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Mural Teaching Artists + Youth = The Dream Team
“What makes your heart happy?”
“How do you make others feel welcomed?”
These are some questions that ArtReach Mural Teaching Artists use to guide students to sketch themes and imagery that are meaningful to them and the community in which they interact with daily. Our Teaching Artists ground their creativity in listening and process, and invite youth to push up their sleeves and be the creative catalyst in each step.
Together, we practice, discuss, draw, erase, rearrange. We wash the wall. We hold our drawings in the air and envision the life and joy they will breathe into an often-ignored section of campus. On Community Paint Day, youth lead their community as mentors, inviting all to grab a brush, make a mark, and give back to their space.
Through hours of behind the scenes preparation, ArtReach Mural Teaching Artists are collaborating with youth to create and plan a new space to share with classmates, educators, mentors, neighbors, and families. For many youth, the #artreachmuralprogram is their first experience with creating art in a school or community setting.
“Each mural contains a different story and feeling. A different wall, space, and group of youth who guide this story. We never know what a wall will look like before we start. We must hear and collect from the youth: their ideas, their drawings, their words. We must always be listening to the ones who live, breath, and exist in the space surrounding the mural. I love that the ArtReach Mural Program prioritizes this first and foremost. This is what interests me most about creating murals with youth: hearing their ideas and seeing their imagery from their own hand. Empowering them to be the leaders and deciders of what goes on this large, large wall. Painting the story of the mural, together.”
                                                                                  -Isabel Halpern, Mural Program Manager
Art Is Education: The ArtReach Mission
ArtReach believes that all children, regardless of zip code or socioeconomic status, benefit from the opportunity to practice creative thinking and creative doing. We exist to increase access to visual arts education by connecting students at K-12 schools throughout San Diego County with practicing artists. We focus on providing free workshops to students at schools that meet need criteria and have no or scant visual arts education resources.

Keep Kids Smart with ART for Your Staying at Home Kids

A new series of free online programs called Keep Kids Smart with ART will aim to help parents and their children who are home from school, along with other new digital online visual arts programs at no cost for all ages, including seniors who are keeping social distance and who might feel isolated.

The team at the Boca Raton Museum of Art, and the teachers at its Art School campus, are creating these new free online initiatives for parents and students. This new series of free online programs, featuring Keep Kids Smart with ART will begin this Friday, March 20th. The link will be here*The first content will be added on Friday.

These ideas resulted from consulting with an American father who lives abroad with his family. He shared his experience, strength and hope about the challenges his family has faced while staying at home due to school closures because of the coronavirus.

The Museum team sees this as a way to give back to the community and to be of service during this challenging time. Also further below are tips for parents on how to use art at home with their children, to keep kids engaged.

Eye to I: Self Portraits from the National Portrait Gallery

The Ultimate Collection of “Selfies” by America’s Leading Artists: from 1901 through 2015

The term self-conscious takes on a whole new meaning in today’s social media era. At a time when millions of selfies are posted every day and identity is proving to be more fluid, this exhibition from the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery shines a new light on self-portraiture and representation.


Untitled, from the series When I am not Here, Estoy alla, by Maria Magdalena Campos-Pons. Dye diffusion transfer print (1996). National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. Gift of Julia P. and Horacio Herzberg. © María M. Campos-Pons.

Chosen as the cover for the exhibition catalogue, the artist used her own body to map out feelings of translocation from place to place.

The bilingual title is in half-Spanish and means When I am not Here, I am There.

She stands with her eyes closed, as though transported between territories while holding on to her Afro-Caribbean talismans.


Elaine de Kooning Self-Portrait. Oil on Masonite (1946). National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution

Mirror, Mirror; Mulatta Seeking Inner Negress II by Alison Saar. Woodcut on chine-collé (2015). National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution


Lee Simonson Self-Portrait. Oil on canvas (c. 1912). National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. Gift of Karl and Jody Simonson; Frame conserved with funds from the Smithsonian Women’s Committee


Shimomura Crossing the Delaware, by Roger Shimomura. Acrylic on canvas (2010). National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution. Acquired through the generosity of Raymond L. Ocampo Jr., Sandra Oleksy Ocampo, and Robert P. Ocampo © 2010, Roger Shimomura

Dr. Brandon Brame Fortune.

“These individuals have approached self-portraiture at various points in history and using different tools, but their representations ─ especially when seen together ─ all raise important questions about self-perception and self-reflection,” said Brandon Brame Fortune, chief curator, Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery.

“Some artists reveal intimate details of their inner lives through self-portraiture, while others use the genre to obfuscate their private selves or invent alter egos.”

Following is the updated statement from Irvin Lippman, the executive director of the Boca Raton Museum of Art:

Art, culture, and creativity have always made a difference in powerful ways, especially during challenging times. We are grateful for your support and plan to give back to the community.”

“Being inspired and creative have not been canceled.”

“A special new series called Keep Kids Smart with ART will be available online to help parents and their children who are home from school.  You will also find other new digital programs especially made by the Museum, for all ages. We will continue our service to the community by creating new virtual educational and enriching experiences online and via our social media channels. Follow and connect on social media (@bocamuseum, #BocaMuseumfromHome).” Read the full statement about the Museum’s temporary closing here.

— Irvin Lippman, executive director of the Boca Raton Museum of Art

According to the National School Boards Association, kids who study art are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement. Studies show that art helps kids earn higher report card grades because skills developed through art lead to better learning in other areas.

Tips for parents and students on using art in your home:

  • Provide a special “creative zone” at home.
  • Make sure that your “creative zone” is mess-friendly and able to stand up well to spills and art-related fun.
  • Focus on the fun process, not on the outcome.
  • Create a special area to showcase your child’s artwork.
  • Watch and encourage your children as they work on their art.
  • Ask them questions to engage them while they create.

Alleviate stress, foster creativity, and commune with nature with MEDITATIVE STONE ART

Art and nature mindfully combine in Meditative Stone Art, publishing this April from Rock Point! Alleviate stress, foster creativity, and commune with nature while creating beautiful art with Meditative Stone Art.

Let artist Maria Mercedes Trujillo Arango guide you on a meditative art journey, for beginner and expert crafters alike, as she shares her unique and elegant designs for decorating stones. Meditative Stone Art includes 44 illustrated step-by-step projects—21 calming mandala designs and 23 nature-inspired designs, including:

  • Single-color mandalas
  • Multicolor mandalas
  • Flowers
  • Leaves
  • Butterflies
  • Moths
  • Beetles
  • Fish

Chock-full of beautiful photography and easy-to-follow instructions to get your designs just right, along with drawing tutorials and information about gathering the perfect stones, tools and supplies, and art techniquesMeditative Stone Art will have you feeling inspired, focused, and relaxed in no time.

The author

Maria Mercedes Trujillo Arango is the author of Rock Point’s Meditative Mandala Stones kit and is a self-taught illustrator-crafter from Bogota, Colombia, who now calls New Zealand home. She likes to draw, paint, and embroider. In 2001, she became interested in mandalas and started drawing them and learning more about their history, psychology, and symbolism. Since 2011, she has combined her love of mandalas with painting beautiful stones she has collected.


Artisan Soap that’s More than Just Eye Candy: How Soapcreek Company Is Cleaning Up Body Care Ingredients One Bar at a Time

As an artist, I would love to have all my things, especially the beauty products in a artisan style. The beautiful artisan-crafted soaps are always the ones I have on my beauty bar. They are often looked at as a piece of beauty or eye-catching bath decor, but one company committed to making natural body care is “raising the bar” with how you get clean.

Soapcreek Company is making more than another pretty soap. It’s leaving out synthetic fragrances, dyes, and other harsh chemicals and replacing them with sustainably-sourced essential oils, natural clays, minerals, butters, and herbs.

Speaking of ingredients, it leaves the traditionally removed glycerin alone and for your benefit. This compound only adds to skin’s moisture and contributes to the rich lather leaving you feeling silky smooth once rinsed off.

The meaning of natural doesn’t stop at the ingredients used. Soapcreek abandons the ideals of modern soap making with complicated, technical processes for handmade products.

How are the ingredients chosen, based on what criteria?  Quality, Quality, Quality. While some companies tend to cut corners with less expensive ingredients, Soapcreek Company tarted theirs with the idea in mind to make the very best. From the base oils to the essential oils Soapcreek Company order in samples and test them in small batches to see how the effect the finished product. For instance Soapcreek Company tried eight different lavender oils before finding the one that met their expectations for a finished product. Their motto is to begin with the end in mind.

Old-fashioned Quality and Craftsmanship 

Not only are these products made in the USA, but they’re also crafted the labor-intensive way hand-poured and hand-mixed. There’s an actual person overseeing every step of the soap-making process from making sure the right ingredients get added at the proper time and in the proper amounts, to verifying that the mixing is thorough and complete. The end result is an original, artistic product.

What Lulu has:

Blondewood Artisan Soap


This is perhaps the most exotic large 6oz soap bar we offer. We use the prized pure sandalwood essential oil; beautiful, mysterious and loved by both men and women. Capuacu butters’ incredible creaminess offers skin-softening qualities.

– Skin Type: Aging Skin to Acne Skin
– Special Ingredients: Capuacu Butter promotes skin elasticity and thickness
– Essential Oils: Sandalwood anti-acne and wrinkle refining, Lavender relaxes, soothes & heals, Cedarwood soothes skin conditions
– Lather Qualities: soft, creamy

Blondewood Body Buttercreme


Deeply hydrate and soften your skin with loads of exotic butter, raw organic honey, and nourishing olive oil. Leave skin dramatically dewy and supple. This luscious blend is infused and scented lightly with pure fragrant essential oils.

What Lulu Plans to have:

Lavender Honey Artisan Soap


This large 6oz bar has soothing Aloe and French Clay, with another layer loaded with Raw Honey to hold moisture to the skin. It’s like two bars in one. The scent is our famous floral lavender with a hint of citrus.

– Skin Type: All Skin Types
– Special Ingredients: Raw Honey holds moisture to the skin, French Clay mild cleansing, Aloe Vera soothes and heals
– Essential Oils: Lavender relaxes, soothes & heals, Litsea Cubeba controls sebum, Clary Sage relaxing & an antioxidant
– Lather Qualities: medium, creamy

Rainwood Body Buttercreme


Deeply hydrate and soften your skin with loads of exotic butter, raw organic honey, and nourishing olive oil. Leave skin dramatically dewy and supple. This luscious blend is infused and scented lightly with pure fragrant essential oils.

About Soapcreek Company:

Founded by Roxanne and Fred Johnson, Soapcreek Company is the Utah-based maker of organic certified artisan soaps and skincare essentials. The brand name comes from Fred’s favorite destination to visit within the Grand Canyon in Arizona. While Roxanne experimented with homemade soap-making as a kid, she became an expert as a wife and mom to provide natural body care for her son’s health. Diagnosed with thyroid problems, the family needed to make an entire lifestyle change from their diet to abandoning synthetic fragrance, dyes and chemicals frequently found in body care items. Sharing her homemade soap with friends and neighbors, she saw the holistic benefits it had for others. What started out as a small basement start-up has become a large-scale facility devoted to making body care products. Using minimal, recyclable packaging, the SoapCreek Company encourages people to conserve, re-use, recycle, and make the world a better place for all.


A Big Bold WOW Beauty Experience Filled with Glitz, Glamour and Pizzazz: America’s Beauty Show 2020

Thousands of salon professionals from around the United States will converge on Chicago to attend the annual America’s Beauty Show (ABS), to be held at McCormick Place (West) Saturday, Sunday, and Monday – April 18, 19, 20, 2020. America’s Beauty Show is owned and produced by Cosmetologists Chicago, a respected not-for-profit trade association representing beauty salon professionals.


So, what is America’s Beauty Show? Simply put, it’s hundreds of thousands of square feet of wall-to-wall beauty products, where salon professionals go to find out what’s new… what’s hot … What they learn is what consumers can expect to see at their local beauty salons in coming weeks!

International beauty expert & celebrity stylist Nick Stenson, – Sr VP of Services & Trend for Ulta Beauty, and Artistic Director for L’ORÉAL’s Matrix – is just one of the celebrity stylists you’ll see at America’s Beauty Show

Whether one wants hair that is long, short, straight, curly, or colored in one of the hot new pastel colors, top salon experts will learn how to hook you up. Attendees will discover latest innovations in hair dryers, flat irons, curlers, hair treatments, hair extensions, hair colors, nail trends, and skincare treatments … and of course new products featuring CBD! Onstage there will be ongoing theatrical circuses showcasing beauty trends from national and international Beauty Stars and celebrity hairdressers; there will be presentations from top manufacturers including Moroccanoil, Sexy Hair, Redken, Farouk, Pulp Riot Hair, Amika, Hempbeauty, Brazilian Professionals, as well as global beauty companies from Austria, China, Australia, Canada, Spain, and the United Kingdom – to name a few. Other highlights of ABS 2020 include:

  • The popular Bella Twins – Co-owners of multiple fashion, beauty, pet brands; former WWE Superstars; stars of Total Divas and Total Bellas on E Network; and over 11 million SoMe followers between them … will showcase their new haircare line, all of which can be purchased for under $17 each, to be accessible to everyone … made with unique natural products. (Will be at ABS Sunday afternoon and all day Monday!)
  • Reza (from Bravo’s The Shahs of Sunset) will be introducing his line of products designed for coarse, hard-to-manage hair … products feature the finest of natural ingredients promoting Clean Beauty – or beauty with less chemicals. (Reza will be available all three days of ABS!)
  • Beauty Unearthed… a wholly new environment dedicated to innovation, showcasing brands NEW to ABS and Chicago’s beauty marketplace
  • Nails Central with all the new colors and nail products from the top manufacturers in the world – and Nail Competitions all weekend
  • The ABS Student Conference – Monday, April 20… Alien Invasion Student Competition Monday @ 11am

Sketching is simple with HOW TO DRAW ALMOST EVERYTHING, VOLUME 2!

If you’ve ever wanted to draw super-cute illustrations but weren’t sure where to start, never fear: How to Draw Almost Everything, Volume 2, is here!

Publishing this June, How to Draw Almost Everything, Volume 2 gives step-by-step instructions on drawing over 2000 illustrations (whether or not you know Volume 1). Starting from basic shapes, you’ll draw everything from flowers to people to everyday objects to special illustrations for different seasons and holidays! You’ll also learn to create decorative motifs, frames, and text.

With a little practice, you’ll be making adorable doodles in no time!

How to Draw Almost Everything Volume 2 (Quarry Books / June 16, 2020 / US $19.99)—a follow-up to the popular book How to Draw Almost Everything, part of the Almost Everything series from Quarry Books—shows how easy it is to draw even more cute illustrations.

  • Learn to draw each illustration in easy-to-follow steps. Just follow the arrows to complete each step. You’ll also find helpful tips and ideas for drawing variations.
  • Start with basic shapes, such as circles, triangles, and squares, then add special details to personalize your illustrations.
  • Draw animals, people, everyday objects, patterns and borders, and holiday and seasonal themes, along with warm-ups and special lessons.
  • An inspiration gallery offers fun ideas for adding illustrations to everyday objects or creating one-of-a-kind notes, cards, and gifts.

Six Pommes is the pen name for the six contributing illustrators whose work is featured in How To Draw Almost Everything Volume 2. Each book in the Almost Everything series offers readers a fun, comprehensive, and charmingly illustrated visual directory of ideas to inspire skill building in their creative endeavors.