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Moschino Joins Playboy’s PRIDE IS GOOD Campaign with Special Capsule Collection

As Playboy prepares for its New York City residency with a special Playhouse popup in Soho – a keystone element of its PRIDE IS GOOD initiative – the company announced a very special collaboration with Moschino to celebrate WorldPride.
Playboy X Moschino’s edgy unisex sportswear collaboration creates eight limited edition products in which the brand’s iconic logo is transformed by Moschino from “Playboy” into “Gayboy,” reflecting both brands’ enthusiastic stance on supporting inclusiveness and fighting for LGBTQ rights.
The Playboy X Moschino PRIDE IS GOOD collection will be available beginning tomorrow at as well as in the Moschino flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York and at Playboy’s Playhouse which opens to the public on Thursday, June 20thand runs through June 23rd at 150 Wooster Street. 100% of Playboy’s net proceeds from Moschino merchandise sold at the Playhouse will benefit The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ youth.
The Moschino collaboration marks the first time in recent memory that Playboy has allowed its globally recognized logo to be changed.  Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott said, “Getting to do a twist on the iconic Playboy logo and support a crucial cause at the same time…. How could I say no?!”
This isn’t the first collaboration between Playboy and Moschino. The two brands came together for Moschino’s Resort 2018 collection with a line of apparel and accessories featuring the ever-popular Moschino Toy adorned with the iconic Playboy Bunny accessories.
About Playboy Enterprises, Inc.
Playboy, one of the most iconic brands in history, reaches a global audience with a diverse portfolio of consumer products, gaming and hospitality and content offerings. Six and a half decades later, what began as a smart, sophisticated and playful men’s magazine has evolved into a global, purpose-driven lifestyle brand that drives more than $3 billion in annual retail sales of Playboy consumer products across 180 countries. 
About Moschino
Italian luxury brand, Moschino was founded in 1983 and rose to the forefront of the international fashion scene through the ironic, tongue-in-cheek designs. In 2013, Jeremy Scott was appointed Creative Director and the brand hit a new high with his unexpected original designs that paid homage to Franco Moschino’s original concepts but were infused Scott’s unique vision and sartorial wit. Moschino S.p.A. is the owner of the Moschino brands. The company, which was a licensor of AEFFE S.p.A. since from the brand debut in 1983, was acquired by AEFFE S.p.A. in 1999.

LuLaRoe Marly Dress – The Effortless Summer Fashion Fits For All The Girls

This summer, I want to introduce you some effortless fashion style. You must be so happy to hear that. Who doesn’t like to look fashionable without wasting a lot of time to match your dress and top. We all agree it is pretty tough to make your outfits matchable, but at the same time almost one-piece summer dresses seem too beach-style or too exposed that they can’t become our everyday dresses.

Now the tough problem has been solved by LuLaRoe! You know that magical moment you find a dress so fitting, so stunning, and so perfect? Yeah, that’s the Marly from the new collection of LuLaRoe! A LuLaRoe dress that compliments all the beautiful shapes and sizes of the world. The highlights are endless: a timeless midi length, a multi-functional waist tie, hidden side pockets. It’s alright, she completes you, we get it.

There are so many styles that you can choose!
How cute these lovely patterns.

Another great thing about Marly Dress is we have different ways to wear it
– A piece of dress and a fabric belt.

My personal favorite is this bright yellow flower dress and peach color stripe dress.

I love that it takes no time to think and wear it, just as simple as it looks like.
But at the time it looks so cute and summer.
The most important, they are extremely comfortable!

Can this bright flower dress bring me happiness?
Yes, no doubt!

This is the way to shop!

LuLaRoe’s mission is to create freedom, serve others, and strengthen families through fashion. It’s a community where lives are being improved through love, purpose, confidence, trust & growth. Let’s have LuLaRoe in this beautiful Summer!


A piece of jewelry that has meaning and purpose for dad

For jewelry designer Szilvia Gogh, pieces can be beautiful and say something too. This is the philosophy you’ll find within the collections of Gogh’s jewelry which is inspired by her life as a “Renaissance Woman.” In addition to designing jewelry, she’s a scuba diver, stunt woman and photojournalist. Her jewelry pieces inspire the natural tranquility of the ocean to the wonders of Eastern zen practiced in yoga.

Her handmade jewelry is all assembled in Los Angeles using curated materials from her travels including natural stones and crystals such quartz, jade and agate. These materials are then transformed into meaningful accessories that nourish the mind, body, and soul.

Designs We love for Dad:

Mind, Body & Spirit Necklace – Antiqued Matte Sterling Silver Yoga and Meditation Inspired OHM Mind, Body and Spirit Pendant on a Dark Stainless Steel Necklace. Muscular Aged Look  – Ohm Necklace for those not Liking Shiny Silver.

Relentless Dog Tag Necklace – Much more than just a beautiful accessory, this inspirational jewelry is very meaningful. For the dad who is relentless! Relentless is someone who will not take no for an answer! They try things one way, and if that doesn’t work, they try it another way. But they don’t give up.

Leather Bracelet – For perseverance with nautical style stainless steel shackle connector. Leather is a symbol of perseverance and the staying power which one needs in difficult situations. A simple statement piece that goes well with the Outdoor Lifestyle.

If the unique design of this jewelry doesn’t evoke these feelings, perhaps their purpose will. Gogh is an active volunteer with the A Chance for Children Foundation and works with “at-risk” youth in Los Angeles. Further advocating for this cause, one percent of all Gogh Jewelry Design sales go to support projects by funding beads and jewelry making supplies.  Gogh wants to inspire others not only through her jewelry but through her charity work as well …wear some creativity while helping children explore theirs with Gogh Jewelry Design.

Handcrafted jewelry inspires two types of value. There’s the monetary value expensive diamonds and gems provide. The second type of value is sentimental. A piece of jewelry that has meaning and purpose can offer more value than opulence. For jewelry designer Szilvia Gogh, pieces can be beautiful and say something too. This is the philosophy you’ll find within the collections of Gogh Jewelry Design.

For more information about this one-of-a-kind jewelry or this one-of-a-kind jewelry designer, visit


A Flower for a Flower – Azuma Collection By San Diego Local Jewelry Brand Amorcito

Just like the elements we find in nature, every woman is distinctly and naturally beautiful – each adding to the beauty of the world. With that, each element of a jewelry piece contributes to its overall allure. That is the inspiration behind San Diego based jewelry company Amorcito.

Amorcito’s minimalistic and sweet styles are designed for creative, artistic and fashionable women. Amorcito means “sweetheart” in Spanish and translates to “little love.” Vanessa Murnane, creator and designer, describes each jewelry piece as a “little love” to be cherished and worn with confidence.

Many of the designs are inspired by California – from its beautiful coastline to its majestic mountain ranges. Although each piece is uniquely fashioned, every design has a delicate and dainty refinement expressing a sense of wonder and femininity. Created with fine stones and precious metals that are responsibly sourced or hand-picked from exotic markets and antique shops around the world, each item is truly special and like no other.

Amorcito is dedicated to assisting victims of domestic abuse, with a portion of sales benefiting No Silence No Violence. Every piece in the Azuma collection is inspired by “A Flower for a Flower” to protect the vulnerable and encourage the opportunity to bloom once again.

As the sole designer, Vanessa has such a passion for this art. It is a true labor of love. Her Amorcito.

Shop Lulu’s favorite:

Azuma Earrings
Regular price$ 72.00

This earrings are great for my any Summer outfit – no matter it’s simple one piece dress or a little complicated night out look. It feels pretty light although it looks very big. So no worry girls, you are not carrying heavy things on your ears. It just perfect for the coming Summer!

Wink earrings
Regular price$ 54.00

Making a playful face and wearing this super cute earrings. I love this design so much because it is just my personality – happy and fun. I believe all the girls love it. It is a pretty trendy look, just so stylish and add some fun in your OOTD.

You should also check out their this beautiful collection inspired by festivals. As the festival season is coming, you may consider to get some gorgeous new jewelry pieces in your fashion closet.

About The Artist And Her Design:

The majority of Vanessa’s designs begin with inspiration from the great state of California – from its beautiful coastline, to the sprawling deserts, majestic mountain ranges, ancient redwood forests, and grand rivers and waterfalls. No two places, trees, rocks, rivers or waterfalls are ever the same and they all contribute to the beauty of our planet. With that idea in mind, Vanessa recognizes that no stone, metal or even silk strand is exactly the same and every individualized piece contributes to the beauty of a woman. Every woman is distinctly and naturally beautiful, so Vanessa aims to design and make jewelry that adorns and honors her exclusive grace — and perhaps her wanderlust spirit, vulnerable heart, gypsy soul, creative mind, strong will, and/or her ever-resilient and sacred body.

Stones and materials used are always responsibly sourced and whenever possible, derived from local suppliers.  This is done with a genuine effort to support fellow artists and workers. The Amorcito jewelry line utilizes completely natural gemstones and metals.  Examples include: Lapiz, Chalcedony, Crystal Quartz, Druzy varieties, Moonstone and Sterling Silver + Gold Fill.

Every so often, Vanessa produces a tribute line to pay homage to the beautiful places throughout the world.  Every part of the planet has stones and materials indigenous to their landscape and culture.  Brazil, Peru, Spain, Argentina, France, Italy, Mexico and Turkey are just a few countries who have provided inspiration and produced beautiful natural stones used by Amorcito.

When donning your Amorcito jewelry, you will be inspired with confidence in your own beauty and congruity with nature.  Perhaps you might even be inspired to see the beauty in other people, places and cultures.


Buddha Gear-Planting the Seeds of Mindfulness

Buddha Gear, producers of Yoga and Meditation headbands, hats and beanies with a cool kick, launched their Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign on Monday, April 29. Buddha Gear’s campaign was fully funded in 6 hours and is #1 in trending fashion out of 27,800 campaigns! The Kickstarter funds will allow for brand expansion and more opportunities to clothe the Salt Lake City homeless.

Jason Latas and Joy Schade, co-founders of Buddha Gear, bring unique skill sets to their company. Jason has traveled and studied with spiritual masters across the globe.  “I have been an adventure guide and wellness coach for over 2 decades and bring my varied experiences to make BuddhaGear special,” says Latas.

Schade has been designing and selling hats for 12 years. “I’ve put hats on over 200,000 women,” says Schade. “This is my passion!”

Buddha Bands provide fashion and function, with moisture-wicking fabric and a hidden pocket that holds your chosen crystal over your third eye for better yoga, meditation and sleep. Every crystal has a different energy and vibration and facilitates a slightly different experience or journey when held over your third eye. A different crystal takes you on a different journey!

Buddha Gear always gives back a portion of all proceeds to help clothe the homeless. Buddha Gearrecently donated over 200lbs. of clothing to Salt Lake City Women’s Shelter and the Buddhist Temple.

About Buddha Gear:

Buddha gear is all about spreading seeds of kindness and mindfulness with a cool kick and awesome brand! Everyone wears hats, headbands and beanies with someone else’s logo on it. Buddha gear even pays other companies to advertise for them all over our bodies. Buddha Gear’s goal is to create a cool way to wear a symbol that people actually resonate with as opposed to being a walking billboard! Buddha gear likes to think of it as “an outward expression of an inner reflection…”

Who is Buddha Gear?

Joy has been designing and selling hats for 12 years, putting hats on over 200,000 women! Designing new styles and setting affordable trends is her passion. Jason has been an adventure guide and wellness coach for 3 decades. Helping people connect with their inner child and find peace through personal experience and mindfulness practice is his passion!  Together they have a combined passion for giving back and helping people find peace and balance in their lives, while having fun in the process.

Meditation headbands, beanies and hats are just the beginning of our meditation and mindfulness gear. As a guide and wellness coach, Jason has traveled and studied with spiritual masters across the globe in order to share this wisdom with his clients and the world. Joy has the heart, talent and artistic expression to imbue this energy into her headwear designs. “Together we have created a brand that in under a year is speaking to a wide and diverse audience, meeting our goal to plant the seeds of mindfulness across our beautiful planet!”

To learn more, visit Buddha Gear’s Kickstarter link,  find some interesting pledge packages, pick up some cool headwear and help clothe the homeless.


How to Create a Beautiful Updo for Prom by Tony Odisho

It’s officially prom season

and Tony Odisho has a cute and easy updo tutorial for it.

This elegant hairstyle can work well with just about any prom dress, plus it’s insanely easy to create. All you need is: Dry ShampooFlexible HairsprayStrong Hairspray, and an Infrared Curling Iron. Here’s how!

On dry hair, apply Ostia Collection Dry Shampoo. This will help add some texture. Plus the formula is talc-free, so it leaves zero residue! Apply Flexible Hairspray. This acts as a heat protectant and it offers a buildable hold that’s perfect for updos.

Using the Ostia Collection Infrared Curling Iron, create soft curls for added texture and volume in the updo.Tease hair at the crown of the head to create even more volume. Lightly brush out hair afterwards.

Pin into a bouffant, leaving plenty of face-framing pieces in front. 

Take a piece of hair from the right side and twist it slightly, then pull it across the head, beneath the bouffant. Pin into place.

Repeat the previous step, this time going from left to right.

This style can be worn to prom as is or with the following steps you can create an updo!

To turn this into an updo, repeat the last step listed, going piece by piece.

Finish pinning everything into place, then spray with Ostia Collection Strong Hairspray to hold the style while you dance the night away.

And that’s it! It’s an easy yet elegant updo, perfect for prom. If you enjoy our tutorials, be sure to check out the rest of the News page for more fun hairstyle ideas.

More about Tony Odisho:

Tony Odisho, President and Founder of Tony Odisho, began his career in Rome, Italy, where he studied cosmetology at the prestigious Marelena Academy. Young and ambitious, Odisho immigrated to the United States determined to bring the best beauty practices from Europe.  He was promptly hired by L’Oreal Professionnel to work as an educator and color expert. Tony then opened his acclaimed salon and spa, Exsalonce, in Roscoe Village, Chicago.. Tony’s reputation as a master extensionist and businessman landed him an executive position for a major hair extensions brand. In 2009, Tony saw the need for his own line of high end hair extensions.  He created Tony Odisho , offering the best quality extensions and everything needed to apply and care for them.  Tony Odisho, Beauty for Life. Tony Odisho is still a master stylist and a me! mber of the prestigious Intercoiffure America-Canada.