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Must Have Accessory for The Coming Spring

New Spring, New You?

We know you’ve added working out more and being healthier to that resolutions list (again) this year. So what can one fashionable, comfortable, hard-working headband do to help you met your this coming Spring’s fitness goals?

Well for one, it can eliminate a couple excuses not to work out: your hair keeps getting in your face and your headband gives you a headache! Mavi Bandz are never too tight so they won’t make your head hurt. That’s thanks to the unique adjustable elastic on the back that helps them comfortably fit any size head…even kiddos as young as 3! Mavi Bandz also feature no-slip technology on the inside of the headband which keeps them in place, so your hair stays out of your face. Yes, please.

Mavi Bandz come in an array of fun styles and designs – over 300 of them – so there’s one for any yoga outfit, tennis dress or jogger in your closet.

Still not sold? Did we mention they also make the cutest Birthday and Mother’s Day gifts? Skip the flowers and give the gift any gal on the move will appreciate with Mavi Bandz.

Why Mavi Bandz are THE Best Headbands:

• Adjustable

• Non-slip

• Stylish

• Hundreds of designs and styles

• Made with high-quality fabrics

• Made to last

• Fits children and adults

About Mavi Bandz: 

Mavi Bandz was launched to solve the dilemma of headbands that didn’t fit, gave you a headache and didn’t stay put. After years of disappointment with other brands, the founder of Mavi Bandz finally developed the perfect solution: a headband with non-slip technology on the inside and soft grip, adjustable elastic on the back. This guarantees a comfortable fit every time! In 2013, the company launched with the mission of providing a headband that was comfortable, stylish, and never slipped – coast to coast!


Essential Oil Bracelets? Yes, Please.

At home, on her commute, or at work, she will thank you every time she destresses and benefits from the essential oils on her bracelets!

Every woman is always looking for that unique sparkle to set her apart from the rest. Give her another pretty little bracelet and she’ll blend into the background but give her Lovepray Jewelry and she’ll stand out in a crowd. Once she experiences the heavenly healing powers that Lovepray Jewelry’s aromatherapy and gemstones offer, her smile will outshine anyone!

You just can’t go wrong with jewelry. A pretty little bracelet will surely put a smile on her face, but when you give a piece of Lovepray Jewelry, that smile will last – thanks to the healing powers of aromatherapy and gemstones.

Every stunning piece features beautiful genuine gemstones and lava rock. The lava rock works as a diffuser. Just add a drop or two of any essential oil and the lava rock beads soak it up, slowly releasing the scent and the healthy benefits for hours.

Not sure which one of these gorgeous creations to give? Pick a bracelet based on her favorite color or pick one with her favorite gemstone. From amethyst to howlite to rose quartz and more, you can’t go wrong with Lovepray.

More to LOVE About Lovepray Jewelry:

Fits All – 3 sizes to choose from

Loves Company – wear just one or stack them for more wow!

Grounding – lava stone is grounding and delivers energy and strength

Variety of Gemstones – tiger’s eye, amazonite, onyx, garnet and so many more to choose from, each with different healing benefits

Aromatherapy – delivers the scent of your favorite essential oil for hours

Howlite Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

Howlite and lava stone essential oil diffuser bracelet. Apply a drop of your favorite essential oil on your bracelet, and the lava stone beads will carry your favorite scent with you! White and crisp faceted howlite and matte silver titanium coated lava make this a beautiful aromatherapy bracelet! Heal your senses with this cool essential oil diffuser bracelet!

Lava stone comes from cooled lava, as it comes from the center of the earth, it is a strong grounding stone, that gives energy and strength.  Howlite is a very calming stone used to relieve stress of all kind. 

  • bead size: 8mm
  • SMALL: 6.5 inches/ 16.5cm
  • MEDIUM: 7.25 inches/ 19cm
  • LARGE: 8 inches/ 20 cm

Yoga jewelry, Malas & Chakra Jewelry

At Lovepray jewelry they specialize in yoga jewelry, all types of malas, essential oil diffuser jewelry and chakra jewelry.

Their earthy, yoga inspired jewelry for hip men and women, is designed and hand made in their studio in  San Diego, California.

Browse their wide selection of chakra jewelry, mala necklaces, wrist malas, and aromatherapy jewelry!


THE FIRST NIGHTTIME & DAYTIME BRA OF ITS KIND Specializing in Anti-Gravity, Lift & Comfort

The Breast Whisperer Bra is the invention of a highly respected plastic surgeon and internationally recognized fashion designer, who had the mission to build a seamless bra that can be worn all day and all night. Discover what it’s like to wear a bra so comfortable, you feel like you’re not wearing anything at all!

Even before Isaac Newton was hit on the head by an apple at his family farm in 1666 people had long known about gravity.

“What goes up, must come down.”

“The bigger they are the harder they fall.”

These aphorisms are not specifically about breasts, but they could be. Any woman can tell you that their breast and nipples get lower as the years go by.

Larger breasts get lower faster than smaller ones. Childbirth, breastfeeding and weight gain can all accelerate the process of gravity. Nowadays, we know how gravity works and which way it is pulling the breasts, so we know how to counteract it. Bras that give us support underneath the breasts work against gravity and keep the breasts from sagging and the skin from stretching. Any bra can do this, but some are more comfortable than others.

Designed to be worn all night, The Breast Whisperer Bra will minimize wrinkles in your décolletage and provide the support you’re always looking for. By wearing this as a Nighttime Bra, you’ll be defying gravity for an extra eight hours every day — keeping your breasts younger and higher than if you slept without one. It’s so comfortable, you’ll find yourself wearing it in the daytime, too!


  • Perfect fit with anti-gravity effect
  • Ultra comfortable with hollow, breathable yarns
  • Full support nighttime bra
  • Supportive straps that relieve pressure
  • No metal or plastic
  • Made with medical grade 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex / Elastane

The support system provides better support not only in the front but also on sides as well as in the back. The all around support omits the need of an underwire and other clasps whatsoever. Another distinguishing difference is we have dropped our shoulder seam by an inch. This means the bra lands on your collarbone which reduces if not removes the rubbing of the seam on your soft shoulders further enhancing comfort. There is no excess fabric on TBW bras, they are made to fit and support which provides high quality comfort.


  • Perfect fit with anti-gravity effect
  • Ultra comfortable with hollow, breathable yarns
  • Full support nighttime bra
  • Seamless under clothes
  • Racerback shape relieves pressure
  • Made with medical grade 95% Nylon and 5% Spandex / Elastane

Developed by doctors and fashion designers; endorsed by plastic surgeons around the world.

If you are a full figured woman, have large breast implants, or have large natural breasts, then you know how it feels to have the skin on your chest feel tugged and stretched with every bounce. Sports bras help with comfort at the gym, but they’re too restricting to wear for more than an hour or two. Wearing the Breast Whisperer Daytime / Nighttime Bra will make you feel younger and perkier, all day, everyday.




Feel Good Jewelry to Shop this Spring

Is winter done yet? If you’re like us, you are literally counting down the days to put away those winter staples and start sprucing up that spring wardrobe. But where to start? If there is one thing that’s essential to making every outfit pop it’s the right fashion accessories and classics from Boma hit the mark every time.

Why Boma? This is the line that simply makes you feel good. Take their Triangle Pull Through Hoop Earrings – so stylish and chic. Or their Hamsa Hand Necklace – perfectly on trend. You’re simply going to want one of everything! With so many gorgeous necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets, you’ll find exactly what you desire and all at a reasonable price.

But there’s even more to love than meets the eye. Boma Jewelry is made from ethical silver and crafted by artisans and silversmiths who are paid a fair wage. Boma also raises money to fund social and community-based programs for its workers’ families.

The Substance Behind the Style of Boma:

• Certified 925 fine sterling silver

• Lifetime warranty

• Handmade by artisans in Bangkok, Thailand

• Made with recycled silver from New Mexico, USA

• All Boma jewelry is nickel-free, naturally Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial

• Shipped in the most minimal amount of packaging to cut down on waste

About Boma:

Boma Jewelry is a company that is near to Suzanne’s heart not only because it is a company that was founded by her Dad in 1981, but because it is a company that makes products with value that bring joy to women everywhere.

Today Boma is committed to being a leader in ethical silver and Suzanne looks forward to bring you all into their process and for the first time share the stories of their makers, artisans and silversmiths.


Pedilicious Footwear “Pedi-Flop” Beauty Shoe Launches Pop Up Shop in the Market @ Macy’s at Lenox Square

It is never too early to start the summer shopping. Save time and leave the nail salon with a smudge free pedicure! The toe-separating “Pedi-Flop” Sandals have transformed the dreaded drying-time experience after a fresh coat of polish. The PediLicious Footwear brand understands the frustration with nicks and smudged polish. “Pedi-Flop” Sandals can be worn before, during and after a pedicure to continue your day while remaining stylish!

Pedilicious Footwear, LLC, which introduced the first officially patented line of spa sandals, will showcase its unique and colorful “Pedi-Flops” and other products in the Lenox Square Macy’s pop-up style marketplace begins from Thursday, February 7th, with creator and company CEO, Premise Martin.

A former accountant, Premise Martin, launched Pedilicious Footwear as an Internet-based shoe and accessory company targeting consumers in the $11 billion nails and beauty salon industry. Her company’s first signature line of casual shoes, the “Pedi-Flop,” was designed for wear during or after pedicure treatments.

The multi-purpose fashion flip-flop has an exclusive design feature: all five toes are individually separated, which provides comfort, style, and maximum drying exposure for post-pedicure toenails.

The Pedi-Flop created to help prevent chips or nicks on freshly polished toenails is available in a variety of colors and sizes. The built-in arch support, and helps to aligns the foot, hip, and back, thus relieving pain in the feet joints associated with wearing non-arch supported sandals. What makes these colorful sandals more exciting is the fact that they can also be worn right out of the spa or salon.

Pedilicious foot care also features nail polish that delivers shine and sophistication.  “Your feet need as much care as the rest of your body; the toes carry one-half of your body weight each time your heel leaves the ground,” says CEO Premise Martin.  “Yet, we take our feet for granted, from the wear and tear from high heels, uncomfortable shoes, and life events such as pregnancy, to ageing. The Pedilicious brand of products is working to help women love their soles and give their feet the care it deserves.”

About PediLicious Footwear:

Launched in 2017 PediLicious Footwear began as an Internet-based shoe company, targeting consumers in the $11 billion dollar nail and beauty industry. The company’s first Patent Issued, signature line of casual footwear, is known as the “Pedi-Flop” sandal. The “Pedi-Flop” sandal, is designed to wear before, during and after pedicure treatments.  They are a perfect Pedi’s cure and more. The “Pedi-Flop” sandals exclusive design features: four prong toe separators, with a built-in semi arch support, wide protective pinky toe sole and are fashionably designed to accompany any attire! The “Pedi-Flop” sandal provides comfort, style and maximum drying exposure for post-pedicure toenails. The chic “Pedi-Flop” sandal comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Created to help prevent chips or nicks on freshly polished toenails, the “Pedi-Flop” sandal can be worn for dual purpose wear. It’s unique construction of the built-in semi-arch support, can also assist with those ailing lower back, hip and calf muscle pains, often caused when wearing non-arch supported Footwear.

Pedilicious displays its shoe collection and nail polish in the Lenox Square Macy’s from February to May of 2019. Pedilicious Footwear, LLC products are available online at


ICY HOT :) Melissa’s Better Alternatives to Snow Boots!

Despite the frigid temps, at least NYC has had limited snow so far (knock on wood)!!

But in the spirit of preparation, I wanted to share with you some of the best options from Melissa for a fresh take on a boring old slushy snow boot! Check out our favorites below!

The Melissa “Glitter Rainboot” – shoppable here
This rain boot is perfect for serious precipitation – with an ounce of glittery fun. These boots are fully lined with waterproof neoprene for double protection. They even have a drawstring closure up top to ensure your legs (and pant legs, amiright?! stay dry). Retail $139.

The Melissa “Ugly Sneaker” – shoppable here
And yes, there’s even an Ugly Sneaker for that. These 100% plastic ugly sneakers are 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for traditional rain boots. And no more switching boots for shoes when you get to work! Retail $139.

The Melissa “Mid Heel” – shoppable here
No icy precip gonna deter you from your heels? These Melissa “Mid Heels” are for you then. A rounded block heel, and a high fit will keep your feet dry and best – they can be easily wiped clean from salt and snow. Hellow winter white shoes! Retail $135.

As always, all Melissa shoes and accessories are sustainably made using recycled and recyclable plastic – and therefore they’re always 100% vegan and waterproof! This season also features new designer collabs from Marine Serre, Comme des Garçons, the Campana Brothers, Disney, Vivienne Westwood, Jason Wu – and more! In addition to the shoes are available at Nordstrom, Amazon, Shopbop, Saks, and many more national retailers.