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Gift Guide for Football Fans

Looking for Thanksgiving gifts to the kids in the family? Today, we want to introduce to you the special gift for your little sports fan: the TUDOR Electronic Football.


There are two amazing products we think you can use to build the “Micro football world” with:

1) NFL Electric Football



Electric Football lets you call the plays to march your football action figures down the vibrating gridiron. Friends can face off in a game of patience and skill, requiring them to guide their teams to victory! In Electric Football, two coaches place their players on the line of scrimmage and run plays by triggering the vibration of the board with a handheld remote control. The game inspires imaginative play and teaches kids important life skills such as perseverance and sportsmanship. Tudor Games packs all the thrills of football into a tabletop game you can play anywhere, allowing for hours of competitive and interactive play. 

2) Tudor Stadium Kit



Tudor Stadium is a unique 3D tabletop stadium that accents your game with amazing crowd graphics and three-dimensional stadium details. Tudor Stadium can be adapted, arranged, and re-arranged to visually enhance most any game size. You can even stack it, using your binder clips or paperclips. It’s a high-quality printed corrugated kit that includes four different full-color stadium pieces with concrete gray accents, that truly brings your Electric Football game to life. One Kit includes 4 Sidelines, 4 Corners, 4 Sections, and 2 Scoreboard elements.

And also, TUDOR has its interactive  Electric Football Challenge, the NEW FREE App for Apple and Android phones and tablets.

More than just a scoreboard for your tablet or phone, it’s an interactive companion for your Electric Football board game, driving gameplay with configurable timers that match the flow of real football!

Buy it, Download it, and Play it!

About Tudor Games


Since 1949, Tudor Games has sold over 40 million Electric Football games, igniting the imagination of football fans young and old. After buying the company in 2012, we have been re-imagining and re-designing Electric Football. Our amazing new products bring kids and adults of all ages together for healthy play. What could be more fun than that?

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Visiting the NYC Time Warner Medialab


The Time Warner Medialab is New York’s state-of-the-art research lab focus on consumer behavior across the content spectrum! All the research done in this building allows Time Warner and its key partners an opportunity to understand consumer insights from media, all the way through retail environment as well.

The Medialab, as TW calls the space, is based on the company’s Manhattan Time Warner Center headquarters and exists to, in official terms, “[incorporate] cutting-edge technologies and research techniques [to provide] an unmatched ability to test consumer engagement throughout the entire 360° media-to-retail experience.” Complete with biometric monitoring and eye-tracking capabilities, as well as focus group space for the old-fashioned analysts out there and broadcast capabilities to finetune test content, the massive location includes retail space, video game stations, an “in-home living-room simulation” and a 50-seat screening space to best sample product in a variety of settings. According to the project’s official website, “In order to foster the company’s continued growth as a progressive supplier of engaging content, Time Warner and its core divisions–HBO, Time Inc., Turner, and Warner Bros.–consider the Medialab an essential instrument in understanding consumer behavior, evolving media habits, and industry trends.”

I had the chance to visit the Time Warner Medialab in Columbus Circle in New York City this week!


The first place worth mentioning is the testing studio. When you enter the Studio One, you can see one large screen and one computer screen showing the same content. A guy in the camera was shown on the screen, and there are lines linking red dots on jumping around the whole screen, which means the direction your eyesight goes. In the real world, that is used by a track which part of the screen can attract people’s attention when they are watching. On the other, second-screen apps that complement the TV viewing experience can heighten people’s response to the advertising and programming.


The next room we went to is the Control Room. That is where Time Warner conducts the tests for their media products. Different focus groups of people will be invited to take the interview and finish surveys. The whole control room is neat with a clean table of-of bunch chairs, but there are some interesting secrets under that. If you squat to see the bottom side of the table, you will see eight displayers hiding in there. Because of that design, instruments can hide well under the neat appearance.

The Time Warner is a terrific place for the media business. It can let the media company know how consumers engage with content and enable testing with the latest devices and distribution platform. 

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Introduce Emily Zhao for HEYDOYOU NewYork

Hi everyone! I am Emily Zhao who is going to take over the part of New York HEYDOYOU blog. I am so excited to introduce myself to you.


I originally come from Shanghai China and came to New York last year to study media at Graduate school. In this year, I have experienced a brand new lifestyle, and continuously learn things: skateboarding, barre, coding……and the most important thing, enjoying living by myself in this city.

So…it is a great honor to take the chance of sharing the events, products, and stories I feel thrilled about to you. Remember to stay tuned to see the news stories I bring out to you!