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Japan’s #1 Exfoliator, Cure Aqua Gel, Launches a Cure Beauty Set

Japan’s #1 facial exfoliator, Cure Aqua Gel by Toyo Life Service International, Inc, is the recent recipient of the 2019 “Brand of the Year Award” in the Health and Beauty Category at the World Branding Awards. This is the 3rd consecutive year the brand has received this prestigious award. To help celebrate, Cure created a Cure Beauty Set containing their award-winning products: Cure Aqua Gel, Cure Water Treatment, and Cure Bath Salts. The box also includes (2) Cure Water Treatments in travel sizes.

Worth a total of $106 for all items. The box (complete with usage instructions) will retail for $69.50 on Amazon. Cure now has over 3200 reviews on Amazon!

Cure Aqua Gel 

Cure is a product that gently exfoliates your skin, removing its dried-up top layer. The coolest part? You will visibly see mini white bumps and dots start to form as you massage the product.

  • Anti-Aging, brighten tone and smoothen skin.
  • Brighten effect has been proved by Japan’s biggest health magazine.
  • Awarded “Skincare Brand of the Year” by World Branding Awards.

That’s your dead skin cells coming right off! Cure is 91% activated hydrogen water, which has an anti-oxidant (anti-aging) effect. Plus, it contains Aloe, Gingko and Rosemary extracts to remove unwanted dead skin cells. You will be surprised at how smooth your skin becomes!


  1. Wash your face as you normally would. Dry off completely.
  2. Pump the nozzle 3 to 5 times to obtain the appropriate amount of gel onto your fingertips and apply to the desired area. Leave on skin for a few moments allowing Cure to react with the dead skin cells.
  3. Gently massage in circular motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Do not rub too hard. The gel will turn in to a milky white color, and beads of dead skin cells can be seen as they are lifted off the skin.
  4. Rinse well with water and then follow your regular skincare routine.
  5. For best results, use Natural Aqua Gel twice a week.
  6. Once a thin layer of dried skin is removed, it allows the other skincare products that you use daily to work into your skin more effective.
  7. Natural Aqua Gel can used on other parts of the body such as hands, elbow, neck and knees.

Cure Water Treatment 

Cure Water Treatment hydrates the skin without oil. It is an all-in-one cream to use as your daily facial moisturizer both in the morning and at night. Plus, it makes for the perfect foundation when applying makeup or to use as an all over body lotion.

  • All-In-One Cream. Toner and lotion.
  • It creates long-lasting, oil-free moisture barrier that prevents
  • evaporation of moisture from skin.


  1. Use a quarter-sized amount and spread it gently onto your face. As you apply, Activated Hydrogen
  2. Water droplets will come out of the gel.
  3. Please apply it onto your skin until all water is absorbed.

Cure Bathtime

Cure Bathtime is an at-home facial product made of 100% Ruby Rock Salt from Nepal. Lying hidden for 300-million years in the Himalaya mountains at elevations of around 15000 feet, Himalayan rock salt is mentioned in the world’s earliest medical texts of the Ayurveda and has been used medicinally for the past 5000 years ago. It is recognized as the world’s highest quality. Fill your basin with warm water and gently splash your face with benefits of Himalayan rock salt.

  • Cure Bathtime is an at-home Facial product made of 100% Ruby Rock Salt from Nepal, recognized as the world’s highest quality.
  • Certified by the government of Nepal.

The naturally antioxidant properties of Cure Bathtime gently nurture external free-radical damage and aging skin. Now, you can enjoy the anti-aging, anti-inflammatory, and moisturizing benefits of a 100%-natural Facial Beauty Treatment any time in the comfort of your home!


  1. Dissolve one-fifth package of the salt in a sink basin-full of warm water. The water’s texture will become similar to a toner. You can add your favorite essential oil if the strong mineral smell bothers you.
  2. After the salt is fully dissolved, splash your face with the salted water.
  3. Afterwards, rinse well with clean, fresh water.


Cure put together a special value Cure Beauty Set just for you! The Cure Beauty Set has everything you’ll need to experience Cure’s “Remove, Replenish, and Retain” skincare regimen.

Along with Cure Natural Aqua Gel, the world’s most popular exfoliating gel, the Beauty Set includes Cure Water Treatment and Cure Bathtime. SRP: $69.50 sold on

About Cure:

If asked what “work” means to Cure, their answer would be to bring a smile to their customer’s faces. And to make this happen, Cure always considers others before ourselves, and cherishes creating a working environment in which can make each other happy. Cure believes that its only by having a smile on their own faces that they are able to bring a smile to others.

Happiness, fun, and gratitude are feelings common to everyone around the world. While always asking themselves if there is anything that they are able to do as a Japanese company, they continue to provide surprises and consideration for others through their products. They shall work towards bringing as many smiling faces to the world as possible, by providing comfort and recovery with products that people can keep using and recommend to family and friends with confidence.


Which Printer Cartridges Are Better: Original or Compatible?

The age old argument about replacement ink vs original ink has been raging for many years now without a definitive conclusion. If you are as confused as everyone else then we have the answer! Take a moment to read our overview and finally get the answer you have been looking for!

Print Quality

First up is the print quality of the cartridges for printers and how well they work when you print your documents on them. The original ink cartridges do a decent job, offering clear printing and crisp colours that look great on paper. When it comes to printing in greyscale, original inks fare well here too and produce an easy to read document.

The replacement ink also does a great job with vivid colours and sharp printing that looks fantastic when you take a moment to look through your work. The greyscale is just as good as the original ink and there is no smudging!

The Verdict – a clear draw! Both sets of inks are great when it comes to printing.


When it comes to price it is well known that original ink is pricey and you do not get a great deal of ink for your money. When we looked at the difference, we were stunned to see that some original inks retail for more than 70% of the cost of replacement inks.

That means that if you choose replacement inks you can expect to get a hefty discount on what you usually pay and enjoy in that offers a top rate print quality! When you stop and consider this information you will see that you have been paying far too much for a product that is essentially the same as the replacement version which is madness!

The Verdict – Replacement ink wins this round with easy, offering low cost ink that will save you cash!

Customer Service

In fairness, price is not everything and many of us are happy to pay that bit more to get a decent service that we can trust. So, who is the winner in the customer service category? When it comes to the original ink suppliers it can be hard to get hold of someone that can help as most of us purchase our original inks from a third party seller. In addition to this, original ink companies tend to focus their support services to their tech rather than their ink so are not really as good as we would hope.

When it comes to replacement ink, we looked at a few companies and found that ones like Smart Ink have exceptional customer service. They are open 365 days a year, 24/7! That means that there is always someone there to help you when you need it the most and they offer a very generous money back guarantee in case you are unhappy with the ink you have purchased.

The Verdict – Replacement ink wins again! We were impressed by the dedication to good customer service and the availability of the support offered.

The Verdict

It is more than clear to see that the replacement ink has won by a mile! You can save money, get quality customer care, and know that your printing will look great and stand the test of time. There is no longer any need to be confused about which option to try and you should not be pressured into buying expensive original ink because you always have done.

The future of ink for printer appliances is clear – replacement cartridges are here to stay! Buy yours today and become the latest convert!