A Men’s Grooming Tool To Help You Look Good and Feel Good!

With the hard news received in California a couple of weeks ago, that we have been going back into lockdown, I hope all of you are staying safe and healthy. In the midst of everything going on, I wanted to introduce a product to help the man of the house survive another quarantine lockdown and this time, with the right tools in his bathroom arsenal.

Get rid of your plastic bag and that old smoothing pad! The Wave Glyder is a patent pending smoother created to lay down the hair & enhance your waves. Created for all wavers at any stage of the game, Wave Glyder is the perfect fit to any waving routine.

Wave Glyder was invented in Sunny South Florida by a barber looking to reinvent your hair’s smoothness and accentuate your wave pattern. This handheld men’s styling tool tackles stubborn hairs and helps you to effectively apply product to your hair at the same time. This novel tool smoothes hair in a hassle-free way and accepts additional oils and moisturizing products at the same time so men can achieve the healthy, frizz-free shine they’re looking for. Do note that it doesn’t replace your need for brushing.

Wave Glyder

Wave Glyder is the ultimate hair smoother. It is designed to lay down your hair & accentuate your wave pattern, not replace the brush.

Wave Glyder is the first of its kind! It allows you to not only smooth down those stubborn hairs but you can also apply hair product at the same time! It’s interchangeable attachments give you the flexibility to choose what works best for your hair height & hair texture.

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