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I believe none of us could predict our 2020’s Spring is like this. It is already late May, but all we can do is still try our best to stay at home and try to be safe. But for me, I have the hope in my heart, I believe everything will be fine soon. Some de-stress products help a lot, such as having a nice warm bath.

During these uncertain & trying times during the COVID crisis, VITAL wishes to offer healing & support in the way they can through – through herbal medicine + boosting your own vitality. VITAL handpicked items that they feel best suit the “symptoms” that quarantine, changing times, and illness may be creating in your own life.


Immerse yourself in the uplifting nature of the CHERISH bomb.

Many people say this blend of essential oils creates a ‘pink lemonade’ vibe, and we couldn’t agree more. CHERISH will always have a special place in our hearts, as it was the first bb we created. Local, hand-picked calendula, with rose + pink sea salt swirl around with organic beetroot powder, to create a pink & uplifting tub experience.

INGREDIENTS: baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, non-GMO cornstarch, cream of tartar, witch hazel, fractionated coconut oil, local hemp-derived cannabidiol isolate, organic colorant, blend of essential Oils, herbs, flower essences, love!


clearing & invigorating

With a potent blend of cooling essential oils including balsam fir, wintergreen, eucalyptus, this bomb will offer a burst of invigoration and opening to the sinuses. Created to open passageways when allergies, cold/flu season, or just overall lethargy or ‘heaviness’ bog you down.

INGREDIENTS: baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, non-GMO cornstarch, cream of tartar, witch hazel, fractionated coconut oil, local hemp-derived cannabidiol isolate, organic colorant, blend of essential Oils, herbs, gemstone, flower essences, love!


flow & be free

VITAL SURRENDER bomb is their go-to after a long day/week/year…. It’s intention is to help you unwind & relax. The dose of CBD, combined with relaxing essential oils, can help bring a bit of ease and letting-go. Allow the flower essences, blue hydrangea & clear quartz to wash away stress, and ease the mind.

INGREDIENTS: baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salt, non-GMO cornstarch, cream of tartar, witch hazel, fractionated coconut oil, local hemp-derived cannabidiol isolate, organic colorant, blend of essential Oils, herbs, gemstone, flower essences, love


  • Infusing the knowledge & background of herbal medicine & hemp into VITAL products
  • Utilizing organic and local ingredients whenever possible and even hand-picking some of the herbs VITAL uses in the products
  • Handcrafting VITAL items with love, in very small batches, no more than 16 at a time
  • Infusing each of VITAL products with flower essences, unique to any other bath bombs on the market, which may provide strong emotional body shifts
  • Utilizing CBD as a synergistic herb, rather than a standalone item, to maximize the healing intention of each product

VITAL can be a perfect gift for someone you care about, letting them know that you are thinking of them during the special time. Even you guys couldn’t meet up, but sending love is a great way to express your love. For more information about VITAL, you can check out


Discover the Remarkable Skin-Rejuvenating Benefits of CBD!

Uplifting skincare brand Mantra Mask harnesses
one of nature’s most powerful ingredients in a new collection designed to enhance, restore, and revitalize 

Mantra Mask introduces all-new THC-free CBD sheet masks and eye gels, proudly made in the USA and specially formulated to achieve optimal absorption and incredible results for all skin types. Free of parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals, “all-natural beauty meets inspiration” in the complete vegan, cruelty-freeMantra Mask skincare collection, designed to transform and uplift using the power of pure, high-quality ingredients. Now, experience the remarkably rejuvenating benefits of CBD – one of the primary non-psychoactive compounds found in the hemp plant – in a new Pore Refining Mask, Marine Hydration Mask, and nourishing Coconut Eye Gels.

New Hemp CBD Pore Refining Facial Sheet Mask powerfully cleanses, detoxifies, softens, and brightens for immediate skin radiance. Broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD (30mg) restores skin’s natural glow, reducing inflammation and delivering gentle detoxification. Red Clover and Pomegranate extracts, along with Colloidal oatmeal, COQ10, Alpha Lipoic acid, and Vitamin C, help remove dead skin cells and combat daily environmental damage. Turmeric and Bearberry extracts smooth and clarify. Ginger Mint, Aloe Vera, and Tahitian Gardenia soothe and refresh. Birchwood Bark and Witch Hazel extracts work with Bentonite clay to cleanse and purify. Prickly Pear and other natural fruit enzymes brighten, while a combination of green, white, and black tea extracts refine pores. 

The antioxidant-rich Hemp CBD Marine Hydration Facial Sheet Mask works to tighten, moisturize, and rehydrate with the tantalizing aromas of Gardenia and coconut. Luxurious Tahitian Sea minerals offer essential antioxidants to condition and rejuvenate. High in protein, essential fatty acids, and vitamins, Spirulina Algae works to gently smooth and hydrate dry, damaged skin. California Sea Kelp and Dead Sea salts fortify cells and restore moisture. Wakame Seaweed gently draws out impurities while delivering beneficial nutrients. Broad-spectrum, THC-free CBD (30mg) detoxifies and minimizes oil while naturally reducing redness and irritation for a more even-toned complexion (also available in 60mg professional-grade).

Formulated for all skin types, new Hemp CBD Coconut Eye Gels feature natural, non-toxic nano encapsulated CBD (30mg) which penetrates deeply to minimize dark circles, puffiness, and wrinkles. Fast-acting Rye Seed extract, Vitamin K, and Rice Peptides nourish skin and improve elasticity. Pomegranate, Green Tea and Aloe rejuvenate and purify, restoring vitality and waking up tired eyes.

Experience the powerful, skin-renewing benefits of all-natural CBD in Mantra Mask’s new Hemp CBD Pore Refining Facial Sheet Mask ($15), Hemp CBD Marine Hydration Facial Sheet Mask ($15) – also available in professional-grade edition with 60mg broad-spectrum CBD – and Hemp CBD Coconut Eye Gels ($45 for pack of 9), available exclusively at Plus, keep skin looking its best year-round with a convenient Mantra Mask Monthly Subscription (just $55 for 5 targeted sheet masks).

About Mantra Mask:

Founded by skincare expert Kim Wellen, Mantra Mask makes natural, high quality skincare accessible and affordable for all. One of the first to bring sheet masks to the market, the company harnesses the power of naturally-derived vitamins and herbal botanicals in a convenient, easy-to-use beauty maskMantra Mask is formulated without parabens, sulfates, dyes and other harmful chemicals by Dr. Hal H. Simeroth, Ph.D. Known for advancing the skincare industry over the past four decades, Dr. Simeroth adds his scientific expertise to Wellen’s powerfully positive spirit, resulting in a dynamic team committed to natural skincare for all.

Visit to learn more, shop and subscribe for email product updates and promotions. Follow on Instagram @MantraMask for updates, chances to score free products and tips for living a beautiful life.



Shared Planet™, the vegan beauty brand known for raising awareness of ‘at-risk’ animals by creating color cosmetic collections, inspired by those on the endangered list, today announced their Earth Day promotion consisting of a 20% off site-wide sale, as well as a donation of 10% of sales to animal-related charities.

“Earth Day 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement,“ said 17-year old Aashna Sharma, Founder of Shared Planet™.  “The Shared Planet™ brand is deeply rooted in championing animals and their natural habitat, and we very much share in that mission of driving transformative change for our planet.”

Taking the concept of clean beauty to the next level, with products mindfully created to make a difference, the brand launched with 2 color cosmetic collections – Tiger and Polar Bear.  Each collection consists of an eye shadow palette and coordinated lip glosses.  Each shade, inspired by both the animal and its natural habitat, pushes the boundaries of color and performance, while bringing visibility to the issues each one faces today.
The brand has partnered with two internationally recognized animal charities, Panthera and Polar Bears International, and it donates 10% of sales to help ensure a future for endangered animals.

“We give back 10% of each sale, every day.  But in celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to gift an extra savings to our customers as a way to show our dedication to the Earth Day movement,” said Sharma.  “We are so proud of the support and attention we have received thus far and hope this promotion, along with the incredible quality of our products, will help people become devoted to the Shared Planet™ brand and its mission.”




Shared Planet’s Polar Bear Collection was inspired by the icy, cool, reflective shades of the Arctic, the stunning glaciers the Polar Bears call home.

Hudson Bay: high shine shimmering pearlescent mauve
Wintry: high shine translucent iridescent white

CUB: matte soft fleshy nude
ICEY: shimmering soft pink
PRISM: metalized muted lavender

POLAR: illuminating holographic iced white
FROSTED: intense sparkling amethyst
CHILLY: rich matte smoky grey
SUBZERO: matte royal aubergine
AVALANCHE: metalized brilliant aqua marine
GLACIER: shimmering vibrant sapphire blue
AURORA: metallic blue-toned violet
ARCTIC: rich metalized deep silver
BLACK ICE: matte ultra-saturated intense black

Shared Planet’s Tiger Collection was designed to mirror the colors of the magnificent tiger, and the environment that surrounds them.

BIG CAT: High shine shimmering peach
FEROCIOUS: high shine translucent glittering gold

SIBERIAN: matte soft neutral vanilla
TIGER EYE: rich vibrant metalized amber gold
WHISKERS: matte creamy peachy brown umber

PAW PRINT: soft shimmering baby pink
FIERY: matte soft earthy mocha
LUSH: rich vibrant leafy green
ROAR: illuminating holographic gold
CLAWED: matte creamy burnt orange
SHER KHAN: rich shimmering copper
PREDATOR: matte deep velvety chocolate
BENGAL: metalized brilliant bronze
STRIPES: rich matte intense black

About Shared Planet™

Shared Planet™ ( is the first color cosmetics brand to put the pursuit of social and environmental change before all else.  The brand, and its products, bring visibility to endangered animals and donates 10% of proceeds to animal-related charities across the world.  Shared Planet™ has built its foundation on maintaining a vegan and cruelty-free status, and we partner with social media influencers, who are equally passionate about animals, who use their platforms to help spread awareness.


Spoil Mom With Heathmade’s Lotion Bar!

In five years, the young entrepreneur Heath Wilson, his apothecary interests transformed into something much bigger — a mission to craft cleansing and soothing skincare products out of simple and plant-based ingredients. Not to mention, they’re so sleekly packaged and effectively formulated that you wouldn’t think they came from a kid-owned brand.

Lotion Bar is an innovative twist on a liquid formula that feels luxurious as ever when applied to skin. It’s the perfect gift to send mom this Mother‘s Day!

A special note from Heath, the founder: Heathmade is donating April product proceeds to No Kid Hungry.

“While I have been fortunate to keep busy during this uncertain time, I recognize many businesses and schools are suffering. After talking it over with my family, I decided to make a donation to No Kid Hungry, a non-profit organization that ensures kids who count on the meals they receive at school, continue to get the food they need to be healthy.”

The Curiously Crafted Gifts for Mother’s Day, from Heathmade Los Angeles. 

Mom no longer has to worry about moisturizers and hand creams leaking in her purse, or squeezing too much or too little out of bottles or tubes. Have her try the stick formula that glides right on and easily rubs in. Nourish and soothe dry skin with a combination of argan oil, avocado butter, candelilla wax or white beeswax, and essential oils.

Choose from signature scents:

  • Aware – A bright blend of citrusy lemongrass and cool spearmint.
  • Awaken – Fresh coffee is combined with sweet orange, and creamy vanilla.
  • Devote – Relaxing, bright and clean scents of lavender, citrus, juniper and rosemary.
  • Be True – The woodsy scent of sandalwood and the soft, warmth of vanilla.
  • Relax – Escape the day with the rich, floral aroma of ylang-ylang and the spicy and exotic combination of ginger and orange.

About Heathmade Los Angeles:

Heath Wilson’s entrepreneurial journey began at four years old as he attended a week-long potions lab to learn about the healing power of plants, herbs and aromatics. His first sales began at a school fair as he sold hand-crafted, alcohol-free hand sanitizer. He quickly acquired apothecary-like skills crafting products with ingredients such as essential oils, plant butters and other natural ingredients. Heath traded the fair booth for a business venture founding Heathmade. Today the brand carries an array of natural, cruelty-free products including lotion bars, lip balms, deodorant, a healing balm for the face and body, and Heath’s signature hand sanitizers. For more information, visit


Irresistible SKIN is the new beauty must have…

Forget the no names and off brands. America’s #1 Gummy Vitamin Brand, vitafusion™ has introduced a deliciously yummy gummy vitamin, vitafusion Irresistible SKIN. Made with 12 essential vitamins and nutrients, Irresistible SKIN is packed with a Delicious Natural Berry Pomegranate Flavor.

Beauty is the fruit of wellness, when your skin shines your personality does too. Nourish beauty from within with this 5-IN-1 supplement for naturally irresistible skin.

Supports 5 Elements of Naturally Beautiful Skin




4)Healthy Glow

5)Appearance of Fine Lines†

Take a fruitful step toward a healthier, happier world with America’s #1 gummy vitamin brand. Vitamin Better!

Anything is possible when great nutrition is your foundation!


Celebs Used This Tool to Glam for the Oscars — You Should Too

Within a few months of launching, the EyeAm Conchita Lash-App & Curl has already seen great success and captured a diverse audience of customers. Sold by popular mink-eyelash purveyor EyeAm Conchita, the innovative lash applicator has glammed up everyone from working moms to stars like Christina Milian and Yolanthe Cabau.

The EyeAm Conchita Lash-App & Curl was created by platinum recording artist and EyeAm Conchita founder, Conchita Leeflang. Conchita designed the Lash-App & Curl to help users apply her company’s 3D silk and mink lashes faster and with more accuracy.

“My customers were always asking me for tips on how to apply lashes — especially users who wear glasses,” says Conchita. “The Lash-App & Curl makes false eyelash application effortless for everyone, including glasses wearers. I designed the applicator for all types of people — from busy professionals to celebrities — who want to feel beautiful and get glammed up in seconds.”

Designed from lightweight, FDA-approved materials, the Lash-App & Curl lets you curl and apply false lashes in under five seconds. The dual-function tool includes an ergonomically designed, 90-degree applicator for applying lash strips, in addition to a curler for curling the lashes once they are attached. The tool is designed for different eye shapes and is the first applicator on the market that can be used while wearing glasses.

Every order of the Lash-App & Curl includes a pair of Con-Lee Lashes famous 3D silk or mink lashes made from naturally fallen fur. Customers can apply lashes using EyeAm Conchita‘s unique Eyeliner Glue, which functions as both a liquid eyeliner and a glue. Users can apply eyelashes directly to the eyeliner without the need for sticky, messy alternative glue products. Order your own Lash-App and Curl and Eyeliner Glue today at

About EyeAm Conchita

EyeAm Conchita was founded by Conchita Leeflang, a Suriname-born daughter to the ambassador of Belgium. From uncommon beginnings, Leeflang went on to become a double-platinum winning record artist, actress, and model. While her globally patented EyeAm Conchita Lash-App & Curl eyelash applicator has been stealing the attention of the media, bloggers, and beauty fanatics these days, Con-Lee Lashes is also renowned for its 3D silk and mink eyelashes made from naturally fallen fur. Learn more at