Posts Written On February 07, 2020

Avishi Organics Combines Ayurvedic and Wellbeing Elements in New Pregnancy and Baby Skincare Collection

Avishi Organics today announced the launch of its skincare line that combines deeply nourishing plants and herbs exemplified in Ayurvedic texts, with aroma-therapeutic oils to provide a wholesome, luxurious experience for pregnancy, new mamas and babies.

“Stress and fatigue, both very common states during pregnancy and post-partum, tend to chip away at skin health and tone, while also gradually impacting wellbeing and mood. With Avishi Organics, our aim is to provide pregnant and new moms with a holistic skincare experience that not only helps strengthen their skin, boost elasticity, regulate imperfections and impurities, but also allows them to take a moment to rejuvenate and refresh,” said Harmala Singh-Francois, Co-Founder of Avishi Organics.

“Our products for babies follow the same principle of supporting a human body holistically – by bringing skin to a healthy, strong balance with the help of adaptogens such as Ashwagandha, protecting that balance with the help of antioxidants such as Amla and soothing fussiness with the help of calming herbs and oils,” she added.

Avishi Organics’ Pregnancy, Post-Partum And Baby Skincare Collection

Developed after several years of research into herbal and plant-based remedies, especially those renowned in traditional cultures and Ayurvedic texts, the new Avishi Organics’ pregnancy, post-partum and baby skincare collection promises high-potency without compromising on purity – all products are certified organic and free from parabens, fragrances, dyes, sulfates, mineral oils and many other questionable ingredients.  Each product in the collection of body washes, lotions, oils and balms contains:

  • A unique, high-performance blend of botanicals renowned for their skin rejuvenating properties
  • Powerful antioxidants such as Amla to protect skin from stressors
  • Adaptogens such as Ashwagandha and Gotu Kola to help bring the body towards balance
  • Nourishing oils to hydrate and nurture
  • Pregnancy and baby-safe levels of essential oils to help boost spirits

Avishi Organics’ products are currently available on their website at

About Avishi Organics

Avishi Organics develops certified-organic skin care treatments for pregnancy, post-partum, and babies that combine rare and potent herbs exemplified in Ayurvedic texts, with aroma-therapeutic oils to provide a wholesome, luxurious skincare experience.