enjoy!

CALORIES 244 • FAT 7g • PROTEIN 24g • CARBS 23g • FIBER 9g • SERVES 2

Join the thousands of happy “PBfitters” who have upgraded their peanut butter to this delicious, and healthy alternative.  This is one upgrade to your diet that will be easy to stick with.. PBfit lets you keep the peanut butter taste you love, along with the nutrients, but you can ditch the fat and calories. For more info check out: