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Blue leads 2.5 m euro investment round in world’s first premium sunglasses made from 100-percent recycled materials

Spring is coming. We are all waiting for the time when the weather gets warm. Yes, March is almost here, sun comes out more and more. We love spending time in parks and beaches when it’s warm and sunny. But one thing we never can ignore. We need a great sunglass for the protection of our eyes.

Blue, a Stockholm-based investment company that serves as a catalyst for sustainability-driven innovation, has invested 1.25m euro in sustainability-driven Chilean eyewear maker Karün, which turns reclaimed materials such as fishing nets into premium, high-quality sunglassesKarün sunglasses have already caught the attention of world top sporting celebrities such as top Chilean surfer Ramón Navarro as well as organizations like the Volvo Ocean Race.

The Blue investment, which is part of the total 2.5m investment round including investors such as Luna, an investment organization founded by Lucy Ana Walton, is designed to significantly strengthen Karün’s fast-track global brand building and development of a number of new product lines, marketing and organization in new markets around the world.

“Karün shows how entrepreneurs can embed environmental concerns into their business vision as it trailblazes the integration of green practices into its material sourcing and manufacturing that reflect the humanity of its founders and management team,” said Blue co-founder and CEO, Anders Jacobson.

He notes that lost or abandoned plastic fishing gear comprises 10 percent of all the plastic waste in the sea, ensnaring marine wildlife and ultimately destined to break down into micro plastic particles that will enter the human food and water chain to threaten the future health and wellbeing of every inhabitant on the planet.

“Karün sunglasses are symbols of the change we want to see happening in the world by making a positive impact on the environment and local communities,” said Thomas Kimber, founder and CEO.

Mr. Kimber said his company’s eyewear are beautiful products designed and sourced in Patagonia and made in Italy with the aim to directly contribute to protecting the environment by turning reclaimed noble and natural materials into positive products and by creating a source of income for micro-entrepreneurs in Patagonia.

“We are enabling small-scale business people to scale their sustainable businesses and create economic opportunities empowering their own communities,” said Thomas Kimber.

“Instead of a linear and extractive production process – which is used by most companies in the world – Karün is building our entire value chain under a circular and regenerative model designed to help restore natural ecosystems and local economies, he added.”

Anders Jacobson said Karün sets an exemplary example of circular economy thinking by up-cycling discarded materials backback into highly desirable new high value products.

Karün’s approach helped the company become the official sunglass supplier to the recently concluded Volvo Ocean Race. Its frames became the top choice for many of the sailors who raced around the world, such as Martin Strömberg, Mark Towill and Charlie Enright.

Blue today owns companies such as Bluewater, a world leader in drinking water technologies and solutions, and is investing in a growing portfolio of game-changing companies, including ClimeonBaseload CapitalSave by Solar and Visiba Care.

“Karün are change-makers who are demonstrating it is possible to solve the problems facing theplanet and humanity in sustainable ways,” Mr Jacobson said.

Karün can be a great gift choice for anyone. I chose a Polarised Grey Blue Sky Mirror from Pacific Collection for my husband Ryan as a Valentine’s Day gift. He immediately fell in love with it when he saw it. And now he wears it everyday. I will say Karün can be also a good Birthday gift, no matter for your love, your friends, or your dad. Especially for someone who cares about the earth, this is definitely a perfect gift choice.

About Karün

Based in Puerto Varas, Patagonia, Chile, Karün is a Chilean B corp that makes sunglasses as a tool to inspire people into looking at the world from a different point of view; one in which we are all nature. They create high quality eyewear, made under a very different way; using reclaimed, natural and noble materials while working alongside local communities in Patagonia.

About Blue

Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Blue is an investment company that serves as a catalyst for innovations that can solve some of the major challenges facing our planet and all living on it. Blue’s mission is to find, engage with, invest in and support entrepreneurs, innovators and businesses driven by the desire to deliver tangible, sustainable solutions that can benefit human wellbeing and planetary


Pro Ways to Upgrade Personal Style Statement and Look Elegant

Most of us want to have the limelight directly or indirectly on us, but it is also true that we strive to pick out the perfect style that suits well the personality. Some people in order to look distinct end up dressing up with some bizarre clothing options.

It’s not that, wearing expensive clothes and shoes only will look us stylish. One can also pair up with the mild clothing sense along with the certain tips in mind to look stylish and attractive.

Go through the post to learn some useful ways through which you can upgrade the personal style statement and look elegant.


  • Have Some Fashion Inspiration


There is no harm in following favorite celebrities and by checking out social media platforms like Pinterest, Google, Instagram to check out the latest styles and designs. Some people feel that following the likes of celebrities is beyond the range of affordability and they can’t even do justice with the same. It’s not that, one needs to copy bit by bit, but drawing some cues of inspiration would make it work for sure.


  • Make Some Changes in the Closet


At times, it’s better to have a look at the closet to check out the pieces that already exist. Take out some time to prepare a list for the ones that go with the trend and keep other separately that are little outdated. It is also important to make a selection of the clothing that truly reflects the scenario a person lives in life or the career.


  • Stock Up for Little Add-ons and Accessories


Using accessories are undoubtedly one of the best ways to pull any look irrespective of the vibe that a person wants to achieve. Upgrading the clothing with the help of delicate jewelry or bold necklace would help to add a feminine feel.

Getting body arts from Bangkok ink tattoo studio or other preferred location would also be an exclusive decision to uplift the style statement. Tattooing has emerged as one of the leading forms of a style statement that not only helps to look attractive, but it also helps in expressing the inner self.


  • Be True to Yourself and Trust Instincts


Another most valuable idea to follow or to keep in mind while developing the personal style is to remain true to oneself. It’s better not to focus on the designer label because it will only hinder his creativity. Make sure to have some experiment with a wide range of patterns, accessories, textures and even shoes available in accessible fashion range.

Celebrating your style on the skin makes the person even more confident and special. It also expresses the personality and individuality of the person in front of all and of course for good reasons.

Following the tips would certainly help to embrace body with modern style statement and to look trendy. We would also love to hear from the readers in case they have any suggestion or query regarding the tips discussed below.


Did Bridesmaid’s Role Change During Time?

Someone you care deeply for is getting married. They reach out to you and ask you to be their bridesmaid. This is a great honor. But, before you accept, there are some things you need to know.

When you accept the honor of being a bridesmaid, you are agreeing to dedicate much of your time over the next months to help pull together a wedding. You are promising to be there when you are needed and to participate in all the events and activities that go along with a wedding. You are agreeing to buy a dress which chosen for you by the bride. Liking the dress is not a requirement, but paying for it, and wearing the dress is. If the wedding is a destination wedding, you are required to travel at your expense unless the bride and groom are feeling generous. These are just a few of the responsibilities presented to you before the wedding. Your services will be required before, during, and immediately after the wedding.

How did we get here?

The position of bridesmaids and groomsmen date back to the ancient Romans. In Roman law, there had to be 10 witnesses to a wedding. At the time, there were rituals that had to do with protection from evil spirits. These two traditions came together this way. The bride and groom would each choose 10 people to stand with them at their wedding. Each woman was dressed exactly like the bride and each groomsman was dressed exactly like the groom. This was to fool the spirit that would try to take over the young couple. Over the years as things began to change.

As early as the 1920s and 1930s, bridesmaids were at the beacon call of the bride. They dressed her and undressed her. They stayed with her for a period of time before the wedding to ensure she needed for nothing. One of their jobs was to go over every inch of the bridal gown to ensure there were no sewing pins left in the material. A pin left in the dress was bad luck.

A bride that opted to wear white on her wedding day, was wearing a very delicate and much-loved dress. It had nothing to with purity. In the days before washing machines and detergent, a white dress was a luxury. They were difficult to wash. Bridesmaids went to great lengths to protect the dress.

The maid of honor stayed by the bride’s side for up to two weeks before the wedding. She took care of the bride, leaving her little to do. Any wish she had, the MOH would handle.


Brides and their wedding party no longer have to select a dress to be made for them. Industry leaders like Azazie keep their inventory ready with the latest trends and accessories. Bridesmaids are given a bit of room to help the bride select the styles and colors of the bridesmaids’ attire. The bride has the final word. The MOH still must do the running of errands, follow-ups and helping the bride, but the bridesmaids are not used as much. Bridesmaids show up, dressed correctly, smile, pose for photos, attend the parties, and throw a shower.

At the end of the day, it is an honor to be included in someone’s wedding. Before you accept, you need to find out how much time, money, and work you will be expected to contribute. If it is more than you can handle at this point and time, respectfully decline the offer. It is important that the right people are in that position as it is a major responsibility and it is kind of you, to be honest with the bride before she begins to count on you.

The wedding of your friend or family member is important. So are the people who stand with them. If you accept an invitation to be part of this, give it all you’ve got. Hold yourself to the highest standards and everything will turn out beautifully.


So you forgot tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day…here are some tips

[ENCLOSED] –  the world’s only gift service, focused on helping gentlemen find romantic lingerie gifts for the women they love. Antonia Townsend, the founder of [ENCLOSED] has selected more than 57,479 gifts, almost all from men to women. This makes her a bit of an expert in one thing; Valentine’s Day gifts!

 5 mistakes the Valentine-Shopping Man Should Avoid in 2019:

1.   It’s Not All About You:

Just because you have a passion for green underwear that relates back to your 3rd grade science teacher does not mean you should buy her the forest green bra, stockings and panties. Listen to what she likes and what she feels comfortable with. Perhaps she hates her belly. Even if you honestly adore that tummy, choose items that minimize the focus on that area. Bodysuits, nighties and robes are wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts that don’t highlight the middle. Similarly, if you know she does like something about herself-perhaps she’s got those buff mom arms-then select accordingly. A bralette set is perfect for the woman with awesome guns.

2.   But It Is About The Two Of You:

It is Valentine’s Day after all, the day of love and romance. If you are a couple, think about what reflects the two of you. Perhaps your wedding colors were blue and white; buck the red and pink tradition and get her blue and white lingerie. Or you are dating and want to show her you are listening; select a lingerie set in her favorite color.

3.   Size:

This is the one that makes men SO NERVOUS. Like high-school dance with acne nervous. My number one piece of advice here is do not try to buy her a bra in a cup size. (e.g. those confusing algorithm-like 32B, 36DD number letter combos.) Even if you “know” her bra size, every brand is different and bras really do need to be tried on, therefore stick with the small-medium-large items that are much more forgiving. To avoid this use services such as [Enclosed] with basic information on the recipient, the experts at [ENCLOSED] hand-pick a personalized lingerie item for each recipient from the finest luxury designers worldwide.  The gift arrives in a signature purple box surrounded by dried rose pedals. No need to plan ahead with [ENCLOSED] as they offer overnight shipping. From size, style, quality to fit and beautiful packaging, you can be sure the gift you pick will fit your date.

4.   Quality Over Quantity

No, you don’t have to spend over $500 (although you can.) But whatever you do, don’t go cheap. The point of giving her lingerie is to give her a fine, feminine treat that she wouldn’t buy for herself. Better to give her one pair of ultra-high-quality panties than a low-quality 4-piece set. To be explicit, do not go to Victoria’s Secret for a gift. It’s an awesome brand for women for many reasons, but it’s not designed to help gents find really extraordinary gifts for the women they love.

5.   Do Not Go It Alone; Enlist Experts:

Picking out lingerie that makes a woman feel classy, sexy and sensual (not trashy) is hard! Enlist female experts who do this for a living and you will look like a hero. When she receives her luxe Valentine’s Day gift in an elegant purple box surrounded by dried rose pedals, you will be “the man” whose stock and allure just went through the roof. The [ENCLOSED] motto is tried and true in 20 countries: We do the work, he gets the credit.

About Antonia Townsend:

Antonia Townsend is the Founder and “Chief Knicker Officer” of [ENCLOSED] — the first lingerie gift-giving service specifically designed to empower men to create high-end, romantic gift experiences for the women they love.

Since launching in 2013, the San Francisco-based e-commerce lingerie subscription company has generated multimillion-dollars in revenue while servicing 30,000 customers in 20 countries. Prior to launching [ENCLOSED], Townsend spent nearly 25 years working as a CEO, CMO and c-suite executive for companies including Clear and

She earned her BA from Wesleyan University and her MBA from Columbia University. She resides in San Francisco with her husband and baby. Headshot available upon request.


Chic Jewelry to Gift This Valentine’s Day

Can we all agree ladies that jewelry should bring joy. It should make you feel good and bring a smile to your face. Every piece of Boma Jewelry does that ten times over!

This Valentine’s Day, make Cupid proud and bring that joy to the one you love when you give the gift ofBoma Jewelry. These stunning necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets pieces are so stylish and, trust us, make any drab outfit pop.

While sweethearts everywhere will love these stunning creations, they’ll also love the thought that goes into making them. Talk about a win-win! Boma Jewelry is made from ethical silver and crafted by artisans and silversmiths who are paid a fair wage. Boma also raises money to fund social and community-based programs for its workers’ families.

With so many gorgeous choices, you really can’t go wrong with a gift from Boma!

More Reasons to Love BOMA:

• Certified 925 fine sterling silver

• Lifetime warranty

• Handmade by artisans in Bangkok, Thailand

• Made with recycled silver from New Mexico, USA

• All Boma jewelry is nickel-free, naturally hypoallergenic and antimicrobial

• Shipped in the most minimal amount of packaging to cut down on waste

Gift Recommendations 

Serpentine Snake Ring



Width   : 0.17 inch
Length : 0.25 inch

Scripted Love Necklace



Height  : 0.08 inch
Width   : 0.60 inch
Length : 0.30 inch
Chain Length : 16″+1″+1″
Clasp : Lobster clasp

Panda Bear Earrings

Height  : 0.055  inch
Width   : 0.295  inch
Length : 0.305  inch

For more information visit


Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Just realized you haven’t prepared a gift for him? Oh no… But don’t worry, I totally understand how busy it has been at this time in a year. The great thing is, I can give you some wonderful suggestions which I believe he will love the gift for sure.


Ekster®, the world’s largest smart wallet brand, has launched their third-generation product line. This time they have engineered both the slimmest- and the first voice-activated smart wallet to date. Owners can now ring their wallet, find it on a map or even make use of the widespread Chipolo® community to help locate their missing belongings. Battery issues are no longer an issue due to Ekster’s patented solar-powered tracking solution, which on a full charge can last up to 2 whole months. These RFID-blocking wallets are held together by handcrafted premium leather for a luxury look and feel and provide instant card access at the click of a button.

Ekster aims to provide innovative solutions for organized access. With a collection of smart products designed for an efficient and secure everyday carry, they strive to safeguard your daily accessories in the most stylish manner. Since their first Kickstarter campaign three years ago , Ekster has doubled in size every year and become the most – sold smart wallet worldwide. After raising 7000% their initial goal and hitting the $1M first – year revenue mark, they grew to become the biggest smart wallet manufacturer in the world.

Their products are available in over 50 stores worldwide, including Macy’s Herald Square, Selfridges and Dubai Mall. To learn more, please visit

Help your man make a statement with timeless accessories from M-Clip. The brand is known for its craftsmanship of high quality money clips, cufflinks and tie clips in addition to other accessories.
For that same shirt he loves to buy in multiple colors, make them all stand out in unique ways with M-Clip’s Designer Cufflinks and Tie Clips. The cufflinks come in a variety of styles and colors to match any shirt and they can be engraved. Because their craftsmanship is a “cut” above, they are machine carved from bars of stainless steel and are never cast or stamped like most on the market. Not only is a tie clip a tasteful way to keep his tie in place, M-Clip’s collection comes in classic stainless steel and with high-end enamel inlays like mother of pearl and abalone.
If his wallet could use some updating, look no further than M-Clip’s Signature Money Clips. These money clips are made with high-end materials such as rhodium, stainless steel and carbon fiber inlays. Their budget-friendly Tightwad Money Clips are also made with high-end carbon fiber that are guaranteed never to stretch or break. Both collections of money clips come in a variety of designs and colors. For a custom touch, certain clips can be engraved. Ensuring the best quality, all money clips are made by hand.

Nut Rub Solid Cologne is the way natural cologne should be done. Solid, portable and ready for action on any and ALL parts of your body. Whether you’re on the go, freshening up after a workout, or getting ready for a big night out, The Rub has you covered. Available in three scents including Ocean & Air (original scent), Smoke & Suede and Citrus & Cedar. Lasts on average 2 months with daily use.

Ball Wash is a body wash made with only the best natural ingredients (10 essential oils and plant extracts) as well as activated charcoal which draws out bacteria, poisons, chemicals, dirt and other microparticles to the surface of the skin which will leave your body feeling and smelling great. And while most men‘s body washes leave you smelling like a bottle of cologne exploded on you. Ball Wash smells great with a clean fresh scent without being overpowering. Just rub it all over your body and breathe in the freshness.

Sack Spray — Sack Spray delivers a refreshing pH balanced blast to the nuts that neutralize odor while helping deodorize, sooth and moisture your most prized possessions. Great for your balls & body. Learn more here