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Best Tips on How Much To Spend On Kids Birthday Party

A kid’s birthday celebration should be fun and delightful, and that’s what makes it unforgettable. However, planning such an event can be daunting for most parents. Coming up with a budget and acquiring all the necessary items is in itself stressful. By planning how much to spend, you can save a lot and make the entire experience more pleasurable.

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Below are unique kids birthday spending ideas:


  1. Plan early


Birthdays come with many requirements like balloons, decorations, tableware, cake, and many other essentials. By shopping at the last minute, you end up spending much on things that you’d have acquired for a lower cost earlier on. So, create time to shop in advance, and you will get the best sales or discounts for all you need. If possible, download free coupon apps on your mobile phone to find the best deals.


  1. Set a budget


Come up with a birthday budget and avoid the temptation of purchasing things that you don’t require. Some of the things to consider when doing your budget are; the party’s location, number of guests, the type of entertainment, and the type of food. In the past year, 31% of parents spent less than $100, and 23% of parents used $300 or more. From these figures, it’s evident that kid’s birthday parties can be costly, but how much you spend depends on how you plan.


Below are some of the things you may need and their prices;


  •         Tableware – they include line, plates, glasses, and cutlery (from $1 – $20 per item). You can either hire or purchase and reuse for another event.
  •         Invitations (from $5 – $30 per pack) but you can use DIY invitations if you need something unique
  •         Furniture hire (from $3 to $40) if holding the party at home, and this should cater for 20 or more guests.
  •         Catering services (from $60 to $2000), but you can make simple snacks like cookies and juice and only hire utensils to present them nicely.
  •         Balloons (from $1 – $2500), but you can also consider DIY balloon garlands to cut on costs.


  1. Opt for a free or cheap venue


Most of the good places to have a birthday party are pricey and can be out of reach for most parents. For the best deals, check various local restaurants that offer birthday party services. Some places will even provide a birthday cake, decorations, and games in one package.


 A local park, a church hall or your kid’s school are also cheap birthday party places. Also, consider having the party in your backyard and hire kids entertainers like Yabadoo kids magician to entertain your guests. You’ll end up saving a lot since it’s one of the kids birthday ideas for cutting on costs.


  1. Spend what you’re comfortable with


There are different birthday party supplies in every local store, but you don’t have to spend on each of them. Pick a few of your child’s favorites, use them for the theme, and supplement them with less costly things like balloons, plates, and cups. Consider DIY toys that blend well with the party theme. 


  1. Bake the cake at home


Everyone wishes to purchase a pricey and elaborately decorated cake. But, this can be costly. Instead, bake the cake at home and invite some of your kid’s friends to adorn it. If you can comfortably afford one, pick one with no toppers or art and decorate it using small plastic toys owned by your child.


  1. Choose cost-friendly gifts


When picking gifts for your kid’s friends, avoid going for costly ones. You don’t want to offer something pricier than what they get from their families. Also, enquire from their parents if they plan to do gifts as well as the limits. You may be surprised to find out that there are some things that they don’t like. According to parents interviewed in the last one year, 31% spend less than $100, and you can spend less or more depending on your choice of gifts.


Final thoughts


Although planning your child’s birthday party can be hectic, simple kid’s birthday spending ideas can save you a lot. Whether you plan to have a grand party or something simple on a budget, the best way to stay on track is to set a budget and stick to it. Also, try other birthday ideas like free venues and focus more on the necessary items. By so doing, you’ll have a fancy birthday party and spend less.


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