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Audrey Smit, recently published a children’s book called THE ADVENTURES OF LILY HUCKLEBERRY IN SCANDINAVIA, the first in a series (next stop is Japan), providing a strong female role model who encourages children to be brave and adventurous.

In this book, kids will learn about Scandinavian traditions such as the Midsummer celebration, with its flower crowns and maypole dancing, to historic landmarks, like the Little Mermaid of Denmark and the stunning fjords of Norway. Nordic characters like elves, vikings and the Swedish horse, Dala, appear throughout the journey, and common Scandinavian words, like “Mormor” or “Fika,” are introduced with helpful speech bubbles for proper pronunciation.

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About the Authors

Audrey Smit is the founder of This Little Street, a design company with a colorful and happy aesthetic. Audrey grew up in a small village in France and has lived all over the world. Her design inspirations are fused from these beautiful places and their people. She now lives in Berkeley with her Danish husband and their four adventurous little girls.

Jackie Knapp, who works as the Director of the Children’s Ministry in Albany, has mentored and taught kids worldwide. This is her first children’s series, inspired by a Thursday Adventure Club created for Audrey’s girls, and from her own gypsy spirit.

About This Little Street

Founded in 2017 in sunny Northern California, This Little Street is an original brand by designer Audrey Smit – a whimsical world filled with happy, colorful products and fanciful stories for children. This Little Street is also the home of Lily Huckleberry, the hero of a new book series that empowers kids to be brave, imaginative, and curious about the world. This Little Street is on a mission to make people smile more and help parents raise good little humans. For more about This Little Street, visit


Getting Ready for Food: Teetherpop for Baby + More

Time is flying and Niko is already 3 months old!

I am so looking forward to letting my son try food in the coming months. Some suggest 4-6 months is a good time.

“food before one is just for fun!”

To prepare for the next step in Niko’s eating, I got a few things already.

  1. Babycook by BeabaImage result for baby cook
  2. TeetherpopImage result for teetherpop

One of the products I have ready is the teetherpop™, a brand new line of USA-made fillable, freezable teethers designed to hold water, purees, homemade smoothies, freshly juiced fruits and veggies, Mother’s milk or baby’s favorite drink. You can freeze them for an added treat. Plus, they’re made from U.S.-sourced, FDA-approved, medical grade materials so they’re BPA, PVC, latex and phthalate free.

3. OXO containers

Image result for oxo tot containers

4. These Giraffe spoons

Related image

I originally wanted to get these from Ryan and Rose instead but it is essentially the same thing right?

5. Miniware Bowls!

Image result for miniware

6. Nuna Zaaz Highchair

Image result for nuna zaaz

6. And this!  Baby Nosh cookbook – Is there anything else I need?

Image result for babynosh


NEW Dove’s First-Ever Customized Conditioner Collection

Your hair is unique. Shouldn’t your conditioner be, too? I wanted to be one of the first to tell you about Dove’s NEW UltraCare collection, the brand’s first-ever customized conditioner series.

Available in three different formats (a foam, milk gel and crème!) and formulated with our patented Micro-Conditioning Complex, it’s designed to deliver the right level of nourishment that truly gets your hair. Providing a whole new way to choose the right levels of nourishment for your hair type, it’ll leave your hair nourishedhealthy looking and cared for.

Postpartum hair loss is real! I have been finding my hair everywhere – in the shower, on the ground, in the car and all over the house. Using Dove Milk Gel Conditioner has helped get most of it out in the shower before I put my hair into mom braids. Excited to try the foam and creme next!

As a new mom, I just want to look presentable – and showers are between naps, feeding and diaper changes have to be fast and effective before the baby wonders where you are and starts crying again!