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Little Things You Can Do to Beautify Your Bedroom


Our bedrooms are places where we say goodbye to the day that’s behind us and get ready to welcome the next one. As such, these areas should be designed in a way that will have a soothing effect and promote relaxation and good vibes. 

That being said, however, that doesn’t mean that the décor should be minimal – unless that’s something you enjoy. So, if you’re looking for easy ways you can beautify your bedroom and make it feel more your own, you’ve come to the right place. Here are just some ideas.

Choose interesting wall décor

One of the easiest ways you can transform your bedroom is by adding just a few pieces of wall décor. Keep in mind that the décor pieces you choose to add to your bedroom should reflect your personal style. On top of that, you shouldn’t fill all of your bedroom walls with décor. Instead, opt for a statement piece or two. There are some interesting wall décor pieces on Skull Bliss, so make sure you check them out.

Add color

If you feel like your bedroom décor is lacking some color, you can easily introduce some without necessarily having to paint the walls. For instance, you can get your hands on some interesting wallpaper samples, frame them and hang them up on your wall. You can also use these to create a gallery wall above your bed that will create an illusion of a unique headboard. On the other hand, if this doesn’t sound appealing to you, you can always opt for colorful bedding instead. 

Play around with your night stand

If you are overall happy with your bedroom design but you still wish to make just some small changes, you can always play around with your nightstand. Instead of the regular nightstand, you can opt for a wall-mounted alternative. Similarly, you can even choose to get rid of your nightstands altogether and mount a simple floating wall shelf instead. You can then use the floorspace below the shelf to store decorative boxes or wicker throw blanket baskets.

Add an area rug

A very quick and easy way to bring new life into any area is by adding an area rug. The type and size of the rug you choose to go with will entirely depend on your personal preferences. And even if you already have a rug in your bedroom, don’t throw that one out. Instead, simply layer the two rugs to create an entirely fresh look.

Create a “me” nook

Next, no matter how big or small your bedroom is, chances are that you will have enough space to create a “me” nook. This can either be a reading corner, where you can simply add a small armchair and couple it with an interesting lamp; or it can be a cute little vanity setup where you’ll take your time to get ready in the morning. No matter which of these you choose, you’ll instantly add more interest to your bedroom and make it feel much more your own.

Dim the lights

Finally, even though you want to ensure that you have enough light in your bedroom for when you actually need it, you also want to be able to dim them when the room starts to feel too bright. That’s why installing a light dimmer switch is never a bad idea, especially in areas such as the bedroom. 


All of these tips and ideas have one thing in common – all of them are super easy to install and add to your current bedroom design, but all of them are guaranteed to entirely transform your space in no time.



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Broken frames?! You can still save those expensive lenses by putting them into a new eyeglasses frame. offers a personal service to find a new frame that will fit your lenses. The opticians will search through their massive catalog of 200,000 eyeglasses to find one that will work for your lenses.

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About is a leading online eyewear store, specializing in high-quality prescription lenses, glasses frames and sunglasses since 1999. The Westport, Connecticut retailer features over 350 popular name brands with the world’s largest catalog of over 200,000 shapes and styles right at consumers’ fingertips. also offers helpful information on the many types of prescription glasses available today, including blue light glasses, reading glasses, computer glasses, kids glasses and sunglasses, with tips on how to find the perfect eye doctor and the right frames to fit each person’s unique face.
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Everyone Should Be Able to Wear What They Want – Be Confident, Be You, Be Brassy

Brassybra is a disposable adhesive boob tape. Forget what you’ve tried before and stop searching for the perfect solution, because you’ve just found it! Have you tried other products that wouldn’t fit, stick or stay on? Don’t worry, we have a solution for you! Brassybra is carefully designed and manufactured to work with your body like a second skin.
Brassybra Caramel
Brassybra Chocolate
Brassybra Licorice
Brassybra is an invisible breast tape (boob tape) that fits, shapes and supports your breasts, just like a regular bra.
No matter the outfit, Brassybra can accommodate a variety of necklines and low back styles to keep you supported and strap free.
Brassybra is like a second skin that’s made with a unique medical grade adhesive:
  • It mimics your skin by breathing and stretching.
  • Brassybra’s water-resistant adhesive sticks with you through dancing, swimming and all your special event needs.

Each Box of Brassybra contains:

  • 3 one time use bra sets
  • 3 pairs of nipple covers
  • One test strips

Brassybra’s boob tape is latex-free and hypoallergenic, made from 97% cotton. Brassybra is adjustable, customizable and can be cut to fit any unique shape of style.

About Brassybra:
Inclusion and supporting the black community and communities of color has always been part of the Brassybra DNA. The brand donates a portion of proceeds monthly to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Brassybra is known for their diverse invisible breast tape that lifts, shapes and supports your breast, just like a regular bra.

Spring Must Have: Buddha Pants

Introducing to you the fun and playful pants that will surely make you dance! Never have hammer pants looked so stylish. Our patterned version of hammer pants, also commonly referred to as parachute pants or genie pants, are much loved as a universal, unisex style for all year wear. Perfect for yoga, everyday wear or lounging around at home.

Lounge wear is having a moment right now with lockdowns and quarantines worldwide. Doesn’t mean you can’t look cute while doing it. These pants are SO comfortable it’s hard to take them off!

All of our prints are created in-house and our pants are made with functionality and comfort in mind using organic materials where possible. Buddha Pants® fold themselves into their own pocket, making them a perfect travel-ready addition to any wardrobe.


You can check out the full product range and learn more here:


Wear The Jewelries That Reminds You There Are Good Times Ahead!⁣⁣

Remember, every cloud has a SILVER lining. You emanate beauty and your jewelry should be a reflection of that!⁣⁣ Ita Bonita‘s unique silver designs are the perfect way to jazz up your look! And I believe everything you wear should serve as a positive reminder of your worth.⁣

Check out these beautiful designs from Ita Bonita, let them help to complete your daily look perfectly.

Everyday Is A New Day Simple Necklace


A beautiful crafted minimalist leaf intertwined pendant necklace designed to make you feel good every time you wear it.


  • A simple and minimal statement necklace you can wear anywhere and any day.
  • Makes for a dainty and meaningful gift to your daughter, wife, mom, daughter, friend or significant other 
  • Necklace has a lifetime of durability, anti-tarnish properties as it won’t turn blue or green and won’t stain the skin. It also has a hypoallergenic material.
  • Handcrafted with love in Thailand.
  • A timeless pieces you’ll never want to take off – as it’s a simple and elegant addition to your look.

I Stand Tall Bangle


Nothing beats helping yourself or loved one to stand tall with this simple but vibrant and stylish bangle that can be worn solo or stacked and layered to give off that exquisite touch of exquisiteness.


  • Simple and comfortable bangle that is timeless.
  • Made of hypoallergenic, nickel free and lead free sterling silver stainless steel.
  • Fully adjustable bangle cuffs that is flexible enough to bend to most wrist. Easy to put on and off without any hassles.
  • It makes a perfect gift choice for both teens and adults as it does not cause any skin reaction or discomfort.
  • The flattened middle part of the bracelet rest perfectly on your wrist.

All Answers Are Within Me Sterling Silver Ring


There is nothing as perfect as a gorgeous statement ring which speaks elegantly for itself. Remember that all the answers to your completely sophisticated looks are within you and on the accessories you choose to wear.


  • Produced in sterling silver as base to ensure ring’s long lasting lustre and shine.
  • Hand crafted with love in Thailand.
  • Ring comes in comfortable fit for size 5-9 US.
  • Perfect gift for birthday, anniversary, valentine’s day, mother’s day etc.
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed as ring won’t break or turn skin green.
  • Silver is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial and nickel free thereby suitable for sensitive skin.

Enhancing your already given beauty. Go wild with your style!⁣ Ita Bonita is here to encourage self-empowerment!

They want you to feel like your ultimate BEST self in their jewelries. If you ever need a reminder of how wonderful you are, just look at each jewelry’s affirmation tag and repeat it in your head.