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Keep your energy out of the gutter with a Protein2o midday boost!

Whether you’re looking for a light and delicious workout drink, or a quick fix for your snack time slump, Protein2o will give you a much-needed boost whenever you need one. So easy, so delicious, and so effective, it’ll have you wondering… how is this possible?

Protein2o is a deliciously refreshing protein infused water that gives you the power to do more. It’s more convenient than lugging your protein around and more refreshing than a chalky shake.

Protein2o comes in 11 flavors (5 with 15 grams of protein, 4 with 10 grams of protein and 2 +Energy flavors with 15 grams of protein and 125 milligrams of caffeine). Our waters have 60-70 calories per bottle and 110% of essential amino acids.

Protein2o is a lower calorie, more refreshing take on traditional protein drinks and shakes.

  • 110% of essential Amino Acids
  • 10G-15G Whey Protein Isolate
  • 9 Delicious Flavors
  • Low calorie, low carbalternative to traditional protein shakes

Fun Protein2o recipes!

Berry Blast

  • 1 Cup Protein2o® Mixed Berry
  • 1 Cup Raspberries
  • 1 Cup Blueberries
  • 1 Cup Strawberries
  • 1 Cup Spinach
  • 1/4 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt

Sweet Sunrise

  • 1 Cup Protein2o® Trop Coconut
  • 1 Cup Raspberries
  • 1 Full Orange
  • 1/2 Banana
  • 1 Cup Mangos

Very Berry

  • 1 Cup Protein2o® Mixed Berry
  • 1 Cup Raspberries
  • 1 Cup Blueberries
  • 1 Cup Strawberries

HOW Protein2o is DIFFERENT

Protein2o cares deeply about the quality and integrity of their product which is why Protein2o is Preservative Free, GMO Free and naturally flavored.

  • Pure

Protein2o contains 98% purified whey protein isolate and provides 110% of essential amino acids.

  • Clear

Protein2o uses reverse osmosis, ultra filtration helping to remove even the smallest impurities.

  • Honest

Preservative Free, GMO Free with natural flavoring. At Protein2o, integrity in product is as important to us as it is to you.

  • Refreshing

Protein2o is refreshing to drink and easy to digest, which means more protein for your body when you need it most.


Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino Awarded 2020 Best of Housekeeping by AAA

LAS VEGAS (April 30, 2020) – Voted #1 cleanest hotel in DTLV six years in a row and widely recognized and reviewed for its immaculate receptions, Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino’s commitment to clean was honored this month with the 2020 AAA Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping Award. This designation is given to properties who have received the entity’s highest score of “A” for two consecutive years. Just 25% of all approved properties earn this AAA badge of cleanliness and Downtown Grand is the only property in Downtown Las Vegas to be awarded.

The award comes on the heels of the property’s #GoodCleanFun initiative which will be launched in conjunction with the hotel’s reopening. Anchored by the housekeeping team and carried out by all departments, the effort will go beyond the call of duty in all front-of-house and back-of-house areas to ensure guests feel safe and stay safe in a post-pandemic world. Along with social distancing measures and general reminders on how guests can help play their part, stringent policies and procedures will be implemented in gaming, food/drink service, hotel check-in, common areas, entertainment venues, and rooms. 

“As we continue to operate and co-exist in a world with infectious viruses, Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino wants to assure all of its guests and visitors that we are committed to protecting your Vegas experience,” said John Culetsu VP/Managing Director of Downtown Grand. “Our award-winning housekeeping team will continue to lead the way to ensure you enjoy a spotless stay. The single most important thing we can offer our guests upon reopening is good, clean fun and we promise to do just that.” About Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino:Awarded the 2019 TripAdvisor® Certificate of Excellence and the 2020 AAA Inspector’s Best of Housekeeping Award, Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino is a unique hospitality and entertainment destination right in the heart of revitalized downtown Las Vegas. Located on 3rd Street between Ogden and Stewart, Downtown Grand encompasses an entire urban block of hotel, casino and dining amenities. With its third hotel tower under construction and set to open in 2020, the property currently features an 18-story and 25-story tower adjoined by a walking bridge elevated over 3rd Street, with 629 guest rooms and suites offering luxury accommodations that set a new standard for sophistication and style in downtown Las Vegas. Downtown Grand’s casino offerings include 25,000 square feet of gaming space with nearly 500 of the hottest slot machines, table games and a fully featured sports book powered by William Hill. Restaurants, bars and entertainment options include Freedom Beat, Furnace Bar, Art Bar, Sidebar, The Spare Room Showroom, and the award-winning Las Vegas steakhouse Triple George Grill. Partnering venues include the famous Hogs & Heifers saloon and Pizza Rock, renowned as one of the best pizza restaurants in the city. Downtown Grand features Citrus Grand Pool Deck, a rooftop pool experience with more than 35,000 square feet of entertainment and special event space, an infinity pool, restaurant and bar, semi-private cabanas, a fire pit and a grass seating area.

Downtown Grand Hotel & Casino is a member of the Preferred Hotels & Resorts Connect Collection. All guests of are eligible to enroll in the I Prefer hotel rewards program, which extends points redeemable for cash-value Reward Certificates, elite status, and special benefits such as complimentary Internet to members upon every stay at more than 700 participating Preferred Hotels & Resorts locations worldwide.For more information, call (702) 719-5100 or go to


Jiminy’s Dog Treats: Cricket Crave and Good Grub

Jiminy’s, the premier producer of sustainable and eco-friendly cricket protein dog treats is excited to announce their new products at Global Pet Expo in Orlando, Florida from February 26-28. Jiminy’s will be unveiling their first insect protein dog foods in two new flavors; Cricket Crave and Good Grub. With these two new insect protein dog foods, Jiminy’s is seeking to combat the effects of climate change by challenging both the pet industry and pet owners to rethink traditional meat proteins.

One of Niko’s favorite things to do is feeding Cami. With all the extra food from the high chair he’s giving to her, she definitely gained weight! We have been searching for a way for them to continue bonding through food but with a lower calorie option. So who know crickets were the answer!

These new formulas are set to become the most sustainable and eco-friendly dog food options available on the market; with no greenhouse gases produced and less land and water use vs. traditional protein-based dog foods. Switching one dog from a chicken-based diet to a cricket protein diet saves 480,000 gallons of water per year!


Gisele Bundchen: More Than a Supermodel

Model Profile

Gisele Bundchen was born on July 20th, 1980 in Horizontina, Brazil. While Bundchen identifies as Brazilian, and doesn’t actually speak German, her family is of German descent. One of five sisters, Bundchen also has a twin named Patricia.

           Though originally interested in sports, Gisele was discovered by Elite Model Management while at a shopping mall in the metropolis of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shortly after, she placed second in Look of the Year, a competition hosted by Elite Model Management, which helped to kickstart her modeling career.

            Soon, Bundchen was off to New York Fashion Week. However, her critical acclaim came in 1998, when she began to make covers like Vogue Paris and British Vogue. In fact, Vogue has since credited Bundchen for singlehandedly ending beauty trends of the 1990s that preferred very thin, pale, and angular models.

            Gisele’s long run as a Victoria’s Secret Angel began in 2000, and is associated with the proliferation of a new beauty standard: tan skin and healthy curves. While every beauty standard has its associated pitfalls, it was this career move that landed Bundchen one of the last true ‘supermodel’ careers, characterized by over one thousand magazine covers and associated ‘it girl’ contracts and associations with top fashion brands.

While most women, from Kenya to the Polynesian Islands, would likely recognize a photo of Gisele Bundchen, the ‘it girl’ is also known in the US as the wife of NFL superstar, Tom Brady. While Brady’s new team, the Buccaneers, have good odds in NFC South futures, the move to Tampa Bay from the family’s long-time home in Massachusetts was a big one for the family of four. However, Bundchen has lived on the road intermittently since she first moved to New York City as a young adult, hinting that this supermodel and mother was likely unruffled by the big change.

            Additionally, Bundchen isn’t just the world’s last supermodel, nor a mother and wife. In the US in particular, the wives of top athletes tend to enjoy quite a bit of success on their own—but in Bundchen’s case, Tom Brady is more likely to be referred to as Gisele’s husband rather than vice versa. She’s an astute businesswoman and dedicated, passionate environmentalist. Throughout her life, she’s walked the catwalk as an elite model, spoken at the likes of the United Nations, and even recorded a few of her own music singles.

            However, while it may seem that Bundchen is a superstar beyond all scopes of ordinary living, she’s only human like the rest of us. Below are some trends associated with the starlet, as well as a few of her most notable crusades that apply to women everywhere.


            Yes, Gisele Bundchen has freckles. While they’re no longer visible today, given her crack skincare routine that prohibits tanning her face beneath the sun as well as her affinity for strong makeup looks, Bundchen’s original late 90s shoots featured her freckles.

The freckles were spread across her nose and cheeks, and the model apparently had to fight to keep them visible. Given the elite model’s power starting as early as 2001, Bundchen can be credited with helping to bolster these natural beauty marks and helping to present them to the world as cute attributes that don’t need to be hidden or prevented.

Body Love

            While Bundchen has likely toppled the confidence of women given her superstar body through the decades, her openness to talk about her own struggles with self-image make her not only relatable, but responsible. She’s candidly spoken about being picked on once upon a time for being too tall and thin, but she’s also expounded on her own journey to love her body.

            Sure, many women still see Bundchen’s body as ‘perfect’, but the model’s own comments have revealed the amount of pressure she’s consistently lived under. While she lives with the benefits of beauty and worldwide renown, she’s also bound to maintain her body and her beauty if she wants to continue her career and maintain her ‘worth’ in the eyes of others.

            In 2015, Bundchen underwent plastic surgery to maintain her physique, but shares the depth of regret that she felt in changing her body not for herself, but for others. Everyone can relate to this journey, and Bundchen should be applauded for not only sharing her journey, but for being honest about the shortcomings within herself and decisions that she regrets.

Natural Hair

            For many women today, mini and portable curling and straightening irons are quite common. In fact, many carry these products in order to tidy up their look at work or prepare for a last-minute date. While Bundchen certainly didn’t invent or patent the portable curling iron, she is widely associated with the tousled waves that many women apply with curling irons.

Known as ‘the beach wave’, this look was first worn by Bundchen following her contract with Victoria’s Secret. While the company would later finish her hair with more refined curls and a notably darker tint, Bundchen’s original ashy blonde, slightly curled, effortless look remains a staple amongst women today.

Health Warrior

            Bundchen’s endeavors as an environmentalist are well-known, and should be celebrated as such. However, one of her lesser-known causes is to be open about her struggles with her well-being. Bundchen admits that she was involved in an extremely unhealthy lifestyle in the early 2000s that led her to suffer panic attacks.

While she eventually was medicated, Bundchen instead decided to undertake other alternatives to treat her restlessness. She changed her diet, focusing on plant-based foods, took up meditation, and even began a yoga regime. While this may not work for everyone, Gisele’s honesty about her own journey is what is most inspiring. She doesn’t pretend to have everything figured out, and given that no one can, it’s reassuring to hear about other people’s trials—but most especially from those who, like Gisele Bundchen, seem so removed from the everyday lifestyle of most people.


The Important skills you’ll need for the jobs of the next five years

The Important skills you’ll need for the jobs of the next five years

Culture, demographics, and technology are shaping the current job market trend. People are living for more years than it was in the past. Technology and automation of machines are currently replacing the human labor force. The mode of communication is rapidly changing with the more efficient communication modes replacing the crude one.

When choosing a job, you must force on the long term career. Consider careers that are growing rather than those that are likely to face extent. For now, social media specialist’s jobs are at high demand because companies are finding ways of reaching their customers through the use of social media. The social media technology is still new with many users.

With the changes in the labor market, the article will be shading light on such advances and how to adjust to fit in.

Key points to note in this article 

Digital literacy is an essential skill do build for future jobs 

Note what the job will create, and its future in the next five years 

Tech survey, communication, and constant learning will be a requirement for nearly all fields.


You may be worried about the jobs that will be faced off by technology, right! Focus on the career that will grow with the advancement in technology. For instance, the use of robots can face off workers executing some routines in a company. The same robots will need a person to program, operate, and maintain them. That is, the beauty side of technology creates. Technology is an opportunity for other fields, such as engineers and technicians. Sometimes it can be hard to learn, but you always can ask for assignment help

Another example is the shift in the type of gadgets from the desktop to laptop and tablet opened up the opportunity to applications developers. Though it is difficult to predict what technology will bring about in 20 years to come, the only adverse you need to know is that it is crucial to be a tech survey. The same interactive technology that is facing off some jobs will create opportunities for other people.


There is an increase in the aging population, which is a trend that is likely to continue. Such a community will need specialized medical care. It means that the demand for doctors and other medical professionals will continue to rise.

There will also be a need for merging technology with other health care. That is why professions such as biomedical engineering will be a hot cake field.

Merging business management skills and healthcare will be essential .it could lead to several career paths in clinics, hospitals, and private health care institutions.

Business and finance 

The business will keep on finding new efficient ways of gaining enough information from their clients. That is why the need for data experts and market researchers will be at the top.

The role of sales personals in the future will become inevitable. When it comes to money transactions, people love to feel personal contact and even feel the handshake. You cannot automate some business-related human interactions.

If the young generation wishes to choose a career path where they can be their boss in the future, they should select technology, marketing, and business management. Apart from getting the technological expertise, they will also develop trading skills. Such kind of cross-disciplinary studies will be their roadmap to future career success.

It is challenging to automate critical thinking. Careers that involve thinking have a future. They will get good pay and have reliable job security. It will, therefore, be to the advantage of people with strong analytical skills and interaction ability. With the above information, you can make an informed career choice.


Las Vegas locals rank New York Style as their number one most ordered pizza style

As restaurants across the USA call out Americans to order from their favourites during self-isolation known as ‘The Great American Takeout’ we would think Pizzas would definitely be in the top list of takeouts that people love to order.

With that in mind, recent data analysed by Pizza Oven Specialists Gozney reveals Las Vegas locals rank New York Style as their number one most ordered pizza style followed by Traditional Pan and Deep Dish.

They have collated data and created a visual USA map to reveal the top three most in-demand pizza pies across the 11 pizza-loving cities.


Pizza Oven Specialists Gozney have analysed recent data to reveal the most reviewed and in-demand pizza styles across 11 pizza-loving US cities that locals are eating the most.In Las Vegas, local pizza lovers appear to order and chow down on New York style pizza the most, followed by the firm favourite Traditional Pan Style pizza and finishing with Deep Dish pizza in third place

In general the research also shows Neapolitan pizza proved to be the most popular having been mentioned as one of the top three favourites in 9 cities with Traditional Pan in second place, New York Style in third place as the top three most popular styles of pizza across all cities.

However, Traditional Pan reigns as the most popular number one pizza style in 4 cities, making it the most popular overall. As expected, and meeting current trends, Neapolitan pizza was the highest searched phrase with New York pizza lagging in second place.

By cross referencing TripAdvisor and Yelp data for the top 10 restaurants in the following states, Gozney identified each states and cities favourite pizza pies and have created the infographic below detailing each top cities top three pizza styles.

As expected, and meeting current trends, Neapolitan pizza was the highest searched phrase with New York pizza lagging in second place. Neapolitan pizza is a classic Naples style pizza – that must be cooked in a traditional wood fired oven. By cross referencing Tripadvisor a Yelp data for the top 10 restaurants in the following states, Gozney identified each states and cities favourite pizza pies.

Pizza cities in the US


It would be a crime if New York style pizza didn’t come in first place here. Designed for eating on the go, this pizza is a fusion of Italy and New York. In second place is the classic Neapolitan and Sicilian varieties. Salivating? Try Gozney’s New York pizza.


A relatively ‘young’ style of pizza, Chicago style pizza takes the crown in Chicago. A deep dish pizza, the crust thins as New York pizza and Neapolitan pizza take second and third place respectively.


Coal fired and with a thin crust, the New Haven style pizza earns first place here, followed by Neapolitan and Traditional Pan pizza.


An eclectic mix of pizza favourites, buttery, Traditional Pan pizza takes the crown in Florida followed by authentic Neapolitan and then Deep Dish pizza.


Neapolitan pizza scoops the title as most popular in San Francisco, followed by Traditional Pan style pizza, with Sicilian pizza in third, just like mama used to make.


Traditional Pan style pizza wins first place, this pie is cooked in a dish instead of directly on the oven floor, unlike New York pizza, in second place and Neapolitan pizza, third place.


Hedonistic Las Vegas lovers appear to chow down on New York style pizza the most, followed by the firm favourite Traditional Pan Style pizza and finishing with Deep Dish pizza in third place.


Phoenix nationals like their pizza ovens hot, like their summers. Requiring a scorching 950 ºF of heat, Neapolitan pizza is most popular, followed by Traditional Pan style pizza and then Deep Dish pizza.


Traditional Pan style pizza, an American classic, is ahead of Naples Neapolitan taking second and thicker crusted Sicilian pizza in third.


Wide, flat and often served by the slice New York pizza is top in Atlanta, followed by Neapolitan and Sicilian pizza.


Detroit locals put their hands up for thick, rectangular pan pizza, such as the Detroit Style pizza. Keeping up the trend for thick crust, Sicilian and deep dish pizza comes in second and third.

According to reviews, Neapolitan pizza proved to be the most popular in the top 3 styles of pizza across all states, whilst Traditional Pan pizza proved popular through number 1 rankings.

In order to create the perfect Neapolitan pizza, you need an oven which reaches temperatures of over 900°F. You can now achieve this restaurant grade pizza at home with Gozney Roccbox, the portable pizza oven.

About Gozney:

Gozney manufacture a world-class range of innovative stone and fire ovens, designed to share eating food. The story starts in 2010, as founder Tom Gozney, driven by a passion for food and love for the ancient practice of stone and fire cooking, designed a range of high quality, precast stone ovens. Designed and made in the UK, the ovens inspired a movement in stone cooking at home. Its success laid the foundations to launch a comprehensive range of commercial wood and gas fired ovens that can now be found in a great number of the world’s leading commercial kitchens.

Gozney’s mission is centered on the creation of delicious food and innovative design with the objective of listening to customers’ challenges and innovate as a direct response. A clear example of this has been the creation of Roccbox, the world’s first portable, insulated stone floor oven, which enables cooking with fire and stone to be accessible to a wider audience.

The Roccbox is available for $899, visit the Gozney brand site and shop Roccbox at