Posts Written On January 16, 2020

Happy Birthday To Heydoyou Artist Lulu

Today is Lulu’s 31st Birthday. Happy Birthday to her.
Lulu has been working for Heydoyou since 2015. It is almost 5 years.

From New York to San Diego, Lulu works on beauty, fashion, food, pet… to explore the new and good products for our readers. She also works as Heydoyou’s illustrator. When she was in New York, she sketches a lot of fashion shows in New York Fashion Week for the blog, which fashion designers would appreciate to see her live sketching artworks for their fashion shows.

Last year was a special year for her because she moved from New York to San Diego California, she started to work with a lot of California local brands. Also she becomes a art teacher in San Diego.

Lulu x Puesto Comic Con menu

Lulu x Ironside Restaurant chef Jason greeting cards

Lulu’s greeting cards are selling at Herb & Eatery Little Italy

Lulu hosts the live portrait sketching event at The Rabbit Hole Normal Height

Lulu’s little students are working on their artworks

Lulu’s students’ artwork wall

Not only in US, Lulu also works for some Chinese companies to design art-related products.

Lulu x Penglai, China’s teapot gift set

She also started her own art brand late last year – LULU.LIVE Art, where she sells prints, greeting cards, apparels and tote bags.

But anyways! Lulu will continue work with Heydoyou to bring more contents for us. As a Birthday girl today, she got some free treats at her neighborhood!

A free Starbucks drink – New Coconutmilk Latte!

A free Bundtlet Cake from Nothing Bundt Cake

Three dollars off from Jamba Juice

That is so nice to be a birthday girl! Also Ryan is going to take her for her favorite Hotpot for dinner. Isn’t it exciting? She just can’t wait…!


Nugget Sofa Alternative with Lucid Mattress

One of my goals for 36 and the new year is to really get w handle on finances. As a stay at home mom, endless cosleeping and contact napping turns to online browsing and shopping. With making zero dollars and wanting something new everyday it’s really not a good thing. But I’ve been on a cardboard diy kick recently and Pinterest is just amazing for that – but that for another post and another day!

So the Nugget has been on everyone’s list since I was pregnant and it comes in fun colors and can be built into different configurations like forts and bridges etc. it’s essentially foam shapes with colorful covers. They are always sold out and it’s $229! My friends that have it love it and use it endlessly.

But since Niko’s room and our house is overflowing with baby stuff as is, we are not getting anything else for a while. In fact I’m trying to Marie Kondo purge as we speak!

There is just a crazy amount of stuff you can accumulate over time. Especially gifts, gift bags, stuff my husband brings home from conventions etc. I’m secretly yet adamantly getting rid of stuff we don’t use everyday.

When we moved to Vegas in 2015, our furniture was being shipped from New York and it took nearly a month. The air bed was killing our back just a week in so we got a Lucid off Amazon! We called it the tatami mat and slept well on it. The coolest thing is that it is a trifold and relatively easy to store. We keep it for our many many different visitors and guests that came to visit.

Fast forward to today! A one year old Niko who loves to climb. I made a hill for him which he can also crawl under and slide down. It’s also his floor bed when we are not in play mode! I put two toy storage boxes under to make a hill and the bounce turtle to make an incline.

I went on the Lucid site to see if I could get a replacement cover since there are coconut oil stains everywhere and I saw there is a recall on this mattress – they are sending free mattress covers to make it compliant to fire safety regulations so I’m in luck! So I’ll update once they arrive.

We had a very fun morning – now off to first nap!