Posts Written On March 11, 2020

No More Cookie Guilt at Nunbelievable, Dessert is a Virtue!

We know cookies are heavenly… but nobody wants cookie-guilt

If you don’t have time to make melty cookies at home, Nunbelievable’ll share the love with you… and share the love with people who need a meal. I understand if you are a person like me, only sweet things are wanted for the first meal in a day. Yes, I am. Because for me, sweet breakfast is always the only type of breakfast that could open my sleepy appetite. Especially to pair with a cup of espresso, nothing can compare with a sweet and yummy cookie.

Ultimately, Nunbelievable is here to be a voice for the voiceless. Nunbelievable wants to inspire people to connect in a more human, memorable, and loving way with each cookie they sell.

Divinely Delicious Cookies on a Mission. These cookies are non-GMO, with no added preservatives or artificial flavors. Even include a delectable Gluten-Free Double Chocolate cookie that is like nun-other.
Each box of hand-crafted cookies purchased provides 2 meals to those in need.

  • A HIGHER CALLING: Inspired by the true story of nuns feeding the homeless with handmade pastries
  • MISSION BASED: For every 6 pack sold, Nunbelievable will donate 1 meal to a partner soup kitchen
  • NUNBELIEVABLY GOOD: Each handcrafted double chocolate cookie is a decadent gluten-free treat
  • PREMIUM COOKIES: Fresh, soft and chewy, our big 3oz soft bake cookies taste heavenly with every bite
  • FINEST NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Non GMO, kosher and free of any preservatives or artificial flavors

Nunbelievable was inspired by a group of nuns who made cookies from scratch. With proceeds from the cookie sales, they fed thousands for people in need. Now, Nunbelievable is spreading their cookie gospel with hand-crafted cookies that help end hunger.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Welcome to a fresh take on a classic favorite. If there’s one cookie that gets you to heaven it’s the chocolate chip, especially with your favorite milk pairing.

This cookie has just the right balance of sweet and chocolatey, soft and crunchy, and Nunbelievable promises it will convert even the toughest of skeptics.

Peanut Butter Cookie

If you’re longing for a rich peanut butter experience with the perfect balance of soft and crunchy, then look nun further. Made with only the finest, natural, non-gmo ingredients, these cookies will take you to a place we like to call peanut paradise.

Double Chocolate Cookie (Gluten Free)

Have you ever had a gluten-free cookie that totally smokes the wheat-based version? Well, line up any double chocolate cookie against this Gluten Free Double Chocolate miracle, and you’ll regain faith in gluten-free treats. This cookie is divinely soft and shockingly decadent for a non-GMO cookie with no artificial ingredients. Indulge in your darkest inclinations with nun-guilt!

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Wholesome, non-gmo oatmeal and naturally sweet raisins make Nunbelievable’s oatmeal raisin cookies like nun other. These hand-crafted beauties will leave you feeling like you’ve entered the promised land.

Assorted Pack

Remember the time you bought 4 kinds of cookies in a desperate hail-mary of flavor devotion?

You’ll need nun of that here!
This assorted box is for the flavor-agnostic cookie lover who values experience over preference.

Every cookie uses only the finest artisanal ingredients on earth in soft-bake cookies that are second to nun. Always non-GMO. Always natural. Never artificial flavors or preservatives.

The 12-pack box includes 3 cookies of each of Nunbelievable’s flavors: Chocolate Chip, Gluten Free Double Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal Raisin.

The 6-pack box includes 2 cookies of each of Nunbelievable’s flavors: Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Oatmeal Raisin.

About the founders:

Bryan and Kuda are two foodies and entrepreneurs who are committed to serving others. When they heard the nuns’ story, they were moved to help them make a difference and combat hunger in the U.S.

The name “Nunbelievable” was inspired by the nuns and their devotion to feeding hungry people. Bryan and Kuda saw first hand how they were serving others, and Bryan and Kuda realized the great need: for some, missing one week’s paycheck can mean going hungry or becoming homeless.

Their model is a simple ‘give-back’ model because they want you to know that your dollar makes an impact. It all starts with combating food insecurity by providing a meal to a person in need. Join Nunbelievable on their journey, and end hunger deliciously with them!