Posts Written On December 20, 2019

Persatique – For The Woman Who Has (Almost) Everything

If you have been searching for the perfect gift for that special someone on your holiday list, Persatique has some news that will you’re your shopping even easier. With luxury skincare products in stock and ready to ship before the holidays, Persatique has a gift for the woman who has (almost) everything.

Let’s face it, the woman in our life can be difficult to shop for. Today’s modern woman knows what she wants and, chances are, she already has it. This can make holiday shopping even more challenging. Unless, that is, you do your shopping with Persatique. Skip the Black Friday shopping centre crowds and shop online at

The Persatique Ultra Enhancing Day Cream is a multi-benefit light emulsion, which dramatically moisturizes, smoothes, soothes and revitalizes skin, while helping to protect against stress, the signs of aging, cold and dryness.

The Persatique Ultra Enhancing Night Cream contains a highly concentrated blend of anti-aging ingredients and lipid-replenishing complex, which effectively restores the protective layer and helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier function.

Tests have shown that after using Persatique Ultra Enhancing Day Cream and Ultra Enhancing Night Cream:

• The skin feels moisturized and hydrated

• The skin feels smoother

• The skin looks more radiant

• The skin looks younger

• The skin feels revitalized after daily use

• The skin is soothed and feels nourished

• The skin is given a refreshed feeling

Tests have proven both moisturizers effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles, while also making skin feel smoother, more moisturized and utterly revitalized leaving skins more radiant and with a youthful appearance.

Made in Switzerland, Persatique skincare products are made in small batches to ensure optimum quality and five-star standards.

Charlotte Barclay, the founder of Persatique has stated, “At Persatique, we believe that taking care of your skin is important. To have beautiful, healthy skin, we need to nourish it both daily and nightly and that is where Persatique’s Ultra Enhancing Day Cream and Ultra Enhancing Night Cream come in. With our advanced Swiss formulas and highly concentrated blend of anti-aging ingredients, your skin will feel moisturized and hydrated, smoother and more radiant, and it will look younger after daily use.”

Persatique Ultra Enhancing Day Cream and Persatique Ultra Enhancing Day Cream are available to purchase online.  For a limited time only, the Day Cream and Night Cream are $320 and $370 respectively, while buying the Day Cream and Night Cream together costs $590, a savings of $200 on the normal price, including complimentary delivery.

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Persatique is a luxury skincare range, originally created for private clients and exclusive European spas by Charlotte Barclay.

The retail collection includes Persatique Ultra Enhancing Day Cream and Ultra Enhancing Night Cream, both of which boast specially developed formulas with optimum amounts of active ingredients to leave skin looking its radiant, youthful best.