Gift ideas that will get your kids away from their screens!

Technology is a wonderful thing. It brings us together, it helps us track the most important moments of our lives, we can capture happy memories, it keeps us entertained, and it helps us to learn. But sometimes, you can have too much of a good thing. Especially when your children are involved. 

As far as kids and screen time are concerned, all experts agree that less is better. However, it can be difficult to get our children to engage in anything else. So, if your child has a birthday coming up, or you’re already thinking about the festive season then why not check out these great gift ideas that will get your kids away from their screens!

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A bike or scooter

You’ll probably have vivid memories of riding your bike around the neighbourhood with your friends and not coming home until dinner. These days, not many kids can say they’ve enjoyed the same experience. Getting your kid their very own bicycle or scooter means that they’re enjoying the fresh air, learning to be responsible riders and improving their fitness! If your child doesn’t know how to ride a bike yet, then there’s no better time to learn! Just remember to gift them all the required safety gear to keep them safe.

Something to make

Your kid doesn’t have to be creatively-inclined to enjoy making something from scratch. There’s such a wide variety of gifts available these days, you’re sure to find something that speaks to their interests. From make-your-own bath bomb kits and slime makers to friendship bracelets and jewellery making sets, marble runs, sewing kits and even pottery packs. They’ll spend hours of fun creating and building, away from screens. You never know, they might just pick up a new hobby along the way. 

Garden play equipment

If you have a garden or a backyard then why not gift your child something that will get them outdoors and enjoying the fresh air? Swing sets and slides, trampolines and water, and sand trays for the little ones. Keep these pieces of play equipment well maintained and they can last for years! If you’re struggling for space outdoors, don’t worry, as even the most modest of gifts such as bubble wands, balls and even rollerskates can provide hours of fun.


If the first thing your child does after school is reach for their tech and screen, then why not find other ways to preoccupy them? Gifting them lessons for after school or even at the weekends can help spark their imaginations, get them making new friends, as well as challenging themselves. Dance and singing lessons, painting or photography, writing and comic book creating, even horse riding or karate. See what’s available in your area and sign your child up. You might even inspire their future career choice.

And finally, books, books and more books!

The gift of reading is a wonderful thing. And these days children are spoilt for choice. With so many different genres, famous authors and characters out there, it won’t take much for your child to be pulled into a world of imagination and new adventures, without a screen in sight!

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