Posts Written On May 24, 2020

Suffering From The Dreaded Mid-Afternoon Slump?

All of us are trying to keep up with the hectic pace of life, which has us reaching for less than healthy options, full of synthetic chemicals and sugars.  Want to make a change but scared to cut the caffeine? I wanted to introduce you to a product that will deliver that pick-me-up without the jitters of coffee or chemical filled energy drinks.

If you are looking for convenient, effective and healthy nourishment for a healthy brain, improved concentration, attention, positive mood, memory and mental energy, grab a Voke superfood tab.  It is a twice-daily plant-based chewable tablet, that is supported by over 25 independent studies that show it can boost your whole-body health and give you more mental productivity. Sound too good to be true?

Voke Superfood Tablets

$34 for 30 Tablets at Amazon

Voke gives your mind the gift of superfoods to clear brain fog and rapidly transforms your ability to focus on the task at hand. With ingredients backed by over 25 independent research studies, Voke will help you maintain all-day mental energy, laser focus, upbeat mood and clear thinking. Each chewable tablet will improve mental clarity, energy and focus for 3 hours. Due to Voke’s uniquely effective formula of superfoods, you won’t experience jitters or a crash.

Voke is Grown by Nature, Proven by Science.  Just natural goodness inside:

  • Natural Red Beetroot
  • Organic Raw Guarana Seed
  • Organic Acerola Cherry
  • Natural Green Tea Leaf Caffeine

All-Natural Benefits of Voke Tabs:

  • Refreshed mind
  • Sharp Mental Focus
  • Bright Mood
  • Productive Energy
  • Weight Control
  • Natural Antioxidant
  • Essential Nutrients
  • ​Immune Support
  • Sport Endurance

Still not convinced? Eat two Voke a day and give yourself a great brain day. You can avoid the daily low point which happens around 3 pm, where we make poor decisions, are less focused and, yes, our mood declines. Try Voke Tabs to experience the healthy and refreshing benefits that come along with these convenient chewable tablets!

More to love! Voke Tabs are proudly made in the USA and the company partners with “1% for the Planet” to support environmental solutions.


Voke was a simple idea dreamed up by Kalen Caughey over a decade ago on a chairlift at his local ski hill in southwest Montana. As a competitive skier, he was looking for a healthy, convenient, and ultra-portable energy solution to fuel long days in the mountains and at school.

Kalen teamed up with his dad, a PhD in biochemistry, to research an ideal combination of natural ingredients that would provide a balanced, sustained energy boost without sugar, artificial sweeteners or excessive doses of vitamins. Together they combed through thousands of pages of scientific literature in search of ingredients that were proven to improve memory, focus, metabolism and physical stamina. The resulting ‘Voke Blend’ that they developed was an exacting combination of organic Guarana Berry Seed, organic Acerola Cherry, Red Beet and natural Green Tea Leaf Caffeine that delivers a consistent and reliable vitalizing lift in focus and energy. With the formula developed, Kalen brought in his brother, Evan, to help with creative development and operations. Kalen and Evan continue to run Voke together as a family business.

Over the years, Voke has spread via word of mouth to people around the US and across the world. Voke has fueled expeditions on all seven continents, including many climbs in the Himalaya and a global sailboat navigation. As word continues to spread, Voke Tabs are seeing rapid adoption beyond the original core group of adventurers to an incredibly diverse group of health-minded professionals. Tech engineers, truck drivers, pilots, doctors, fire fighters, commercial fisherman, artists, executives, yoga instructors, photographers, soldiers and night shift workers are a few of the new groups discovering the many benefits of Voke Tab.