Posts Written On November 16, 2020

New Lip-Reading Party Game MEGA MOUTH Magnifies Family Fun

The Game of Reading Lips from Big G Creative, makers of Carpool Karaoke Game and Bye, Felicia! Game, hits Target stores. Mega Mouth is all about reading lips with its unique mouth magnifier that makes your mouth super-sized and makes for hilarious communication. It’s loads of fun and can be played virtually.

Mega Mouth is a memorable must-have family party game for four to eight players, ages 8+. Mega Mouth takes 20 minutes to play.

Big G Creative is excited to introduce Mega Mouth: The Game of Reading Lips, the hysterical family party game bursting with memorable moments and loads of laughter. Complete with two mega mouth magnifiers, the whole family will enjoy this comical competition of reading lips.

Players divide into teams, draw a category card, hold the mega-magnifier up to their mouth, and silently speak to their teammates. No talking allowed! The combination of a massive mouth mixed with players’ humorous guesses will lead to an uproarious good time.

During each round, the “mouther” will mouth words and phrases—while the other team members are the lip readers. Scoring tokens are awarded for every correct answer, and the first team to collect twenty-one tokens wins.

“It’s easy to play, fun for all ages, and perfect for family parties,” said Shannon Swindle, Director of Product Development, Big G Creative. “For example, you might mouth ‘Mirror Maze,’ but when your teammates read your lips they may guess, ‘Meter Maids,’ leading to belly laughs all around.”

For four to eight players, ages eight and up, Mega Mouth takes twenty minutes to play. The game includes two magnifiers, two hundred cards, fifty tokens, two card stands, and one sand timer. The box also features a fun “Try Me” window to show off your megamouth.


About Big G Creative:

Big G Creative is a board game publisher where big ideas, big laughs and big games are a big deal. Big G Creative believes in the power of bringing people together to play, connect and create memories. Based in Nashville, Big G Creative has games for everyone including some of the best-loved properties in entertainment and pop culture. The award-winning games are available at mass market retailers nationwide and online.


Black-Owned Business: African Prints Add Color and Culture to Fall and Holiday Fashion

Selecting an outfit that works both for photos and holiday gatherings doesn’t need to be challenging or dull. There are beautiful, functional, and durable fabrics made just for such occasions – African wax prints. Your kids can transition from play to party effortlessly.

Elisamama has just the right print collection for your children this season. A black-owned business, they feature bright, quality pieces that are eye-catching and comfortable. Kids will have fun in these easy-to-wear pieces and parents will love the look.

Their gorgeous clothing range from girls’ dresses, jumpsuits, and shorts to boys’ shirts. There’s even a mommy and me collection perfect for photo opps! There is indeed something for every style-maven who loves to easily move around and look good! Take a look at these stunning designs:

Ada Jumpsuit – Magenta, Blue and White – Kid African Clothing

A stylish African girl jumpsuit! When Elisamama’s team of Artisans in Nigeria and Fisayo wanted to create a one of a kind jumpsuit African attire for kids that your little one can independently put on and take off, the Ada jumpsuit was what the team came up with. No surprise it is an absolute fav and our #1 best seller.

Your little one can strut in this African print jumpsuit with style and also worry free knowing they can easily get in and out of this jumpsuit.

  • The top has multiple adjustable buttons on the shoulder allowing you the opportunity to adjust to size and enjoy extended use!
  • The waist features a soft elastic that allows a more comfortable fit . As your girl grows taller, the elastic at the ankle allows the jumpsuit to easily transition to a cropped style.
  • It can be worn as is or paired with an undershirt to accommodate cooler temps.
  • As with most of Elisamama African clothing for kids, laundry is no fuss. Toss in the washer and dryer as you would any other cotton garment and you are good to go – absolutely no need to iron!

Tami Girl Dress – Pink and Yellow – ankara ethnic print

Elisamama’s Tami dress in this vibrant pink and yellow print is super fun and can be worn to school, for play and parties. Truly one of a kind dress made with love by the Artisans in Nigeria.

  • Has adjustable straps with hidden elastic at waist which allow for fitting to size.
  • Dress is accentuated with a placket of functional buttons for easy access.
  • As with all our pieces, laundry is no fuss. You can throw this in the washer and dryer with ease and you are good to go! – no need to iron!

Mama of the Love Flower Burst – Jacket Dress – ankara wax print

This mom jacket dress is everything and an awesome addition to every closet. The beautiful color can upgrade an outfit from drab to fab but it doesnt end there. This piece is as versatile as is beautiful. You can button it up to wear as a dress, you can also layer is over a dress, skirt or pants. Multiple looks in this one piece! Cherry on the top…it has pockets!! I mean how awesome is that! Get it while you can! The matching mini dress can be found here

Blaise Boy Shirt – Brown, Orange, White – Kids African Clothing

This African print clothing for boys packs style and comfort. It has a row of buttons for easy access and a chest pocket to house his treasures! As with most of Elisamama’s clothes, laundry is no fuss! Toss in the washer and dryer and you are good to go on your merry way! This is truly a fun African shirt for boys.

Additionally, there’s a feel-good story behind their collections. These lovely outfits are all handmade by Nigerian artisans, creating a pathway to solving poverty, providing jobs, and creating skills training for this impoverished region of the world. It’s what drives ElisamamaKids to be socially responsible while building a business whose design tenets are based on comfort, style, and function.

About Elisamama:

Launched in 2018, Elisamama is a kid’s apparel brand that designs and creates joyful, easy-to-wear stylish clothing made from African wax prints. Fisayo Che, a mother of three, is the founder. The company reflects a bold use of color, emblematic of Fisayo’s Nigerian roots.

All materials are sourced and made by local artisans in Nigeria, with the purpose of providing them a pathway towards economic empowerment. The company provides jobs and skills training for Nigerians through ethically made clothes and a commitment to the advancement of its team members. Follow them on Instagram @elisamamakids.