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Duck Pizza? Yes, you hear right! And We Love It

As you may know I am Asian and I have some special taste different than my husband, who is a Sicilian and Scottish mix. For a mix couple, the most important thing is we have to eat together, but sometimes it is difficult since I have a really authentic Asian taste. Luckily, my husband loves exploring different types of foods. He loves traveling, he loves adventures. Lucky me!

Recently, we did something pretty amazing – we combined my Asian taste with his Italian cook together. We made a Asian duck pizza! You can see the photo above, it is a full-topped pizza. We love adding a lot of toppings on the pizza because we are not thick pizza dough fans. This time, we added duck brat pieces for proteins. It works out amazing.

The duck brats are sooooo juicy. They come from Maple Leaf Farms. There are tons of great duck products and recipes on their website, and their duck products quality are super great.

Fire-Quacker Duck Grilling Kit

It is grilling season.  Gear up with this limited time, grill ready, Independence Day Duck Pack! 

Kit includes:

  • (32) All New Duck Brats Case (8 packs of 4)
  • Ground Duck Case (4-1 lb. packages)
  • (8) Boneless Skinless Breast (2 packs of 4 breasts)
  • FREE Tucker Family Recipe Card
  • FREE Fire Quacker Apron

Duck is on the Grill this Independence Day! For a limited time only, get your Maple Leaf Farms Duck Grill Kit here and gear up for the 4th of July. The Duck Grill Kit features a free exclusive holiday themed “Fire Quacker” apron along with delicious & nutritious skinless duck breast, classic ground duck, and the new Duck Brats!

Grill up some skinless duck breast for a delicious filet flavor with poultry nutrition or cook up some delicious ground duck burgers with all of your favorite toppings. The new duck brats are sure to leave your mouth watering, and a Tucker Family Duck Brat recipe is included in your kit.  

About Maple Leaf Farms:
Maple Leaf Farms, Inc. is America’s leading producer of quality duck products, supplying retail and foodservice markets throughout the world with innovative, value-added foods. Founded in 1958, Maple Leaf Farms is a fourth generation, family-owned company. For more information, contact Maple Leaf Farms at 1-800-348-2812 or


Eyenimal Num’Axes and Ideal Pet Products Release New and Updated Products for Pets and Their Owners

France-based Eyenimal Num’Axes, in partnership with California-based Ideal Pet Products, is excited to unveil a variety of new and updated products for pets and their owners, including stimulating cat toys, pet monitoring cameras and more. The union of two leading French pet products companies, Eyenimal Num’Axes has a long-standing reputation for developing innovative products that combine cutting-edge technology with intuitive design. All Eyenimal Num’Axes items are designed and manufactured in France and distributed in the U.S. by Ideal Pet Products, the company’s exclusive supplier for North America.

The brand-new products that Eyenimal Num’Axes and Ideal Pet Products are planning to release include:

•   Crazy Ribbons. Designed to keep indoor cats active, motivated and entertained, Crazy Ribbons is a two-in-one interactive toy featuring dangling ribbons that turn on by themselves and stimulate cats’ hunter instincts. This product can be operated with or without an automatic timer.

•   Chase Me! Like Crazy Ribbons, the Chase Me! is an interactive toy designed to help indoor cats stay engaged. It features a motorized wand with ribbons that move and change directions, attracting cats’ attention and encouraging them to play. The Chase Me! has four speed settings — slow, medium, fast and random — to keep cats entertained for hours.

•   RGB Light Collar. Designed to help dogs stay safe and visible after dark, the RGB Light Collar features fixed or flashing LED lights that can change color, from red to green to blue, at the push of a button. The light emitted by this waterproof collar is visible at a distance of up to 500 meters. Available in sizes small, medium and large, the RGB Light Collar comes with a USB charging cable, as well as battery life of up to 30 hours, for convenient, long-lasting use.

In addition to these exciting new products, Eyenimal Num’Axes will be releasing updated versions of the following items:

•   Pet Vision Live Full HD. Many pet owners wonder what their beloved furry friends do when they are away from home. Eyenimal Num’Axes provides intriguing insight through monitoring cameras like the Pet Vision Live Full HD, which allows owners to conveniently view their pets’ activities from a smartphone or tablet. This camera may also be helpful in identifying unwanted or worrisome pet behaviors, which may then be resolved by referring to a trainer or veterinarian. The Pet Vision Live Full HD is equipped with 1920-by-1080-pixel video resolution, a wireless connection, night vision up to 10 meters, a motion detection system, a two-way audio system with recording capabilities and more.

•   Pet Videocam. The compact, ultralight Pet Videocam allows owners to follow their pets everywhere, capturing their daily adventures and discoveries. This waterproof, wearable device features 1280-by-720-pixel video resolution, night vision, motion detection and a battery life of up to 90 minutes (with a USB charging cable included).

•   Ultrasonic Bark Control. Unwanted barking is a common annoyance for dog owners. Conveniently worn on a dog’s collar, the Ultrasonic Bark Control device from Eyenimal Num’Axes offers a way to correct this problem by enabling owners to deliver beeps or other types of stimulations when their pets bark excessively.

When developing all of their products, Eyenimal Num’Axes begins by conducting research into the daily lives of pets in order to learn more about their needs and habits. Armed with this insight, the company designs smart products that aim to improve pets’ health and happiness while simplifying the pet care process for owners.

As a leading developer of high-quality pet doors since 1979, Ideal Pet Products shares the Eyenimal Num’Axes goal of creating groundbreaking products that enhance quality of life for pets and their owners.

The company’s pet doors maximize freedom for cats and dogs, while providing owners with the peace of mind that their four-legged family members are safe and comfortable. Ideal Pet Products offers an extensive selection of over 200 handcrafted pet doors and pet product replacement parts.

The company is also committed to conserving natural resources by ensuring that its pet doors are designed to save energy.

For more information on these innovative products and the companies behind them, visit or



Women-owned brand expands mission to ‘Spread Goodness’ in face of global pandemic

All-natural body care brand Green Goo, under parent company Sierra Sage Herbs, is honored to support frontline workers, medical facilities, and local and national organizations making a difference in the fight against COVID-19 with instrumental product donations, including FDA-compliant hand sanitizer and first aid items.

Pivoting at the onset of the global pandemic to produce an affordable hand sanitizer for those in need, Green Goo has leveraged its manufacturing partnerships to produce a steady supply of the 63.5% alcohol gel, in a variety of packaging options, in order to provide an in-stock solution for consumers and organizations alike. With production capacity and volume steadier and more reliable, Green Goo has been able to realign focus back to its philosophical cornerstones: philanthropy and humanitarianism.

“Our company mission is ‘Spread Goodness,’ and that never stops, regardless of the obstacles thrown in our way,” Green Goo Co-Founder and CEO Jodi Scott said. “We recognized at the onset of the current situation that we not only needed to protect our families and our employees, but that we had an obligation to find a way to make a difference, no matter how big or small. We are privileged to be in a position to share these meaningful products with those in need. The organizations receiving our hand sanitizers — major government and educational health authorities, hospitals, first responders, and shelters for at-risk populations, for example – are doing the kind of work necessary to keep people safe and informed during these uncertain times. To play any part in that world is the reason we started this company in the first place.”

The following organizations have received donations of hand sanitizer and/or all-natural first aid products from Green Goo:

  • Alameda Health System – Oakland, Calif.
  • Bayshore Medical Center – Flanders, N.J.
  • Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times – Los Angeles
  • Central Texas Food Bank – Austin, Texas
  • God’s Love We Deliver – New York
  • Harbor House of Central Florida – Orlando, Fla.
  • James A. Haley Veterans Hospital – Tampa, Fla.
  • McLeod Health Clarendon – Manning, S.C.
  • Navajo Nation with help from Orenda Tribe and The Lani Rhys Collective – Albuquerque, N.M.
  • Not 4gotten NY – Woodstock, N.Y.
  • OUT Boulder County – Boulder, Colo.
  • Providence Fire Department – Santee, S.C.
  • The Arc of Washington County – Hagerstown, Md.
  • The City of New York’s NYC Health Department – New York
  • UCLA Health – Los Angeles

The preceding list ranges from hospitals and medical personnel to food banks, other first responder groups, and entities providing educational and protective services. Green Goo is also setting aside a percentage of monthly hand sanitizer sales to select local and national organizations. The recipients of the financial contribution for the month of April were L.E.A.F (Lyons Emergency & Assistance Fund, Lyons) and Direct Relief. Boulder Community Health Foundation (Boulder) and Johns Hopkins Medicine have been selected to receive financial donations following the month of May.

Additionally, donated products have been sent to numerous individuals working in hospitals with affected patients, social workers, small-business owners, and others defining the American response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Green Goo will continue to produce compliant hand sanitizer options and search for additional opportunities to offer related support for as long as deemed necessary by U.S. health officials.


Boozy Iced Tea? Yes Please. Steep Echo Tea Launches Stir, Shake and Sip Summer Series

Ginger Hush Fizz and Tend Tea-Tini on Deck
With summer officially in full bloom, Steep Echo Tea from Bel Lavoro Orchards announces the perfectly refreshing Boozy Summer Stir, Shake & Sip Series. Featuring three new cocktail concoctions created with their caffeine free olive leaf tea blends. Steep Echo aims to showcase tea as the main ingredient for unique, summertime cocktails.  First in the new series of recipes is the Steep Echo Bloom Gin Gimlet, followed closely by the refreshing Steep Echo Ginger Hush Fizz and the Steep Echo Tend Tea-Tini to be released in July.
With their all natural olive leaf teas serving as the base for each cocktail, the Bloom  Gin Gimlet features Steep Echo’s distinctive Bloom tea; an immune boosting blend that fuses organic olive leaf with Peppermint, Echinacea Root, Licorice Root, Thyme, Rosemary and Natural Cranberry Flavor.
The recipe is as simple as it delicious. Add to the Bloom iced tea blend, Thai basil springs, lime, honey/sugar, Gin and ice:
  • Brew Steep Echo Bloom tea in a small pot using two sachets
  • Steep tea for several hours and let cool (2-3)
  • Muddle lime, herbs and honey (or sugar) in a cocktail shaker
  • Add ice, Bloom tea and Gin
  • Shake and Pour (garnish of choice)
“There is a preconception that tea is meant to be a more serious beverage and only sipped hot or on it’s own over ice, but we discovered that our all natural tea blends make for the perfect ingredients for summertime imbibing,” notes Bel Lavoro owner Kimberly Branum. “We came up with this idea of Steep Echo Tea cocktails so we could showcase our tea’s versatility and depth of flavors that pair so great with different alcohol categories.”
Featuring five caffeine free blends (Tend, Ascent, Bloom, Hush and Repose) that have been tailored to match any moment. Steep Echo is one of very few tea makers worldwide to exclusively use the olive leaf for its production.
Each of the Steep Echo Teas brings together hand-harvested organic olive leaf with a collection of natural botanicals curated by the best artisans in the trade. The fusion of these ingredients thoughtfully presents a rare blend of detail, depth and nuance that elevates each flavor and accentuates the health benefits of the olive leaf.
About Bel Lavoro:
Owned and operated by the Branum family, Bel Lavoro was purchased sight unseen by this then Seattle-based family in 2010, and upon their first visit, the Branum’s discovered that olive trees surrounded their new home. After years of research, education and trial (and error), Kimberly Branum and her son Brandon dedicated themselves to developing products that are harvested by hand through timeless practices. Their calling has become their occupation and today they are ready to share the fruits of the labor: a collection of the finest organic teas and oils, drawn from fruits, vegetables and herbs irrigated by natural spring water.


Exotic North Middle Eastern Mint Variety
Puts a Refreshing New Spin on All-Natural Green, Black, and Herbal Teas

American tea drinkers haven’t had news this revolutionary since the Boston Tea Party: Nana Mint is here. This slightly and naturally sweet cultivar of Mentha spicata, found only in the Mediterranean region has long been prized by Israelis, Moroccans, and other nearby Middle Eastern cultures.

Now Wissotzky Tea is introducing this exotic mint closer to home with a full line of carefully-crafted Simply Nana Teas – incomparable to other teas.

That’s exciting news for American tea drinkers looking for the Next Big Thing. And since the Nana Mint trend is just beginning to move the needle in the U.S. tea category – which is more than ready for a caffeinated jolt – it’s a great time for retailers to get in on the buzz.

So, what is Nana Tea? Nana is unlike any other variety of mint. Reminiscent of the sun-drenched warmth of its Mediterranean origins, it unleashes a subtle layer of earthiness and invigorating minty flavor in every tantalizing cup. Nana Tea is sure to awaken the spirit whether served hot or icy cold.

Consumers can get “Nanafied” in a variety of delicious, all-natural ways:

  • Simply Nana Mint Black Tea
  • Simply Nana Mint Green Tea
  • Simply Nana Mint Herbal Lemon Tea
  • Simply Nana Mint Herbal Ginger Tea
  • Simply Nana Mint Herbal Chamomile Tea

In addition, Wissotzky is providing multi-tiered support to drive the Nana Tea revolution. Promotions include digital advertising, shopper marketing, social media, influencer marketing, demos, and a presence on Amazon.

Family-owned since 1849, Wissotzky is beloved throughout the world for its superior blends of the highest quality teas and infusions. Every bag of Wissotzky Tea contains 100% natural tea and hand-selected herbs and spices for a full-bodied, GMO-free, certified kosher tea drinking experience.

Nana Mint Iced Green Tea & Honeydew

Green tea pairs perfectly with Honeydew Melon and the refreshing & invigorating finish of exotic Nana Mint and just a little touch of honey makes this an iced adventure you won’t want to miss.

How to make:

Brew two Nana Mint Green tea bags per 16oz of water

Let steep for 3-5 minutes

Remove tea bags and let chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours

Dice Honeydew and lightly coat with honey

Add to a glass and muddle slightly to release its sweetness

Top with ice and chilled tea and enjoy!

Nana Mint Iced Simply Black Tea Half & Half Sparkle

The rich and refreshing taste of our premium Black tea and exotic Nana Mint are artfully paired with sparkling lemonade to create a refreshing twist on the traditional half & half. Add fresh lemon and mint and you are ready to sip back and enjoy the warm weather.

How to make:

Brew two Nana Mint Simply Black tea bags per 16oz of water

Let steep for 3-5 minutes

Remove tea bags and let chill in the refrigerator for 3 hours

Add lemon slices and fresh mint to a classic Highball glass

Fill each glass halfway with chilled tea

Top with sparkling lemonade

Garnish with a lemon wedge and fresh mint

Here is Lulu’s Favorite:

Wissotzky Tea Signature Collection, Artisan Chai Tea, Salted Caramel Chai

A sweet & savory Chai Tea experience handcrafted from aromatic spices blended with premium Black Tea leaves for a rich and full-bodied flavor. Notes of Cinnamon bark, Cloves & Cardamom pair perfectly with Ginger root and Sea Salt to create a svory Chai Tea drinking experience.

  • Each silky pyramid tea bag contains loose whole leaves and spices, providing robust flavor and an intoxicating aroma. A true and exotic Chai indulgence.
  • Naturally Flavored
  • Delicious served with milk. Store in an airtight container
  • 16 Silky Tea Bags
  • Premium Black Tea Leaves paired with a collection of aromatic spices & Sea Salt creating a sweet & savory Chai experience.

About Kayco and Kayco Beyond

Kayco is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of kosher foods. Its expanded Kayco Beyond Division sources and distributes new products to the general market beyond kosher to meet the demands of consumers looking for optional products that are healthful, convenient and/or for restricted diets and lifestyles. These brands include Wissotzky Tea, Dorot, Absolutely Gluten Free, Beetology, Mighty Sesame, Tuscanini Foods and new Wonder Melon™. They are headquartered in Bayonne, NJ. (


Minority Women Owned Small CA Businesses Giving to Black Lives Matter

I wanted to share Delicora‘s initiative for Black Lives Matter. Vietnamese American founder and designer, Sandra Martinelli is based in Santa Cruz, CA. The brand is cause-driven with proceeds from every purchase donated to Feeding America however Sandra felt it necessary to do something more specific for the BLM movement.
The founder of Delicora, Sandra said: “Like many of you, my heart is broken. I’ve felt waves of emotions ranging from utter horror to deep sadness, and I’ve been feeling helpless over the past week on figuring out what I can do to help. The bottom line is black lives matter, black children matter, black futures matter. In order to promote change in a positive direction, families need to have these discussions at the dinner table, and individuals must educate themselves about lived experiences of the black community, show respect, and speak up. I will be sending personal donations to support @colorofchange.
Color of Change leads campaigns that build real power for Black communities.” The organization challenges injustice, holds corporate and political leaders accountable, commission game-changing research on systems of inequality, and advance solutions for racial justice that can transform our world.

As a small business, Sandra decided to add a new piece to Delicora website – Love Necklace for Color of Change, 100% of proceeds will be donated to the organization @colorofchange, you can read her mission surrounding the movement on the Delicora site as well.

  • 14K gold filled chain
  • 16 inch necklace
  • 14k gold filled heart charm
  • heart necklace, gold heart necklace

ABOUT Delicora

Introducing Delicora – High quality, lightweight, delicate. Personal jewelry as unique as the woman who wears it – designed with simplicity and timeless style.

Founder Sandra Martinelli creates every unique collection for all skin types using hypoallergenic 14k gold filled and sterling silver materials. From classic to bohemian to sophisticated styles, the collection includes a wide range of semi-precious stones intended to capture a woman’s confidence, natural beauty and individual style.

Delicora prides itself on its charitable DNA. For every piece sold, 20 meals are donated to fighting hunger through Feeding America. Delicora participates in additional efforts to give back with programs including Dress for Success, UNICEF, Jacob’s Heart Children’s Cancer Support Services, the California Fire Foundation and many more.

Handmade with love in the Silicon Valley. Est. 2017. Available at and over 20 specialty boutiques nationwide.