Posts Written On November 12, 2020

Be Safe and Exert, Explore and Exhale!

Winter is coming, but it doesn’t mean we need to stay at home all the time. Being safe and active in the end of 2020, let’s enjoy the nature, explore and exhale. Shop Aktiv for sustainable Scandinavian clothing and outdoor wear. At Aktiv, the buying philosophy has four main tenets: the right aesthetic, real world testing, sustainability and responsibility, and last, but not least, quality.

Discover high-quality, Nordic activewear for running, skiing, yoga, and all your athletic adventures. Browse their collection of soft, breathable loungewear for traveling and relaxing too. Available online and at their flagship store in Aurora, Colorado.


Dala Mimic Parka Women

An insulated jacket made using high-loft QuadFusion™ Mimic – an innovative material that mimics down but performs better when wet. Treated and constructed to provide outstanding warmth and dryness using materials with high sustainability credentials, and adaptable to wherever your adventure may take you.

Fabric & Care

  • Pertex® Quantum, 100% Recycled Polyamide, 30D fibre proof, plain weave fabric, 48 g/m², bluesign® approved
  • Insulation: QuadFusion™ Mimic 100% Recycled Polyester, light, lofty, synthetic fibre cluster insulation with down-like feel
  • Machine wash warm, mild process.
  • Do not bleach.
  • Tumble dry, Normal, Low heat.
  • Iron, low.
  • Do not dry clean.
  • Do not use fabric softener.
  • Wash: machine wash warm and recommend using soap free detergent, half dosage. wash with similar colors.
  • Rinse minimum 5 times.
  • Slow spin a long time for easier drying.
  • Tumble dry: tumble dry garment with 3 tennis balls, until completely dry.  separate the loose fiber filling by hand to restore loftiness when the garment is dry.
  • Wash with zippers and hook and loop fastener closed.


Helium Cocoon Full Zip Jacket Women’s

Looking to the future of extreme weather apparel, Odlo developed the traditionally-inspired Helium Cocoon Full-Zip Jacket for their next-generation Mountain Performance collection.

Collating over 70 years of savoir-faire as a winter sports outfitter, this authentic duck down jacket blends the finest performance innovation with tried and tested detailing. With improved moisture management and freedom of movement due to the elastic single jersey stretch insert, this packable and form-fitting silhouette is a functional winter layer ideal for extreme environments and all-weather wear.

Fabric & Care

  • Main Fabric: 100% Polyamide Lining: 100% Polyamide Filling: 90% Duck down, 10% Duck feather Insert I: 93% Polyester, 7% Elastane
  • Machine Wash Cold, Low Heat Tumble Dry


Joline Ski Jacket Womens

Joline Ski Jacket by 8848 Altitude is a luxurious women’s jacket for both the city and the mountains. Wind and waterproof fabric with high breathability, and padded with premium down. Shiny fabric, chrome zippers and black, detachable faux-fur trim for a trendy look.

  • High collar with soft tricot lining
  • Two waist pockets with soft tricot lining and zippers
  • durAtec® Extreme is a technical material with high waterproof rating as well as breathability

All products from 8848 Altitude are 100% fluorocarbon free!

Fabric & Care

  • Main: 75% Polyester, 25% Polyuretan
  • Lining: 100% Polyester
  • Fill: Duck down 650fp (80% down, 20% feathers), durAtec® Extreme


Half Zip Comfy by Daehlie for Men

Half Zip Comfy is a wool sweater that is the perfect choice for before and after workouts on cold days. It comes in a wonderful wool blend, with a high, zippered collar for extra comfort. A lining in the front provides good insulation in cool weather. It is an all-round sweater that is ideal for both exercise and leisure.


Men’s Helium Vest

A super lightweight packable vest suitable for multipurpose outdoor activities. Can be used both as an outer vest & under a shell jacket.

  • Two zippered hand pockets
  • Elastic binding at hem & armholes
  • Hanger loop

Peak Performance is very close to American sizing. The best bet is to stay with your normal size or go up one if you prefer more room.

Fabric & Care

  • Wash Warm with similar colors
  • No Bleach
  • Tumbledry LOW
  • Do Not Dry Clean
  • Do not use softener
  • Close zippers before wash
  • Remove garment promptly after wash
  • Tumble dry with tennis balls and redistribute down by hand every half hour to avoid down bunching
  • 100% Polyamide

Along with style and practicality, Aktiv has made a concerted effort to select companies focused on sustainability and responsibility. The companies they have partnered with share their goal of keeping the environmental impact of the clothing industry at a minimum. Aktiv’s companies also view worker conditions as the highest priority and ensure that the factory setting is one that promotes equality and fair pay.


COVID-19 Relief Found Through DOGS

Professional artists from around the world unite through a stunning collaborative mural celebrating the dog which has never been seen before like this.

As society struggles to cope with the physical, emotional and financial challenges of COVID-19 over 100 artists from around the world have united to raise spirits, support each other and celebrate one of the great comforters during these challenging times- THE DOG.

DOG- Wolf to Best Friend Mural (Detail) 100 Artists, 1 unified mural
DOG- Wolf to Best Friend Mural (Detail) 100 Artists, 1 unified mural
Full mural setup, Designer inspects the mural for the first time
Full mural setup, Designer inspects the mural for the first time

As doctors and researchers struggle to find a solution to COVID-19, the value of dogs has become immeasurable. The dog is a source of unconditional love and comfort.

Artists globally have united to support one another and celebrate the dog in a time where festivals, art shows and exhibitions have all been forced to shut down. The Dog Mural Mosaic unites 216 Individual art pieces together to form one unified masterpiece image standing 12 feet high!

The mural overall image features “The Wolf” the source of all canines, a mother wolf protecting her baby cub as it couches into the safety of her bosom.

Dogs of interest found within the mural include Hero Dogs in service, social media celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers such as Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund, Watson and Kiko and Pluto Living combined with Hollywood stars such as Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Benji and Old Yeller bring to life a mural full of dozens of breeds and stories highlighting the significance of the dog and its value to society now and throughout history.

This awe-inspiring mural is set to be unveiled November 17 2020 as artists around the world finish creating their art pieces remotely and unite them all as one.

Each of the artworks created will have a life of its own but together will form the greater image and at the conclusion of the project the mural will be auctioned off piece by piece in support of the artists.

This stunning art piece can be explored as one full mural or individually through all 216 paintings here

See mural here!

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Merry COVID Christmas: New Children’s Books Get Honest About 2020

We all know how difficult 2020 has been for everyone. Through it all, parents are having to find the right words to discuss the news and changing world with their kids.

Two moms inspired to help other parents through these tough conversations put their pens to paper–each writing honest children’s books on timely topics: masks and Santa Claus.

Remember to Smile (978-0578745497, $12, available now)
Florida mom-of-two Shannon Q. McDonald wanted to find a way to tell her kids about face masks in kid-friendly language while also making them laugh at the same time. Her new full-color children’s picture book for kids ages 2-6 years old describes and illustrates the different styles of masks, characters that wear them, when you can wear them, and interesting ways to use them. Colorful and funny illustrations bring the book to life and will have kids giggling on the floor. Remember to Smile proudly supports the COVID-19 Relief Fund (for Teachers and Students) through the non-profit organization Visit to learn more.

Santa in a Snow Globe (978-0990887140, $12.99, available now)
The holidays are typically a season of unbridled merriment and joy. However, this year’s celebrations are going to look a bit different. Recognizing the challenges this year’s holiday season will bring, New Jersey mom A.H. Edelman was inspired to write Santa in a Snow Globe, the first illustrated children’s book to offer parents, caregivers, and children a starting point to talk about life’s new realities—explained straightforwardly by Santa—complete with timeless advice, beautiful inclusive illustrations, and a big dose of Christmas cheer. Going beyond mask-wearing and social distancing, Santa in a Snow Globe also touches on issues the world is facing today, including climate change and protests. However, Edelman’s Santa still shares a positive message of hope and the importance of appreciating the simpler things in life.


PR Newswire Association LLC Boss Dog® Brand Unveils “Ultra-Premium” Collars And Leashes In New Boss Tactical™ Line

Boss Dog® Brand has a new line of  Boss Tactical™ collars and leashes designed to help you get active with your dog.  The new pet accessories will take the industry by storm and pave a new path in the chapter of Boss Dog® Brand, with this innovative high quality hard goods entry.

Having always had medium to large size dogs, I wanted a durable and functional collar and leash system for my pets.

Boss Dog® believes any pet can be a boss not only by what they fuel their body with, but also with how they fuel their style. Boss Tactical™ collars and leashes have premium quality materials constructed to last with a stylish tactical look.

Boss Tactical™ collars are made from heavy duty materials. With a zinc alloy clip and stainless-steel D-ring, pets remain secure. Having a two trigger anti-rust safety clip provides additional support while the fitted comfort makes Boss Tactical™ collars the perfect choice for your dog.

Boss Tactical™ leashes are made with durable light weight materials, featuring a two-trigger anti rust safety clips made with aviation aluminum. It will keep even the strongest of dogs secure. The convenient traffic handle and the military nylon webbing and neoprene lining, add to its quality.

The accessories are available now and can be found at independent pet stores and online across the United States and Canada. They come in tactical inspired camouflage patterns as well as solid color options.

Vasili Nassar, founder and brainchild of Boss Dog® Brand, takes his three dogs on a daily walk, and always wanted to branch out into quality pet accessories. “I designed these products based on my own experiences.  Having always had medium to large size dogs, I wanted a durable and functional collar and leash system for my pets.  Adding traffic handles, and nylon for comfort, gave me the look and feel that I wanted for myself and my dogs.”

Boss Tactical™ is the seventh product the company has launched since its inception in the fall of 2018. The Seattle based company is growing and adding more and more independent retailers every month despite the challenges of the pandemic.

The company wants to help consumers raise a healthy and happy pet, whether that’s through diet and/or exercise. Nassar hopes the leashes and collars will be particularly beneficial to dog owners, as they have more time to spend outdoors with their furry family members due to everyone’s new “stay-at-home” lifestyle.

Nassar started the line of pet products with Raw Goat Milk and Greek Frozen Yogurt for his dog Kelby, who refused to eat most pet food products on the market, thanks to gut issues. Frustrated, the Seattle entrepreneur created his own products with the help of his background in manufacturing people yogurt.  His innovations solved Kelby’s nutritional issues and taught the entrepreneur to “treat your pet like a boss.” Learn more at


Cats Already Rule The Internet. Now, Cat Shows Do Too!

Stressed out by election anxiety? Scientific studies show that looking at pictures of cats helps reduce tension. That means now is the PURRFECT time to check out the fabulous multitude of cats competing for prizes on The Cat Fanciers’ Association VCC web site! (

VCC stands for Virtual Cat Competition—the cat fancy’s solution to self-reinvention in the midst of Covid-19 isolation. Originally conceived to help promote the enormous variety of pedigreed cats to the public, VCCs have exploded in popularity as in-person cat shows vanished due to the pandemic. One recent event drew 796 entries from all over the world. That’s a lot of kitty pictures!

According to CFA Marketing Director Desiree Bobby, most VCCs raise funds for cat-related causes. Spectators can vote for their favorite cats and prizes go to the most popular cats. Money raised supports organizations like local shelters, a charity that helps provide assistance to cats affected by wildfires and other natural disasters, and most recently, a research project devoted to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in Sphynx (hairless) cats.

These events aren’t just parades of pedigreed cats, though. They feature “fun” classes, providing cat owners an opportunity to showcase their feline travel buddies, agility antics, costume contests, and just plain kitty weirdness. Some competitions have featured celebrity guest judges, such as Steve Dale (certified animal behaviorist and radio/TV personality of, Kate Benjamin (cat style expert, designer and blogger of and Trisha Seifried (a professional animal trainer and talent agent of presenting their top picks on video.

The virtual excitement culminates in December with CFA’s International Top Cat Challenge, a massive event featuring twenty conformation judging rings and an exciting array of fun classes. The “CITCC” is the brainchild of breeder-exhibitor Lorna Dawn Friemoth, whose intention was to attract people who have never heard of cat shows or pedigreed cats and enable them to easily explore all the breeds CFA recognizes. The event also celebrates mixed-breed cats, who can compete in the Household Pet classes.

Iris Zinck, chair of CFA’s Virtual Cat Competition Committee, expects the enthusiasm to continue far beyond December. “The cat fancy has never before been so accessible to so many people,” she says. “This isn’t just a placeholder for regular shows, it’s something new that offers the online public a whole different way to share their love of cats!”