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What to do immediately after a car accident

We all want to avoid being involved in a car accident. They’re stressful at best and life threatening at worst. However, sometimes even the best drivers get into accidents. Bad weather conditions or a reckless driver on the road can mean that avoiding an accident just isn’t possible.

If you’re unfortunate enough to get into a car accident, there are several things you’ll need to do. In the long term, you’ll need to speak to your insurance company and might need to contact a lawyer (check out this Fort Lauderdale lawyer dealing with car accident cases). But what should you do immediately after a car accident?


The first thing you must do after a car accident is stop your vehicle. You must do this even if the incident isn’t serious. To carry on driving (also known as a hit and run) is a lawful offense and you could get into serious trouble.

Hazards on

The next step after an accident is to turn your hazard lights on – especially if your vehicle is blocking the road. Hazard lights alert fellow drivers that your car is there and instructs them to go around. Not doing so could cause dangers to other drivers and cause further incidents.

Check for injuries

Once you’re safely out of the way, you’ll need to check for injuries if you can. Is anything hurting? Are you able to move? If so, then you can go ahead and safely leave your vehicle (don’t forget to keep a first-aid kit in the boot of your car, in case of scrapes or scratches). However, if moving hurts, you should stay put and call an ambulance if you can. Don’t endanger your body further by attempting to move when it’s in pain.

Check your vehicle   

If you have been able to leave the vehicle safely, you’ll need to assess the situation. Does your vehicle have significant damages? If it’s dark, use the light on your phone to check it out properly (it’s also useful to keep a flashlight in your boot, just in case of emergencies).


Once you’ve assessed the state of your vehicle, you’ll need to take some photos, both of the damages to your vehicle and any surrounding issues, like damages on the road or other vehicles involved. Photographic evidence of the event will help if you speak to a lawyer later down the line and could be used to argue your side.

Contact details

After taking your photos, you’ll need to speak to anyone else involved in the accident – or witnesses. Get the contact details of anyone who saw what happened and check that they are happy to be contacted. Again, they could be useful during legal proceedings.



Trilogy Laboratories Launches Home Facial Kit to Keep Skin Glowing During COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic is keeping many spa and salon clients at home, creating challenges for skincare specialists. For aestheticians and spas seeking ways to continue connecting with clients, Trilogy Laboratories’ Botanical Home Facial kit allows professionals to continue generating business and promoting their own brand when clients are unable to visit.

Thanks to the Azul Skin Health Facial Kit, you will experience a full and relaxed spa time at home. Thinking of a Friday night, you just finish a whole week’s heavy work no matter it’s a real job or the house works, all you want is to rest. Doing a facial mask is nice, but how about doing something even cooler? Let’s bring the spa home. Azul Skin Health Facial Kit includes everything that a professional spa has, and it gives you a clear and detailed instruction. No worries about the process, because it surprisingly very simple.

What I love about this set is they even include the hair band and brush, you can definitely reuse them. When I opened the Blueberry AHA Home Peel, the nice smell makes me feel like it’s fresh fruit juice. That’s because they really use all the great ingredients to make sure you totally have the best experience.

I believe it skin health facial kit is not only for these days that we couldn’t go out, but also great for the normal days that you just want to stay home, without driving and going anywhere else. You can open your favorite wine, watching your favorite TV Shows at the same time!

This home care kit comes with everything you need to pamper yourself at home.  Keep your skin glowing in between going to your favorite skin care specialist.

Azul Skin Health Facial Kit

“Many of the spas we work with are looking for a way to continue to stay connected and care for their clients’ skin during these challenging times. We’ve developed a luxurious home kit to provide some much-needed pampering until in-office treatments become routine again,” said Kristen Flaharty, PharmD, Founder of Trilogy Laboratories.

The Botanical Home Facial kit is a four-step luxury treatment suitable for all skin types. One kit includes enough product for at least four at-home facials. Products include:

  • Botanical gel cleanser with green tea
  • Blueberry alpha hydroxy acid peel with mandelic acid and enzymes
  • Magic moisture hydrating mask
  • Green tea moisturizer with aloe, cucumber and calendula extracts
  • Cosmetic bag
  • Foundation brush (to apply peel)
  • Terry cloth hair band

Trilogy Laboratories continues to develop innovative products to serve the needs of retailers, skincare experts and beauty brands during COVID-19. It recently released a moisturizing hand mask to treat skin irritation due to over-sanitizing and washing.

To seamlessly launch or grow any brand, Trilogy Laboratories provides turn-key private labeling of luxury skincare products. From packaging to graphic design, Trilogy helps retailers create the perfect skincare line using premium medical-grade skincare products.

To purchase your facial kit at and let’s get ready for a professional home-sweet-home style spa!

About Trilogy Laboratories

Trilogy Laboratories was founded in 2014 by Dr. Kristen Flaharty, who has more than 20 years of ethical pharmaceutical product development experience. She was the driving force behind the development of the Azul brand of medical grade skin care products for Dr. Patrick Flaharty’s world-class Azul Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa. Trilogy Laboratories manufactures highly effective private label skin care products for physicians, medical professionals, salons and spas, using scientifically proven ingredients at therapeutic concentrations. Trilogy brands include Integraderm, Azul SkinHealth and Minerale Makeup. Its manufacturing facility is an entirely self-contained innovative cosmetic and OTC-registered production facility, creating and manufacturing some of the highest quality and most effective skin care products in today’s market.