Merry COVID Christmas: New Children’s Books Get Honest About 2020

We all know how difficult 2020 has been for everyone. Through it all, parents are having to find the right words to discuss the news and changing world with their kids.

Two moms inspired to help other parents through these tough conversations put their pens to paper–each writing honest children’s books on timely topics: masks and Santa Claus.

Remember to Smile (978-0578745497, $12, available now)
Florida mom-of-two Shannon Q. McDonald wanted to find a way to tell her kids about face masks in kid-friendly language while also making them laugh at the same time. Her new full-color children’s picture book for kids ages 2-6 years old describes and illustrates the different styles of masks, characters that wear them, when you can wear them, and interesting ways to use them. Colorful and funny illustrations bring the book to life and will have kids giggling on the floor. Remember to Smile proudly supports the COVID-19 Relief Fund (for Teachers and Students) through the non-profit organization Visit to learn more.

Santa in a Snow Globe (978-0990887140, $12.99, available now)
The holidays are typically a season of unbridled merriment and joy. However, this year’s celebrations are going to look a bit different. Recognizing the challenges this year’s holiday season will bring, New Jersey mom A.H. Edelman was inspired to write Santa in a Snow Globe, the first illustrated children’s book to offer parents, caregivers, and children a starting point to talk about life’s new realities—explained straightforwardly by Santa—complete with timeless advice, beautiful inclusive illustrations, and a big dose of Christmas cheer. Going beyond mask-wearing and social distancing, Santa in a Snow Globe also touches on issues the world is facing today, including climate change and protests. However, Edelman’s Santa still shares a positive message of hope and the importance of appreciating the simpler things in life.

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