Posts Written On November 04, 2020

Look Like A Real Socal Girl with Sweet Street Cosmetics

Everyone wants to be a Socal girl! There is a certain way that Socal girls looks so attractive and confident. Let me tell you the secret about the style behind it. The Socal style just goes with no rules, no limited and no boxes. Let’s be freedom and be ourselves.

There are no rules or boxes in beauty. Anyone can live on Sweet Street and with a little practice, everyone can be a WING QUEEN. We stand beside EVERYONE with big, GLAM dreams.

Sweet Street is a neighborhood queen with larger than life dreams. She is a multifaceted homegirl who can move in any room. She is style & grace. She’s the influencers muse. She is the real beauty standard. She sets trends following no one’s rules but her own. Her glamour is soulful, ambitious, and defiant–the intersection of fly and street.

Natalia Durazo and LaLa Romero

Sweet Street celebrates a narrative in the cosmetics industry that has been historically overlooked. They are here to close the gap that exists in offerings that celebrate beauty and artistry originated by everyday women of color. The founders, Lala Romero and Natalia Durazo have long been inspired by their own experiences and iconic women from neighborhoods and pop culture. They are excited to add to the ever-expanding beauty conversation while celebrating their culture and round-the-way beauty.

L.A. Lady Palette

Taking cues from the hues that paint the City of Angels, our L.A. Lady eyeshadow palette features eight highly-pigmented shades made here in L.A.

You will cruise from day-to-night with a dramatic matte black, coppery-browns, glints of mesmerizing shimmer and a highlight-ready cream, that will enhance your iconic beauty at every turn. Compact in size, with a built in mirror, create your show-stopping looks wherever you’re parked.

  • Highly-pigmented, one-swipe payoff
  • Easy-to-blend
  • Cruelty-free, paraben-free
  • Net Wt. 8 x 0.056 oz/ 1.6 g
  • Made in USA

8 shades:

  • Blvd (light cream matte)
  • Rivi (medium taupe matte)
  • Dusk (medium brown matte)
  • Cruisin (medium red-brown matte)
  • Morena (dark brown matte)
  • Sun (medium taupe shimmer)
  • Shine (light cream shimmer)
  • Midnight (dark black matte)
  • Built-in Mirror

Wing Queen

Make all your Wing Dreams Come True with Sweet Street Wing Queen Liquid Eyeliner. This intensely pigmented, rich black fluid glides on smoothly without pulling or skipping and features a satin finish. The pen has a precision tip that allows beauty beginners or true wing queens to create thin or thick dramatic lines. Wing Queen Liquid Eyeliner lasts until you say so.

  • Highly pigmented, rich black color
  • Fluid formula makes strokes smooth, without skipping or tugging
  • Precision applicator helps formula glide on smoothly creating thin lines or bold wings with a satin finish

Perfect Wings, every time, that will last until you say so!! Wing Queen will be with you through all your smiles, tears, and long days. No matter you are in Socal or not, let’s get the chic look and confidence into our makeup, it is so easy and so pretty.


Relieve Your Mind Of Anxiety And Stress

The current times are very difficult to cope with. The fear of being infected with the virus. Not being able to meet your friends and family. It’s just a different type of pressure, which may lead to depression. Even the kids don’t have school now, which makes it very hard to manage the kids and work, both at the same time. Paying bills is very hard, too, since many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Handling all the stress and anxiety gets hard to handle.

We know how difficult these times are. However, that does not mean we should let ourselves go like that. We have to fight these harsh times together by maintaining social distance. And also by keeping our mind healthy and away from stress and anxiety.

Understandably, we might think it isn’t easy to stay mentally healthy these days. However, it’s actually not. We will walk you through a few natural remedies for stress and anxiety. To carry out most of these, you won’t even need to step out of the house. No grocery shopping is required for most of them.

Let’s begin!

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep through the night is very important. 7-9 hours of sleep is recommended for every adult every night. However, the amount of sleep may vary from person to person. E.g., a child may need more than 9 hours of sleep per day. 

Lack of sleep can cause anxiety. And we may feel irritated and angry throughout the day. 

Try sleeping in an extremely comfortable environment. A relaxed atmosphere for a human being means a cold and darkroom to sleep in. Rooms with cold temperatures are mainly for women going through menopause or women who are on their periods. As the body temperature is very high during those “special days.”

Most importantly, switch your phone off when going to bed. Phones play a massive role in disturbing your sleep. Keep in mind the quality of sleep is more important than the quality. If you have disturbed sleep that may result in oversleeping, you may experience a headache and experience extremely low energy levels.


The lavender essential oil possesses calming effects. Which may help regulate your sleep cycle. Furthermore, lavender may help relieve your pain as well as relax your mind. If you have had a long day at the office and you have backaches and a headache because of sitting around all day, lavender is the thing for you.

Using lavender is not a complicated procedure. It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy. If you don’t want to do something that is not a part of your routine, then you don’t have to. But the only thing that most of us do after coming home is we take a hot shower before bed. If you have a bathtub, just add lavender essential oil to your bathtub and enjoy its effects. However, if you do not own a bathtub, only buy products containing lavender like shampoo or soap; that will do the trick.

Other methods of enjoying lavender essential are the following:● Aromatherapy: add some of the essential oil to a diffuser and let it spray its magic all over the room.● Consume it orally● Sprinkle a few drops, only our pillow in our opinion is the method with instant effects.

Furthermore, lavender has sedative effects, therefore refrain from consuming it while driving. Also, avoid consuming it along with other sedatives like alcohol, etc. 


Cannabidiol or cannabis is something that most of you must have heard of. CBD is very famous for its calming effects and is often even prescribed by doctors because of its sedative effects. 

CBD oil can be directly rubbed over the body or massed in the hair. It can be added to your foods. A few drops will do the trick. Furthermore, CBD can be smoked up to enjoy its effect. If you do not know how to roll a joint, don’t worry. You can get cbd pre roll joints. However, if one of the methods is convenient for you, go for cbd vape juice and smoke it up in a vape. Vape is a less messy method.


Exercise should be a part of everyone’s daily routine. Try and work out early in the morning, right after you wake up. Working out in the morning can have a very positive effect on your mind. Exercise can relieve anxiety instantly, although for the time being. However, exercising often can show outstanding results in the long run.

Beware, do not work out later in the evening after you are done with all of your tasks as that may result in exhaustion, which may affect the mood a lot. When we work out, our brain releases a chemical called endorphins, which makes our mood better, giving us a happy feeling.

Working out in the morning won’t only give you a healthier mind but also give you ample energy to get through the day. A fun fact, exercise may also regulate your sleep cycle.

Furthermore, if you think in order to exercise you need to go to the gym, then you are incredibly wrong. You can exercise in any room at your house. Exercise can be a jog, brisk walk, or even dancing to a song you like.