Allegiant Las Vegas Raiders Stadium


Fans and locals are equally excited about the stunning new stadium here in Las Vegas! Some say it looks like a rooba or a hockey puck, but it really looks sleek against the desert skyline. For those avid sports fans who watch ESPN nonstop cannot deny that there is something special about watching sports LIVE!

One of the final pieces of the stadium will brick pavers which will be placed outside the stadium, many of which will be personalized.

The Raiders foundation has the Legacy Brick program which allows fans to purchase an engraved brick paver that will be placed around the stadium.

In addition to this, the Raiders Foundation is doing something special. Something that honors the mantra of ‘Once a Raider, Always a Raider.’

All players who once donned a Raiders jersey, or what they call Raiders alumni, this week received a letter to notify them that they will be honored with a Legacy Brick.

With COVID still amongst us, many fans will be able to place your bets on NFL with from their own homes.

The energy of the crowd, the smell of stadium food, and the ambiance is something that will be memorable and add to the exciting Vegas experience. Since I didn’t watch football growing up, it’s been cool to witness how big a part of family life and culture it can be. My husband’s grandpa in Oakland was such a huge fan that he painted his entire house black and silver, the team’s colors. I have also heard about riots, parties, fights and theme parties when games happen in the city

Some fun facts to tell your friends!

  • 895,00 cubic yards of dirt removed; 64,000 dump trucks to remove
  • 105,00 cubic yards of concrete; 257 miles of sidewalk from Las Vegas to LA
  • 12 miles of concrete driller shaft that support the stadium; 3X the length of the Las Vegas Strip
  • 28,000 tons of structural steel – heavier than the Statue of Liberty
  • Sliding field tray is powered by 72 individual motors; weighs 19 million pounds; nearly as heavy as the Eiffel Tower (Paris)
  • 21,000 light fixtures
  • 9.85 miles of wire ropes to suspend the ETFE roof
  • 7,400 glass and metal panels on the exterior
  • 3,692 metal stairs
  • 425 trees planted
  • 2,200 doors
  • 22 miles of HVAC piping
  • 47 miles of water/waste piping

As the final touches are being completed this month, we can’t wait to check out the public and private tours that will be available starting in the fall of 2020.

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