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Best Tips on How Much To Spend On Kids Birthday Party

A kid’s birthday celebration should be fun and delightful, and that’s what makes it unforgettable. However, planning such an event can be daunting for most parents. Coming up with a budget and acquiring all the necessary items is in itself stressful. By planning how much to spend, you can save a lot and make the entire experience more pleasurable.

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Below are unique kids birthday spending ideas:


  1. Plan early


Birthdays come with many requirements like balloons, decorations, tableware, cake, and many other essentials. By shopping at the last minute, you end up spending much on things that you’d have acquired for a lower cost earlier on. So, create time to shop in advance, and you will get the best sales or discounts for all you need. If possible, download free coupon apps on your mobile phone to find the best deals.


  1. Set a budget


Come up with a birthday budget and avoid the temptation of purchasing things that you don’t require. Some of the things to consider when doing your budget are; the party’s location, number of guests, the type of entertainment, and the type of food. In the past year, 31% of parents spent less than $100, and 23% of parents used $300 or more. From these figures, it’s evident that kid’s birthday parties can be costly, but how much you spend depends on how you plan.


Below are some of the things you may need and their prices;


  •         Tableware – they include line, plates, glasses, and cutlery (from $1 – $20 per item). You can either hire or purchase and reuse for another event.
  •         Invitations (from $5 – $30 per pack) but you can use DIY invitations if you need something unique
  •         Furniture hire (from $3 to $40) if holding the party at home, and this should cater for 20 or more guests.
  •         Catering services (from $60 to $2000), but you can make simple snacks like cookies and juice and only hire utensils to present them nicely.
  •         Balloons (from $1 – $2500), but you can also consider DIY balloon garlands to cut on costs.


  1. Opt for a free or cheap venue


Most of the good places to have a birthday party are pricey and can be out of reach for most parents. For the best deals, check various local restaurants that offer birthday party services. Some places will even provide a birthday cake, decorations, and games in one package.


 A local park, a church hall or your kid’s school are also cheap birthday party places. Also, consider having the party in your backyard and hire kids entertainers like Yabadoo kids magician to entertain your guests. You’ll end up saving a lot since it’s one of the kids birthday ideas for cutting on costs.


  1. Spend what you’re comfortable with


There are different birthday party supplies in every local store, but you don’t have to spend on each of them. Pick a few of your child’s favorites, use them for the theme, and supplement them with less costly things like balloons, plates, and cups. Consider DIY toys that blend well with the party theme. 


  1. Bake the cake at home


Everyone wishes to purchase a pricey and elaborately decorated cake. But, this can be costly. Instead, bake the cake at home and invite some of your kid’s friends to adorn it. If you can comfortably afford one, pick one with no toppers or art and decorate it using small plastic toys owned by your child.


  1. Choose cost-friendly gifts


When picking gifts for your kid’s friends, avoid going for costly ones. You don’t want to offer something pricier than what they get from their families. Also, enquire from their parents if they plan to do gifts as well as the limits. You may be surprised to find out that there are some things that they don’t like. According to parents interviewed in the last one year, 31% spend less than $100, and you can spend less or more depending on your choice of gifts.


Final thoughts


Although planning your child’s birthday party can be hectic, simple kid’s birthday spending ideas can save you a lot. Whether you plan to have a grand party or something simple on a budget, the best way to stay on track is to set a budget and stick to it. Also, try other birthday ideas like free venues and focus more on the necessary items. By so doing, you’ll have a fancy birthday party and spend less.


Made For Parents, By Parents! Because Busy Parents Need Their Hands

Let’s face it — feeding time for parents with babies can be stressful; bottles fall, spill, and you’re constantly having to watch baby to make sure they’re eating.

BABASTE® is designed to allow a baby to hold a bottle with little or no assistance. It has a ‘cradle’ that accomodates most bottles, providing nurturing parents that their baby is fed without the constant disruption of bottles being dropped or thrown. This ensures that baby is fed in a timely manner.

BABASTE® not only allows parents to be hands-free during feeding times, but it also helps children develop their strength and motor skills in the form of hand-eye coordination. It’s fully height-adjustable for growing babies and is securely kept in place with a suction cup base that adheres to most surfaces.
To best minimize messes and spillage, BABASTE®‘s special design automatically repositions the bottle to its original starting point whenever baby releases their bottle.
Give parents and babies alike the independence and self-reliance they need during feeding time with BABASTE®
  • Place Babaste on a clean “GLOSSY” smooth surface. NOT intended for matte or wood finished highchairs.
  • Babaste Bottle Holder for Toddlers and Babies is the perfect solution to bottle throwing and makes bottle feeding easy! No-Spill Design: The Holder automatically repositions its original starting point whenever baby releases their bottle. Also, the Babaste Holder has a radical pivot range, allowing the baby to grab and use from any angle!
  • Hands-Free Multi-Tasking : Allows parents to stay engaged in feeding while nurturing baby’s independence. Perfect for parents with multiple children!
  • Helps develop babies and childs hand eye coordination, independence, strength, and motor skills.
  • Made in the USA and FULLY Patented. All Materials are USA Certified & Tested with 5 STAR Child Safety Rating. BPA FREE, LEAD FREE, PVC FREE, and PHTHALATES FREE. DISCLAIMER: BOTTLE NOT INCLUDED

A Perfect Gift For A New Mommy

Recently I have a lot of friends are going to have their first baby! So happy for them. Preparing a nice nursery gift is the way to express your love to them. Instead of cakes, cookies, flowers, or a infant toy, I get a better idea for you. It is Mommy Bag. It is functional and fashionable.

Let’s think about this, if you are a mommy for a new born, whether you’re preparing for your hospital trip or having a day out at the park with your kids, you need to pack a lot of things. But you realize there’s no bag can meet all the requests because of the limited bag space. Here we have the Mommy Bag is the perfect vessel to house all your items in one place.

A nursery bag can be fashionable as well as functional. With this oversized CHILDWHEELS mommy bag, you can not only take along all your baby’s necessities, but also make a fashion statement! Instead of carrying multiple diaper bags or cramming everything into a small suitcase, the large capacity Mommy Duffel is fashionable as well as functional.

A changing mat is included in this beautiful navy blue mommy bag, so you can change nappies anywhere. A changing mat is included so you can change nappies anywhere. The bag is very easy to clean with just a damp cloth.

  • Material: Oxford nylon
  • Dimensions: 55 x 30 x 30 cm (L x W x H)
  • Maximum load capacity: 10 kg
  • Maintenance: Clean with a damp cloth

And let’s not forget the daddies!

Daddy Backpack

Daddy Duffel Bag

After the great success of the Daddy Bag, “Mommy Bag” developed a large Daddy Backpack. The backpack is delivered with a foldable changing mat. On top of that, there is plenty of storage space to store all of your baby’s items.

Baby Necessities

The ‘Baby Necessities’ toiletry bag is a must have in which the most important baby essentials can be stored safely. It’s a handy water-repellent bag that can’t be missed in your mommy bag and nursery!
Mommy Bag is also a great gift for your wife, sister or best friend for this upcoming Christmas. No timing is better than holidays to give your care and love to the loving ones.

Dapple provides plant-based personal care products with a superior moisturizing profile for babies

Dapple, the most-effective plant-based brand for babies, has launched its personal care products in the Health and Beauty Department at Walmart. The line adheres to Dapple’s plant-based methodology while also providing best-in-class moisturization. Products include shampoo + body wash, baby lotion and wipes.

“Leading baby care products are largely petroleum-based which many consumers don’t want for their baby, yet the effectiveness of plant-based alternatives was underwhelming,” said John Pearson, Dapple’s Chief Executive Officer. “Now, parents don’t have to choose between a product that’s plant-based and one that actually works; our products are as pure as possible, yet they outperform the leading brands.

Dapple’s personal care line also incorporates prebiotics, a trend making headlines in the skincare industry. New research reveals that the skin microbiome, full of both good and bad microorganisms, plays an important part in overall skin health. Prebiotics are nutrients for good bacteria that help to facilitate a thriving environment for the skin microbiome. Dapple’s prebiotic botanical extract blend helps restore and rebalance baby’s natural skin barrier.

“Everyone’s heard of probiotics; prebiotics are relatively new to skincare and are what good bacteria absorb to prosper and reproduce,” said Pearson. Prebiotics help encourage more varied types of good bacteria, too, and variety is paramount for thriving skin,” said Pearson. “Our lotion is a testament to how powerful these tiny organisms are; our unique combination of plant-based ingredients and prebiotics provide an unprecedented two days’ worth of moisturization as a result.”

New personal care product offerings at Walmart will include:

  • Shampoo + Body Wash (available in fragrance-free, sweet apple, or lavender; MSRP $8.98, 16.9 fl. oz.)
  • Baby Lotion (available in fragrance-free, sweet apple, or lavender; MSRP $8.98, 16.9 fl. oz.)
  • Bubble Bath (available online in fragrance-free or lavender; MSRP $8.98, 16.9 fl. oz.)

Dapple Baby Plant Based Calming Shampoo & Body Wash
Lavender & Jasmine

  • Dapple Shampoo & Body Wash uses a tear-free, plant-based formula to gently cleanse baby from head to toe. Our prebiotic botanical blend leaves skin moisturized 2X longer, and gives moms peace of mind.
  • Made with a prebiotic botanical blend to help restore your baby’s natural skin barrier Keeps baby moisturized two times longer
  • Pediatrician and dermatologist tested
  • Formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic dyes & fragrances, SLS, DEA, MEA, or TEA
Dapple Baby Plant Based Baby Lotion
Fragrance Free
  • Dapple Baby Lotion uses a plant-based formula to gently moisturize baby from head to toe. Our prebiotic botanical blend leaves skin moisturized up to 48 hours and gives moms peace of mind.
  • Made with a prebiotic botanical blend to help restore your baby’s natural skin barrier Moisturizes up to 48 hours
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and tear-free Pediatrician and dermatologist tested Formulated without parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic dyes, SLS, DEA, MEA, or TEA

DAPPLE Baby Bubble Bath
Fragrance Free 

  • PLANT-BASED BUBBLE BATH: Made with plant-based ingredients to naturally moisturize baby’s skin for 2x longer
  • GENTLE, TEAR FREE FORMULA: Our baby bath products are made with an extra gentle, tear-free formula that leaves baby’s skin soft
  • WORRY FREE: Made without the things moms worry about! This bubble bath is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, pediatrician and dermatologist tested, and never tested on animals
  • PREBIOTIC BOTANICAL BLEND: The blend of prebiotics in DAPPLE Baby Bubble Bath helps restore your baby’s natural skin barrier with violet, chamomile, lavender, jasmine and chicory
  • MADE IN USA: DAPPLE Baby Bubble Bath is proudly made in the USA without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic dyes and fragrances, SLS, MEA, DEA or TEA

Dapple Baby Plant Based Hand & Face Wipes
Hint of Lavender w/ Aloe

  • Dapple gentle plant-based cleansing wipes with soothing aloe keep baby happy and clean anytime, anywhere. Stash a pack in your bag for convenient, gentle cleansing on the go!
  • Extra gentle cleansing wipes with aloe
  • Non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • Pediatrician and dermatologist tested Formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, phosphates, alcohol, 1,4-dioxane, formaldehyde, SLS, SLES, synthetic dyes, or fragrances


Dapple’s mission is to create completely gentle and effective baby-focused products. Their top green scientists have developed plant-based solutions that pack a punch; these powerful formulas have even earned a “Best in Class” rating from the Clean Label Project, a non-profit organization focused on promoting pure products in the marketplace.

Dapple products are non-toxic, pediatrician- and dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic and formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, synthetic dyes and fragrances, SLS, MEA, DEA and TEA. For more information, visit


Lil Mixins — A Super Easy Way to Prevent Food Allergies in Babies

Allergies are a hot topic for all new parents and even though both my husband and I are not allergic to nuts, we still wanted to be cautious. The first time Niko tried PB he had a bit of redness on his lips! I was surprised but let him try again a few days later and he was fine. Baby skin is so delicate and any new substance can cause a reaction. Just not what reactions are normal and slight and which indicate an allergy. We came across Lil Mixins and it is such a cool and easy way to introduce egg protein and peanuts to babies.

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Image may contain: food

Did you know that research shows that the ability to have an allergic reaction is rare in babies four to six months?  If parents introduce potential allergens as soon as their baby starts solids, this can PREVENT food allergies from happening later. But how do you give baby eggs and peanuts before they have teeth?

Image may contain: 1 person, eating and sitting

Lil Mixins makes it easy with their egg and peanut powder.

Lil Mixins takes pure egg and pure peanuts and grinds them into a powder form. Parents only need to use two teaspoons to mix with any baby food.. Each of the powders tastes great, and are safe to use on babies four months and up.

So just remember:

1.     Babies aren’t born with food allergies, they develop them

2.     Parents can rest easy and know it’s safer to introduce peanuts and eggs at an early age

3.     As a result, parents are training baby to tolerate these foods



BELLI Skincare for Post Partum Acne

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Screen Shot 2019-07-15 at 3.02.50 PM copy

This Wednesday, July 17th is Bump Day, a day to celebrate bumps around the world and generate awareness of the risks facing moms and babies who need vital care.

In honor of this celebration, Belli Skincare is offering 25% off all of their pregnancy safe skincare products on

BELLI is an award winning OB/GYN + Dermatologist recommended skincare line and has been cleansing, clearing, conditioning, preventing, firming, protecting, repairing and renewing skin since 2002.

Developed by skincare experts, Belli is devoted to all women’s skincare needs, including pregnancy and nursing moms. From hormonal pregnancy, acne, dry or itchy skin to preventing and repairing stretch marks, Belli has you covered in the safest way possible.

Belli products are vegan, made with plant based ingredients, cruelty free, and do not contain any artificial dyes, fragrances, harmful chemicals, preservatives, paragons, gluten or phthalates.


Belli products were on my list of must-haves during my pregnancy. My Facebook memories popped up a photo of my first trimester today. I remember the throwing up and the acne! But Belli products were so helpful in reducing redness, and clearing pimples fast. The thing is, your body goes through so much and you are not allowed to use a lot of products when you are pregnant. So I didn’t know this could hurt the baby – all I knew was no sushi. I later found out that beauty products were on the list too! Along with soft-serve ice cream and soft drink machines for the fear of mold. By the way, each time I take a napkin and wipe the nozzle of those soda dispensers… 10/10 times there is mold.


So even though I am postpartum now, I still drink from bottles.  BELLI is something I will continue using as I am nursing Niko now at 6 months post partum!