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Pro Ways to Upgrade Personal Style Statement and Look Elegant

Most of us want to have the limelight directly or indirectly on us, but it is also true that we strive to pick out the perfect style that suits well the personality. Some people in order to look distinct end up dressing up with some bizarre clothing options.

It’s not that, wearing expensive clothes and shoes only will look us stylish. One can also pair up with the mild clothing sense along with the certain tips in mind to look stylish and attractive.

Go through the post to learn some useful ways through which you can upgrade the personal style statement and look elegant.


  • Have Some Fashion Inspiration


There is no harm in following favorite celebrities and by checking out social media platforms like Pinterest, Google, Instagram to check out the latest styles and designs. Some people feel that following the likes of celebrities is beyond the range of affordability and they can’t even do justice with the same. It’s not that, one needs to copy bit by bit, but drawing some cues of inspiration would make it work for sure.


  • Make Some Changes in the Closet


At times, it’s better to have a look at the closet to check out the pieces that already exist. Take out some time to prepare a list for the ones that go with the trend and keep other separately that are little outdated. It is also important to make a selection of the clothing that truly reflects the scenario a person lives in life or the career.


  • Stock Up for Little Add-ons and Accessories


Using accessories are undoubtedly one of the best ways to pull any look irrespective of the vibe that a person wants to achieve. Upgrading the clothing with the help of delicate jewelry or bold necklace would help to add a feminine feel.

Getting body arts from Bangkok ink tattoo studio or other preferred location would also be an exclusive decision to uplift the style statement. Tattooing has emerged as one of the leading forms of a style statement that not only helps to look attractive, but it also helps in expressing the inner self.


  • Be True to Yourself and Trust Instincts


Another most valuable idea to follow or to keep in mind while developing the personal style is to remain true to oneself. It’s better not to focus on the designer label because it will only hinder his creativity. Make sure to have some experiment with a wide range of patterns, accessories, textures and even shoes available in accessible fashion range.

Celebrating your style on the skin makes the person even more confident and special. It also expresses the personality and individuality of the person in front of all and of course for good reasons.

Following the tips would certainly help to embrace body with modern style statement and to look trendy. We would also love to hear from the readers in case they have any suggestion or query regarding the tips discussed below.


Did Bridesmaid’s Role Change During Time?

Someone you care deeply for is getting married. They reach out to you and ask you to be their bridesmaid. This is a great honor. But, before you accept, there are some things you need to know.

When you accept the honor of being a bridesmaid, you are agreeing to dedicate much of your time over the next months to help pull together a wedding. You are promising to be there when you are needed and to participate in all the events and activities that go along with a wedding. You are agreeing to buy a dress which chosen for you by the bride. Liking the dress is not a requirement, but paying for it, and wearing the dress is. If the wedding is a destination wedding, you are required to travel at your expense unless the bride and groom are feeling generous. These are just a few of the responsibilities presented to you before the wedding. Your services will be required before, during, and immediately after the wedding.

How did we get here?

The position of bridesmaids and groomsmen date back to the ancient Romans. In Roman law, there had to be 10 witnesses to a wedding. At the time, there were rituals that had to do with protection from evil spirits. These two traditions came together this way. The bride and groom would each choose 10 people to stand with them at their wedding. Each woman was dressed exactly like the bride and each groomsman was dressed exactly like the groom. This was to fool the spirit that would try to take over the young couple. Over the years as things began to change.

As early as the 1920s and 1930s, bridesmaids were at the beacon call of the bride. They dressed her and undressed her. They stayed with her for a period of time before the wedding to ensure she needed for nothing. One of their jobs was to go over every inch of the bridal gown to ensure there were no sewing pins left in the material. A pin left in the dress was bad luck.

A bride that opted to wear white on her wedding day, was wearing a very delicate and much-loved dress. It had nothing to with purity. In the days before washing machines and detergent, a white dress was a luxury. They were difficult to wash. Bridesmaids went to great lengths to protect the dress.

The maid of honor stayed by the bride’s side for up to two weeks before the wedding. She took care of the bride, leaving her little to do. Any wish she had, the MOH would handle.


Brides and their wedding party no longer have to select a dress to be made for them. Industry leaders like Azazie keep their inventory ready with the latest trends and accessories. Bridesmaids are given a bit of room to help the bride select the styles and colors of the bridesmaids’ attire. The bride has the final word. The MOH still must do the running of errands, follow-ups and helping the bride, but the bridesmaids are not used as much. Bridesmaids show up, dressed correctly, smile, pose for photos, attend the parties, and throw a shower.

At the end of the day, it is an honor to be included in someone’s wedding. Before you accept, you need to find out how much time, money, and work you will be expected to contribute. If it is more than you can handle at this point and time, respectfully decline the offer. It is important that the right people are in that position as it is a major responsibility and it is kind of you, to be honest with the bride before she begins to count on you.

The wedding of your friend or family member is important. So are the people who stand with them. If you accept an invitation to be part of this, give it all you’ve got. Hold yourself to the highest standards and everything will turn out beautifully.


The Sound of High-End Luxury Fashion——Mademe Adassa NYFW

Along with the grand music, Madame Adassa presented its Fall / Winter 2019 collection in NYFW today.

Mademe Adassa is a luxury fashion brand based in Tampa, FL. It offers from classy formal dresses to extraordinary gowns made for the runway, including couture bridal gowns and custom made gowns. Although Mademe Adassa spans a wide range of styles and colors, today’s shows focused more on tradition made gowns.

And most of them are black, blue and gold, with silver and gold stitching. The pattern of the dresses could perfectly strengthen coordination with the style of Prince George Ballroom. As to the form of these collections, they all inspired by a fusion of European and Caribbean designs and a little island flare.

When we talk about Mademe Adassa, we may be kind of familiar, because the brand has been featured in some lifestyle magazines including Vogue Britain. And this brand focuses on high quality.

The designer of Madame Adassa, Marsha Vacirca, was born in Jamacia. Affected by her family, she soon developed a vast knowledge in the world of textile and fabric manipulation. Although She became unwillingly, the director for her mother’s operation in her mother’s atelier, It was there that she learned the art of free cutting and developed a love for the draping technique she most frequently uses today in her designs.

The most impressive part is that I can feel confidence and beauty, as well as natural sensuality that every woman possesses. Maybe that is what the designer wants to tell us.


VICE*Heydoyou: “The Big Break” Movie Nostalgia Came to NYC

When we talk about The Big Break, it now means ‘New Movie Style’, ‘satire’, ‘homage’, and ‘mini-movie’.

In New York City, we are so lucky to see Bi-Coastal movie premiere screenings by VICE Media on January 10th, 2019.


The 20-minute “mini-movie” applies a blockbuster films production quality to an intense storyline paying homage to 1990s classic films which inspired the production. The 1990s, as hindsight so clearly shows us, were a marvelous time for cinema. There seems to have no end to the awe-inspiring visuals that fired up the imagination over the world during that wonderfully decade. And we will see,  the reflection from that golden period in The Big Break.

The Production Crew include: cinematography (Derek McKane), special effects (Lucien Harriet, Josh Hackasian), wardrobe (Annie & Hannah) and stunt teams fromLethal Weapon (Ryan Gray, Adam Hart) and film Blade Runner 2049 contributing to the production of the film, working in tandem with Action Director, Loren Herbert.  The film screened as an official selection at the 22nd Annual LA Shorts International Film Festival 2018.

And in Los Angeles, this will be held on January 15th, 2019 at the United Talent Agency screening room at 7:00 pm PST. The global release of The Big Break will occur on on Thursday, January 17th, 2019.

Check the Instagram of the movie at @thebigbreakmovie


Home Transformation: Top Tips On How to Update Your Home to the Next Level

The most significant asset under your possession is your house. The appearance of your home will speak about your lifestyle and personality. Don’t settle for the things you had decades ago. Maybe now is the time to update your living space and determine the things you need to change and you wish to upgrade to achieve the maximum comfort you want.

Home upgrades don’t always mean total renovations. Sometimes, the simplest things you upgrade makes a huge difference. Improving the aesthetic and condition of your house won’t always require a significant cost. You can take your cue from these tips on how to redesign your home to the next level without breaking your bank.

Paint is Vital

Painting can affect the lighting of your whole interior. With that mentioned, you might opt for fresh paint when upgrading your home. The right paint job can renew, revitalize, and refresh any room in your house or even your entire home.

Repainting is the most economical way to transform your home into a much relaxing interior. However, finding the perfect paint to fit your home design can be so hard. If you have a difficult time choosing the right shade for your home, you can go for any light and neutral colors. These colors are the best pick for a soothing and stunning transformation in any space of your home.

Utilize Your Kitchen to Its Maximum Capacity

In home renovation, you are not just upgrading its aesthetic but also aim to maximize your storage as well. When it comes to updating your kitchen, it is best to utilize the space to its maximum capacity to help you with your storage problems.

You can add undershelf baskets to maximize your vertical storage. They can extend your cabinet’s capacity and can create an area for various types of ingredients. You can also install rolling shelves with low sides to keep the things inside your kitchen easily accessible and organized.

Make Your Home Green

Adding plants to your living space is an economical way to add-on colors and textures to your home. These greens will not only add beauty to your interior but can also help balance the humidity. They can also remove harmful gasses from the air and absorbs pollutants making your home fresh and safe.

Make Use of the Things You Already Have

In decorating your home, you probably need some accessories. Instead of shopping for new items, take a good look at the stuff you already have. You can frame arts from children’s storybooks and hung it in your kid’s rooms or bathrooms.

If you have an old ironing board that’s not in use, you can give it a simple makeover and make it a table. You can arrange candles, books or frames on top of them to add design in the corner.  Your creativity will amaze you on what you can do with the stuff you already have that are just packed up in boxes.

Beautify Your Bathroom

Redesigning your bathroom don’t always need to be expensive. Instead of tiling the whole bathroom walls, you can have a more economical approach with laying thin strips of tiles along the bathroom walls or repaint the old tiles to give it a new appearance. If you do it on your own, just remember to clean, sand, and prime the existing tiles before painting.

Another way to give a facelift to a tired bathroom is by applying a new coat of paint in the entire walls. With that, never choose the cheapest paint available in the market, or it might double the cost of your repainting. Bathroom areas are steamy and moist spaces, and they require a particular type of paint that is resistant to mold.

You can also install a combination of task lighting, built-in ceiling lights, and suave pendant lights to add function and mood to your bathroom. Advanced your lighting with LED and add strips on your bathroom floor encircling the bath or along the sides of your mirror for a maximum effect.


The key to decorating or updating your home aesthetically is to picture out an image of what you want and then step-by-step upgrade each part of your house following the tips mentioned above. Sometimes the smallest things you upgrade makes the most significant impact.

However, if you want to have a professionally designed home, you can get some help to the pros. You can search for some sites like Gia Renovation and other home improvement pages to give you honest, professional, and helpful advice on how to start and finish your home transformation.


First Aid for Broken Bones and Fractures

Bones are the essential part of our skeleton which helps in locomotion from one place to another and other movements as well. But when these bones get broken or fractured due to extra unbearable pressure on them, severe pain is experienced by the person. Under such conditions, it becomes difficult to move for even short distances. If you or any of your friend come across such episode you should have an idea about the necessary actions that must be taken at that time for first aid :

  1. Place the Person to Bed Immediately

A bone fracture could happen due to multiple reasons, like injury during sports or when you are doing some other work. Suppose you get a fracture while running on the track, the first thing you need to do is to shift yourself to the bed but without moving the fractured bone much. You can do that by taking the help of someone near you. Visit urgent care near me for further treatment by the expert and professional doctors.

  1. Do not Move the Affected Bone

Moving a fractured bone too often can cause serious problems, more it is accompanied by severe pain. When you are lying on the bed, make sure that you do not rush here and there for the things like your directory of contacts to search the number of the doctor. For this purpose, you can take the help from someone in your surrounding.

  1. Cover the fractured bones that Protrude Out of the Skin

Fractures are of two types, one in which bones get cracked into two or three parts but still they do not move from their original place, and the other types are that which gets dislocated from their initial position and sometimes even protrudes out of the skin by causing injury and bleeding in the skin surface. If your damage resembles to somewhat like this try to cover the wounded surface with a bandage or something like that so that blood does not ooze out and bone could be resisted by excessive movement.   

  1. Ice Therapy

This is the most efficient way of reducing the bleeding caused by skin injury in dislocation types of fractures. Rubbing ice cubes on the affected site minimize the area of cross-action as a result of which blood capillaries contract and less blood ooze out from the injury. This therapy of lowering bleeding and pain as well is prevalent since ages and proved out to be very useful in many cases.

  1. Call the Physician

Above described steps are performed at home, but to rush the patient for hospital urgent care Hoboken is very crucial. This is because the only doctor can provide the actual severe treatment for recovery from the fracture.