Posts Written On November 15, 2020

Special Coffee Products Inspired by Black Culture for The Culture But Everyone Is Invited to The Party

People say that Black people don’t drink coffee, they were lying. Dope Coffee came here to show the world that premium coffee and Black culture go hand in hand. Coffee has a stigma that surrounds it. The focus is put on fancy origins, roasts, and blends – that pretentiousness lends itself to stereotypes about the people who drink it. But that’s not how Dope Coffee rolls.
The heart of Dope Coffee is the conversation that we do over coffee. Dope Coffee was created to give a voice to Black America that seeks to uplift and elevate all.

Each one of Dope Coffee has been selected and roasted with you in mind, they understand how you like your coffee and Dope Coffee will give you the best in every roast. The coffee is all top-shelf btw, this is Dope Coffee’s lifestyle and everyone loves it.

Dope Sunrise Blend

BRIGHT COCOA CITRUS 12oz – Dope Sunrise Blend

Let the sunlight hit you like lights on stage as Lena Horne takes the microphone.

Nervous no doubt, she’s there to break barriers for the people watching and in her own mind.

Dope Coffee Sunrise Blend is a perfect combination of Central American Coffees, medium roasted to an earthy citrus to start your morning off smooth. Enjoy.

Black coffee consumption may aid in the following:

  • Reducing the risk of chronic disease
  • Diabetes Management
  • Mood Enhancer
  • Functional Pre Workout
  • Bowel Function Regulation
  • Hydration
  • Increased BMR

The Holiday Season can be stressful and chaotic. Dope is here to power you through this season. If you are into giving gifts, give a gift that will matter to that special person in your life. Please place your Dope Coffee holiday order before December 13th, the delivery can not be guaranteed by Christmas for orders not placed by December 13th, 2020.



Marcellamoda is a fashion brand featuring minimalist clothing inspired by New York City and the bold, individual edge that the women there exude through their personal style. And ethical: all of Marcellamoda’s garments are lovingly handmade in Europe from locally sourced fabrics and trimmings.

The designers of Marcellamoda are inspired by the ethos of buying fewer pieces, but better ones: the hard-working, seasonless wardrobe staples that can take you from day to night in an instant.

Marcellamoda women’s apparel ranges from unique designer tops, tunics, and tees to edgy cocktail dresses, shoes, and accessories.

Just like anything else, good design is all about the little details. Marcellamoda’s masks are crafted with a filter pocket and come with a removable filter. Because when it comes to safety, Marcellamoda wants to offer the best.⁠

The Classic Cotton Face Mask with Filter (Unisex Standard)

Marcellamoda’s standard size mask fits women and men with small to average head sizes and comes with adjustable ear loops, plus a built-in metal nose wire to improve the fit and help prevent glasses from fogging. It’s made with two layers of tightly-woven 100% cotton and includes a filter pocket with a washable filter, made of German recycled polyester (OEKO-TEX® Certified).

Adult XL and Children’s masks are also available. Please consult the size chart (linked above) to determine your best fit, or contact Marcellamoda for advice.

Pack discounts and color/size combinations? You can mix and match any color and/or sizes to create packs of 4, 6, 10, and 20 masks. Please add the desired masks to your cart and apply the applicable code at checkout.

Product Details

  • NEW and improved design features beads for elastic loop adjustment.
  • Adult Standard size – fitting women and men with small to average head sizes. Please note we also offer Adult XL (recommended for women and men with larger than average head sizes) and Children’smasks (recommended for children aged 4-12).
  • Nose wire (built-in twist tie) for ultimate stability and comfort (non-corrosive)
  • Made of two layers of 100% Cotton.
  • Filter pocket (fits our filters or a pm2.5 filter).
  • Each mask includes one replaceable/washable filter made of special German recycled polyester fabric (also OEKO-TEX® Certified). Purchase additional filters here, or shop our new silk filters here.
  • Rounded elastic bands with extra length so that they can fit different face sizes. You can use the included bead adjusters, or tie a knot in the elastics to adjust the fit as needed.
  • Approximately 6.6 inches x 9 inches. Please reference our size chart for more details. (Our masks are not pre-washed and pre-shrunk. The mask would shrink after its first wash.)
  • Lovingly sourced and handmade by our atelier in Bulgaria (Europe)
  • Machine wash on delicate cycle or hand wash in hot water. Reshape and lay flat to dry for best results. If you dry it in a dryer or wash with hot water, the mask may shrink a bit. Do not iron the filter or elastic bands.
About Marcellamoda

At Marcellamoda, they believe less clutter in one’s closet means more space and time for beautiful experiences. They are passionate about creating timeless, sustainable designs. It’s a special kind of uniqueness Marcellamoda aspires to. Marcellamoda refers to it as “Minimalism with an Edge”.

NYC-inspired Design

Marcellamoda’s minimalist clothing is informed by a life lived in the big city. At Marcellamoda, the design team is headed by Marcella’s granddaughters, Siyana and Marta, two sisters who came to New York to pursue careers that spoke to their passions. Living in New York deeply influenced the design sensibility. Like the city, itself, the garments combine clean lines and geometric construction with the occasional surprise of asymmetry. Adopted New Yorkers, Marcellamoda likes to think that they bring forward the best of both the European pasts and American present – the result being an elegant but edgy “upscale street” style.