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Do you still feel annoyed by the marks from mosquitoes’ bite? For me, I love going to beaches, love having picnic on the grass during the summer time. The only thing I am really worried about is the insects. Without bug, a park date will be a perfect choice in good weather.

Now I found a good way to solve this problem. Aromaflage, a perfume that can help you to drive insects away. It is botanical fragrance, which is also insect repellent. For travelers, you can choose the pocket size, which is very convenient to carry in your bag.

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Look the girl Lulu drew, can you feel she enjoys these flowers without being bothered by insects? Stay bug free, smell amazing and keep fresh!



Get your nails dancing—Minx

Minx nail

When I got Minx golden nail wraps, I can’t wait to put them on my nails. They are from the Minx Metallics collection. The golden color is never out of date.

I drew this cool DJ is scratching the music with her adorable golden nails. Let’s get started! Dancing with your dope nails. To get your nails fashion style from Minx.

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