KRISTINA KITSOS Aesthetic Injector , Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret!

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Kristina Kitsos is a world-renowned Aesthetic Injector and plastic surgery nurse sought after for her eye for detail and vast knowledge of aesthetic procedures. Specializing in injectables, minimally invasive anti-aging procedures, dermal fillers, laser and more. Kristina’s 15-years of hands-on experience makes her one of Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret.

Results-oriented, Kristina is committed to providing patients with the most innovative procedures, advanced devices and non-surgical techniques such as the use of Mesoinjectikns for ‘glass skin’, Exosome Stem Cell Microneedling with PRP and PRF, and Thread Lifts. She is a trusted holistic skin expert known for her gentle approach that produces dramatic results.

Kristina provides her patients with a 360 degree treatment approach, not only catering to what’s on the outside but treating any ailments on the inside with suggested supplements and helping them trace back any lifestyle choices that may be causing their issues. By creating this rapport Kristina is viewed by her patients as an approachable and trusted guide, an expert, and a friend, solidifying their relationship and keeping them as patients for life.

Placing extreme emphasis on customization, Kristina notes that beauty is all about balance and proportion, the architecture of the face as her father, a well-respected plastic surgeon, would say.

“I don’t just inject someone’s cheeks, I look at their whole aesthetic, I look at the balance and proportion of the face, I look at the quality of the skin, their diet and lifestyle. Through my years of training, education and knowledge I am able to provide a curated aesthetic medicine experience for the patient.” 

Her philosophy:

“I believe in nourishing the skin topically as well as from within. I recommend my patients use skin supplements paired with healthy eating, exercise and meditation, to create glowing, radiant skin without the need of makeup.” 

A graduate of UCLA with a Bachelor of Arts degree, Kitsos went on to earn both her MBA and RN degrees. Kristina is constantly pushing boundaries and is always seeking advanced education and training in both the U.S. and Europe to stay on top of the newest developments and improvements in her field. Kitsos is also responsible for educating countless medical providers in aesthetic medicine.

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