Ornament Anchor Keeps Ornaments in Place, Making Sure They’re Secure

Dogs? Cats? Toddlers? Vacuuming? Tips & bumps? Traditional ornament hangers only drape or hook over a branch- leaving precious ornaments at risk. With Ornament Anchor, sentimental ornaments no longer have to be left up to chance. Ornament Anchor’s patent-pending loop and pull secures ornaments safely in place.

This set of secure ornament hangers are perfect for keeping all different kinds of Christmas ornaments safe. These heavy-duty ornament hangers anchor ornaments securely on to the branch instead of ornament hooks that just hang on the tree and easily fall and break.

Because of its patent-pending loop & pull, ornaments get clamped onto the tree branch and stay securely in place. Ornament Anchors are ornament hangers that are specially designed to make sure your Christmas ornaments won’t fall off the tree.

All of your special memories collected and passed down through generations like Baby’s First Christmas, Wedding Keepsakes, Mementos from vacations & heirloom ornaments passed down from loved ones will now be safe from breaking. Keep your ornaments safe year after year with Ornament Anchors.

  • 🎄Versatile: These super secure ornament hooks are great for holding big and small ornaments
  • 🎄Secure: The patent-pending loop & pull clamps ornaments securely in place on the tree
  • 🎄Stong: Can hold over 48 ounces
  • 🎄Durable: These are the last hooks you’ll need to buy
  • 🎄Protects: against bumps & tips, curious dogs, kids & toddlers, playful cats, cleaning & other accidents
  • 🎄Many uses: These sturdy hooks are ideal for all festive decorations, great for hanging Christmas ornaments and baubles, other Christmas tree decorations or Easter and Halloween decorations.
  • 🎄Special Design: Ornament Anchor ornament hangers are designed to make sure your Christmas ornaments are anchored and don’t fall off from the tree. You won’t need to need to worry about ornaments being easily broken.

About the founder Ayaan:

Ayaan is an 12 year old kid-entrepreneur born and raised in Shelton, CT. Ayaan and his family are known in the area for being the local family who made it into “the tank” for their product, Kudo Banz. Following in his family’s footsteps, Ayaan has big dreams of going back to Shark Tank for his invention, Ornament Anchor.

Originally invented for his school’s invention convention, Ayaan Naqvi created the idea for Ornament Anchor when he was in 4th grade, at only 10 years old. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Ayaan knew he was onto something when his booth was overwhelmed by adults asking him where they could purchase his Ornament Anchors. Ayaan went on to win first place in his classroom. Now with the help of his older brother, Mickey and Mom, Amanda, he’s following his dreams of bringing Ornament Anchor into the hands of consumers worldwide.

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