Healthy Snacks Needed During Quarantine

It is not easy to stay at home all day long for at least 15 days. In order to make your family and kids feel not too bad, you need to prepare some healthy snacks.

  • Absolutely Gluten Free

Absolutely Gluten Free is committed to producing gluten free products without sacrificing delicious taste. Absolutely has expanded its selection and become famous in the health-conscious and gluten-free communities. The products include unique items such as a Gluten Free Crepe and Blondie/Brownie Brittles. Absolutely Gluten Free Crackers, Flatbreads, Pizzas and more are so good everyone will want to eat them!

LULU’s favorites:

Absolutely Gluten Free Cold Brew Macaroons 

  • Gluten Free Toasted Cold Brew Macaroons 
  • Certified kosher and gluten free
  • Soft and chewy with just the right amount of sweetness!
  • Easy Storable container to keep them fresh.
  • Kosher Passover.

Stacked Potato Chips Onion Garlic


  • Gefen

Gefen is one of the most recognizable Kosher brands and the only one that services the whole spectrum of Kosher consumers from ultra-Orthodox to traditional, with a strong presence in every marketplace. Gefen offers a tremendously wide variety of products, from soup to nuts. Popular items include the honey bear, chestnuts, packed bean mixes and canned vegetables, baking supplies, sauces and condiments, desserts, instant noodle soups, and fruit juices. Gefen is best known for its commitment to quality and a well-respected kosher certification.

LULU’s favorites:

Chewy Maple Almond & Honey Nut Granola Cereal Clusters

Sweetened & Unsweetened Almond Milk


  • Tuscanini

Tuscanini offers authentic made-in-Italy foods with the highest quality ingredients for a real taste of Italy, enjoyed in the comfort of your own home. Sauces, jams, and condiments bring an unmistakably authentic Italian flavor to whatever dishes you’re preparing. Frozen pizzas topped with fresh julienned cheese are fired in a genuine brick wood fired oven for flavorful meals anytime. Parchment crackers and gourmet potato chips make elegant snacks. Tuscanini foods truly stimulate the palate like no other.

LULU’s favorites:

The same amazing water from Italy with a hint of mineral flavor, this sparkling water is perfect on a hot day when you want something a little more interesting than plain water.

The rich taste of fresh, sweet tomatoes in a juice that will quench your thirst as it delights your taste buds.

Hope everyone has a chill time at home and I believe we can all go through this tough time soon. Let us say it is so nice to stay healthy, and let’s keep healthy with good snacks.

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