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Women-owned brand expands mission to ‘Spread Goodness’ in face of global pandemic

All-natural body care brand Green Goo, under parent company Sierra Sage Herbs, is honored to support frontline workers, medical facilities, and local and national organizations making a difference in the fight against COVID-19 with instrumental product donations, including FDA-compliant hand sanitizer and first aid items.

Pivoting at the onset of the global pandemic to produce an affordable hand sanitizer for those in need, Green Goo has leveraged its manufacturing partnerships to produce a steady supply of the 63.5% alcohol gel, in a variety of packaging options, in order to provide an in-stock solution for consumers and organizations alike. With production capacity and volume steadier and more reliable, Green Goo has been able to realign focus back to its philosophical cornerstones: philanthropy and humanitarianism.

“Our company mission is ‘Spread Goodness,’ and that never stops, regardless of the obstacles thrown in our way,” Green Goo Co-Founder and CEO Jodi Scott said. “We recognized at the onset of the current situation that we not only needed to protect our families and our employees, but that we had an obligation to find a way to make a difference, no matter how big or small. We are privileged to be in a position to share these meaningful products with those in need. The organizations receiving our hand sanitizers — major government and educational health authorities, hospitals, first responders, and shelters for at-risk populations, for example – are doing the kind of work necessary to keep people safe and informed during these uncertain times. To play any part in that world is the reason we started this company in the first place.”

The following organizations have received donations of hand sanitizer and/or all-natural first aid products from Green Goo:

  • Alameda Health System – Oakland, Calif.
  • Bayshore Medical Center – Flanders, N.J.
  • Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times – Los Angeles
  • Central Texas Food Bank – Austin, Texas
  • God’s Love We Deliver – New York
  • Harbor House of Central Florida – Orlando, Fla.
  • James A. Haley Veterans Hospital – Tampa, Fla.
  • McLeod Health Clarendon – Manning, S.C.
  • Navajo Nation with help from Orenda Tribe and The Lani Rhys Collective – Albuquerque, N.M.
  • Not 4gotten NY – Woodstock, N.Y.
  • OUT Boulder County – Boulder, Colo.
  • Providence Fire Department – Santee, S.C.
  • The Arc of Washington County – Hagerstown, Md.
  • The City of New York’s NYC Health Department – New York
  • UCLA Health – Los Angeles

The preceding list ranges from hospitals and medical personnel to food banks, other first responder groups, and entities providing educational and protective services. Green Goo is also setting aside a percentage of monthly hand sanitizer sales to select local and national organizations. The recipients of the financial contribution for the month of April were L.E.A.F (Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund, Lyons) and Direct Relief. Boulder Community Health Foundation (Boulder) and Johns Hopkins Medicine have been selected to receive financial donations following the month of May.

Additionally, donated products have been sent to numerous individuals working in hospitals with affected patients, social workers, small-business owners, and others defining the American response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Green Goo will continue to produce compliant hand sanitizer options and search for additional opportunities to offer related support for as long as deemed necessary by U.S. health officials.


New Mexico beauty company plans 49th anniversary celebration this month

This month Clear Light Urban Farm Store will celebrate their 49th anniversary and debut their brand redesign done in partnership with Sunny505.

Clear Light started in 1971 by former owner Joshua Peine. After building a successful acting career in Hollywood throughout the 1960’s and armed with a handful of film and television credits, Peine grew tired of auditions, rejections, and head shots. So, he did what thousands of actors did before and after him, and in1970 he left it all behind. He made his way to New Mexico and the small community of Placitas. Peine began packaging cedar needles from the nearby trees in sachets, as gifts for close friends and family. The demand for his small gifts grew into a business.

One of Clear Light’s flagship products is its Cedar & Piñon Incense, formed out of a day long cooked cedar tea and then mixed with cedar oil and a proprietary gum. The clay-like substance is then run through a mold and dried for four days before it’s packaged for the customers. The incense gained international fame since the Hyatt Regency Tamaya burns it in their lobby 24-hours a day.”

New Mexico speaks through the buzz of bees, the hubbub of the farmer’s market, the desert wind blowing through cedar branches. A feast for the senses awaits. Clear light is New Mexico.

In 1971 CLEAR LIGHT laid its roots on the high desert nestled between the Rio Grande River and the Sandia Mountains. Inspired by the area’s electric energy, CLEAR LIGHT set out to create products that reflect life here: vibrant, enchanted, and defined by nature.


The Clear Light Urban Farm Store started out as just the entryway to the historic downtown Albuquerque building, back when there was only the small skincare spa. Now the Farm Urban Store has grown into a beautiful retail space inside the renovated, historic 9,000 square foot former Danfelser School of Music built in 1940.

The ultimate in eco-friendly, the building is solar powered and has a catchment system to harvest rainwater to irrigate the farm. It represents their wonderful corner of East Downtown with a curation of artisan products ranging from CLEAR LIGHT cedar apothecary line and our New Mexico TRUE Foods line with Native American potery, local ceramics, books and housewares.


CLEAR LIGHT formulate their Clear Light essences by distilling and extracting fragrance from cedar needles, wildflowers, plants, bark, moss, and tree trimmings that they harvest from nature. CLEAR LIGHT are building new fragrance profiles from the American Southwest. The company is built on the simple idea that nothing smells better than nature and that the only way to bring this beauty home is to strap on your hiking boots and go get it. Unlike synthetic fragrances, these wilderness essences are extracted from real, native-plant sources.


These ingredients have been used in the region for thousands of years as it was part of the trade route connecting the Americas with the rest of the world. CLEAR LIGHT infuse this historic knowledge into their artisanal products using innovative practices that combine the best of the past and the present.


All Clear Light products are 100% Natural, Organic and Wildcrafted. They are produced using old perfume making techniques including distillation, tincturing, infusion and enfleurage. CLEAR LIGHT handle every step of the process ourselves, from beginning to end.


All of CLEAR LIGHT plants are wildharvested or grown on their urban farm with the utmost sensitivity and respect for the existing wildscape. CLEAR LIGHT never use alien or invasive species and are actively involved in native plant restoration projects throughout the Southwest. CLEAR LIGHT revel in the intact natural habitats of the southwest, and tirelessly work to promote education as to how best to protect them.

My favorite products


All of CLEAR LIGHT candles are hand blended and hand poured in small batches to insure quality. Non-GMO soy way blended to hold the maximum fragrance. They are highly fragrant creating a wonderful aroma throughout your home or business. For the ultimate experience in home fragrance. CLEAR LIGHT use 100% recycled glass and a recycled tin lid for safe storage.


All FOUR of CLEAR LIGHT Cedar scents

  • Cedar
  • Lavender & Cedar
  • Saffron & Cedar
  • Tobacco & Cedar


CLEAR LIGHT moisture rich lotion has the essence of crisp cedar needles in clean high desert air. More complex than a typical Frasier or Douglas Fir, it has a punchy, brightness that is really pleasing.


It has a fresh balsamic, aromatic fragrance with piney nuances. A green woody balsamic fragrance with a sweetish undertone. It finishes with a punchy, brightness that is really pleasing. 66% perfume grade 200 proof alcohol. Bottle color may vary. Some have disc caps as CLEAR LIGHT use recycled packaging. Bottle color may vary. CLEAR LIGHT use 100% recycled plastic.


This sachet is filled with fresh green cedar needles that will last forever. Native Americans have used cedar needles for centuries in everything from medicine to incense. CLEAR LIGHT needles are natural, wildcrafted, and untreated. Place several in closets, chests, and drawers; a must in luggage; refreshing in cars and boats.



Whole30 Approved®, Paleo- and Keto-Certified Vegan Mayos Now Available in The Refrigerated Aisle

From the makers of the number one condiment in natural grocery and the number one shelf stable mayo comes the all new PRIMAL KITCHEN Vegan Mayo Dip & Spread made with Avocado Oil.

This Non-GMO Project Verified pantry staple is made without canola oil, soybean oil, gluten, grains, or sugar for a Certified Gluten-Free, Whole30 Approved® and Keto Friendly condiment. Made with Avocado Oil, the PRIMAL KITCHEN Vegan Mayo is a plant-based, egg-free mayo and comes in three irresistible flavors: Original, Rosemary Garlic, and Jalapeño Lime.

“Our Vegan Mayo uses potato protein, a functional ingredient, for emulsification. This unique differentiator makes our line paleo-friendly and Whole30 Approved, without using a legume based emulsifier like pea protein or chickpea water,” said founder Mark Sisson. “There really isn’t another vegan mayo out there that checks all the boxes and has a creamy, uncompromisingly delicious flavor.”

According to the FDA, eggs are a top 8 food allergen2, which quickly eliminates many consumers from using mayos, dips and spreads. Now, plant-based consumers or those with an egg allergy can enjoy a vegan mayo with clean ingredients that is equally delicious as a spread or dip.

Suggested retail price for PRIMAL KITCHEN Vegan Mayo is $9.99 for 12 oz. It has been hitting refrigerated shelves at Natural Independent Grocers and Whole Foods Market® in April and additional retailers nationwide throughout 2020. For more information visit

About Mark Sisson & PRIMAL KITCHEN®

Mark Sisson, New York Times bestselling author, media personality, ex-endurance athlete (5th place USA Marathon Championship, 4th place Hawaii Ironman finish) founded the PRIMAL KITCHEN® brand in 2015. He has been educating the world on nutrition and the benefits of fat and protein for the last decade via his blog,

With the launch of the PRIMAL KITCHEN® brand, Mark Sisson delivers on his mission to create uncompromisingly delicious condiments, sauces, cooking oils, collagen peptides and pantry staples that are made with fats we love and clean ingredients, and contain no dairy, gluten, grain, refined sugar or soy. PRIMAL KITCHEN is the maker of the #1 condiment in natural grocery, the #1 salad dressing brand in natural grocery, and #1 product in six key condiment categories in natural grocery: mayo, salad dressing, BBQ sauce, steak sauce, ketchup and avocado oil.  As Mark would say, Eat Like Your Life Depends on It, because it does. Learn more at


New Smart Product Finally Gives You The Perfect Drink

Designed with coffee maker ease, Mixfit V2 measures out a refreshing beverage that’s packed with a precision stack of personalized nutrients. It tailors everything in real-time to your individual health profile and includes factors like age, gender, weight, geographic location and even air-pollution. Plus everything can be dialed in wirelessly right from your smartphone and its companion app (MINA).

MixFit V2 works seamlessly with other food tracking apps, fitness wearables, and even integrates smart imaging technology. It couldn’t be any easier!

A big piece of your personal health is getting the right balance of nutrients for you. Mixfit is one of the first nutritional beverage systems to develop a profile based on your individual nutrient needs. That means it looks at and adjust nutrients delivered based on exactly what you eat, how active you are and other key pieces of information to fill your daily gaps in nutrients.


  • Works with the proprietary, AI-powered app, MINA.
  • MINA converts your activity and diet information into daily nutritional drinks mixed with 23 vitamins and minerals, precisely for you.
  • Your Mixfit profile works on any Mixfit system. At your office, gym, or home.
  • Mixfit Two ® supports multiple users through the frictionless Bluetooth platform.
  • Be among the first to experience real-time personalized nutrition!

Key Features

  • Sleek Italian designed device.
  • This smart device automatically re-orders nutrients with subscription when running low.
  • 1 Mixfit blender cup per subscription.
  • Two great tasting flavors: Citrus Kick & In Bloom.
  • Easy to clean removable water reservoir, removable drip tray and nutrient canisters.
  • Adjusts antioxidants based on information on local air quality.

  1. Monitoring and fine-tuning: MINA monitors your health data from existing personal digital devices like Apple Watch, Fitbit and other diagnostics devices to further adjust your nutrients.
  2. Try the app. Try MINA: See how MINA analyzes and displays your nutritional gap – the difference between the nutrients you get from food and the nutrients you need daily.
  3. A system that learns and keeps learning: MINA was trained by nutritionists, data scientists, and third party research. And it keeps learning with your input.
  4. MINA is Super Smart: The Mixfit Intelligent Nutrition Assistant customizes real-time supplement delivery based on your profile, your diet, and activity level.

Mixfit V2 cost is $180. The consumables are available by subscription at $59/month. The company will also be working to partner with different channels like gyms and apartments making the drinks available on a pay-per-drink basis. Upon launch Mixfit V2 and consumables will be available in U.S., and select countries in Europe.



 Women-owned body care brand leverages U.S. manufacturing partnerships
to introduce product aimed at combating the COVID-19 crisis

In an effort to combat a market shortage and rampant price gouging, Sierra Sage Herbs, parent company of all-natural brand Green Goo, is proud to announce the launch of a new hand sanitizer, scheduled to arrive at its warehouse later this week. Produced in the U.S., Green Goo’s hand sanitizer, made with an FDA-approved 63.5% alcohol, disinfects and kills 99% of bacteria and germs.

Green Goo provides the Town of Lyons, Colorado, where the company is headquartered, 3,000+ units from the initial limited allotment, while the remaining products will be included free of charge with every order, in addition to being a part of three wellness bundles, via the brand’s website — Additionally, individual sales of the hand sanitizers has been available at and at a multitude of national chain stores and independent retailers from late April.

“Currently, we have a limited supply, so we are including a free hand sanitizer with every order to ensure our customers are able to share this inventory – a little for all,” said Green Goo Co-Founder and CEO Jodi Scott. “We’re producing more hand sanitizer which is scheduled to ship later in April, and at that time we will make it available for sale.”

Green Goo plans to donate 1% of the sales of the hand sanitizers to select local and international charitable organizations making a difference in the fight against COVID-19, such as Colorado-local Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund, Boulder Community Health Foundation, ACLU Foundation of Colorado
National – Direct Relief, Johns Hopkins Medicine, NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund.

“In these uncertain times, we are all trying to understand how we can help. As a family-operated company and, ultimately, concerned citizens of the world, we feel an enormous responsibility to leverage our resources and partnerships to provide these much-needed products,” Scott continued. “Green Goo is an all-natural brand and this isn’t a ‘typical’ product for us. However, with the urgent need for hand sanitizers, we felt a duty to address the need for the product while complying with FDA-, CDC- and WHO-recommended formulas. There is time, as we learn more about this disease, to evolve the formulation.”

The brand will continue to produce hand sanitizer for as long as deemed necessary by U.S. health officials.

About Green Goo:

Formed in 2008, Green Goo is a women-owned, family-operated, B-Corp. Our products are cruelty free and made in the USA with 100% natural ingredients. We started small, making products for friends, family, and the local farmer’s market, and we have now grown into a thriving, value-driven company. As we evolve, we remain committed to our roots: a time-honored infusion process, high-quality ingredients, and simple, effective products that are safe for you, your family, and the environment.


Don’t Try To Sanitize Your Phones, Computers and Tablets, ‘Hansitize’ Them!

You might not realize it, but at a time when our health is so important, you can be your own personal hero by eliminating germs and bacteria on your tech. The heat from these devices and constant touching is a germ breeding ground that can harbor life for up to a week when not properly cleaned.

HÄNS is your new superpower when it comes to keeping tech clean. Smartphones, tablets, cases, fitness trackers, computers all make sense to clean, just like washing your hands or clothes.

Specifically developed to clean today’s tech, HÄNS products harness more cleaning power than a wipe without the waste. It’s a win for the environment and your wallet all at the same time.

A new normal requires a new clean; one that’s deeper and more precise to cut through the grime that collects on our tech. The new HÄNS Ultra-Clean is your cleaning hero to the rescue—complete with an antibacterial cape.  The underlying solution that was built from the ground up to clean tech devices.

  • A super cleaning solution: It has roughly 2.5 times the active ingredients as the leading disinfecting wipe.*
  • The antibacterial cape that’s a worthy sidekick: Just don’t call it a cloth!  The material transfers solution wetness onto tech surfaces without soaking it up. Wash it, reuse it and create less waste!

HÄNS Swipe – More Cleaning In A Uniquely HÄNS Way

Cleaning touchscreens since 2013, HÄNS Swipe – Clean is a dual-sided cleaning unit that’s fully refillable, reusable and leak proof.

  • The antimicrobial cleaning side dispenses a controlled amount of HÄNS Cleaning Solution onto a device’s surface for a microscopic clean.

  • The second side houses an antibacterial polishing sheet that cleans on a visual level.

For travel, in purses, briefcases, in the car for on-the-go cleanings, before meetings or after a long day when your tech needs some TLC.

HÄNS Ultra-Clean

HÄNS Ultra – Clean contains over 2.5 times the amount of active ingredients as the leading sanitizing/disinfecting wipe* and best of all, it comes with a cape!

Why HÄNS Ultra – Clean? 

  • HÄNS Cleaning Solution has over 2.5 times the amount of active ingredients as the leading disinfecting/sanitizing wipe* without the waste
  • Proven formula – HÄNS’ formula debuted in the original, award-winning HÄNS Swipe – Clean in 2013
  • Developed over the course of 2 years from the ground up to specifically clean today’s tech

Why this style of Cape (cloth)? 

  • A wetted surface is the key to a microscopic clean
  • The cape’s material is able to transfer the wetness of the solution onto the surface it is cleaning and not soak up the majority of the solution itself; reminiscent of a cleaning wipe’s wetness transfer
  • Antibacterial treated
  • Wash the cape for continued just-like-new-use

Cleaning since 2013, the brand is running at max capacity to meet demand! The majority of products are made in the USA and shipped from HÄNS headquarters in Los Angeles.

Find HÄNS on Amazon, The Grommet and smaller retailers! Want to do some good and give back with your purchase? Buy from and HÄNS will donate 10% of all sales to the Salvation Army until the pandemic is declared over. For more information, visit

About HÄNS: Founded by Scott Bushaw, HÄNS creates innovative ways to clean tech and stay safe with one mission: make your tech literally as clean as new without the waste of single-use wipes.

*Despite having roughly 2.5 times the amount of pre-approved active ingredients needed to be classified as a disinfectant or sanitizer, this is not a claim that HÄNS Ultra – Clean is a disinfecting/ sanitizing agent. This is highly regulated by the EPA and with the claims process taking over 2 years and a roughly $2 million dollar cost in fees and taxes, the timing to make claims is not easily projectable.