Toddler Bath Buddy Glow Toys from Starlux

Starlux Games specialize in glow-in-the-dark, active group games. One of their new toy we recently received is the,  Starlux Bath Buddy. It’s a fun, floating glow-in-the-dark toy that both toddlers and their parents will love!

It is a small plastic floating toy that glows and has a button for on and off function. It is simple and can be used in the bath or swimming pool! We added a ton of bubble and made a glow car wash during bath time and was very entertaining and safe.

Everyone should be excited about getting clean, and your baby or toddler should be no exception! Make bath time an exciting light up experience with this floating, light up bath toy. Turn on the light for normal use or turn down the lights to enhance the glow effect and convert a bubble bath into a glowing wonderland! Babies and toddlers will love moving this floating light, submerging it partway, filling it with water and pouring it out.

Use it nightly to make your evening routine easier. Kids can use it as a standalone toy, pretend it’s a boat and put other toys in it, use it to pour water out and more! Safe for small children – toy is one large piece only. No setup required. Simply take it out of the box, turn it on, and get playing. Batteries are included and replaceable.

You can get this toy on Amazon!

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