Posts Written On March 05, 2020

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods, the online grocer that’s creating a better food system and fighting food waste, with some exciting news. 


Imperfect is now serving Las Vegas, bringing affordable food to the area while expanding their efforts to fight food waste and create a better food system. 

For background, Imperfect Foods offers ugly produce, affordable pantry items, and quality meat and dairy, sourced directly from farmers, growers, and food purveyors. Imperfect delivers these goods directly to customers’ doors through a customizable subscription service that’s up to 30% cheaper than grocery stores.  Customers can fully customize their experience by choosing a box size, and selecting from 50-60 produce items (organic and conventional) and over 200 other grocery items including lentils, flour, quinoa, bread, dairy and protein (which includes meat alternatives). 

For some additional background on the company’s impact and the food waste issue:

  • 40% of all food goes uneaten, and the problem isn’t limited to just produce – while 20 billion pounds of produce go to waste on farms every year, an estimated 133 billion pounds of food go to waste at the grocery store and in our kitchens. Often times, perfectly good dairy, meat and shelf-stable goods are wasted due to arbitrary beauty and packaging standards, lack of transparency and regulation in expiration date labeling.

  • Imperfect Foods has recovered 86 million pounds of food since launching in 2015 and through its food rescue model has created a revenue stream and new food distribution channel for over 787 farmers and food purveyors across the country. 

We had a lot of fun with our box of produce and whatever we didn’t cook to eat, we juiced! The selection of fruit was delicious and perfect for 1 week of what we usually get. Sometimes it is daunting to buy groceries and thinking about what to buy and trying to waste as little as possible. Give Imperfect Food a try!



Who Run The World? Girls…

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