Posts Written On July 16, 2020

Baiden Skincare Company Comes Clean About Effects of its Products on Keratosis Pilaris (aka KP, Chicken Skin or Bumpy Skin)

“Even though KP is genetic and cannot be cured, would anybody really care if it was invisible? After all, it’s a totally benign skin condition,” said Ishay Shen, the founder of Baiden Skincare company. “I’ve had KP most of my life but never ‘suffered’ with it as it only makes an appearance on the rare occasions when I have not used our flagship exfoliation product – Baiden Mitten – for at least a month.” She added, ”and that hardly ever happens.”

The Baiden Mitten exfoliation is instant and very deep. The dead skin rolls off the body, opening the pores and removing keratin plugs. Smoother skin instantly!
No need to suffer with Keratosis Pilaris, KP, Chicken Skin or Bumpy Skin. Baiden Mitten will reduce the appearance of the condition in just one session…

To date, the company has received hundreds of emails about just how effective their products are in helping eliminate the appearance of tiny pimples, which appear mainly on thighs and backs of arms. The annoying condition often makes sufferers self-conscious to exposing their skin in public and can seriously affect their lifestyle.

“Our customers are elated that they can often see a dramatic improvement in smoothness of the skin right after the very first treatment,” said Shen. ”They’ve often tried a multitude of other remedies before, none of which provided the benefit of the instant gratification.”

Lately the company noticed that the amount of people seeking to get the dreaded “chicken skin” condition under control has dramatically increased. They attribute it to recent lockdown which stopped people enjoying sunshine thus making the problem worse.

The company decided to ”come clean” about the effectiveness of Baiden Products on KP in an effort to help customers take control of annoying and embarrassing condition before the summer season.

”From what our customers are telling us, it looks like many of them are planning to take the full advantage of the sunshine to help with their skin conditions and finally get a healthy glow after a traumatic isolation.”

Baiden Mitten – the product that has withstood the test of time. Customers report significant immediate improvement in many skin conditions such as dry skin, Keratosis pilaris, acne, rosacea, eczema, strawberry legs, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Based in Idyllwild, CA the Baiden Skincare company has been retailing their products for over 15 years now. “Honestly,” Shen said, “we have been doing very little advertising during all this time. Our customers do most of the promoting for us via the word of mouth. Our focus has always been customers, ethics and community. We have developed top quality products that are truly effective, long lasting and Earth friendly. We support community projects and have been fair trade long before it became fashionable.”