Posts Written On September 03, 2020

Healthful and Delicious Kombucha For Your Early Fall Adventures

Are we really in fall season already? Temperatures are still heating up and we are all eager to take on the outdoors, hit the beach, and grill with some friends (while practicing social distancing)! KÖE Kombucha makes the ideal companion to keep you hydrated and healthy during your Early Fall excursions.

KÖE Kombucha – the fruit-forward, USDA Organic and packed with probiotics drink – makes a healthier soda swap option to take on any Summer adventure, whether it be a beach trip, shopping excursion, or hike. KÖE was created for non-kombucha drinkers – people seeking a delicious, functional, sparkling beverage without the vinegary taste. Formulated with just 9g sugar and 35 calories in a can, KÖE is shelf stable, perfect to take on-the-go.

KÖE Organic Kombucha Can, Raspberry Dragonfruit

KÖE Organic Kombucha Can, Strawberry Lemonade

KÖE Organic Kombucha Can, Mango

KÖE Organic Kombucha Can, Lemon Lime

KÖE Organic Kombucha Can, Blueberry Ginger

At KÖE, they believe in creating beverages that fit your lifestyle…completely. By that they mean not only is their kombucha healthful in its ability to fortify your digestive system but, unlike others, it is also super convenient because it’s in a can and doesn’t require refrigeration. Yes, that’s right, the team worked for years to figure out the secret to producing a kombucha with probiotics that can live in the can.Why not take KÖE with you when you go; to the beach, hiking, in the car, or just on your desk at work.Take the benefits of KÖE with you when you’re on the go.

KÖE is produced with the highest standards in mind:

  • Made with real fruit juice and purees
  • No artificial ingredients or sweeteners
  • Billions of Live Probiotics per can
  • USDA Organic
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher Certified
  • 100% Organic Cane Sugar

LABOR DAY Beauty Sales! Danessa Myricks Beauty (30% OFF Site-Wide!!), Veil Cosmetics Amazon Sale, Bellway, and CHRŌM Toothpolish!

Do you have any plans for the Labor Day long weekend? I guess shopping is one of the things on your list. But if you still feel not safe to shop at a mall, let’s see what to get online. Beauty & Wellness Labor Day Sales are going on, here are four brands that offer amazing Labor Day deals.
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What can you score? Danessa Myricks Beauty offers high-performance products that give makeup artists and consumers alike the freedom to play outside the box. This Labor Day weekend you can shop site-wide or pick up the brands best-selling products Dew Wet Balms or Colorfix 24-Hour cream colors in a variety of shades!   
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This duo is known for perfecting the no makeup-makeup look with a smooth, radiant and natural looking complexion and offered in a diverse range of 15 shades in Porcelain, Light, Medium, Tan, and Deep with soft pink, neutral or gold undertones. 
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What can you score? Natural Fiber supplements made with real fruits and no extra chemicals, artificial flavors or sugars! Visit to select your flavor of choice in Mixed Berry, Raspberry Lemon, or Lemon Lime.
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Toothpolish, is just like nail polish for your teeth! This 24 hour wear tooth polish comes in bright colors, whites, metallics, glitters, and glow — perfect for parties, holidays, and daily wear. 

Rubio’s Offers FREE Kids Meals Every Wednesday in September

Rubio’s Coastal Grill has announced that kids eat free every Wednesday in September in locations across California, Arizona and Nevada. Get a free kids meals with the purchase of any adult entree using the coupon

“Quarantine and remote learning have been incredibly challenging for so many and we want to make it easier for busy families to enjoy a great meal as the new school year starts,” said Ralph Rubio, co-founder of Rubio’s. “Guests can get any kids meal on the menu free, with the purchase of an adult entrée, every Wednesday in September. Choices include the popular Kids Bean & Cheese Burrito, Kids Chicken Bowl and the recently added Build Your Own Tacos kids meal, all served with two sides and a drink.”

Operations at Rubio’s have shifted greatly due to COVID-19. While food safety and cleanliness have always been a top priority at Rubio’s, new initiatives include tamper-proof seals on all delivery orders, daily health checks for all team members, protective face coverings and gloves, extensive sanitizing and disinfecting of restaurants and patios, strict social distancing protocols inside and outside, and contact-free curbside or express pickup and free delivery, on all orders of $20 or more.

Guests are encouraged to order through the Rubio’s app and For more information about Rubio’s Coastal Grill and to view the menu, visit Rubio’sFacebook and Instagram


Plastic Surgery Before and After – 6 Care Tips For You

Enhancing one’s features comes in many ways. Nowadays, people can choose from going through a plastic surgery procedure or a much safer one with cosmetics or fitness programs. For years, a popular choice is a process involving knives going under the skin. Many people today still don’t mind the pain to meet their standards of beauty.

Experts with years of experience are certified to bring successful results, for example with brow lift surgery. What patients need to worry about is what goes before and after the procedure. Have you noticed that complications happen after surgeries? Then, a big lump of problems stems from not preparing yourself before surgery.

Preparation may include researching the experts, learning more about a procedure’s suitability, and more. In 2020, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery – advises patients to know certified surgeons wherever they are.

Along with that, patients must know how to care for themselves during recovery. Follow on this list; we have 3 care tips before surgery and 3 to do tips for you to help with recovery.

Make a small face with a V-line balance 【ID Hospital】

Preparing before Plastic Surgery: 3 Things To Ask Yourself

So you have probably seen and consulted with an expert to conduct your surgery. The next thing is for you to allow yourself to prepare and be in good condition. You might encounter the hype when people successfully enhanced their look with pins and needles. But before you achieve beauty, you must first take caution for letting yourself bleed. You must prepare your mind and the body for surgery.


  1. Am I Mentally Prepared? Being mentally prepared involves making wise decisions and planning. It is a common mistake for most people to just take advice from friends. Bear in mind that they are patients like you. Your first step should be doing your research on the experts in this field. Consult first, and take note of some important instructions. One of the expert jobs is to make sure that the patients will fully commit to the whole procedure.


  1. Am I Physically Fit for the Surgery? Knowing your own physical limitations and capacity is essential. Depending on how difficult or how long the procedure, your physical condition must meet the requirement. Know the name of what the surgery is called. Be mindful of what body part is affected and what risks are involved. Exposure to procedural risks will be minimized if you are physically fit for the process. Also, taking vitamins and other health supplements can help you be fit. Additionally, it does not mean that having fats or skins reduced makes you want to savor the days and satisfy your cravings. Going through a well-balanced exercise and diet is your first step.


  1. Do I have other non-surgical alternatives? Okay. Now you have done your search. Yes? Talked with an expert. Alright! That is so commendable! Still, a more critical question for you before any procedure is to know if there are alternatives. That is the real goal of preparing. Plastic surgeons are like doctors. Sometimes, it is expected that they will not recommend you going under the knife. It might be, as tip number two reveals, that you are physically not qualified. There are alternatives out there. So, don’t worry. Having no plastic surgery for you is not the end of your health and wellness journey!


After the Procedure: Recovery

Taking care of yourself after the procedure weighs equally as your preparation. There are 3 main important recovery rules for you after plastic surgery.


  1. Have Time to recover. Bleeding or hematoma, ugly scars, and deformations on your skin or body parts – These are the reasons why you want to take full recovery and rest after body enhancement. So set enough time. Take a vacation if you must. Also, important is to rest in a conducive location. This can be at your home. You should be free to take rest and be free from stress.


  1. Communicate with your Specialists Your surgeon will leave some prescriptions for you to help in recovery. Do not neglect them. If some medicines harm you, communicate it with your surgeon to make changes.  It matters to ask for other assistance. Do not be ashamed to seek support or a helper at home. You might also be prevented from doing strenuous exercises, so call your surgeon from time to time and update them about your recovery.


  1. Post-Surgery Counselling This might sound weird to you. But, emotional changes are as much as problematic as your physical pains from healing wounds. Emotional scars can be tough to recover from. Changing your look can make you critical of yourself.  You might not love the outcome at first, or you may experience indecisiveness post the surgery. Actually, that is normal. The solution is to talk it out with your surgeon. Your surgeon understands precisely how you feel. You might not be the first patient to experience that. It is helpful to get their opinion too.


Have your trusted friends and family members at your side after the surgery. Their affirmations and support are vital during these moments. Accept their love above everything else.