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VIBERANCE ILLUMINATE: Crystal-Infused Products Manifest Intentions, Raise Vibrations + Express Inner Beauty


Meet your skin’s newest love, this dark-spot-diminishing serum is infused with a full-size ROSE QUARTZ CRYSTAL obelisk. This gemstone promotes self-love + removes toxic blockages – a Valentine’s Day must-have. VIBERANCE an innovative Crystal-Infused Beauty + Wellness brand founded on the principal skincare is self-care that can inspire self-love, raise vibrations and express true inner beauty – has launched their new ILLUMINATE ROSE QUARTZ BRIGHTENING SERUM.

VIBERANCE specializes in crystal-infused products that harness the power of vegan, cruelty-free ingredients and the positive interaction of crystals and the body’s energy. Gift your Valentine “good vibes” and glowing skin this holiday by adding this self-care essential to your loved one’s beauty ritual.


Glycolic Acid + Rosehip Oil + Vitamin C


Diminish dark spots and glow-up instantly with ROSE QUARTZ BRIGHTENING SERUM. Infused with Rose Quartz Crystal Obelisk and plant-based ingredients, this revitalizing all-natural face serum helps skin shine its brightest by diminishing dark spots and enhancing skin tone + texture.

NATURAL FRAGRANCE: Sweet Honeysuckle + Rose Blend

SKIN GOAL: Brighten + Balance

SIZE: .7 fl oz / 20mL

ROLL ON THE GLOW! Look on the bright side with ILLUMINATE ROSE QUARTZ BRIGHTENING SERUM. This face serum helps skin shine its brightest by enhancing tone + texture. This blend of all-natural ingredients contains an exfoliant Glycolic Acid that helps remove dead cells revealing brighter + fresher skin, Rosehip Oil helps even tone + boost collagen levels and the antioxidant properties of Vitamin C help plump + illuminate skin from within.

This cruelty-free face serum is infused with a ROSE QUARTZ OBELISK. This crystal contains properties that may help promote self-love + remove toxic blockages. This innovative infusion of dark spot diminishing ingredients and self-love properties of Rose Quartz Crystal make this face serum an essential for raising vibrations + brightening skin.

• Promote self-love + replace toxic blockages
• Diminish dark spots + enhance skin’s texture
• Boost collagen levels + illuminate skin from within
• Massage, cool + de-puff skin with the unique rollerball applicator

In addition to the Rose Quartz crystal-infused formula, the blend of all-natural ingredients contains the exfoliant Glycolic Acid that helps remove dead cells revealing brighter + fresher skin, Hyaluronic Acid helps hydrate skin, the potent antioxidant Skullcap helps increase skin’s firmness + elasticity and the powerful properties of Vitamin C help plump + illuminate skin from within.

All VIBERANCE products are infused with ethically sourced + hand-cut crystals to harness positive energy for both mind + skin. These small-batch, non-toxic products are vegan, cruelty-free, paraben + sulfate free and contain no artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. For more information please visit


VIBERANCE was founded by Kirstin Klodnicki, a beauty industry executive surrounded by a women-run team. The VIBERANCE Crystal-Infused Beauty + Wellness Collection is an act of love and self-expression two of the most powerful gifts humans are given. Each formula and ethically sourced crystal are made with these empowering + genuine intentions, in the hopes VIBERANCE products are used to manifest intentions, raise vibrations and express true inner beauty.



EYE AM OUTSTANDING Liquid Eyeliner and EYE AM BEAUTIFUL Mascara launch with 20% of proceeds donated to the LGBT Center.

It’s never too late to set some personal goals for the year! Or let’s be realistic-for the month. Dream Big in 2021 because the only limit that exists is when you limit yourself! RealHer Cosmetics, the indie brand that beauty gurus are gushing about, is launching their first mascara and liquid eyeliner. Keeping with the brand’s theme, they have named both products with positive affirmations to empower your day. The brand, who previously donated 20% of every purchase to AAUW, will partner with the LGBT Center of Orange County during the month of June. In support of LGBT Pride Month, 20% of all mascara and eyeliner proceeds purchased on their website will be donated.

Beauty Guru Craig is wearing the newly launched Eye Am Beautiful Mascara and Eye Am OUTstanding Liquid Eyeliner in this Havana Nights inspired look. (PRNewsfoto/RealHer INC.)

Beauty Guru Craig is wearing the newly launched Eye Am Beautiful Mascara and Eye Am OUTstanding Liquid Eyeliner in this Havana Nights inspired look.

Eye Am Beautiful Mascara (PRNewsfoto/RealHer INC.)

Eye Am OUTstanding – Longwear, waterproof, and smudge-proof liquid eyeliner. This formula is vegan, certified cruelty-free and paraben free.

Eye Am Beautiful – High volume mascara infused with ingredients for thicker & stronger lashes. Certified cruelty-free and paraben free formula.

This brow pencil was launched last November and has gotten so many raving reviews. At first, RealHer only launched a medium shade. After just a couple of months, they received enormous requests for additional shades. Of course, RealHer listened and happily delivered.

Check out some of the top 5 star ratings:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I’ve used all of the big name brands and I have to say this one is superior to all”.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “best brow pencil and i have tried them ALL. This doesn’t smudge at all, lasts all day even without brow gel. You can make it darker by pushing harder if needed. Try it, you will be hooked”.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “I have gotten asked where I got my microblading done while wearing this, that speaks volumes”.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “My brows are sparse and need a lot of TLC. This was smudge proof, sweat proof and lasted long hours”.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ “It is my new favorite eyebrow pencil & half the cost of the one I normally use. My brows are on point every day. Goes on easy, the color is spot on for me. I recommend this to all”.

This long-lasting, micro-tip pencil allows you to create individual-like hairs for a subtle or bold brow look. Its creamy wax-based formulation glides beautifully and naturally on skin. This waterproof pencil is stress-free to help you through any challenges you face in life. Pair with a light coat of “Eye Am Beautiful” mascara, and a nude hue of the REALHER lip gloss in your shade for a subtle, no make-up look.

REALHER‘s mission has always been to empower people through their inspiring makeup products, giving back, and volunteering. When the opportunity came to work with the GEANCO Foundation a year ago, RealHer knew they had to develop an innovative way to raise awareness. Through the GEANCO Foundation, the girls in Nigeria hand-crafted a variety of unique artwork. For a contribution as little as $1, you can choose a digital image to print on a tote, shirt, mousepad, or use as a screensaver. Help make a difference by donating and sharing. Visit

About RealHer Products, Inc: RealHer cosmetics was founded in 2015 after the birth of founder Bill Xiang’s daughter, “I felt like I had a rebirth of myself after my daughter’s birth.” Created with a mission to inspire and empower, RealHer is a brand built on positive affirmations and giving back to the community.

About LGBTQ Orange County Center: At the LGBT Center OC, all members and allies of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community of Orange County join together in a network of support and unity. Our life-affirming programs focus on empowerment, and our advocacy efforts focus on speaking out against hate and discrimination. We exist so that every segment of the LGBT population of Orange County has the resources needed to thrive in their own lives and communities. Find more about the center by going to


Staying Inside and Doing A Craft Project

With the new Spring season quickly approaching, crafting season is in full gear! Cara & Co. is a one-stop-shop for the latest silicone and wood craft supplies. A favorite brand that DIY crafters have been loving for years, they have the cutest bead kits for the creative ladies in your life! It’s the perfect gift for birthday or the coming Valentine’s Day, especially with all of us spending more time at home lately.

Standard Craft Kits

This STANDARD kits include a huge range of amazing products so you can craft all sorts of projects – including soother clips, keychains, lanyards, necklaces, bracelets and more – all beautifully coordinated so you don’t need to sort through the thousands of options on Cara & Co. website!

You can get STRAIGHT TO CRAFTING with this custom designed kits that contain everything you need!  Choose from the gorgeous range of color themes, and enjoy the fantastic craft project. Each kit comes with a wide variety of amazing craft supplies to help you start creating and designing your all your favorite projects- soother clips, necklaces, bracelets, key-chains, lanyards and much more!  Great for parties or gifts as well, as each kit is beautifully packaged and branded!

Each kit contains a variety of the following:  approximately 140+ silicone beads in various styles including: 12mm, 15mm, 19mm round silicone beads, 14mm & 17mm hexagon silicone beads, various accent silicone beads, crochet and/or wood accent beads, lanyard clips, pacifier clips, breakaway clasps, keyrings, muslin packaging bags and a 25metre bundle of cord.

Kids’ Craft Kits

KIDS’ kits are the perfect way to let children’s imaginations soar as they get creative with all sorts of Cara & Co. popular beads in fun textures and colors! Each kit comes with a variety of exciting supplies so kids can enjoy developing their crafting and fine motor skills as they craft their own necklaces, keychain/lanyard clips, bracelets and more! Choose from the exciting range of color themes, plus enjoy fantastic craft project. Each kit comes with a variety of fun supplies to help kids enjoy and develop their crafting skills by making a range of items- necklaces, bracelets, key-chain/lanyard clips and more!  Great for parties or gifts as well, as the kits come beautifully packaged and branded.

Each kit contains a variety of the following:  approximately 90+ silicone beads in a variety of the following: 12mm, 15mm, 19mm round silicone beads, 17mm hexagon silicone beads, various accent/character silicone beads, various colors in cord, lanyard clips and breakaway clasps.

Small Business Starter Package

This Small Business Starter Package is the perfect way for you to have the key samples, supplies, tools, accessories, packaging and knowledge you will need for starting your own incredible hand-made business! Valued at over $450, enjoy immediate savings of over $100 off the regular cost of the included products!  A perfect way to start your new business adventure with everything you need to prepare, plan and craft!

Don’t forget to checkout our DIY TUTORIAL page for all sorts of ideas for your new business!

Small Business Starter Package comes with TWO KITS:

  • SAMPLE KIT:  In this kit, you will find everything you need for a hands-on look at the broad range of product! Cara & Co. samples help you plan for future product designs, purchases and expanding your business.

Cara & Co. sample kit includes the following:  variety of packaging samples, wood rings and pendant samples, wood bead samples, clips & clasps samples, fabric, felt, crochet accessory samples, keyrings, lanyards, tassels, carabiner samples, MAM attachment samples, silicone teether sample, cording & string samples, color cord sample, and the exclusive Knot Gripper tool!  Watch knot gripper tutorial here! 

  • SUPPLY KIT: This kit includes an incredible amount and variety of product so that you can get creating right away! Featuring the exclusive colors and designs, you will have plenty of supplies to begin crafting and developing your new business!

Cara & Co. supply kit includes the following:  12mm round silicone beads x140, 15mm round silicone beads x70, 19mm round silicone beads x 35, 14mm hexagon silicone beads x 20, 17mm hexagon silicone beads x20, round wood beads (miscellaneous sizes) x80, Alphabet silicone letter beads x70, accent silicone beads x50, character silicone beads x45, breakaway clasps x20, round metal clips x20, lanyard clips x5, key-rings x5, 50meters regular cord bundle

Welcome to the world of DIY silicone bead teething & crafting! It’s a wonderful hand-made shop & makers business world, full of potential and creativity!

Dreaming of a new crafting project? Looking for the perfect gift to send to someone special? Need a fun and creative motor-skill development activity for your kids? Cara & Co. is a North America’s one-stop shop for the latest designs & highest quality chewable silicone supplies. At Cara & Co. you can expect a great shopping experience, incredible selection and the best customer service!


Healthier Skin Lets Your Inner Beauty can Shine on The Outside

Winter weather can be very harsh on our skin, drying it out and causing irritation. Here are perfect self love routine for the cold season: warm clothes, a hot beverage and a rich, deeply moisturizing and rejuvenating cream with Shea Butter to soften the skin and Acai extract for its powerful antioxidants. You can help yourself with the cozy clothes or hot drink, and Bella Virtu Organics knows where you can find a great hydrating cream!

Helichrysum & Lavender Intense Hydrating Cream

A rich, deeply moisturizing and rejuvenating cream with Shea Butter to soften the skin and Acai extract for its powerful antioxidants. Lavender Oil calms, hydrates and repairs, while Helichrysum Essential Oil (Immortelle) heals and smooths fine lines. Formulated with natural humectants to deeply moisturize and essential oils to soothe skin distressed from harsh dry winter air and indoor heating.

Why you should use lavender oil in your skincare? Because it helps prevent breakouts, as well as moisturizing your skin. Lavender oil locks in moisture while fighting bacteria.
Rosemary & Lavender Cleansing Bar
This gentle cleansing bar is made with Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Cocoa Butter to leave your skin soft and revitalized. Lavender Essential Oil soothes the skin, while Rosemary Leaf Oil is antibacterial and hydrating. It contains no harsh chemicals or sulfates found in traditional soaps, so it can be used daily to cleanse and remove all make-up. With a scent that uplifts and calms, it leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh, and nourished.
This cleansing Bar gives a deep clean but unlike traditional soap it doesn’t strip the skin of its natural oils. The Coconut Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, and Cocoa Butter leave your skin revitalized and soft. With all natural and organic ingredients, it is healthy and gentle enough to use everyday. It also has healing properties including calming inflammation, and reducing irritation and redness. On top of that, lavender oil reduces the appearance of fine lines and plumps your skin, offering back your glow from within.
Moisturizing Radiance Facial Serum

Part of our Winter Care System. This serum rejuvenates, heals and smooths winter skin with Clary Sage and Helichrysum (Immortelle) Essential Oils. Safflower Oil deeply moisturizes, combating the drying effects of winter air and indoor heating. Over 50 applications in each bottle. A little goes a long way!

This Moisturizing Radiance Facial Serum rejuvenates, heals and smooths your skin. Dry climates can dehydrate and irritate your skin, so Bella Virtu Organics created this product to deeply moisturizes with Safflower Oil and heal with Immortelle Oil.

Antioxidant Eye Serum

Bella Virtu Organics best-selling Eye Serum is a customer favorite thanks to its powerful antioxidants from Pumpkin Seed Oil, healing Helichrysum Oil (Immortelle), and rejuvenating Rosehip Oil. It is light and easily absorbed, yet leaves your skin feeling softer, smoother and rejuvenated. Gently apply a drop or two to the under-eye area and see what people are fanatical about.  

Did you know that eye creams tend to be less effective for combating dark-circles and wrinkles?  That is why Bella Virtu Organics created Antioxidant Eye Serum! According to Dr. Mauricio, serums are a better option to tackle wrinkles, dark circles, reduce puffiness and help with improving the firmness of your skin (information via – The Difference between an Eye Cream and an Eye Serum).

Bella Virtu Organics is a brand that promotes the appreciation of small moments of joy through attention to the senses, especially smell, Bella Virtu Organics is a clean skincare line featuring organic premium essential oils and ingredients, such as exotic helichrysum, sweet orange, clary sage and acai pulp. One of five new products being introduced includes the Winter Care System: a Moisturizing Radiance Facial Serum, Intense Hydrating Cream, Rejuvenating Mask and two gentle, effective cleansers: Clary Sage Cleansing Oil, and a Rosemary & Lavender Cleansing Bar. The company’s original line of its bestselling Antioxidant Eye Serum, and its Vitamin C Facial Serum will continue to be sold with the new range, at both the brand’s online storefront and via Amazon.

All Bella Virtu Organics products are developed and made in a boutique facility in Utah that has been developing and making organic, clean skincare for over 20 years. Bella Virtu Organics only uses certified organic or clean ingredients, and the products are hand made in small batches with meticulous care and rigorous standards. Every ingredient is purposefully chosen to deliver a benefit, not just be present for a fancy marketing name. The oils are all cold-pressed so that the nutrients remain active and potent.

Bella Virtu Organics principles:

  • All ingredients are organic and clean. See “never use” list here.
  • All the ingredients are included to offer a real benefit. Bella Virtu Organics never put in an ingredient at a lower than useful quantity just to use its name in marketing.
  • The products are priced fairly based on the quality and quantity of effective, pure ingredients.
  • Where possible Bella Virtu Organics looks to reduce waste and ecological impact. For example, Bella Virtu Organics uses glass bottles and avoid plastic wherever possible.
  • Bella Virtu Organics doesn’t believe you need to be “fixed” or that wrinkles, sunspots, or aging skin are anything to be ashamed of.
  • Taking care of your skin using healthy ingredients is a way to be your best self and to let the beauty you have on the inside be best represented on the outside.

Bella Virtu Organics Mission:

“to bring a moment of joy into your day”


Empower your body and take control of your health with Good Clean Love

Works the way you do so you can love the way you love

Good Clean Love® Developed to enhance a naturally drenched love life, Almost Naked® is a certified organic, water-based personal lubricant that is pH-balanced. Made with aloe vera and infused with lemon and vanilla, the premium formula provides long-lasting glide without irritating chemicals or sticky cleanup. Because some bodies are naturally more sensitive than others, Good Clean Love® also offers BioNude™ Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant featuring a patented Bio-Match® technology, which closely mimics natural feminine moisture. For every bottle of Almost Naked® purchased, Good Clean Love® donates to a project that reduces greenhouse gases by an amount equivalent to that bottle’s carbon footprint.

Almost Naked® Organic Personal Lubricant

Thiscertified organic, water-based lubricant is pH-balanced while helping you enhance your love life naturally. Made with aloe vera and infused with lemon and vanilla for a light flavor, this organic formula provides long-lasting glide without irritating chemicals or sticky cleanup.

In 2018, Almost Naked® became the first carbon neutral personal lubricant. For every bottle of Almost Naked purchased, Good Clean Love will donate to a project that reduces greenhouse gases by an amount equivalent to that bottle’s carbon footprint.

BioNude™ Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant

Some bodies are naturally more sensitive than others, which is why Good Clean Love offers BioNude™ Ultra Sensitive Personal Lubricant. This water-based personal lubricant is made with hydroxyethylcellulose, a plant-based material shown to be hypoallergenic. BioNude also features Good Clean Love patented Bio-Match® technology – it closely mimics natural feminine moisture and helps maintain a healthy pH balance.

BioNude is a slippery, effective lubricant for enhancing pleasure and is formulated to help you avoid irritation or adverse allergic reactions. There is no added flavor or fragrance, no parabens, no glycerin, and no petrochemicals. Because it’s water-based, BioNude is fully compatible with toys, safe to use with latex condoms and cleans up easily.

Restore® Moisturizing Vaginal Gel

This pH-balanced and moisturizing gel may help eliminate feminine odor and relieves vaginal dryness and discomfort. Restore® promotes the maintenance of healthy vaginal flora by mimicking the body’s natural pH levels, salt balance and lactic acid produced by proven, beneficial lactobacilli.

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ALOE VERA – Known for soothing properties, low-micro variety allows for low preservative levels

LACTIC ACID – Promotes the growth of good lactobacilli, assists with maintaining pH balance

XANTHAN GUM – Natural, plant-based thickener

Good Clean Love works with leading scientists and doctors to develop products that support sexual health and feminine hygiene, all without harmful petrochemicals, parabens and synthetic fragrances. Good Clean Love scientifically-advanced products are recommended by doctors across the country for patients of all ages and at all stages of life to enhance their intimate relationships and improve their vaginal health.


Pack Up All Your Essentials in A SUSAN FARIS Sleek Case

Do you have the experience to pack all your makeup essentials into a case or makeup bag, but it’s too big to fit into your purse. Or you get a small makeup case, but the inside is not big enough for all the essentials you need. Or when you are in hurry to get the makeup done, but there is no mirror around… Designed for touch-up on-the-go, Susan Faris’s Lip & Beauty Cases are made of vegan leather and can fit perfectly into a purse. The case includes elastic loop holders to carry one’s favorite eyeliner, lip liner or mascara. With room for about three to four touch-up products and an attached magnified mirror on the inside flap, the beauty cases come in a sand snakeskin, metallic gold, patent leather black, and more.

Susan Faris is a design enthusiast based in West Hollywood, California. Susan’s passion is to bring innovative concepts to market with a focus on luxury and elegance in a functional design.

Susan began designing and developing travel and cosmetic accessories in 1995, while at Warner Brothers. Since then, Susan has established a strong brand that has been carried at many major retailers, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, high-end boutiques, spas and beauty stores, to name a few.

The talented Susan Faris team is dedicated to creating high-quality cases and accessories that safeguard your devices and essentials with style and convenience -mindfully designed by women, for women! The mantra: when you dress to impress, your accessories should make as dynamic a statement as your outfit.

Susan’s brand is constantly expanding with new products featuring the latest trends – to “Carry A Little Attitude” wherever your day takes you. Susan knows that not all protective products are created equally-that is why their team is committed to maintaining the highest-quality standards, using strict material sourcing guidelines. Susan believes in quality over quantity and oversee every creative and production aspect of their products from concept to completion.

Lip & Beauty Case with Magnifying Mirror

  • Material: High Quality Faux Vegan Leather
  • Inner Lining: Black Ultra Suede
  • Care Instructions: Wash with warm water and soft soap.
  • Dimensions: 6.5″ Long, 1.5″ Tall, 2″ Wide
  • Weight: 5oz
  • Hand Crafted
  • Magnifying Mirror
  • Magnetic Closure
  • Elastic Loops

There are so many styles that you can choose from, Susan Faris Lip & Beauty Cases are perfect gifts – for yourself, for your mom, for best friends, for sisters, or anyone who loves being organized and stylish.


Black Croc

Red Snakeskin

Pearl Croc

Sand Snakeskin

This is Lulu’s choice, a beautiful shining gold color – Gold Ostrich

This case is not only for makeups, but also great for small accessories. It is perfect to protect these delicate accessories not get broken in your traveling luggage. You can also protect your purse from being scratched by accessories’ sharp parts. You can visit to check out these beautiful and functional cases, it is the time to get yours!