YOOFORIC’s full spectrum hemp oil Chewing Gum

If you’re social distancing like most Americans, turn to hemp to treat your needs and ailments. Consumers can chill out with YOOFORIC’s full spectrum hemp oil Chewing Gum and a newly launched 100% Organic Hemp OilHowever, there’s a lot of misconceptions and lack of education on the subject.



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About Canafarma

Canafarma Corp was founded with a mission to be a true vertically-integrated enterprise that is completely in control of its CBD/Hemp Oil products all the way from seed-to-counter.  Every step of the process from our farm to your household is handled by our company with the highest level of care. This allows us to produce hemp oil products with maximum quality and effectiveness. We aim to provide education, transparency, and quality to a blossoming global industry that has the potential to positively impact every generation.  We believe in the power of hemp oil, and we are excited to uncover its full potential with research, testing, and innovation. Learn more about Canafarma Corp at http://www.canafarmacorp.com/grow/.

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