Posts Written On October 03, 2020

For bakers, makers, movers and shakers, this All-Natural Wool Dish Drying Mat has its place in every home!

Bring the simplicity of nature’s beauty into your home with the world’s most ancient fibers – wool & linen. Used for thousands of years, these “super” fibers naturally resist mold and mildew, are highly absorbent, and eliminate the need for using synthetics and plastics around your sink area. This is the best eco-friendly dish drying mat you will ever own.

Sonoma Wool Company believes the qualities of wool are ideal to be used for practical products to make your home a more natural and soothing place.  From luxurious bedding to simple, long-lasting dish drying mats, you’ll fall in love with all things woolWool is water-wicking. The same qualities that make wool breathable, also allow it to wick water away, and remain bacteria, mold and mildew-free. Drying dishes is a breeze with SonomaWool Company’s Wool Dish Drying Mat with Linen Sleeve. Eliminate the synthetics and plastics around your sink area and take comfort in these all-natural fibers that are uniquely superior to anything else on the market.

Sonoma Wool Company
#1 Best Seller, the Best Eco-friendly Dish Drying Mat for your Home

Wool Dish Drying Mat with Linen Sleeve

Price: Wool Dish Mat & Linen Sleeve: $39.99 Extra Linen Sleeve: $14.99

  • 100% natural – no dyes
  • Absorbs up to 30% of its own weight in moisture
  • Naturally resists mold and mildew
  • 100% wool and linen
  • Measures 16″ x 20″ x 3/8”
Care:  The Dish Drying Mat needs to fully dry between uses, which will naturally occur when kept on counter. If Dish Drying Mat is heavily used to the point of saturation, hang the mat between uses to increase air flow. If needed, Wool Dish Drying Mat may be spot cleaned with a mild soap in tepid water. Dry flat. Do not machine wash. Linen Sleeve may be machine washed and dried.
Sonoma Wool Company uses in their products comes from family-owned and operated ranches throughout the United States, like Pozzi Ranch, in Valley Ford, California.

Sonoma Wool Company does not use wool that is carbonized. Carbonization is a harsh chemical process many industrial wool processors use to clean vegetation from the wool. Using hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and other chemicals, carbonization strips away all of the vegetation matter in the wool. Because their wool is not carbonized, you may see bits of residual vegetation in your Sonoma Wool Company products. Sonoma Wool Company chooses to offer an all-natural product with residual specks of vegetation because they believe it is best for the environment and the people who will be using their wool products.

Wool is ultra absorbent and breathes. Linen encourages evaporation. Sonoma Wool Company’s Wool Dish Drying Mat is 100% natural, and not just for drying dishes! This eco-friendly Wool Dish Drying Mat is more than just a place to dry your dishes. It will create a home for a number of items you rinse throughout the day. A safe haven in the kitchen, from baking or blending smoothies, the perfect place to rinse and let items dry. It’s time to Ditch the Plastic Rack! Rusted, moldy, and decades old… It’s time to give your kitchen an eco-friendly upgrade!

This Wool Dish Drying Mat is not only good for your own home, but also makes a great holiday gift for your families. Packing it into a cute box and bringing a nice surprise in this holiday!