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What is a Dog fence and is it useful?

Fencing is one of the most used and familiar methods by the owners to keep their owners safe and secure. To keep them within secured boundaries, the pet owners install the fences inside and outside their houses. In open areas, the fences are used to keep the pets secure from potential attacks from other animals or to stop the pets from wandering away and lost, while in urban areas, these fences are made in lawns or inside houses as a small secure area for their own and others safety. These fences can be made from wood, iron pipes and iron nets. Although these old-styled fences are secured the issue with them that they are not portable or not easy to move from one place to another hence, once they are installed, they are most likely to stay there. To move them, you have to break them, dismantle them and re-build once again, which can be a tiring and exhausting exercise. To resolve this issue, K9 Electronics have presented Wireless Dog Fences for the security and safety of your dogs. These fences are portable, easy to move and can be installed within minutes. You can take these Wireless Dog Fences with you wherever you and your dog go making it an excellent choice for travelling with the pet. These invisible electric fences create a circular containment area, and according to the model, they can be adjusted as little as 15 feet and up to 1 mile in the diameter.

Some of the Electric Dog Fences items developed by K9 Electronics are:

1.    PetSafe Stay+Play Wireless Fence

Putting a fence in your yard is never easy after the introduction of PetSafe Stay plus Play Wireless Fence. This in-home product is easy to use and install which will keep your pet safe and off the street. With a range up to ½ acre and radius from 17ft to 105ft can be used for an unlimited number of dogs-with additional collars-and is without any installation or burying the wire. This product is the best choice for open lands with wireless connection making it extreme user and dog-friendly.

2.    PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System

This system can be installed within 1-2 hours, fit for dogs up to 8 pounds and fits from neck sizes 6-28 inches. This PetSafe Wireless system alerts your pet with a simple beep and correction shuts off automatically after 30 seconds. This can be installed in an area up to ½ acres and can be expanded with the addition of extra transmitter batteries.

3.    DE Systems Border Patrol TC1

This electronic fence is a programmable GPS wireless fence, remote trainer and short-range GPS tracker, all in one. This TCI has a range of almost 2 miles and can contain 5 dogs. There is no need to put up a fence or bury wires if you have this Patrol TCI. The other features included in this product are water resistant remote, waterproof collar, screen cover, boundary flags and Test light making it the best choice for fencing for your dog.



5 tips on training your dog to hunt

Training a dog for hunting is sometimes comparatively harder as compared to the domestic training as it is in open fields with a wide range of hunting and controlling them from a distance. The hunting dogs are heavier, stronger, faster and sometimes difficult to control. Keeping all these aspects in mind, there are high-quality Hunting Dog Collars for your pets.

Following are five tips to train your dog for the hunt with the help of Electronic Hunting Dog Collars.

1. The Educator UL-1200 Upland
Full with several unique qualities-especially highest level of blunt stimulation, UL-1200 Upland is a
reliable and sturdy E-collar for as big as a 25-pound hunting dog. The collar, designed for the upland
hunting, holds one-mile range, COS technology-which enables the trainer to adjust the tuning of
stimulation. Furthermore, lock and set and famous "boost" are also included in this educator collar. One of the best features of this collar is its high-quality night tracking light which will enable you to track your dog in the dark, and this comes with the orange hunter transmitter. Moreover, the remote transmitter and collar both are waterproof; hence you don't need to worry about the damaging of your equipment in rainy weather or wet landscape.

2. Educator WF-1200 Waterfowl
The WF-1200 is a collar for people who like to hunt and train their dogs accordingly for waterfowl areas. Suitable for 25 pounds dog and above, this remote transmitter and collar is available in camouflage and has the range up to one mile. Along with the latest COS technology, WF-1200 has the 60 levels of stimulations in it making it one of the best hunting collars in the market.

3. Educator WF-1200 Waterfowl
WF-1202 is the best available option for you if you have two dogs to train. This hunting collar is worth your money and a much better option as compared to others available in the market. The collar-fit comfortably on two dogs weighing 25 pounds or more-have enhanced safety features including Lock and Set; which will allow you to lock the setting exclusively for each dog. With one mile range, this collar has multiple pulse stimulation which is gentler and safer as compared to others in the market making this one best choice for your dog.

4. E-Book
Through this book, you can teach your dog basic hunting practices while reinforcing basic obedience
commands while quickly resolving the behavioural issues. And the best thing, the book is free with E-Collars so, you can teach your dog basic, for free.

5.Educator WF-1202 Waterfowl
If you have two dogs and like to hunt in Waterfowl areas, WF-1202 is the best choice for you. With one mile range, the collars are dreaded toggle free as you can lock the setting separately for your dogs and always can keep an eye on them. With two-hour rapid charge battery, this collar will let your dog play and learn to hunt rather quickly.


Spring Baby and Toddler Show 2019 – Toronto

One of the best things to help a new mom is having family around! My mom and aunt dropped by the Spring Baby and Toddler show this weekend for me to see what is new products are out there. The internet is such a good resource for baby items but nothing beats the real one on one conversation with entrepreneurs in this space.

Being a parent will force you to be creative and resourceful. This leads to so many mom-preneurs and dad-preneurs to bring items to the market they deem necessary. This generation of Millennial parents are on a mission to even hack parenting, making theirs and baby’s life easier.

Millennials want it all and that is a great motivator to new business ideas. Even though this show like all shows, need corporate booths to anchor their attendance, the startups have always been a passion for us here at Hey Do You!

Giggly Panda baby spa had one of the most colorful booths! Lots of fun for your little one and a must for Millennial parents for the photos ops.

Upseat is a new alternative to the transitional sit up helps like Bumbo. It has a slight incline to help with proper spine development.

Elies baby clothing is so smart! Just a pocket and a snap makes lost pacifiers a thing of the past.

A cardboard play house that you can decorate with stickers, markers, paint etc. Just like a Dunny but a house. Love the idea and the potential for kids to use their imagination. The Boks is the stand out booth for this year’s show in my opinion!

Did you attend the Spring Baby and Toddler show this year?

Which booth was your favorite?


Outdoor Summer Fun for Babies and Kids with Starlux and bbluv

bblüv and Starlux Games have everything you need for all day activities that keep babies, toddlers, and kids happy and engaged




As summer comes along, parents want safe, engaging ways to keep kids outdoors and playing. With younger children, safety is the paramount concern, and with older kids, it’s about finding ways to have fun that don’t involve a screen!


bblüv and Starlux Games have the latest and greatest ways to make sure that this is the summer of getting dirty, playing hard and creating good memories for everyone from the littlest one to Grandma!


Babies and toddlers are safe with bblüv products


The bblüv Nidö Mini is a 2 in 1 play tent with full UVA / UVB protection, that keeps baby safe from harsh rays, wind and sand at the beach, or just when hanging out on vacation with the family. The comfortable removable mat helps baby catch a nap wherever they are, and the canopy with retractable mesh keeps the sun and bugs at bay.




The Arenä is a pop up beach pool that can help little ones stay cool on a hot day, while keeping them safe and out of the waves. With its instant set up and durable waterproof fabric, this little paddling pool will keep them entertained for ages.


image4 2


The Sunkitö pop up tent helps bigger kids take a break from the sun, sand, wind and mosquitoes. With full 50+ SPF protection, netting that can be fully opened and a quick pop up system for easy set up, this is the perfect accessory for a beach vacation. No missed naps, no whining!


The Näj neoprene swim vest helps kids stay warm, even when the water isn’t bathtub temperature, while they learn to swim! Available in Aqua or Grey, this swim vest comes with eight removable floats, to gradually reduce buoyancy as the child learns. With full 50+ SPF sun protection and a safety strap to keep the vest in place, little ones can take their first paddles in safety and comfort.




These flexible water shoes, Shoöz, keep little feet protected at the pool, on the beach or by the lake. With non-slip soles that protect from rocks, shells, hot sand and more, these easy to put on shoes have the added bonus that they float. No chance of losing them! Available in Aqua or Grey for kids 1-4 years old, these are a fun accessory that the kids won’t mind wearing at all!





Sölar are the perfect baby and toddler sunglasses: made to last! With ultra flexible frames, full UV protection and polarized lenses for added clarity, these sunglasses are a must have for days by the water. Available in Aqua, Lime or Pink, parents love them because they’re durable and reversible but kids will love them because they’re cool!

Kids of all ages (and even mom and dad) can enjoy outdoor games from Starlux

For anyone who has ever been to camp, games like Capture the Flag were a staple of everyday play. Starlux Games has created games that are best played at dusk, with fabulous glow-in-the-dark accessories to add a fun twist to an old favorite.


Capture the Flag REDUX — This game for ages 8+ can accommodate up to 20 players for an hour or more of energy burning fun! With 12 alternate ways to play, glow bracelets, jail markers and glowing orbs to use as the flags, getting a group together from some serious outdoor fun will be easy!



Glow in the Dark Swimming Pool Games — Who says a pool is only good for fun in the daytime? 10 different games in one kit, complete with glowing accessories to add a thrill to the fun. Whether to up the level of the pool party or just because it’s a Tuesday, these games will allow family and friends to get more use out of the pool this season, and less time spent staring at a screen!


Glow Battle — Whether a Star Wars like battle scene is the goal, or perhaps a game of Gladiators, the Glow Battle games will help kids of all ages ten ways to work as a team, use strategy, and build their wits all while having a tremendous amount of fun! Suddenly, a slumber party becomes an activity filled night that will have everyone sleeping soundly later on!

There’s something for every age and stage to add to the summer fun, all while being safe and enjoying the great outdoors!


Keep your paws off politics! People would rather hear about your pets

Survey: Pet photos beat out selfies, kid updates & politics for social media content


(April 25, 2019,) Jeffersonville Indiana – Want to get a lot of likes on social media? Bust out the pet photos!

A recent survey of PetFirst Pet Insurance policy holders found that almost 84 percent of people preferred to see photos of their friends’ pets on social media. In fact, pets easily beat out other common categories like lunch photos (2.3 percent) and – gasp – cute kid stories (7 percent.)

The number of people interested in your selfies was a tiny 3.5 percent – the same as the number who want to hear more about your politics. Ouch!

“Of course, we at PetFirst know firsthand how important pets are to the families who love them,” said Katie Blakeley, CEO of PetFirst Pet Insurance. “But it was interesting that the survey found that we also love other people’s pets. We never get tired of looking at our friends’ pups and kittens!”

About 3 out of 4 survey respondents said they follow at least a couple pet-focused social media channels – and more than 40 percent think their own pets are potential Instagram stars. About 13 percent have started accounts for their pets, and another 30 percent have considered it.

“The results are pretty clear,” said Blakeley. “Think twice before posting about your lunch or even your kids – bring on the pets!”

About PetFirst

Founded in 2004, PetFirst is dedicated to removing personal financial considerations from pet care. By providing affordable pet health insurance to families, PetFirst provides them “peace of mind” that their pet is covered in the event of an accident or illness. PetFirst is the most recommended pet insurance to new pet families. To learn more about PetFirst, please go to


National Lingerie Day with TellTale Bras and Undies

The TellTale line will launch exclusively at on April 24 and will feature bras in six silhouettes in sizes 32A to 40DD and XS to XL and matching panties in sizes from XS to XL. Bras will range in price from $39 to $49

Comfortable is the new cool.

We’re committed to bringing you radical reliability: bras sized consistently—season over season, across styles, prints, colors and materials—so you can find the fit that feels great, time after time. Oh, and we only believe in comfy, cozy, stretchy, yummy fashion. If it’s not easy and comfortable, it’s not for us—or you.


The Innovator | Demi | Dolce Vida Dark Nude

The Influencer | Demi | Peekaboo Light Nude & Blackout Black

The Creator | Demi | First Blush & Blackout Black