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Little Box of Happy – My Little Mascara Club

The weather is starting to warm up and summer is inching closer. I don’t know about you but we’re excited for warmer days and with that comes hot, humid and dry weather. It’s so important to keep our makeup clean and nice during this time of year so I want to introduce My Little Mascara Club to you to make sure you’re prepared when Mother Nature cranks up the heat.

Made With 90% natural ingredients, this little mascara won’t flake, clump, smudge, run and wash it off with water only. It’ll easily become your favorite mascara that you can use daily or keep in your purse. The little mascara gets its name from its size – a little bottle means a short wand that’s easier to use and the special brush fits your lash line like a glove — making it easier to apply the mascara to your lower lashes. Choose from gift sets or a subscription box to order.

THE BEST LITTLE MASCARA EVER: length + definition formula

The original LENGTH + DEFINITION formula has incredible staying power. It is smear proof, sweat proof, smudge proof and budge proof, yet removes with just water. It’s like magic, we know!

With over 90% natural ingredients [that’s practically unheard of in a mascara!] this is a mascara you, and your lashes, will love.


Your fresh mascara is automatically delivered according to the schedule you select. You can adjust those settings anytime with just a couple clicks. And, The little mascara club always send a reminder! No stress – nice and easy.


One mascara lasts about 6 weeks for daily users. Wear it a lot? Choose 30 days (1 mo), 45 days (6 weeks) or 60 days (2 mo). Wear it a little? Choose 90 days (3mo).

In addition to the convenience of never running out of mascara, the club members get free shipping on every auto-delivery + a little gift in every shipment. Non-members pay $5/order for shipping. Remember, you can easily modify, pause or cancel your subscription anytime.

My Little Mascara Club also has the gift set choice, which you can give this lovely beauty set to your wife, girlfriend, mom or anyone you love as a lovely gift!

LOVELY GIFT SET: mascara + remover + wipes + case

This LOVELY mascara gift set comes with a makeup case that is the perfect size to fit in a purse or carry-on. Which is perfect, since the lucky gift-getter will need a place to keep her new clean cosmetics trio: the natural mascara + fresh micellar water remover + reusable eraser wipes.


MASCARA + REMOVER + WIPES + CASE [this is a one-time purchase, not a subscription]

  • A complete clean cosmetics trio including premium lash care system: natural mascara + fresh micellar water remover + reusable eraser wipes
  • One lovely little cosmetic case made of classy saffiano pu leather – fully lined and waterproof
  • Case Details: 8″ x 5″ x .25″, black


All of their products are always: vegan, cruelty free, gluten free, paraben free, mineral oil free, beeswax free and paraffin free.

About My Little Mascara Club

With a mission to help others feel better about themselves and life, My Little Mascara Club is committed to deliver mascara and moments of happy.  In addition to providing innovative mascaraproducts with their clean cosmetics promise, they provide tips and inspiration to help others live their best, most happy, life.


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The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional badge helps you leverage your skills in handling AWS architectures. With this accreditation, you will become a valuable employee in your company as you will know how to meet the business objectives by using AWS infrastructure and come with efficient solutions to improve various processes. This credential can be obtained by passing only one test with code PrepAway Certification Practice Test Exam Dumps Web Site . Even though the exam path might seem simple, you should be prepared for a difficult assessment. The only trick that you can use to pass your exam with flying colour is using appropriate training materials. Apart from the ones available on the vendor’s website, you should also use dumps to consolidate your skills.

Available Training Resources for AWS Certification Test

An essential step to Visit This Exam-Labs Website Click Here Now to Download for Solutions Architect Professional level is reading the blueprint of this test. This exercise will help you understand what prerequisites you need to fulfill. Also, you will discover verified information on what skills you should develop to be successful in this assessment. The SAP-C01 official webpage is the only verified source where you should get your information. The way you do your training can influence considerably your success in the AWS test. The vendor offers different preparation solutions to help candidates get proper knowledge of the skills evaluated during this assessment. For example, you can opt for digital and classroom training. Thus, you can either take part in live classes and learn from AWS trainers how to deploy AWS architectures or you can log in online. If your schedule is too busy and you cannot insert this type of training in it, you can try the virtual classroom. You can also watch recorded videos or read different books available online for Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Practice Exam . Private training is also a solution available on the AWS website. Thus, you have the opportunity to use personalized training and have 1-to-1 discussions with an expert trainer. While all these training options can help you develop the necessary skills to get the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional credential, we want to share an exclusive tip with you. You can try dumps as an alternative preparation solution. This option doesn’t substitute the materials available on the vendor’s website. They come as additional material to help you understand the concepts from Amazon AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Certification Dumps Questions VCE . Also, they are an objective evaluation tool that you can use to determine whether you are ready to take the real test or you should spend more time studying.


The preparation process for Amazon AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional Certification Course shouldn’t come as a burden. You should enjoy the entire journey and see it as an opportunity to strengthen your skills and leverage your career. The starting point in your preparation process is checking the vendor’s available materials. While the official materials can be very useful in acing your skills for the Certbolt Practice Test Questions accreditation, dumps are also extremely useful. They will help you evaluate your readiness level and prepare for the test day. All the best!



Planning a party? Start with the perfect party invites

Are you planning to have a party? We know that you have an uphill task ahead. A lot of meticulous planning goes into ensuring that your party becomes a memorable and enjoyable event for all the invitees. While selecting the venue, food, and theme are some of the important steps, the perfectparty invite lays the foundation for a successful party or an event. Whether you are planning a baby shower party, a party announcing a new arrival, a retirement party, or even a 90th birthday party, a well-designed party invitation is the first step for a successful event.

Here is our quick guide to help you plan a party that will be the talk of the town for the times to come.

1.   Plan ahead:

This is the key to any successful event, whether you are planning a birthday party or even a graduation celebration. You can start 2 to 3 months ahead, especially if you are planning to have a huge gathering at a booked venue with many attendees. A lot of venues get booked much in advance, so early planning is very important.

If you are planning to have a party at home, you can be relatively relaxed but still planning ahead will go a long way in making sure that you avoid any last-minute bottlenecks and headaches.

Here’s a quick checklist to help you kick-start your planning process:● Where do you plan to have the party? At home or any venue?● When do you plan to host the party? Will it be a luncheon event or will it be a dinner and drink event?● What kind of venue will be apt for the party?● How many people do you plan to invite to the party?● When should you start sending out the party invites?● Do you plan to have caterers for the event?● Will your event be an adult-only party or will kids be allowed?● Do you plan to have gifts? Or do you want to request for donations instead of gifts?● Will your party have a theme?● What budget do you plan to stay within?● Do you plan to have entertainment stations at the event? What kind would be perfect?● What kind of décor would be most suitable for the party? Will you hire decorators or will be a DIY thing?

This handy checklist will help you start off with your basic planning and forms the perfect foundation for a successful party. 

2. Make notes and lists:

This seemingly menial and exhaustive step will go a long way in making sure that you don’t miss any item small or big when planning the party.

Once you have gone through the above checklist and finalized your plans, you can make notes of everything. This will be your blueprint for the entire event. You can always go back for references so that you stick to the initial plan.

Some of the lists you should have at the end of this stage are:● Lists of possible venues, caterers, and decorators if you have them.● Lists of invitees, along with their addresses and phone numbers.● Lists of menu items and decorations you plan to have.● Lists of Activities and activity stations

Set deadlines for all aspects of your checklists.

3. Finalize the party details:

To put the arrangements in full gear, you will now have to finalize various details such as party venue, timings, theme, menu, drinks selection, decorations, etc. Once this is done you will have all the details handy to send out the invites.

4. Send out party invitations:

As a rule, you should send out party invites as early as six weeks before the party or at least two weeks ahead of the party date. This will help invitees plan for the party. Invitees can plan their schedules, arrange for babysitters if needed, etc. You can always add a request for RSVP on your invitations.

Thanks to the internet, you now have many websites that specialize in party invitations. You can log in to these websites, where you get an option to personalize the style, design, text, and font of your invitations. Each event has various design templates to choose from. Whether you want to celebrate the arrival of a newborn or are planning 90th birthday invitations, your options are endless. You simply have to finalize everything and you will have the cards ready to be sent out.

5. Follow up on your checklists:

This will help you stick to your deadlines and not miss any details whether big or small.

A well-executed party starts with proper planning. Right from laying out blueprints to sending out party invites, planning ahead ensures that you host a successful party that becomes an event to remember.